VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition: Now Available

It’s here! Ean’s remastering of Vestax’s flagship DJ controller is available today for preorders, and we’re very excited about this one. The Ean Golden Edition of the VCI-400 features a complete redesign, our Chroma Caps, the craziest DJTT mapping yet, and custom firmware. Continue reading for a full video with Ean showing off some of his favorite features of the device.

The VCI-400 SE is in the DJTT store now – click to get yours

This first run will be a limited stock and we expect to sell out of them very quickly.  Please ask any questions you have about the controller in the comments and we will update the post throughout the day!

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  • Alex Nathan Pastel

    Hey I purchased this controller and it didnt come with the tsi file for traktor or a disc? can someone help out?

  • dounounba

    As I read it to the forum, it would be nice to be able to buy the EGE firmware. I am currently living to Europe, sometimes to Africa and buying EGE is unthinkable

  • OscarMassesStudio

    can u use virtual dj pro 7 with the vci-400 EGE without mapping it by myself…is there any download mapping i can get ?

  • Taylor Ryan

    Does this actually come with Traktor or must you already own 2.5?…

  • Goeland

    Does anyone knows if there is a way to contact one of the guys who worked on the mapping? I’m trying to map my vci 400 with 4 banks using the 8 buttons + the 4 little ones but i have a few questions to ask to someone who succeeded doing this and it looks like the ean golden edition is a big sucess of a 4 bank mapping. =p

  • Giordano!!

    does this version have problems with Windows 7?

  • DJ petro

    i need the serial number for virtual dj , i bought the vci-400 and i installed the virtual dj but there is no serial number ,,anybody can help please ???

  • mr Jackson

    How is the upgrade kit comming up?

  • Sdyksterhouse

    the only thing that disappoints me is that it doesn’t have a search strip….and it doesn’t work with itch.

  • Jonneregout

    i just bought it but in traktor it don’t uses sample decks. Traktor 2/5

  • Nemes1s

    Exactly the same here Tony! Unfortunately with the shipping, import tax etc it’s just too expensive to import the EGE.  Would happily for the firmware upgrade though and I’m sure there are tons of people out there in the same position so a great sales opportunity for DTT.  The thing is the longer it goes on more likely I am to go with a different unit altogether I think.

    • Tony Fernandez

      if the firmware/mapping/overlay/upgrade package is going to be released for 
      99  dollars that is perfect for me i just want to make sure its definitely going to come out i messed up last time when i got the vci 300 and i want to get it right this time 

    • Tony Fernandez

      go to this link
      vci 400 firmware/mapping/overlay/upgrade package when will it happen ????

  • Tony Fernandez

    Hi all i would love to no when the vci 400 firmware/mapping/overlay/upgrade package will be released or if its going to happen
    i would love to get the vci 400 EGE but dew to the extras tax, shipping, it goes up form 759€ to 1000€ plus i have to buy traktor pro 2 2

  • Nemes1s

    Hi guys!  Any news on whether an upgrade pack will be available?  I’m going to buy a VCI-400 and would love to get the EGE version however as I live in the UK it would add almost 30% to the price after shipping and import tax! 🙁  The same would go for everyone in Europe also so I’m sure you’d have a huge amount of interest in an upgrade kit and / or firmware download for overseas folks.  Thanks

  • AxD

    The Tsi doesnt seem to be integrating right with traktor for me…. my jog fx and such aren’t applying right… any suggestions? just got the controller in the mail today!

  • Fred

    I wonder how you can save your loops on the fly diraktly down to the sample decks. 

  • JM

    Hey i just received my VCI 400 E.G version, the controller is great, but the headphone jack doesn’t work, there is no sound coming out, does anybody experienced the same problem? 

    • Cecil Son

      you have to open up the settings in traktor then go to “output monitor” then set Output L & Output R… on the drop down tab

  • Rudj

    First, I’m very impressed by this great job; better than VCI-100 EAN Gold Edition
    I’m proud to be a happy owner of a VCI-100 that I customize with the upgrade kit and layout + blue buttons
    I use this with an Audio 2DJ, and this is realy great !
    Now, the only reason that makes me change for an VCI-400 is the capability to be “Traktor Scratch” certified
    And that’s my question, do you think you can deal the technical agreement with NI ?
    If it’s YES, I swear I sell the couple VCI-100 + Audio 2 DJ in the next 3 months…

  • Cody

    will this come with a version of tractor? 

    • Slak Jaw

       No. It doesn’t come with any software at all.

  • Slak Jaw

    The million dollar question. When will the first batch ship?

  • Djolivertwizted86

    THere Is Now Too much technology and not enough real dj’s.  I started when I was 11.

    DJ OliVer TwiZted

  • Attackattackattack

    Will DJTT be making a dedicated bag for this, as you did the S4?
    There doesnt seem to be a bag that has been designed exclusively for this, or the original VCI 400 yet. 

    • Slak Jaw

       Apparently it fits in the DJTT S4 bag and the DJTT S2 backpack.

  • Mag

    Does this still have the standard warranty? (couldnt see any info on the page)

  • Dideebopnyc

    I guess this is a good time as any, I purchased a vci 100mk2 in hopes there would at least some sort of updates and improvements if I would have known  for sure I would have wanted something DJTT was going to work with so people don’t feel so bad you could have bought a vci 100mk2 and really been ass out!

  • Alexandre Favilla

    I just brought one unit but im thinking right now: if im paying for the chroma Caps, why i cant choose the colors? Seems not fair…

  • Soho

    Does the VCI-400 E Golden Edition come preloaded with Traktor Pro 2?

  • Ruediger Tamm

    There are two things i don’t understand about this controller:

    1st: why does my order in the webshop doesn’t come trough (even though valid master card data was supplied and pay-pal was unchecked: (Error 15005)

    2nd: why my ticket (#9598) about this remains unanswered since Feb 20 12:36 (PST)

    Has anybody similar problems?

    • Mikeshootspeople

      DJTT verifies credit cards through paypal thats why you are getting a paypal error. Though the problem itself can be due to insufficient funds on the card card/debit card, call you bank or credit card to verify you have room on you credit line for the charge.

  • Anonymous

    Ian, will the original red filter knobs be included with this controller so we can swap them out at will?

  • Kainos

    Since Chroma Caps are included in the price, it would be nice to choose the color and not have to settle for all black.  Is another color an option?

  • Tim-Rex

    What happens when Vestax release a new firmware for the regular VCI-400 to accomodate bugfixes… will the VCI-400SE receive comparable support?

    Also, can anyone state if I will be liable for import duties if I ship this to the UK? If so, then I guess I’ll be lumping fora regular unit locally and hope that an upgrade kit will be made available. Seems everyone is keen on this idea.

  • Emil Øllgaard Vilhelmsen

    Soooo happy about the decision to make an upgrade kit available as well!

    • Attackattackattack

      Where did you see this? Thanks

  • Pierrelefonque

    Hey what about Shopping to Germany?Do you ship from Berlin, too? Because of Taxes! What about The original Poti and Fader Caps?Will there also be shipped (like The Pink effect knobs)
    Best wishes and regards

  • Tnek

    Does anyone know why they chose to use MIDI instead of HID?

  • Parkrangerchops

    sick! Im in… just not right now.  What are the chances of a second or possibly a third run in the near future?

  • Pedroferreirapulido

    Loads and loads of DJ’s world wide… and probably a big part of the online community check this website, maybe not on a daily basis like some of us, but lots might check it from time to time. What they can find in the product range of DJTT are clearly products that over the past few months have been directed to controllerism. what i mean is… these products are very interesting maybe for a bit of production and for DJ’s that like to make mashups and mix Dubstep, maybe some DnB and maybe some R’n’B stuff… but for housemusic lovers, and we are for sure LOTS, this brutal range of effects is not really interesting. Some delays and beatmashers might be used as long as some filters, but that’s pretty much IT. other than that, it’s called “screwing with a decent song”.
    I understand this line of thinking, but urge DJTT not to forget the House/Deep/Soul/Techno/Tech/Electro lovers.

    Dubstep this, dubstep that… ahhhrgg… it’s starting to get annoying. not everybody loves it…

    • Pedroferrreirapulido

       meant to write *along with some filters… sorry.

    • kevinmcdonough

       hey, I understand your thinking and yeah your totally correct sometimes its great to just “not mess” with a great song. But your dont HAVE to use all the effects etc! 😛

      Nothing wrong with having them in your back pocket (or on your controller) for a rare few occations but only using them sparingly. When you say they are “forgetting” the other DJs i’m not totally sure what you mean surely the same controllers work great for you as well you just push less buttons?

      This wasn’t meant as a critisism in any way, just genuinly curious as to what you mean. Is there some other stuff you feel the guys could be doing that would be more suited to your style of DJing?


      • Pedroferrreirapulido

         you have a good point. i agree that people don’t have to USE the effects and that probably the hardware itself is quite good for most DJ’s. what i meant was that i’d like to see more products that would not be based on Effects by DJTT. why not invest on some nice modular controllers? just like behringer has done lately, why not make their own hardware to work with different software or maybe even a specific range for traktor and serato or others… When the X1 came out people started talking about a kind of X1 with an internal soundcard that could work as a mixer. Nothing has come to the market. Only behringer has done that in the last few months (faderfox in the past). but with no soundcard incorporated. i’m talking about a small set up for DJ’s to take to the Club. why? cause they can use them at home, thus achieving perfection with it (or at least coming close it), so when they get to the club, plug it in to the club’s mixer, and off you go. The S4 is to big, so is the VCI-400. we’re lacking smaller controllers like the X1 but with different functions. 3 modules, 2 for decks and 1 for the mixer. just like behringer… only better (haven’t tried them yet of course, but just the brand scares me off already)…. that would be something with a lot of market and that would suit lots of people!

        • Seth Alexander

          DJTT doesn’t do that because that’s not who DJTT is. Look at Ean Golden, he’s going to make products that he uses when he performs. He performs a specific way and uses a certain workflow. It’s nothing against people who do things different than him. However, wouldn’t it seem kind of ridiculous to see something like a Technic’s 1210 Ean Golden Edition? I know that’s an extreme but an example for illustration purposes.

        • Campark43

          There are controllers like that, check out denon sc-2000, just off the top of my head, bet there are many more, try google.

    • Anonymous

       Im a massive techno head and the screwing with the sound is what gives techno is awesomeness. Yes dubstep sucks, but techno benefits massively from controllerism.

    • Digitaljammer

      Dub has been around years before disco, and as daft punk well said house music is made from recycled disco beats, in which most the formula for trance and techno came from. as dubstep is made recycled dub beats. If you think these effects limited to genre then you limiting yourself and your preformance. The vci 400 ege is a controlist platform yes. But its for effecting ” music” not just dubstep. If you can only seem to apply some of these efdects to dubstep maybe you should start playing more dubstep. The vci 400 is built as a anologe / digital setup that has high quality sound ports, high power midi fequencey as well a simple setup. The probblem I see for the controller is the pack of people that buy it and claim to be a controlerist. this setup is designed to work with every dj program on the market and to be custom mapped. Btw I don’t not mean to attack just stating a opinion besides I’m a electro dj. But dub is fine by me. Lee Parry that was for u!

  • Attackattackattack

    I literally just bought the VCI-400 and them came across this AMAZING version! Damn!
    Is there anywhere I can purchase the mapping/overlay on its own?

  • Joe

    – Can you upload an image or pdf with the overlay and a description of functions, please?

    – Will there be a second batch
    and when?

    – What further improvements are you planning, in terms of
    mapping as well as firmware updates?

    – Will standalone mixer functionality be coming in the future?

  • Rc___1993

    If i buy this vci (imported to Denmark) i risk to pay double, if the customs officers finds the package. 
    I am interested in the mapping – and not the Chroma caps and overlay – will the mapping be avilebel download/buying?

  • Johnphamiliar

    Hey so i just ordered the 400se and than i saw that you guys will do a $99 upgrade package (caps/maps/update unit like the 100) for regular 400 buyer, so my question is for the later updates down the road, will the people who spend the $1099 now for the 400se get a free update unit later for later updates and what not? and second questions will be will the 400se comes with the original caps/faders as extras cause sometime shiii happen at gigs and caps/faders may go missing and its not bad to put back the stock ones as back up. thank you very much DJTT and i am very looking forward to the 400se :] 

    • Attackattackattack

      Hey John, where did you see the upgrade package? I’m struggling to find it.



      • Johnphamiliar

        its not released yet but Ean said he will release them later. which is how my questions came about. lets hope Ean and the team and answer them.

  • Spider1nsite

    Does this baby will fit to my mono kondesor bag?

    • Seth Alexander

      It won’t. According to Mono’s website the Kondensor fits the VCI-100. This is obviously larger. Something that fits an S4 would be close as their dimensions are very similar.

  • Tnek

    I have been debating on getting this or the S4 for the past 4 months now. I have yet to see any videos of anyone “actually” scratching with this unit. I just purchased this product due to functionality and the ability to swap out crossfaders without voiding the warranty, but would like to know if there is going to be any latency scratching with the jog wheels before its shipped. All the posts with this concern have seem to be unanswered or with responses that don’t prove so. Any additional info on this topic would be much appreciated…

  • Slyooney

    Will the firmware and TSI file be available soon ?

  • earfill

    it b nice to c an overlay/mapping tsi file in a couple months cause I cannot afford this now only monthly payments & not sure if DJTT stores does monthly payments.


    • Seth Alexander

      This question was answered already. Take a look at the other comments.

    • twopumpchump

       you can use a credit card as the monthly payment

  • Laxer13

    Why is it so expensive Ean, are they made by shaolin monks or something?

    • earfill

      original is 1000 ean & DJTT is prolly getting 100 for there input & look. Which is not bad at all

  • Richard

    Is there likely to be any improvement in the jog dial performance via firmware or software updates?
    I really like the VCI but in comparison to the S2 and S4 then jog dial is laggy for scratching.

    • scottyloveless

      Yea , total bullshit. Why waste the time or money on a traktor version and do nothing about garbage jog response??

  • djyg

    can you tell me the latency with the macbook pro thanks

    • Richard

      I’ve hooked one up to a Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM and with Traktor settings on the lowest latency the audio quality was good.
      Sadly though, the jog dial response wasn’t good enough for scratching.
      Gutted as I just can’t warm to the S2/S4 but the jog dials on those are great.

      • twopumpchump

  • Shelfindex

    does it still run serato intro?

  • JimiBarrz

    Also Ean, will the mapping from DJTT allows us to scratch on one of the modes??? thank you in advance!

  • Onetidd


    • Seth Alexander

      Quote regarding the S4, “DJ TechTools’ founder and controller expert Ean Golden designed this controller from the ground up with a focus on ergonomics, work flow and professional feeling controls.” No need to have his name on it.

  • Deco


  • Anonymous

    (i had posed this question the earlier thread, but went unansered)
    Now with the eminent release of Traktor 2.5 in April, will this version of the VCI-400 SE still be fully compatible and useful with it’s current layout of hardware controls? Are we missing out on some functionality, given that the Software is being updated yet again.

    After watching the vid…. more questions:
    Also, for the sample decks, the Video shows just control of Volume for each of 4 decks, is there a combo or another mode you can get to that would allow for Filter control? .. I’d probably use the deck’s channel fader to control volume of the Sample Decks (granted they would all be equal). Or is that just a mapping change we could make on our end. Swap Volume for Individual Filter. Another feature… I sometimes need 1 shot over looping of samples. Any quick way to toggle that mode with the existing mapping? Finally… loop length control of sample decks… possible?Reason I ask as I had made a Korg NanoKontrol Mapping that accounts for these features of the sample decks.

    Please advise before we drop $1100.

    • Ean Golden

      In regards to future versions of Traktor – yes, we will be updating it to accomodate features as they come out. The nice thing about the 400 is that the amount of controls allow for flexibility and adaption.   I envision the GRID page being used for ableton clip launching with volume adjustments above it when the new sample decks come out. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, can someone tell me what’s happening with the grid? Shit was complex…

  • kevinmcdonough

    REALLY needs to be a mapping and overlay made up!! 🙂

    In the UK, but the time I paid for shipping and import tax Id end up in the region of $1600-1700 which i really cant justify! 🙁

    Onlyway i could possibly afford it was an overlay/firmware/tsi onto one bought locally,

  • Methodamericon

    Why is everyone asking for discounts and free shit?! You wouldnt walk into a mcdonalds and ask for a free big mac cuz you bout a combo the other day. lol. 

  • Kadeb

    can someone confirm if i would be able to connect turntables to this to run timecode?  They’re Stanton st150’s so could switch to a line signal?? maybe?? 

    • David

      Are you asking if Traktor Scratch Pro 2 supports time code vinyl? It does, but it’s not included with this controller.

      If you had nothing but 2 turntables and wanted to purchase this package, you would still need Traktor Scratch Pro 2, a compatible audio card with enough input channels for your tables (which might come with software that can be upgraded to Traktor Pro 2 at a reduced rate), and the actual time code vinyls.

      I hope that helps.

      • Kadobouch

        Thanks mate. I have TSP2 and an audio 10 but was just concerned by the lack of phono inputs.


      • Seth Alexander

        I think he’s asking if he can use two of the channels for timecode. As in VCI-400 in the middle with two turntables sitting on either side plugged into it.

  • superbigcat

    i really hope you guys release a firmware upgrade, overlay and mapping package in the future for people who can’t afford this controller atm or have a vci-400 already. it would be sad if this controller sold out. i would really like to have this controller or upgrade another vci-400 when i can afford it.

    • superbigcat

       oh yah, and chroma caps.

      gotta hav chroma caps.

    • Ogama8

      Yeah, I don’t have the money to drop on new kit right now, but being able to use some of the stuff in the mapping, like on the fly chopping and the glitch buttons would be a real plus.

  • Wink Marcus


  • Joe

    Does the new mapping allow browsing using the jogwheels? If not, please add this feature in future updates. It’s so basic and many people, like me, are used to it from the S4.

    • Spacecamp

      Yes, it does! 

  • Jondough

    The controller looks sick,the mapping is great too.
    I have one question though..

    As a beginner,would i feel right with this controller and the mapping?Will i be able,to mix,use effects,loops and so on so forth,if i never worked with Traktor before?Is there a complete manual or something,explaining what does every button do with this mapping,the simple stuff like browsing,looping etc..

    • Seth Alexander

      As a beginner you may be overwhelmed. You also may find a niche in how you play music by having all this power in your hands. I’ve found that with most controllers a lot ends up being self explanatory. That’s what practice is for 😉

  • Bascurtiz

    Does the Ean Golden Edition of the VCI-400 have a function to let the the track continue on under the loop you set? Or will it be available in a future firmware-upgrade? like the ‘loop roll’ on Twitch

    • Mistermoleymole

      this sounds like the beatmasher effect maybe?

    • S. Hou

      You can probably do that with the beatmasher but only for a 4 bar or less loop. Just by fiddling with the dry/wet. 
      But I’m not sure, I don’t know the Twitch.

    • Ean Golden

      yes the beatmasher effect directly in the GRATIFY page which is exactly like the loop roll. 


    Just bought it; hopes it comes with a power supply for Europe too!

  • JimiBARRZ

    dope layers. when will we be able to purchase the tsi file???

    • Rc___1993

      i would also like that 🙂

    • matloh

      ME 2

    • Weltraumpapst

      and the firmware!! pretty please

    • Tonal Desires

       Like I also mentioned before, I would pay money for the mapping and the firmware upgrade. It seems as if DJTT hasn’t decided wether they release it or not. But just a little hint: There will be someone who reads out the firmware and mapping, and then everybody can get it for free.

      Just my opinion.

    • Example

      agreed. ean hinted that a chroma/cap/mapping/firmware bundle might be coming too. would love that as i just received my 400 and would love the upgrade path.

    • Ean Golden

      It seems like the people have spoken – A firmware/mapping/overlay/knobs combo upgrade package needs to happen. 

      WIth all of those items it will probably be about $99. How do you feel about that price? 

      • JimiBarrz

        that would be dope! would you make money splitting that package up in to 2? like firmware & mapping only??? i wouldn’t mind either of the two!

      • matloh

        sign me in! thx@!!! 

      • Owen

        So happy to hear this! 

      • NotSoSiniSter

        99$ is the difference between the usual 400 and DJTTs. Sounds like a good price. 🙂 

      • Tonal Desires

         Seems like a good decision.

        99$ is a reasonable price. I will buy it 100%.
        And with this package, DJTT can reach so many customers. It is awesome that DJTT listens to the community, though it’s big business for them too.

        Tl;dr: If the price will be 99$ – AWESOME!

      • Tonal Desires

         Seems like a good decision.

        99$ is a reasonable price. I will buy it 100%.
        And with this package, DJTT can reach so many customers. It is awesome that DJTT listens to the community, though it’s big business for them too.

        Tl;dr: If the price will be 99$ – AWESOME!

      • Example

        i’d buy it in a flat second.

      • proben

        $99 = hell yes!

      • brybajlak

        I’m with everyone else here with a standard VCI 400, and would love to get my hands on a full upgrade package especially at that price. Big love DJTT 🙂

      • Weltraumpapst

        price seems reasonable.. when will the combo get released? cant wait to play with them knobs and the mapping!!

      • Elda

        When will it be in store? I cant wait to get my hands on the the mapping.

      • Tony Bertuchi

        Has it happened yet ? This post was three years ago not seen an upgrade package and am looking to buy a vci 400

  • Soundtraxx

    How accurate are the jog wheels for scratching? Can you demo them in a video

    • Henryblechynden

      On YouTube there r great demos of them

  • EAE

    Ean likes to press buttons like they are going to burn his fingers if he leaves them on for more than a half-second.

    • Emorris

      Its his steez though

      • Campark43

        Can some one get 3 pairs of kneepads for these guys? 🙂 snap

        • Campark43

          Sorry make that 2 pairs. And change the happy face to a 😮

    • Gbrown44

      It comes from dealing with touch-sensitive keys on a midi-keyboard and it also goes hand-in-hand with rocking out… playing as if it’s an instruments…

  • Joe

    Oh yeah, and how about a discount for owners of the VCI-100 SE…?

  • Joe

    – Will the original knobs and fader caps be included as well?
    – There were problems with the original power supply, will that one be included and will there be one included that’ll work in Germany?
    – Can you elaborate more on how sample decks work with the mapping, please? I would love to see the overlay with a description of functions. The video walkthrough wasnt thorough enough.
    – Will there be a second batch and when? What further improvements are you planning, in terms of mapping as well as firmware updates?
    – When is standalone mixer functionality coming?

    • Weltraumpapst

      seriously. if you are from germany it does not pay off to purchase from DJTT. over 800€ + taxes + customs. where you can get a vci400 for about 660 with a coupon from and musikhaus korn. 

      i will most definitely purchase some chroma knobs and be hopefully able to purchase tsi and firmware from here, but i cant justify paying probably 3-400€ more..

      • Simonwalker

        Hey weltraumpapst, 
        i’m absolutely with you… but how does it work to get an vci400 on meinpaket? please contact me ( 

      • Anonymous

         vielleicht sollte man ne sammelbestellung organisieren 😉

      • Joe

        I agree, last time I ordered the VCI-100 SE and had to pay around 70 Euros customs (no taxes, because it was classified as computer accessory). I would expect of DJTT to at least try and label the shipments as gifts or lower the worth stated. That’s common use in sending 35mm film packages from and to film festivals worldwide. Help us out here, DJTT?!

        Still, you get a modified version that you would otherwise have to upgrade yourself. @178350aaf6224c8fb624a97ee2e45145:disqus , if you could give some hints on how to save on a VCI-400 in said German shops, I would appreciate it!

        • Weltraumpapst

          @3dd699045bb109172cb93fb8f7c73b0e:disqus : i just sent you an email

          @ba8d353f554a2326fae24a2244d02de8:disqus : for some reason doesnt have the vci400 in there store anymore. when the 400 came out you could purches the unit from the meinpaket store (with 16% coupon) and save some money, doesnt seem to be possible anymore. sorry

    • Seth Alexander

      Considering the post says the “first run” will be very limited there will probably be more made. I’m sure that’s up to Vestax not Ean.

  • robscomputer

    Any software will be included with this version? Not a deal killer, would be nice to get a discount upgrading from a LE version. 

    • Seth Alexander

      Would assume it’s the same as the standard VCI-400 since Ean is a designer and not making the deals between hardware and software. Virtual DJ LE 4 Decks & Serato DJ Intro.

      • mikeisnorml

        I called in to DJTT and there is no software that comes with this unit.

  • sno

    what kind of power supply is included? will i get the right one for my country? 😉

  • Xoduzz