Traktor Pro 2.5 and Kontrol F1 Launch, Exclusive DJ Shiftee Video + Interview

Native Instruments has finally announced the release of Traktor Pro 2.5 and the Kontrol F1 this morning, with an expected in-stores date of May 30th. We’ve got all of the details on the launch, including Native Instruments official promo video with DJ Shiftee. We even landed an interview with Shiftee himself, read on to see his take on the Kontrol F1!

Traktor Kontrol F1

Release Date: May 30th
MSRP: $279 / 249 Euro
What’s Awesome: Integrated LED workflow into Traktor 2.5’s new Remix Decks
Not Quite There: No velocity sensitive pads will limit expression on the pads

Traktor Pro 2.5 Software

Release Date: May 30th
Upgrade: Free for owners of Traktor Pro 2, Traktor Scratch Pro, Traktor Kontrol S2, Traktor Kontrol S4
What’s Awesome: New Remix Decks (pictured above) allow for serious clip launching loop and one shot activation.
Not Quite There: Being able to wire these Remix Decks into a DAW natively (as with The Bridge for Serato) would have been huge.

Kontrol F1 Video With DJ Shiftee

DJ TechTools Exclusive Interview With DJ Shiftee

Hi Shiftee! How did you go about constructing this routine? Did you develop it with the F1 in mind, or was it something you already had?

I based the routine around a beat of mine I already had (PLS DNT STP ft. LAZERlibby – Raise The Temprature (Shiftee Remix) [LU20 Records] out now on Beatport *cough cough*). Once I learned about the F1, I had an immediate picture in my head of how I could apply my song to this device. Then it was just a matter of figuring everything out with the right samples/loops and determining whether or not I could actually pull it all off. I definitely could not have done this routine with anything but the F1. I love it deeply.

What’s your favorite trick you’ve slipped into this routine?
I was especially excited by the general tactic of changing samples/loops (in PUNCH mode) while beat juggling a single revolution of the record. More subtle tricks included triggering several one shots while scratching. I also pulled a delightful move where I hit the 45 button, the 33 button and the stop/start button simultaneously, and then the stop/start button again to get a funky fresh pitch effect on the turntable. My footwork in the video is also outstanding. I’m like Fred Astaire.

Fred Astaire sure can cut!

How do the various modes work on the F1, and is there LED feedback that works well for each mode?
There is indeed LED feedback for all the different modes. The color options on the F1 are outstanding, giving the user control over the color of each sample and then some. As for modes, you can do unquantized triggering from the start of a sound, quantized triggering from the start of a sound (with user choice of quantiziation), and PUNCH mode. PUNCH mode let’s you immediately jump to the same relative position from sample to sample upon triggering. I use PUNCH mode heavily in the routine. And then there’s even more modes. Modes on modes on modes, son!

Are you using the default mapping on the units?
Yes. I made one addition though, making a single button mass toggle PUNCH mode on and off.

How do you find loop triggering in the remix decks versus the old loop decks?
These Remix decks are way way way way way more expansive than the old loop decks. You have 4×16 = 64 sample slots vs. only 4 in the old loops decks. In these Remix decks, you can sequence these different loops and samples, while you were limited to your 4 samples and only your 4 samples in the old loop decks. As Kanye says, “no one man should have all this power!”

About sample loading: how do group samples load and how are they displayed in Traktor? Is it smooth and comfortable?
Loading a Remix set is as easy as loading a track. Just select the set in your browser and drop it in the deck. Incredibly smooth and comfortable, just like my face after I shave. Or a Snuggie on a cold winter’s night.

Will you be using a pair of Kontrol F1s in your live sets from now on?
I haven’t decided yet, still tweaking things. I’m thinking my live setup will be Maschine + 1 F1. 2 F1s if I need to do this exact routine. Also an electric egg machine for when I get hungry.

Why two F1s instead of one – is it just much easier to control a rapid fire routine, or does the workflow make more sense with two?
You can control all 4 decks with a single F1. However, for this routine I did need the 2 for the rapid fire triggering on both sides.

Do you like using the F1 better than a Maschine?
They are really two different, complimentary beasts. I like F1 for controlling the new Remix decks in Traktor 2.5 and Maschine for controlling the rest of the program. The two are like passionate lovers dancing under the moonlight in Acapulco.

Finally, everyone wants to know – whose awesome pad did you shoot this video in?
That’s Snoop Dogg’s pad. He’s a close friend.

Win A Kontrol F1

Sadly, this contest is over… but on the bright side, we carry the Kontrol F1 in our online store.

Haven’t boarded the Traktor train yet? Good news: the software is included with the Audio 2!

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  • Adrian Lake

    How do I update to 2.5? I have the S4 and want to upgrad to Traktor Pro 2.5

  • Tom Shearer

    The video looks good but it doesn’t always work like that in the real world. I recently installed 2.5.1 and everything has gone to sh*t, it was so bad last night that I gave up and had to play all my old vinyl. The sound coming out on my Audio 10 was awful, and every time I loaded a track into the deck that was free the one that was playinlg would cut out for a split second. The movement of the waveform was also very jerky. I wish I knew what the cause was because I’ve been using Traktor Pro 2 for over a year now with no problems and this is frustrating me big time.

  • Peter Lewis

    There is a solution for using any midi controller to access all the the remix decks slots
    Anyone interested please contact me directly on

  • wOnKi

    I myself am excited about the Kontrol F1…..for years I have been wasting time cutting and editing samples of my juggles and scratches to place in my tunes that I have been building. Making the sound in production software, transferring to timecode, recording then chopping in wavelab, then placing back in original production software….. I believe this new addition to Traktor will stop me getting annoyed with time wasting with my current process, Losing ideas through stopping and starting, and also make my creativity flow better and maybe stumble on new ideas……I for one will be investing in the Kontrol F1

  • Lindz 2000

    Will there be any way of running 2 F1’s alongside a VCI 400 or will I need to sell it and buy an S4?

  • Uwnono

    The video made me wanna puke

  • Whitetbandit

    woooooow traktor justed sh@tted on ableton and serato

  • Connorfairchild

    whan it comes out Im geting it

  • Aaron Barnes

    Can we trigger the samples using a traktor x1?

  • Bloodhound

    any news on a video outlining the actual features of it?

  • Richard

    Love the look of the F1 but two things have left me dissapointed.
    1) I was hoping out of the box it would be designed for controlling sample decks C+D and
    2) It is way more expensive than I’d expected.

    I appreciate that TP2.5 may and the F1 may negate the need for two sample decks. As I’m only using an S2 I don’t have the dedicated volumes and eq per channel anyway so no great loss running all the samples through a single channel.

    The price though is frustrating. I was hoping to sell my X1 and only have to stump up a little more cash for an F1. The fact it comes with a full copy of TP2.5 isn’t so great for those of us who already own a copy.

    I guess I should just be grateful they’re offering existing users a free upgrade.

  • ott

    still no improvements to the browser… next!

  • Anonymous

     would the Midi Fighter Controllers work for this as a cheaper alternative to the F1?

  • Lauti

    I just read this for shiftees jokes. honestly

  • DjFlog

    hey djtt

    will there be a midi fighter mapping for the remix decks in tractor 2.5? That would be great….

  • Nilesh

    Look forward to the new traktor 2.5 , thanks for the heads up

  • Andrew

    remember when djtt use to actually try to help you instead of trying to sell you shit?

    • Andrew

       the x1 and f1 are identical. replace 4 knobs with faders and throw in extra color LEDS and jack up the price? this is the kinda stuff that really turns me off about NI. i’m sure quality is there, but if you put a pig in a dress, it’s still a pig. can’t wait to see how many other ways they can show us the same thing.

  • Theme Thod

    im curious as to how the s4 will utilize this software… hmmmm

  • Michael Nelson

    ME im getting the vestek vci 400 and ill just find a way to map it but honestly its cool but in a typical sence this is something you use to do a live performance not just a ordinary club set . now a days where gettin to worried with haven shiny buttons and not paying attention to us perfecting are skills in djing . traktor needs to give cdjs full hid support i hate serato because of its lack of effects and  traktor lets me do things in my sets i like to do such as live remixing or great mash ups . but in my current set up i use a djm 900 and two cdjs and a kontrol x1 works great for me 

    • Jamnmbone

      Ya man…I agree on what you’ve said. I have resently purchased the VCI 400 and have used it on traktor pro,Ableton live 8, and torq 2.0 . You can’t go wrong man buying this controller . Amazing sound card , plus if you haven’t heard Vestex VCI 400 has a mapping down load for traktor pro on their site. Yup! It’s worth every Penny and more to me.

  • Jane

    as someone who’s about to upgrade to either an S2 or and S4 – just wondering now with the 2.5 and the F1 what I should go for? Will there be a new super S4 controller that incorporates these things or will the S4 be top of the range for some time? Would a S2 plus a couple of F1’s give me more options (I know I’m missing the loop recorded of the S4 and the filter knobs and and channel 3 and 4 faders) – but really don’t have an unlimited budget sadly and really hope to get the best combination 

  • The Unknown

    i think NI are missing oout on 2 vital markets here, 1 the lack of hid why should people give up their much loved cdj 1000’s & buy 2000’s just to get that control element, 2nd, a software only release why should people pay for a sound card and software when they may have already a soundcard and I’m to drop my M.O.T.U for NI ? I think Not… I guess the pirates win again….

  • ddt88

    The key to the upgrade though is did they fix the existing CDJ cueing issues & for some people the CPU spikes??

  • ddt88

    Another two months… I thought this was announced as an April release?

  • gg

    Personally I think the F1’s look awesome. And the potential for creative use is immense. But I think it’s time for me to jump off the technology merry go round. Just as I start getting really comfortable and enjoying whatever my current setup is, there is another piece of gear or amazing new software feature just around the corner. And I spend at least a month tweaking mappings and adapting it into my setup. Whether I actually use it or not. So I think I’m going to sit this one out for awhile. Putting in the time, effort and practicing is going to make me a better dj/producer not whatever new fill in the blank. Not that they don’t look like a lot of fun, I’m just tired of trying to keep up. 

    • Moises Hernandez

       I deff agree with you bro…. and even more when your not blessed with the money to spend couple grand every week or month that new gear drops.  I personally realized this a while ago… I was going crazy working soo much picking up every shift I could so i could afford to pay bills and still keep up on gear.  It was driving me crazy, I finally decided to just stop and saw that what I had was actually more then good enough.  I realized that I had not even mastered or even learned some of the gear I had because I was soo focused on making money and buying gear that it was just sitting at home.  So now a days I only buy gear if its and update I really need or if its some super bad ass piece of equipment I can’t pass out on.

    • Briahsdad

      I had even sold off some of the old gear and replaced it with new gear. Now I am back to the basics. Its just too much trying to keep up with every new thing. Let me produce, Dj, and ignore the trying to buy.

  • Santielenaiscool

    music is going wrong to me 🙁

  • sekkey

    hopefully this will turn my loop size indicators back on after the traktor s4 custom mapping……

  • djRoaree

    Will DJTT (of FlashFlooder) release a midi-map for the new Remix Decks on the Akai LPD8? Too poor to afford the F1, but I’d love to be able to use some of Traktor 2.5’s new functionality on a tried, tested, and truly cheap MIDI controller!

  • El Tiburon

    An update to TSP and still no platter or full support for Numark NS7 or Numark V7?!! Numark V7 is the replacement to TT1200’s, Native Instruments needs to step up their game and provide full support before they release another so called update.

  • DigitalTiger

    OK, I like the colored buttons and it’d be nice to see everything have full-color LEDs which nothing but the F1 seems to have, but $279 for 16 full-color buttons, 4 up-faders, 1 program knob and 4 filter knobs seems a bit steep. So steep in fact that people might just choose to use other controllers like an APC20 (or 40) or a Launchpad with a Korg NanoKontrol (or reassign their Deck C and D buttons in their Twitch like I did) and use their MIDI keyboard’s knobs and sliders for this purpose (in case you hadn’t heard, I really love my Twitch.)

    All that aside, it looks great and comes with an upgrade for Traktor Pro 2.5 which in itself might be worth the price because Traktor Pro really does have a lot going for it, and it’s great to use when everything is configured properly (read as “when you use Native Instruments’ controllers”). I thought I saw DJ Shiftee scratching samples and that could be VERY useful (for people who scratch).

    I’m concerned that the new version of Traktor Pro seems to have focused on the Sample Decks and left features that really need help like the Controller Manager so wonky that it still gets in the way of mapping… well… anything in Traktor. There’s no internal help for all the things that Shiftee and Endo teach (thank you both, very much!) and you can’t even resize the darn window so you can see more of the rows and columns… did they work on this?  What other features did Native Instruments work on? People have been asking for Traktor-to-Traktor synching for a long time… from experience, this isn’t great.


    sorry but i don’t get this new controller…  if it’s just sending MIDI messages can’t i just map my current controller to this new software?

    • JuanSOLO

      Of course you can

  • oneend

    In reaction to Native Instruments lack of improving HID control for CDJ’s in 2.5:


    I bought the DJM-T1 to go with the 2000’s because its unmatched in portability and control in such a small package. Serato really has PERFECTION with HID. I mean the CDJ’s are the standard everywhere and what most people use that aren’t into the digital scene, why isn’t it obvious that appealing to these people and making Traktor part of the mainstream club setup without adding anything but a soundcard is a VERY good way to get a constant supply of new customers. Native Instruments obviously wants the big bucks like Serato but uses selling hardware to do it! If they let CDJ gain interest in Traktor like many have in Serato they would eventually sell things like the S4 to these people too. This is why Serato unfortunately is still ahead of a digital system with bounds of potential.All native instruments needs to do is take a wide approach to appealing to the market of digital djs. It’s like Native Instruments is in a hurry to get rich fast by shoving as much hardware as they can down everyone’s throats.Wow I’m worked up over this 😛

    • DigitalTiger

      I’d also like to add that Traktor Pro still isn’t using VSTs AUs or any other plug-ins, and while it’s a nice step toward the Bridge, the sample decks are NOT all that the Bridge has to offer (other than Track Decks). Remember that the Bridge is a full Ableton Suite and Serato Scratch Live (still waiting for Itch to be implemented hint-hint, I’m looking at you, Serato). There’s just so much more going on in Ableton than a mere feature in a DJ program can do right now. I like that Native Instruments is working on their program and making improvements, but let’s be real here, sample decks in Traktor < clips in Ableton. Scratching with MIDI < Scratching with HID (which is why Traktor Scratch Pro costs more than Traktor Pro).

    • Dj Fonem

      I can understand the frustration amongst a lot of long time club DJs when it comes to the implementation (or non-implementation) of HID with Traktor. I does seem like an obvious oversight on their part. I’ve been dabbling with various DJ software for the last 7 years (and had a pair of Gemini XL-500 II’s prior to that). I tried Serato but couldn’t get into it. I loved Traktor from first sight. And since its inception, Traktor has come a long way. Now there a few important things to note:

      1) I don’t scratch. I use a modded VCI-100 SE (and will eventually upgrade but just like gg posted above, I’m not gonna continually jump to the newest trend).
      2) I don’t do live gigs. I play around for fun and make podcasts or do shows at my friends’ houses. The club scene isn’t appealing as it once used to be. I wanna play “my” music, not what the club wants me to play. That’s not why I got into this.

      So, with that being said, I realize that there is a large amount of DJs out there (and in here) that DO travel and DJ for a living. Is NI shooting themselves in the foot with their lack of HID support? I think it really depends on the kind of DJ you are. Just because CDJ’s are the (current) standard – and are lovely pieces of hardware :Q_____ doesn’t mean that we should all (need to) follow under the same banner. I’m not gonna buy into everything NI releases thinking it will make me a better DJ. But they are focusing on a different direction altogether. Love ’em or hate ’em, they make decent products and are changing the way DJs perform (for better and for worse).

      • oneend

        I do believe that they are definitely shooting themselves in the foot by not implementing Advanced HID. Its not a terribly complicated thing that Native Instruments can’t afford to do. It’s not available because they are spending time on other things.

        They should have a solution for those who use CDJs and appeal to everyone, not just people who buy their controllers.

    • tonymagik

      Were did native fail?

       HID impelemitation along with the new features of F1 would have been the turningpoint for all genre of DJ’s/Artists. Giving the best to controllerists and DJ’s/Artists in any level of there carreer becouse it would have met all practical uses from the bedroom, studio DJ etc.. to meeting industry standard specs for DJ’s who travel from club to club with standard issue hardware.

      It seems Native is just interested in one sector of the market wich is cool and I understand that now.

      I know I am not alone when I say my love affair for their pruducts has come to an end.

      • bRoWnjaMes

        Why wouldn’t some one, correct me if I am out of line, maybe make a program that had it all! Why wouldn’t abelton just add scratching to the daw and other features so that we skipped Traktor all together!

    • M

      Hey Oneend

      Heard your passion for Traktor, I am considering buying CDJ Nexus or Traktor, what are your thoughts?
      I love my CDJ100mk3, but I have been brought up on technics 1200’s and 1210’s to go with my wall full of records.
      Now that digital is king I looking at CDJ/traktor so that I can plug in USB and off I go.
      I know what I am getting with CDJ, but not sure how the traktor heads up.
      Apprecaite your thoughts.

  • mygaff

    MC’s are as about as useful as a 3rd testical… 
    Pointless really

    • craigMack

       Huh? that is a pretty ignorant thing to say.

    • iFix

      MC’s are *usually* about as useful as a 3rd testical

      Fixed it for ya.

  • Rafi V

     Not an essential piece of gear for a House DJ.  Looks pretty though.

    • DigitalTiger

      I’d say something like this is probably going to be necessary for a House DJ if for nothing else, sample drops and some loops for transitions.

  • nxtonic

    Will these remix decks replace the sample decks, or just be an addition to them? Either way, they look awesome, but I’m just curious 😀

    • DigitalTiger

      RE: “Will these remix decks replace the sample decks, or just be an addition to them?” Yes. The current version has 4 sample players per deck, the new version of Traktor 2.5 will have 16 sample decks regardless of whether you have the F1 or not.

  • Djnujak

    I play half the artists on the Traktor screen shot..I knew I was up on the right path.

  • oneend

    Still no support for advanced HID on CDJ’s…… seriously, Native Instruments needs to take some time and work on that. Instead of this “update”, which really is just a complement to make their F1 sell-able (not that this update isn’t sick), they should have worked on that.

    Now hopefully their first priority is to work on some HID improvements so that the great products that Native Instruments have will include Traktor + CDJ’s instead of the mediocracy that’s going on now.

    (Sick update. Prioritize now.) 

    • Anonymous

      • oneend

        I signed that petition a long time ago, not that thats gonna do anything, but it makes me feel like I’m at least doing something to move this stuff forward.

        I bought the DJM-T1 to go with the 2000’s because its unmatched in portability and control in such a small package. Serato really has PERFECTION with HID. I mean the CDJ’s are the standard everywhere and what most people use that aren’t into the digital scene, why isn’t it obvious that appealing to these people and making Traktor part of the mainstream club setup without adding anything but a soundcard is a VERY good way to get a constant supply of new customers. Native Instruments obviously wants the big bucks like Serato but uses selling hardware to do it! If they let CDJ gain interest in Traktor like many have in Serato they would eventually sell things like the S4 to these people too. This is why Serato unfortunately is still ahead of a digital system with bounds of potential.

        All native instruments needs to do is take a wide approach to appealing to the market of digital djs. It’s like Native Instruments is in a hurry to get rich fast by shoving as much hardware as they can down everyone’s throats.

        Wow I’m worked up over this 😛

        • 5TUCK

          Anyone feel like TKP 2.5 doesn’t feature advanced HID support with the 2000’s because Pioneer is releasing the CDJ 2000 Nexus soon that will feature advanced HID support with traktor? Im feeling like the standard 2000 won’t ever have advanced HID with TKP because what would be the reason to go for the 2000 Nexus other than an upgraded LED screen with pretty colored waveforms?? 

    • DigitalTiger

      Yeah, I’d really like to see advanced HID options in Traktor as well, it’d improve performance and close the gap on Serato’s products.

      To be honest, I think Serato and Ableton have been unusually quiet recently because they’ve basically been waiting for this Traktor Pro release to see what all Native Instruments did before polishing up and releasing the Bridge for Itch (I have no proof of this, but this is what I’d do if I were them). Serato’s control over HID devices are nothing short of top-notch. Will Ableton release an updated version of Live using full-color LED support? Will Novation release a new full-color LED button, Launchpad soon (possibly with knobs and sliders to compete with the APC20 or 40) or a new version of Twitch with 4 up-faders, 16 buttons per side etc.? Will Akai release it’s a new full-color LED button version of the APC20 and APC40 soon?

      • Bookoxmighty

        ummm, we are soooooo past cd’s now. thats over. nobody really plays cdj’s except old farts that dont want to let go . why focus on the past when we are looking to the future

        • oneend

          You’ve obviously never used a CDJ before… you wouldn’t understand.

  • Guest

     What are the style of the buttons.  If they are like machine’s I’m in!!!

    Could we get more vid’s on the actual software.  Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Are there any noticeable improvements to the software other than the remix decks?


    Colour LEDs aside… I’m assuming Maschine, Maschine Mikro, or heck even people with midi keyboards (i.e. axiom, oxygen, or the mini ones from korg, akai, etc.) can save themselves $279 and map the remix decks, correct?  

    Well I’m in Canada so the price will probably be ridiculously inflated, like $349…

    The F1 is sexy though… This will be tough. I guess I’ll have to avoid the music store or I might blow unnessary deniro.

    Anyone have answer re: my first question. I own Maschine and an S4.

  • Lostboy4480

    Looks very interesting, so NI we have the X1, now the F1, when are we going to see the M1 a four channel mixer module…  Than the setup will be complete.

  • MisterfaustMr

    If you got a pair of dicers and an X1 I don’t fully see the point. 🙁 that’s not a negative comment I was just excited for a new piece of kit, but damn I’m diggin this

  • JuanSOLO

    The new Traktor looks awesome. Good to see a software update offer some way fresh advancements. 

    Really wish the pads on the F1 were velocity sensitive. Not sure why they have that technology on Maschine but dont offer it here. Makes no since really. Nevertheless I really dig the F1, but I feel like I could wait for something better to come along.

  • Rukks

    Honestly now that I look at this…if i really dig into traktor and organize correctly 2.5 will work well for my APC20, which I bought used for 75 dollars. So maybe this will be useful to me…honestly though, using 8 samples at a time is plenty for me…once i get above that i’m just going to be using cue points for juggling.

    • bloodhound

      i was thinking of mapping my APC40 to control the new decks, and being able to have some live kits to play. like drums, or an arsenal sample box that i never have to setup. just have 40 samples (one on each button of the clip matrix) that never change, launched at a buttons press. 

      maybe this will give ya some ideas.

    • DigitalTiger

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself. An APC 20 (or 40 for that fact) is really much cheaper and has more control than the new F1. The only thing the F1 has over anything else right now is full-color LEDs.

    • HOMIE

      yeah man, besides you can only use so may samples until you mine as well play a full track…..

  • Houseincorporated

    Will the F1 come as a bundle?
    Or will it be sold like the x1?

  • Eugen Qbeck Dubrovin

    It would be great if we could map all these led buttons to the on(holding) efx’s! it will be better than NI Finger !

    • JuanSOLO

      The Finger orders the FX chaning in the sequence you press them in, no other device does that. 

  • Inbituin

    Nicely done. Thanks for the interview.

  • ToOntown

    Sick routine.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    I’m liking TSP 2.5, I’m liking The new FI, What I’m not liking is Shiftee’s performance, I often find that in many of his tutorials there are slight gaps in the rhythm that sadly interferes with the overall performance. I’m sure this comment could well receive some backlash but I am under not certain terms stating that I do not think Shiftee is a good turntablist. He is very technically advanced and has the DMC medals to prove it. I just wish he would just ease back a little on these product promotional videos and deliver a perfectly tight performance. 

    • Keith Gallardo

      I’ve always looked at these adverts as more of a proof of concept, so the performance doesn’t have to be super tight as long as it’s inspiring and shows what the product can do. But I see what you mean.

    • bloodhound

      i agree completely. i would rather see a tight performance, than cutting edge technology. shiftee is a great turntablist, as well as a controllerist. but im really wanting to see a performance without a slip gap, or a frenzy of nonsense noise to prove speed. 

      and to the guy who said ”
      id like to see you do better”
      (looking at you 
      Raffi Norberg)

      just because you cant do better doesn’t mean that you cant critique. do you complain about anything? (traffic, computer problems, stupid people… etc?)
      why don’t you make something better in all those categories. people may not be able to do better in tech than shiftee, but remember ART IS NOT A COMPETITION. 

      don’t tear down others critiques on the fact that they cannot accomplish the exact same or higher. saying “i’d like to see you do better” is closed minded and fickle thinking we all want to be the same. and don’t say that challenge unless you balls up and do better yourself. in fact. since you want to see people do better, why not start a battle thread in the forums, and make the first video post. do something creative instead of being a dumb forum asshole.

      • josh@firestorm

        quote “i would rather see a tight performance, than cutting edge technology.”

        you do realise the NI x shiftee vids are to promote the ‘cutting edge technology’ and not to showcase shiftee…

      • Lolni

        art isnt a competition, DJ’ing Is, “battling DJ’s” is a concept older than most of you.

    • Lolni

      I’ve seen shiftee live in several places, skribblejam, San Diego, Denver… and i’ve only ever seen him play serato or pure vinyl only seen him use traktor live 1 time.

      This just gets back to shitty marketing teams with paychecks to hand out…
      NI panders (pointlessly) with shiftee.. Scratching on a S4 youtube video is a great example.. promoted like hell to show “illistic turntable super scratch moves on our new controller!!!!!!” NI was so proud of that marketing despite shiftee had to stand at an angle and basicly turn the S4 sideways… and that to any turntablist is the definition of PoS. If i have to be uncomfortable to use it gtfo… dont pretend like im gonna buy your product because shiftee has done the chirp crab double time crab combo 3749659235 times in his life and pulls it out on your platter. Its most definitely not a sign of “elite quality of jog” on your product or some BS, just a testament to shiftees ability and practice. They treat people like freaking idiots. You wanna impress world class turntablists like shiftee or praticer’s like me and every other turntablist in the world NI lets see a 8 inch hi res motorized platter and innofader out of the box of your next product

      not more hype – close marketing department – fold that budget into R&D = success

      • Sirchone6

         Just so you know.. the s4 is really great for scratching. you should try a product before you trash it. shiftee teaches people tracktor using the s4. i don’t thing he would call it a “PoS”.

    • AG

      I’ve recently, within the last 9 months seen shiftee live, ON TRAKTOR. It was AMAZING to say the least. Shiftee still has it. I think right now he’s more worried about pioneering than setting the DMC stage.

  • Emery

    I was also wondering if 2.5 is worth it without the F1.. How well will the S4 work with 2.5’s remix decks?
    I realized the F1 has 4×4 just like the Midi Fighter. I might just map my MF to the Remix decks. I would loose out on the Led’s and faders, but It would save me some cash

    • rygar

      I was thinking the same thing, only with my trigger finger.

    • bloodhound

      try looking for an APC40 or APC20

      they look like they have the same buttons, just less color feedback

    • DigitalTiger

      If you use sample decks and you’re fretting about how only 4 samples can play per deck, then yes this will be useful for you. Also (as indicated in the article) if you use samples, the new version will allow you to load banks of samples (instead of loading them one-by-one in the current version). 

  • killian

    wonderful and entertaining routine by Shiftee, as always 🙂
    the f1 looks cool, but golly its expensive!

    • DigitalTiger

       Yes, apart from everything else, it’s still a Native Instruments product and you’ll probably want an F1 (or two) to offset what even the S4 doesn’t have… all those buttons and controls for volume and filters (for each sample).

    • DigitalTiger

      Yes, if you want to use decks C and D as sample decks… you’ll probably really like how well it cozies on up to the side of your controller too.

  • 2manyjuans

    Will there be more sounds to purchase like a sound pack or something for this?

  • Dj Shungy

    I’m glad 2.5 is a free upgrade. I’m curious If I will get the F1, I have the maschine and  I’m thinking there will be a close mapping for the Maschine to be used as an F1.

  • Djluke3

    will the mappings for controllers like the tractor control s4, s2 and x1 be updated to accommodate some of these functions???

    • DigitalTiger

      NI will most likely have new updates for your controllers, but they most likely won’t be able to incorporate all the new features of the F1 into what you have already… that’s why they make units like this, to make more money selling you features you didn’t know you needed before and can’t live without.

      They knew what they were doing when they made those controllers and knew what products were in the production line for the future. They made those controllers knowing that the F1 would be released in the future. Hey… at least the F1 (appears to) have the same deck height as your NI controllers and that makes the kit look all professional, right?


    Looks good, but is there any point upgrading to 2.5 if you dont purchase an F1? 

    • Keith Gallardo

      I imagine you could map the remix deck functions to another controller. Hopefully.

      • 4321djgear


        • Derrick Miller

           I could imagine so.

        • Derrick Miller

           I could imagine so.

    • Matías J. Padilla

      That’s just like saying you needed an s4 to control T2 properly.Allen k2, remap an X1, iPad with Lemur, APC, any pad controller, you name it.

  • Hookert

    2.5 woot woot. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Shiftee makes it look effortless!

  • Pinto

    Looking for some help.  I just bought Ean’s vci 400 and havent bought traktor pro 2 yet.  So should i wait for the 2.5 to come out?  Will there be a vci 400 mapping?

    • Emery

      Just get TP2 now. It’s a free upgrade. That way once you hear how well 2.5 works with the 400 you have the option to stay or to upgrade. Jealous of you btw 😉 how is the beast?

      • Pinto

        its coming soon! I can hardly wait. Its in the mail as i type lol

    • 3breadt

      As it says in the article the 2.5 update will be free for those who own Traktor 2 Pro. So you can buy Traktor 2 Pro already now.

      • Pinto

        haha totally missed that thanks

    • Tomprintz

      Pinto, buy traktor pro 2. The upgrade to 2.5 is FREE! You need to take the next 2.5 months and learn Traktor Pro 2 INSIDE AND OUT. Once 2.5 comes out learning how to use the new remix decks will be a lot easier on you.

      I’m speaking from experience. I’ve only had traktor pro 2 for a couple weeks now. Even using the “traktor bible 2” I’m overwhelmed at how expansive this program is! You won’t be sorry for getting TP2 now.

      • Pinto

        thanks for the help!

    • 4321djgear

      As a S4 owner, I’m seriously jealous of the Ean VCI-400. Traktor Bible 2 is essential.

      • Pinto

        good to know thanks for the advice!