Dirtybird: What’s In Your DJ Bags?

A few weeks ago we got a chance to shoot an awesome “What’s In Your Bag?” segment with Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J. Phlip, and Worthy at their show in at Mezzanine in San Francisco – some of the key cast members in the enterprising Dirtybird label and crew. Dirtybird, famous for their outdoor parties, dark basslines, and generally pushing the envelope in house music, are currently on a world tour.

If you’re interested in checking out and maybe buying some tracks by some of the Dirtybird artists, check out their Beatport label page!

To see if the Dirtybird world tour is coming near you, or just to find out more about the label and the folks on it, visit Dirtybird’s official site.

Don’t you wish your DJ bag was more like this? DJTT and Amazon.com are here to help:

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  • Robert Wulfman

    I love how you have the messy CD case followed by the clean CD case and then that usb

  • bTown

    I love it. it seems their music reflects all of their ‘fuck it’ attitudes. they are there to party and have fun. I think that shows in the tunes they all put out. Good post.

  • LewisLace

    Always a good thing to watch these videos. Might get to see something you never even thought of carrying to a venue

  • LewisLace

    Always a good thing to watch these videos. Might get to see something you never even thought of carrying to a venue

  • Southy Freakin'

    Cool crew! Man I’d love to visit San Fran

    • KoreanGolden

      Please use ‘San Francisco’ when referring to SF. ‘SF’ and ‘Frisco’ are also acceptable. =)

  • Djdraco1

    No spare cables, no controllers, no slip mats, no stylii, no gruv glide? Man these guys must just be THAT good.

  • Jizzle

    i would also have liked to know which song the chick was talking about

    • wallangalang

      “Bootyberg” most probably. Hard to imagine those basslines coming out of a cute looking girl like her, oh and those lyrics as well!! 

  • Anonymous

    Keep the cool videos coming!
    I guess a lot of people here don’t want to realize that good DJs don’t necessarily need a lot of fancy equipment to rock a crowd and go bananas.
    Especially the advice in the end was pretty intresting.

  • Mylestec

    thought he was going to pull a secret agent from the wee little ‘dj bag’

  • Faye Smelter

    Relax, people. Some of us still use CDJs and Turntables. Great post.

  • Tommy B

    anyone got a track id for either of the tunes played? bangers!

  • Fraa

    I don’t really give bad comments a lot, but what is this supposed to be? 
    Someone pulling a thumbdrive and earplugs out of a tiny bag isn’t a “what’s your dj bag” video. To be clear, a bike seat and a bottle of wodka isn’t either

  • Shdwroxas

    girl is stoned as hell

  • Mylestec

    yo, stroke was smashed!

  • freefive

    What a disappointment. Only segment I thought it was interesting was James Zabiela’s. He actually took some time to explain why he was carrying such equipments/cables, etc…

    Seriously, nothing interesting has come out of these guys bag that I was surprised by. This segment is becoming a joke. Why don’t DJTT find out what makes their DJ bag so interesting to the readers of your blog instead of video taping some DJ showing off their junk from the bag? 

  • Cam

    Dirtybird is one of the sickest labels out there. Vonstroke is one of the best producers on the planet. DJTT, this is not your style though, tech minimal artists? you guys hate this shit. you want some electro bullshit and brostep. rage. lol.

    ps. fuck mid range noise, going at 128 or 140. 

    Tech Tech Deep All Day. Maceo Plex, Kenji, Martinex Brothers, David Jones Ect. 

    • SimL


  • WhoDat

    One day there will be a “What’s in your bag” about an artist I actually have heard of and give 2 cents about. 

    • safadao

      Sorry if you know nothing about Claude and Dirty Bird. You should do some research and not be influenced by your first impression in this video. I can’t promise you’ll like their releases but keep an open mind. If all you look for is artists you’ve heard off …. it’s kinda sad and certainly not in the spirit of DJ’s discovering new sounds to present to their listeners/dancers. I was going to post a link but at the last second decided nah … do your own homework.

    • Dennisparrott

      c’mon there WhoDat!  you need to approach these things with a more open mind. i am a rock/soul/Motwon/funk kind of guy that did not get on the techno or house trains (even though I am from Detroit… just missed those trends, sad but true). but the track playing at the end of the video just lit my ears on fire! that sick bass thing with the efx was way too amazing…

      now where is that beatport card i got with that audio 2 i bought? gots to get me some dirtybirds…

      oh, yeah, i forgot the obligatory old man line: hey, you kids get the hell off my lawn!!

    • Andrew Cizek

      Maybe you should ask some of the artists you care about to do shows in SF, then

  • Ham Hollett

    Saw j phlip a few weeks ago, girl straight KILLED IT. I was lucky enough to get to meet her and hit up the after party with her. Very very cool and down to earth. Gotta Love me some dirtybird.

  • killian

    I’ve been a huge fan of the tracks dirty bird puts out for years! i love their style.

  • Anonymous

    Woooooooord dirty bird! That’s pretty goddamned dope, CVS is a *weirdo* in person, no wonder his music is so funky. True this wasn’t super informative, but as a die hard db fan this made my day :]

  • lksdlkdsn

    what’s next, interviewing pauly d?

    • Steveholt

      Seriously? Come on dude, Pauly D is a celebrity hack. Dirtybird are incredible producers. 

      • Guesty

        steve if i said MISS HOLT would you know whats up?

    • Snakeandbake

      after pauly d maybe they will interview you.


      Actually, I think it’d be very interesting to see what he carries in his bag. You never know. 

      • Dur

         ….yeah his bag would be epic ….tanning supplies, questionably legal photos, $16,000 Cash, Herpes Medicine, a towel the situation rubbed one out on and didnt tell him, several court petitions for paternity tests, a necklace made out of 5600 redbull tabs, and lots and lots of mau5 tracks.

  • FDRK

    Maybe find a DJ with more interresting contence in their bags… Come on… CDs, Vinyl, headphones, earplugs and trash?? Pretty booring stuff. Isn’t this DJ Techtools? This was more like DJ Oldschool…

    • 303bassline

      its real touring club djs doing their thing. Thats the reality amigo.

      • FDRK

        Oh… Don’t get me wrong. I like them alot, but would like to see some other more tech based DJs setup… 🙂

    • Anonymous

      To me the interesting part was hearing their advice at the end, like going out 5 nights a week, or finishing tracks quickly.

  • 2nd in command

    it’s hilarious how stoned these guys are.

  • Ian V Jones

    Anyone know the track playing in the outro?

    • Nelson Ramalho

      Worthy – Shy Look, AMAZING! 😀

      • Nelson Ramalho

        Dam I keep typing the wrong name, sorry it’s off the same ep as the Worthy track. It’s called Waiting by Christian Martin. Check out the Hatched Part 2

    • Nelson Ramalho

      Worthy – Shy Look AMAZING! 😀

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    I like these segments a lot, but it would be nice to actually see something come out of the bags that one can learn or be inspired by, something useful rather than just coconut juice and dildos. 😉

    • yugen

       I think the moral of the story is that you don’t need more tech to be a good dj/producer.  Do with what you got.  And don’t forget that records rule.

      • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

        I didn’t mean to pull out lightsabers and dazzle us with white glove controlled lasers to impress us. I meant, small essentials, unique things or just things that are important to the specific individuals. For me, it’s my iPad with DJ Player 4 (My backup system in case of disaster, which struck last weekend, pulled off two 5 hour sets on THE pad 🙂 )

        • Owen

          Yes but the fact is allot of big names just use a USB stick or some CD’s/Vinyl. I would like to see some live acts interviewed like Nicolas Jaar or Four Tet. Big DJ’s don’t really use that much tech. I mean look at Skrillex for example. One of the biggest names in electronic music at the moment.He doesn’t even have a back up for his laptop. He doesn’t even have some CD’s just incase. I remember an article on DJTT that mentioned how he had to cancel a gig last minute because the hard drive in his mac crapped out. Most wedding DJ’s have a backup hard drive they can boot up or some CD’s just incase. The fact is these days most of the big names unless they are playing live have no need to do anything except play tunes because no one expects them to do anything else really.  

        • Anonymous

          That’s fuckin gangster.

  • KidHack

    love those guys (& j)

  • Euphemism

    i love Dirtybird