DJ Switch on the Denon SC3900

We saw over on Denon’s YouTube channel that they’ve posted a brand new video of the SC3900 being used in a routine by none other than Switch – known for his production work with M.I.A. and his close partnership with Diplo on the Major Lazer album released in 2009 it’s actually not that Switch, but a different DJ Switch. Let’s all try and come up with more unique DJ names, eh?  The routine is tight, and you can’t ask for much better when it comes to promo videos than a solid set!

Read more about the Denon SC3900 here!

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  • Justin Reed

    Awesome routine controlling serato, i presume this is native not requiring a control cd?  I personally have had trouble getting decent responsiveness via my cdj1000, pitch control and cueing work fine but the cutiing and scratching can fall short…anyone  else have that problem with CDJs?

  • Kjlskd

    fail. there must be like one million “dj switch” in the world, the probability of not being the major lazer one was obvious

  • Gmanuk2

    That switch is a guy who’s been dj’ing under that name, and winning the DMC’s under that name, for a while.

    It’s not his fault you can’t double check yer facts before posting 😉

  • Killerfanatics

    That was awesome.

  • Richard

    So is that timecode or midi? HID? controlling Serato ?
    I’m still waiting to see a non NI controller offer timecode quality scratching.

  • Spacecamp

    It’s not actually Switch from Major Lazer, but a different DJ Switch! Article fix’d. 

  • Lowpass

    The Real Switch is a beardy ginger, and a horrible live DJ. Fantastic producer, one of the best in the world, but I saw him spin not but a month ago in a small venue and he crashed the dance floor to silence 3 times in under 45 minutes. 

    • Justin Reed

      true this…incredible tunes and remixes (at least 4-5 years ago).  Absolute shite dj

  • urbanfabric

    This is not the Switch I was expecting. 

  • David Schroeter

    Even the laptop was bobbing it’s head.

  • Janzak

    lol word, that’s not Switch from Major Lazer. Good video nonetheless.

  • Max le Daron

    That’s not the same Switch you’re talking about… Switch who produced Major Lazer is bald and has a red-hair bear…

    • Spacecamp

      True fact! Fixed.