The New World Of Traktor – Remixed

Native Instruments announced this morning a consolidation of their Traktor product line, centered around the new 2.5 release which contains the new “Remix Decks”. They’ve simplified the DJ offerings and finally offered precise details on when we can expect to see Traktor Pro 2.5 and the Kontrol F1 controller.

We asked NI what makes today’s announcement important:

“This “remix” significantly simplifies the Traktor product range and makes it more affordable for DJs to get into Traktor at a low price point. The big news is that any Traktor hardware now ships with a full version of Traktor Pro 2. With the Audio 2, for instance, customers can now get a full professional DJ package for under $120.”

Makes sense – keep your software affordable and focus on selling hardware is a strategy that worked very well for a certain computer company that recently became the biggest company in the world. But what exactly has changed? Read on for the full details.


  • Traktor Duo got the axe – Only Pro from now on out! Duo 2 and Duo 2 Scratch users get a free upgrade today to Pro 2.
  • Cheap upgrades – Customers who own Traktor Pro 1 (or older!) can upgrade to Traktor 2.5 for $44.50 until April 30th. Own Traktor LE? The same upgrade is $89.
  • Traktor Pro 2 is cheaper, digital download! – Traktor Pro 2 will be available only as a Digital Download for the significantly cheaper price of $89.
  • 2.5 is free! Version 2.5 will be available at the end of May as a free update to all owners of Traktor 2 Pro and Duo.
  • Hardware + Software Combo:  Traktor Pro 2.5 will be included with all NI hardware for free from here on out.


We’re also interested to see a rewrite of Traktor’s beat/tempo detection engine will be coming in 2.5, with a number of new behaviors and features that many have been asking for.

  • Rewritten tempo detection for improved accuracy, developed from analyzing thousands of tracks from various genres
  • New “downbeat” auto-detection improves auto-beat-gridding and phase recognition
  • Convenient analysis options when importing files to your collection – set the tempo range by BPM
  • Much improved BPM detection on tracks with variable tempo, (such as “live” drummer genres) – now detects average BPM
  • Rewritten Tempo-Tap – instant and simple realignment anytime your tracks drifts away from the grid over time
  • Manually adjusted grids, (and all BPM-locked tracks) keep their position and tempo from previous versions


  • The Audio 2 will include a free copy of Traktor Pro 2 for only $119 (Available Now).
  • The Audio 6 and Audio 10 will no longer be sold as stand alone sound cards.
  • The Audio 6 and Audio 10 will only be sold as packages – complete Traktor Scratch systems with DVS control vinyl and Traktor Pro 2. For example, the Traktor Scratch A6 package will run $339.


NI is basically condensing their product line into two groups of DJ experience, controllers or vinyl control. You can buy the software on its own but most people will probably go with the following packages:

  •  Traktor Pro included with the hardware controllers (S2, S4, X1,F1,) and the Audio 2.
  •  Traktor Scratch Pro included with the DVS control vinyl systems (A6, A10)

As we hinted at above, this continues the slow march towards a closed system model favored by Apple, with full hardware and software integration where all of the customer experience is created by a single company. On one hand this can create a great customer experience with plug and play simplicity, but it also has the opportunity to limit creative third party development.


This is a good step in the right direction. The Traktor line had become increasingly confusing, and these consolidations make everything fairly simple to understand. The classic line “Keep it simple, stupid” comes to mind.

Additionally, the new Audio 2 package deal with Traktor Pro 2 for only $119 means that DJs who buy non-NI controllers have a reasonably-priced route to getting an audio card and professional mixing software. It’s also a relief that everyone will get the 2.5/Remix deck release for free, but we’re anxious to see if they really work as advertised, considering that the current sample decks can be less than reliable in the sync department.

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  • Raymond

    there is a crackling sound in my computer,after playing traktor 2.5 and audio 2 for about an hour.iam using n.e.c core duo with a 3giga memory.i dont know why.

  • Techdlx

    Yep a big F U to NI for not including the DVS upgrade for traktor scratch pro owners who bought F-1 or X-1. 

    • Mr Rjohn Ca

      but if you’re a scratch pro 2 owner already you’d have the 2.5 update available to download for free :S is it that you have scratch pro 1? if so then yeah i agree with you.

  • Dj Christos K

    Lovely, the Apple strategies that work well for consumers. What’s next? Having to jailbreak just to use the controller of my choice?

  • Chupsie

    Aw, c’mon, NI…. STILL only one BPM per track? I mean.. how hard can it be to have more than one BPM section per tune? Ableton had that for a long time.. Quite a few neurofunk tunes start at, say, 174ish, then drop to 130ish, then back to 174 again.

    And we’ll see about the new detection engine. Traktor has always been horrible at analyzing complex Drum&Bass.

    It’s a shame NI went along the simplification route (ever since Pro 1), catering more to beatmashers and controllerists than brainiacs. The top control bar is still not customizable.. I loved the ‘jumbo jet overhead panel’ look of Studio 3 – you could cram EVERYTHING up there.

    It seems that nothing is going to change in the foreseeable future.. No VST support.. no master multiband compressor.. I’ll have to give Itch a second look and consider using Jack and a separate VST host.

    • Chupsie

      And for chrissake, they should add ReWire support and fix the MIDI clock drift and instability! 😛

  • Gyasi Sutton

    umm doesn’t look like there is an option to have an effect work on only one sample and not the other…That’s pretty scary if they got rid of that feature.

  • Pol

    If I buy the X1 on it comes with the Traktor Pro 2? And then I can have the 2.5? Thanks.

  • Whiney Weenie

    That’s pretty cool for all the new guys coming in… But I’m a little bummed about how much money I’ve put into Traktor to be honest. About two – three years ago I finally swore off music software piracy as I was finally able to afford it. I bought in big, and now it’s worth next to nothing. It’s one thing when they offer cheap upgrade paths, but I now just feel like one of my two premium audio softwares just left for noobville… wah wah wah etc. 😐

    • Whiney Weenie

      Obviously I understand that I had the “premium awesomeness” for that past time — but still… Just makes me feel a bit bummed. 

  • Jonazmalcom

    Come on guys discussing about automatic bpm detection its quite boring now. I’ve been a dj for 15 years love the vinyl feel and beatmatching but lets be honest, beatmatching is time consuming so even the best dj’s spend more time on the turntable rather than the mixer. Let’s not forget that if you want a great set the mixer is where you should be at. The thing I love about traktor is the flexibility, you can have that vinyl feel mixing with 2 or even 4 turntables or let traktor do the beatmatching and focus on the 4 decks and the mixer.

    You are a good dj if you can make people dance and have a great time regardless if you know how to beatmatch. Its just a mater of opinion

  • Christian

    Consolidation of software maintainance is an aspect that should be regarded here as well, moving the customer base to a single baseline might stop from maintaining older versions, an approach quite common in software business   

  • Diego

    I am so disappointed.

    I own a S4, two X1 and a Audio 8 DJ, I basically have all the licenses of pretty much every version of Traktor… And now I have to pay $120 for a software update?

    • Traviswinn

      I thought it’s only $45?

  • John Garza

    MhMMMMM What about the old stuff stores still have? Like audio 2 except still with LE. Does that mean we have to stick with LE if we buy it from there? Im not going to because of this, Ill buy it from the store here, but I was just wondering. That would suck for someone to learn about this update, then right away go to like best buy, buy an audio 2, and not get the full version of Traktor with it, then go into a coma of mass depression

  • John Grasett

    When do we get a proper browser with smart crates? Come on NI, a little regex to create a new file list is not that complicated!

  • grafite

     How about revamping the NI site? I enjoy using their gear, however their online support leaves much to be desired.

  • RyuJn

    Basically people….all they’re doing is redefining the market by making a progressive step in the right direction….the ONLY reason many SSL users are able to play, is not because they bought the hardware, but someone else did (be it the club or sound engineer) and they downloaded SSL for FREE….so dropping the standalone price drastically to $89 is a step in the right direction. Also, when someone purchases an SL2,3 or 4 SSL is free with it and it costs way more than an A6 or A10. $500 for an SL2 which has 1 in and 1 out less than an A6 which is $339…tell me what’s wrong with NI making it even more difficult for RANE to justify their prices…Also im a registered Traktor Scratch Pro 2 user which i paid for via my S4 Scratch Upgrade, and have my Audio 6 disc never used, and X1 disc never used and plan on buying an F1 an will get another license then, all that will allow is if a dj wants to play and use traktor at my gig (especially if they using a mac) i will be willing to give them my CD (never before used) and help the Traktor community grow. Whoever complaining about how many licenses you will end up with because u are a registered owner already just simply keep them until, and SHARE!!!

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    The real question comes….what will Serato do now? We all know both sides of the DVS spectrum but for marketing, traktor did something right and alot of people will jump on board. Even if 99% of America doesnt swap…UK and the whole Euro scene will follow suit. They are in love with Traktor and this just makes it easier to get what you need. I did traktor for 5 yrs and switched to Serato when I moved to Japan, only because thats all they know out here. But in the last 2 yrs, Traktor has crept into the scene and now making waves. Keep your eyes peeled for a “premium” version of this.

  • Jsedlmeyer

    Will everything have to be remapped to work on this new release?

  • DJRobOwen

    Still no .mp3 encoding to play over SHOUTcast internet radio, you should see the rigmaroll I have to go through If I want to play on these sites -_-

  • Kyl507

    Will we ever be able to buy just the software for Scratch Pro 2? Already have a soundcard

  • d witt

    so happy they decided on the free upgrade. can’t wait to remap my mpd ^_^

  • Pvidra

    i don’t understand why should i pay to get the time code function… i really dont like it like this…. it was not clear at all that if you buy buy the software and not the bundle, you wont have this option….

  • Ross McDonagh

    I am HEATED with Native Instruments right about now!  So those of us that are long time Traktor users are SCREWED out of money if I am reading correctly!  Say us long time(6 years here) Traktor users who started with say Traktor 3 (full version software only) paid $230 bucks for the software.  Then we upgraded for $80 bucks(actually 79 but I’m rounding here) to Traktor Pro 1, THEN when Traktor Pro 2 comes out, we upgrade AGAIN for ANOTHER $80 bucks to get the latest and greatest.  So that’s $400 give or take a few depending on tax etc. of our hard earned money to NI.  Then I spent $100-ish on an Audio 2 DJ so call it 500 bucks.  I am CERTAIN I’m not alone here in spending the money on the initial Traktor purchase, then the successive upgrades, not to mention I paid roundabout 100 bucks for Mixed In Key 4 and 5($70 & 30 for 5 upgrade) so we’re at $600 now. 
     So guys like me pay out the rear end, and any new DJ can walk in and get a Traktor PRO 2 program WITH key detection packaged with an Audio 2 sound card for $120?!?!?!?!!!????  Meanwhile, there is NO discount from NI for buying the S2/S4 or the X1/F1 when you already HAVE the software.  If you take the $230 out of the prices of those controllers, I would buy one!!  Sorry for the rant boys and girls, but I REALLY want an S4 or S2 but I just can’t swing it, and it’s not worth it to buy one when part of the price is for the software!!  And I know the S2 was on sale for a bit, but it was still too much when I realized it comes with something I already PAID for.

    End Rant, Have a Nice Day.

    Ean, I hope you see this and let NI know!!! Hopefully I’ll get some +1’s from other people that have been using Traktor a while!

    • Kave

      I think so,done had their dj period lololol

    • Hamster

       First one is for free you know, once you are hooked the rape begins

    • Gasdas

      And how much money did you make in gigs over those 6 years? I paid €200 for my initial copy of Traktor, and for each upgrade, I couldn’t be happier, times have changed live with it and stop your moaning

  • kkkarms

    Good work NI i’m happy about this news looks like ill be back on traktor again 

  • Sid Swindail

    Wait a sec, so I have Duo Scratch right now, and it says that Duo and Duo Scratch get a free upgrade to Pro 2… does that mean I can update to Pro 2 and still get timecode control? Be a little more specific 🙂 Good article, soooo psyched for this update!

  • Eduard Oldi

    “Traktor Duo got the axe – Only Pro from now on out! Duo 2 and Duo 2 Scratch users get a free upgrade today to Pro 2.”
    Been looking for an option to upgrade on the NI website. Any idea, when there will be an upgrade possibility?

  • Ekkoh

    Do we know if the F1 is going to have velocity sensitive pads?

    • Ronald Edwards

      (Good catch!) Native Instruments does not indicate that the (trigger) pads are velocity sensitive so we must presume they are not. This is basically falls under the “User Preference” category.

      Instead of paying $249.99 for the Traktor Kontrol F1, if you already have some “unassigned sliders and knobs” in your studio setup and you’re willing to assign the controls in the Traktor Controller Manager aAND you’re OK with having 4 fewer buttons (per assignable module), (in this case) it’s better to get the Pad-One DJ (from Vestax) as they are full-color, Velocity Sensitive LED pads for $199.99 (per unit). If you don’t already have sliders and knobs available and you don’t already have Traktor Pro 2.x) it’s probably worth getting the F1 just for the features alone (and it’s rather nice that you’ll get a full version of Traktor Pro 2.5 and built-in support for the controller… or is that kontroller?) even though the pads are probably not velocity sensitive.

      • incred

        the website defenatly that they will be click buttons, no velocity!

  • Ronald Edwards

    Simply, the offer is confusing. I bought a Audio 2 DJ a couple years back, because I needed a sound card for spinning. It came with Traktor LE and a free upgrade to Traktor DUO (a special at the time). I sold this laptop and sound card to a friend (who doesn’t get computers that well, but he buys my old gear so I help him out). So, my friend asked me to look on N.I.’s website to see what the upgrade cost would be for the DUO (version 1) and it said “$44.50” which looks like a great deal… when I clicked-through, the upgrade listed nothing regarding the Duo (version 1) which I don’t trust. So naturally, I told him to contact Tech Support and ask which page was wrong (at this point I suggested NOT purchasing the upgrade because it’s not clear whether it will work or not). I don’t like when companies do this kind of thing because you CAN buy an upgrade and it won’t be compatible with the software you have… which means you’re out the money and no working upgrade and they say “Oh, it was a typo, we’ll clear that up right away, but if you want to upgrade, we’ll apply your purchase to the value of buying a new license.”

    I think I’ll just wait to see what the F1 will cost and then make suggestions based on that.

    Also: I’d be interested when Traktor comes out with a half-speed, double-speed, 1/3 etc. variations of beat-sync.

    • Ronald Edwards

      Um wow… Traktor Kontrol F1 for $250 at Guitar Center… no thanks. I have enough buttons and sliders that the hassle is well worth re-assigning them instead of buying this new gear.

  • Matiasdlf_113

    how will this work with the s4? will we have control over the remix decks with the sample players?

  • Bruno

    I’m waiting about 2 years now for HID support of the Pioneer CDJ’s. Still nothing 🙁

  • Cymaticmandala

    Remix decks < working windows drivers. My s4 is basically useless at the moment.

  • Alpha Duo

    Ive just upgraded from Duo 2 to Pro 2 but it will not let me use the Kontrol X1 anymore, totally dead, any ideas as this is frustrating, why cant Traktor make everything easy!!!

  • Digi16v

    I own TSD1 and I was looking to upgrade. What I want to know is do I have to buy an entire new package to upgrade to Traktor Scratch Pro2? im confused as to what I have to buy to upgrade.

  • JF

    Until NI adds option for stackable waveforms, flexible beatgrids, and a dual USB interface I won’t even consider Traktor again. These features alone are what keep me from straying from Serato Scratch Live and Serato ITCH. 

    • DJApart

      The Audio 10 is dual USB.

      • JF

        No, you are mistaken, the Audio 10 does not have dual USB ports. In fact, no Traktor interface has this feature at this time, only Rane does with the SL4 (and the 68 and 62 mixers). 

        For your reference:

    • Dj Jack Meoff

       WTF is stackable waveforms?

      • JF

        It’s an option for SL’s GUI that allows users to place all waveforms (2, 3 or 4)  stacked on top of one another so there’s a coherent visual reference as to where all the different segments of each track, multiple loops, cue points etc. are in relation to one another and landing on a single playhead line. Invaluable tools for many users when managing complex mixes. 

  • Chris

    Still no Native Mix recorder…

    Still Horrible waveform …. when classic waveform will be back ???

    • Bill_hendry

      There is a native mix recorder….

      • Chris

         No !! Native mix recorder is only on old versions: Traktor DJ studio 2 & DJ studio 3 …..It gave you the possibility to edit your mix…. this is very welcome when you need to record a studio mix or a radio show… can adjust the EQ for example…

  • DJVagistat

    wait one dam minute. I just bought an audio 2 this week and it came with LE2. Did i just screw myself or is NI going to give me an upgrade?

    • Quenepas

      I would give them a call. If it doesnt work, return ASAP!

      • DJVagistat

         *update* just in case anyone is in the same predicament. I called NI and was told that as long as i didn’t register LE2 till after April 2nd i would receive an email with upgrade to traktor 2 in a few days. I also found this on there web site…
         “Product boxes may contain a copy of TRAKTOR LE 2. If this is the
        case, just register the software or hardware, and you’ll receive an
        email with a TRAKTOR PRO 2 serial number within 48 hours. You can then
        update to TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 as soon as it’s available.”

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…I think this whole “software for free” with all hardware simply shoots past NIs best customers, which are the current Traktor Pro 2/ S4/ S2 customers. I understand wanting to get new people buying NI’s stuff to grow the market, but at the same time NI are forgetting they have a loyal customer base and now they are asking them to fork out more money for software they don’t need. (and don’t tell me the F1’s price isn’t calculated with ROI for the software development)

    Apple doesn’t sell OSX with their peripherals!!!! The comparison isn’t quite right.

    I think the software purchase should be an option, especially for the peripheral type of equipment NI has (i.e. F1, X1, Sound Cards). I would have marketed those pieces of equipment with a lower sales price and would have added a coupon to buy the software, with them. For instance, sell the F1 for 199.- Euros and add a coupon to go against the purchase of Traktor Pro for 39.- Euros. That way I get a good deal for the software for being a purchaser of the hardware and if I want the hardware and already have the software, I am not getting more licenses I don’t need and am not paying for the licenses either (and don’t say, but it is for free! I could care less).


    • Ronald Edwards

      I think they were referring to some kind of a jumble of Apple and Serato in the Article. Serato Itch which is free (forever) for the owners of Serato Hardware.

      I’m also pretty sure you don’t mean “ROI” (or Return on Investment), this has a specific meaning in finance and as only one product (and the entire line is not represented here) this can only be RoCE (Return on Capital Employed). Perhaps you mean that the price of Traktor was factored into the price of the Traktor Kontrol F1? This I can believe, but price has nothing to do with cost. Native Instruments is going to charge whatever they can get away with and still sell a lot of these controllers… it just makes good business sense.

      • Anonymous

         “Charge whatever they can get away with….”

        That isn’t the issue. They can charge all they want for all I care. What I don’t like is the packaging of the software with the hardware and making me pay for that software. It is not free, a return for the software is definitely calculated in the price. I especially don’t like the idea, when the hardware is just a peripheral. To be effective with the F1 and the S4, I’m going to need to buy two F1s and I already have Traktor Pro 2. What am I going to do with 2 more new licenses? I probably won’t even be able to sell them for peanuts, because NI has dropped their selling price for the standalone software to an incredibly low price. I don’t think I’ll even get 20 Euros for a license now, so it isn’t even worth the time to put them up in Ebay.

        NI isn’t doing anyone a favor but for themselves and I simply think their new strategy sucks as a current NI customer.


  • Adam Walters

    Ok, so I still use the Audio 4 DJ from when I bought Duo back in the day.  I’ve been wanting to upgrade to the Audio 6, mostly for recording from within Traktor, but now you’re telling me I’m going to have to buy the entire package for $339?  Does this mean I should run out to Guitar Center or try to snag one online now?  

  • MrPopinjay

    So is there no way to buy an NI card without the software? I don’t want to pay an inflated price for an additional software licence I will not have any use for 🙁

  • Robert Ciconte

    Are there plans to address the lack of HID support?

  • Lylax

    cant wait for this upgrade!!
    im still not convinced about the F1, but im sure that will change when I get my hands on one.

  • satchel

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if I wanted to get scratch pro 2. Would it make more sense to by duo and upgrade for free to scratch pro? 

  • Pvidra

    I’d like to know if the Pro2 will be able to handle time code after upgrading to 2.5. As I got the Pro2 with the Audio 10 during the winter offer, it cannot handle time code, only after buying the “scratch” upgrade…

  • Matt Waddell

    For the love of god will it support rewire or some kind of bridge esk jurryrigging with Ableton???

  • Djtechnician

    I have an audio 10 sound card but NOT TSP2. So does that mean I get an upgrade to SCRATCH PRO 2 from Traktor pro 2?

    • Seth Alexander

      I was wondering about this too. I have an Audio 6.

      • Timothy Alonso

        Scratch is a separate upgrade from pro.  The elimination of versions mentioned refers to the Traktor Duo which is a scaled down version, where in the future all hardware will come with the full pro license.

      • Tony

        Same position here. would love to legally own scratch pro

    • NIO

      If you’ve registered you can upgrade to TP2 Scratch, and receive the Disks, and software for $120 I had a registered Audio 4 and they let me do it and sent me the hardware, I think you have to act fast though, their deals come and then they go…

  • Jorge Muniz

    i got the free upgrade to traktor pro 2 from the s4 version. it is now saying that i have to pay for the update ($44) is this right? i thought the upgrade was free for existing pro 2 users

  • Mikael Ouriques

    What about Traktor Scratch Pro Owners? Do i have to spend 89 dolars as well? 

  • squirrel squirrel squirrel

    As we hinted at above, this continues the slow march towards a closed system model favored by Apple, with full hardware and software integration where all of the customer experience is created by a single company. On one hand this can create a great customer experience with plug and play simplicity, but it also has the opportunity to limit creative third party development.

    Huh? How is Traktor becoming a closed system? You can still use it with any audio interface, any MIDI controller, and sync it with MTC. (Although I do wish it supported ReWire and VST/AU effects.)

  • 6StringMercenary

    After the headache it was just to ensure my MixTrack could run the mapped version of Pro 1.0, yeah, I’m a little skeptical to move ahead with NI anymore. I mean, $45 ain’t bad for an upgrade, but considering support is the equivalent of hitting a comatose boar with a wiffle bat, odds are just trying it will damage the Traktor beauty queen. No matter, it’s all just spinny disc stuff instead of live production when talking this controllorism bent. News is good nes, glad I keep visiting, but NI might as well stand for Not Impressed.

  • El Tiburon

    Good news but they still refuse to give Native Support to Numark products with spinning platters, particularly the NS7 and V7. Those two controllers are the closest you are going to get to a technics 1200 for a midi device. Denon 3900 comes close but those are CD decks running on Hybrid mode, not Midi, or HID etc… Native Instruments won’t even provide a working Midi TSI file for the NS7 or V7 even though folks have been asking for years. What’s the point in having great software if it doesn’t play nice with many controllers. NI needs to step their game up and make sure they expand the list of devices that are Natively supported, especially when they are gun-ho about new “updates!”

    • Djtechnician

       That’s on Numark to have a tsi for it’s own product. Traktor has been out for years now, the question is: why didn’t Numark make a tsi for the ns7 for traktor?

      • Noelflava

        That is because The NS7 is an Itch controller, and Numark must have an exclusive deal with serato for the NS7. 

    • Mike Linder

      The real question is, why would anyone choose to go with numark?  I started out with numark and vdj, made the switch to traktor and have never looked back

  • NotSoSiniSter

    I’m all for plug and play simplicity, but trying to Mimic apple just won’t happen. 

  • Alienboy15

    Excellenet, i love NI. They treat the customers like they should.
    A+++ for customer support, appreciate all the hard work you guys put in.
    Just teach me how to use it and ill give back to the community 🙂

    Thank you,

  • Ian V Jones

    Isn;t it about time automatic Key Detection was standard?

    • Lylax


      this is the difference between an asshole who spin shit records, and a talented DJ who can blend their music.

      this seems like a tool for the tool.

      • Cymaticmandala

        You are an idiot. I suppose we should also ignore bpm detection too and count constantly by ear. Technology is a tool, it doesnt magically fix a shitty set or give someone good taste.

        • spaz

          I don’t use the bpm counter hardly on ts. Not that I’m against it. I prefer looking at my mixer rather than my monitor. I try to avoid looking at my computer almost entirely…. try. I want my cdj or mixer to tell me tracks as the once did. It’s convenient.

      • Camh

        keep up the good work troll, you must be sooo cool

    • Slam Francisco

      Key detection?!? oh come on, seriously!?!

  • Frank62635

    legit… wondered why i accidently stumbled upon Traktor n 2007. It was Destiny!!!!!!!! I always stumble upon legit shit..

    • Djunbound


  • Slime

    Yawn.. I’ve had all this and more with Serato and The Bridge for months.

    • Dnthmnxx

      You’ve had this and unlimited times better with the Bridge.

    • Seth Alexander

      It also cost a hell of a lot more to have it for months lol.

  • Andrew Peek

    I have a copy of Pro 2, and a DJM900 nexus… so is the scratch upgrade even an option anymore?

    • Johbremat


    • Noelflava

      I threw an event with a DJM 900 last weekend, and to be honest I could not even figure out how the mixer integrates with traktor. I expected it to have some controls for traktor built in or something but it basically seems like a DJM 800 to me with some new effects on it. 

  • Lazyellow

    I’m a bit confused…so if I buy the new Traktor A6, i’ll have two scratch decks but also have two internal track decks/remix decks yes? which is all I need but in terms of routing; how would I route the two internal decks with an external mixer? It is my understanding that the third/main output on the Audio 6 would only allow you to output one specific deck not two?

    • Conall O'Nians

      That’s correct, to use all 4 decks you would need to purchase an A10.

      • Lazyellow

        damn. I just sold my TSP2 I was looking to get an Audio 6 but now that’s completely been thrown on its head. Ah well I’ll stick to internal mode for now hopefully NI will release a new soundcard without the need for mains!

      • Gavin Varitech

        That is incorrect. You can set the output routing in Traktor however you want. You can set both the sample decks to output on channels 1/2 and 3/4 or on the main out as well. You could even use a RCA Y-cable and use each of the main outs to output them to separate channels (in mono of course).

  • Op_mode

    I’m on an older Trakor version and I’m afraid of upgrading, even though it’s cheap. I have never encountered any problems with the system. I just have this feeling that when I upgrade, I’m gonna not like the new upgrade or just run into problems. I’m also waiting on that xone k2 to come out.

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      Don’t worry as with TSP2 or TP2 you can still use your original version. So you could sell TSP2 if you don’t like it.

      The Xone K2 is now out on the market according to A&H last week at the Frankfurt Expo. However If you are thinking of using the K2 purely for Traktor 2.5 then despite how much I love A&H products I’d personally buy the F1 and benefit from a fully integrated product. (take it from someone who spent 4 days mapping 2 Xone:1Ds for 4 deck control)

      If you’re thinking of using a K2 for Ableton as well as Traktor then you might want to look at Livid Instruments’ CNTRL:R (basically it looks like a MIDI Fighter, 2 K2’s and a Monome all mixed into 1 unit. (looks very interesting)

    • Civ142000

      My k2 arrived 2 days ago. Its awesome!!! and making my OWN mapping and being original is all part of the fun for me

      • Dj Aaron B

        I was the same way I upgraded form an older version on scratch duo it took a little while to get used to it but in the long run it was worth it.

    • Blaise White

      Don’t worry too much about getting an upgrade.I was a die hard vinyl spinner until I bought an iPad and got a djay app.It changed my view of digital DJing and now I use cross Dj with an associated controller,it’s brilliant!allowing me more time to add FX and create unique sets of music.So jump right in.Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  • Dnthmnxx

    Lol not native Advanced HID support for CDJ’s. Because of this I moved to serato and im in love with it, if only traktor had the perfect control of serato it’d be perfect

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      I don’t think NI are going to add Adv. HID support for CDJs because they are moving away from 3rd Party hardware devices. Talking with a lot of vendors at this year’s Sound+Light Expo 2012 in Frankfurt, they all expressed the feeling that NI are becoming more of an “in house” OEM.

      What does this mean?

      First the bad:
      Less 3rd party cooperation and support and segregation within the industry.

      Now the good:
      Progressive increase in OEM product quality, more stability in the software with less conflicts and better integration between Hard- and Software.

      • Acneverenderwhatnext9

        So why go thru all the trouble of certifying mixers? i.e. Djm-900 nexus? And now I don’t even see the scratch upgrade in the NI website so I have to buy a audio 10 and sell the box if I want to use control vinyl… Not cool

        • Johbremat


      • Dnthmnxx

        And for that reason, I am happy to say native instruments can have all the fun they want trying to pull this kind of stuff, focusing your efforts in one direction in this market is really stupid in my opinion, why not just let the customer choose how he wants to use your software, not guide them into buying your products. If they had the perfection that serato has achieved in its ability to emulate a hard copy of your music and control it on top of traktors amazing effects and ease of use, the products would be on equal ground.

        This is why even Shifftee doesn’t use traktor when he spins live, serato gives you perfection of its simple software and sets ground rules for users to access it, like the need for a dongle, and tells the user to deal with it, you have what you want. I dont mind having less with serato if it means it is perfect, traktor doesn’t make me feel that way, sad, because it had major potential. 

  • ToOntown

    What’s the business about the Audio 2 DJ?

    • ToOntown

      Nevermind…I see on the NI site. Hell of a deal!!!!!!

  • Tombruton87

    one problem is, I allready have a copy of tsp2 with my audio 8 and scratch duo 2 (came with a6) thats now got a free upgrade to tsp2 and a copy of traktor pro that i got with my x1, I am considering getting one or two f1s that means I will have 5 copies of the software.  

    • Hedgehog

      You are free to sell the extra licenses. Contact the registration number support on the NI support page.

      • DJFT

         good luck selling one of the most easily pirated pieces of software out right now

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      My advice would be
      Sell the licenses making sure you DON’T SELL the DVS license for TSP with the TSP2 upgrade.

    • Andrew Peek

      how much for your scratch upgrade?

    • DJelixeR

      if you have extra traktor serial numbers from buying traktor products, sell the serial in the forum and make some money back lol

  • Rdej47

    *their software lineup, damn not paying attention.

  • Rdej47

    Good call on their part, they’re software line up was turning into the Window’s lineup (Professional, business, standard, ultimate, light, home). And yes the move to digital only is smart, cut costs of manufacturing. 

    You can definitely see the parallels between Apple and NI but I think NI is a little more open then Apple. Yes they’ve narrowed their product line, BUT they haven’t limited third party controller support. And even though you can buy a plug and play S4, you can still create your own mapping and so on. So it’s either simple, tight plug and play controllers (S4, X1, etc) or customized mappings that take a little while to setup but are tailored to your needs.

  • Nico240381

    Do you think F1 will works togheter with kontrol s4?

    • Ronald Edwards

       Yes. I am betting the F1 will work right out of the box with ANY Native Instruments controller.

  • Viciouss Hoffmann

    When I bought my x1 I got the Traktor Pro 2 for free, I think that offer was the first moviment into this direction.

    But I still have questions about the audio 6, there will be no option to buy an Audio 6 only? You have to buy all Traktor Scratch package from now on?

    • Rotem Ayalon

      yepp. A6 will be an intire soundcard+cables_timecode vynil/CD bundle only.

  • BrainstormCrib

    Thanks for the update, question…

    I just bought a certified DJM-850 and Traktor Scratch (Certified Mixer Update) did I over paid / over bought stuff ? 

    • DJFT

      Yeah you fucked your wallet real good – just because even if you got a “sweet deal” on that mixer – theres absolutely no reason to own it. If your dragging around a 4 channel mixer anyway —an audio 8 fits in the flight case connected….. and if you bought it to look at it your room, then you bought a nice piece of furniture.

      • The_K

        If you ever owned a Pioneer product you’ll understand why they are more expensive than your Numark controller… Also if you take them apart you will understand why they are not just a bit more expensive but so much more…

        • DJFT

           Hey Actually I think Pioneer are total pieces of shit after playing on countless 500/600/800’s….i much prefer my rane 62 thanks though cocksucker –  you wouldn’t catch me dead on any controller either. When you grow up you will realize pioneer really isnt that good, thats a DJ milestone for everyone, you’ll get there champ!

          • The_K

            cocksucker, clearly some master at work here…
            I like the Rane mixers, but come on. You are ranting about overpriced hardware and then you own a Rane mixer? Rane is the Allen&Heath of Rap Music…

    • Hedgehog

      Nope, the DJM-850 will likely not come with Traktor Pro let alone the Scratch version.

    • Lazyellow

      Yes. If you really want a pioneer traktor mixer, it might be worth pushing for the DJM900 I personally reckon that would hold its value more so than the DJM850. But either way it’s very pricey for what it is.

    • BrainstormCrib

      I got the new software upgrade kit instead, save 200 $ after tax. 

      • Acneverenderwhatnext9

        And from what I can tell they aren’t even offering that option as of today… I now have to buy an audio 10 even though I have a djm900… Booo

  • Danny

    Cool… but all this will be worthless if the new software isn’t totally stable on both MAC and PC platforms…really thats all everyone wants ….!!!!

    • JJ

      The software is stable, your computer is not stable. I run Traktor is FLAWLESS on my computer. I have wifi on. If I get a request and I don’t have the song, I can download it…No issues while playing. I have bluetooth on, I use a wireless keyboard. Again no issues. I tried adding a bluetooth mouse, I had an issue, but it was the limitations of my computer not Traktor. So please make a valid argument.

      • Conall O'Nians

        Just because it runs flawlessly on your computer does not mean you can make the statement that it is a stable piece of software. Many many users have had issues with versions 2.11 and 2.12 with the CPU load. There’s also a number of different bugs which have been yet to be addressed.

        • Lazyellow

          I agree there are alot of little bugs which can be annoying, so I agree that its buggy, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s unstable. Scratch Live and all software has bugs. Nothing is 100%

        • Seth Alexander

          Wouldn’t the solution for CPU load be a faster CPU? Just saying.

    • Quine

      I agree it would be worthless if it wasn’t stable. But traktor seems to be incredibly stable, so why wouldn’t it be? Seems like an oddly pointless comment.

    • PedroMac

      I eventually ended up switching to a Mac after spending a lot of time trying to get Traktor (S4, 2.11, 2.12) to run smoothly on a PC  (firmware updates, disabling services and other hardware, running latency monitor).  I NEVER had problems like this with Serato Itch or Scratch on the same PC.  Here’s hoping NI have addressed this as it was a begrudged and expensive move.

      Oh, and for future improvements, smart crates and flexible beat gridding (a la Ableton) would be most appreciated.


      • Tragik

         Did you have NO more problems once u went to Mac Pedro?  Thinking of doing the same … mmm