Ableton Contest/ Midi Fighter 3D Winners Announced

First up, we are so proud of everyone that entered this contest. There are so many great musical arrangements and performances that it was really hard to pick a winner. Through these contest videos, we are really starting to see our full vision for controllerism and DJ TechTools come to life in an amazing way. Ok, enough feel good community babble – onto the winners! (The Midi Fighter 3D is available in our store now!)

Because there were so many awesome entries, We’ve decided to break this into two categories, best performance and most creative video:


FIRST PLACE: Riccardo Betti

What can we say about this video that wasn’t already stated in the comments? With 47,000 views so far and counting, this was not only the best performance, but the most popular by far. What made this a stand out winner?

  1. Great musical arrangement
  2. Killer playing and timing
  3. Excellent use of the samples provided

SECOND PLACE: Distracted Dispatches

The second place video used a lot of the same samples, but what we really liked about this video is that it’s all played free hand, which creates a killer swing that feels really organic and dynamic. Great track!


FIRST PLACE: Bandesnaci

As DJs, we’re biased towards folks who introduce us to unknown musical genres. Do it in a hilarious way, and we’ll like you even more. How could this video not be the winner for most creative?


It takes a lot to sing and rap on camera if you’re not normally doing it – combine that with a bit of drum and bass elements, and performing what we think is the first ever rap shout out to DJ TechTools.


As many of you know, we’re just a few weeks away from shipping the first batch of Midi Fighter 3Ds! The pile above are the first ten to come out of the oven, and four of them are going to the winners of this contest! We originally said we were only giving away one – but Ean’s in a really good mood today and super proud of everyone, so it’s Midi Fighter 3Ds for all the winners listed above!

Didn’t Win? Want A 3D? Like we said, the Midi Fighter 3D is available in our store now!


Here are five great videos that our staff loved but didn’t win the top prizes.

Craziest Controllers: Bass N1xx1N

Best Transformation of the Samples to a New Genre: Monika MHz

Honorable Mention for Best Performance: Coda in Blue

Stay tuned later this month more information about the complete release of the Midi Fighter 3D. Thanks again to everyone who submitted a video in this contest – and yes, we did watch every single video! Also big thanks to Mad Zach for making the awesome drumrack pack used in this contest! For more music from Mad Zach including new releases and free downloads check out and make sure to stay tuned for the next sample pack!

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  • Oli Steadman

    is there any way to still download the contest rack? pretty please…

  • Shane Munoz

    Awesome work to all the particpants!

  • Alex Pitts

    you know it may be just me, but it looks like there are more producers competing than djs?

  • blaine


  • Ermac4482

    All shitty Dub step except that chick was kind of cool.The last video started out cool with the D&B but then got way ghey with the Dubstep sounds.

  • Rodolfo Grimaldi

    Hey, excellent choices! Congratulations for winners 🙂

  • Skoll

    Hi All, I was wondering if it was possible to still DL the samples and drum rack for this contest anywhere?  I would love to mess around with them and see what I can do even though the contest is over 🙂 .   Some really great entries!!

  • Flat Nanders

    Thanks DJTT for showing our video here, thanks Mad Zach for the amazing DrumRack and of course thanks everyone who supported the video.
    We had a great time shooting this video.
    Congratulations to all winners. Great Ideas, nice performances and real hot music! It’s an honor to be shown abreast of you with our very first FlatNandersTrack performed and recorded ever. After talking about making music together a long time (we are thinking about this since nearly 4 years) this contest made us get started!
    We hope we will get a Midi Fighter 3D as soon as it’s released.
    Everyone how wants to know more about Flat Nanders check our facebook

    • Mad Zach

      congrats guys! send us your full name and mailing address in a private message to our youtube.

  • eklectic1zm

    congrats to all the winners!

  • Ryan McGinley

    haha, bandesnaci, I thought you should have won. both really awesome videos though

  • Butte

    Cheers to Flat Nanders, my favorite of the bunch. Great to see them get reps.

    • Flat Nanders

      Thanks Butte! That  counts a lot for us.

  • GN

    Agreed Monika Wins Hands down for me, great stuff!

  • Ric.BADiDEA

    Hi, Riccardo here… Thanks everyone for the support and thank you VERY much DJTT for this HUUUGE easter egg!! WOW…I mean…I would fly to the States to hug you all guys just to show you how happy I am! Ahahah! I never EVER expect to win this contest or to gain such a big feedback from everyone!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

    Can’t wait to put my hands on the MF3D!! And can’t wait for what’s next!!

    …hoping to be contacted soon…

    Cheers from Italy!

    • Mad Zach

      Hi Riccardo, send your full name and mailing address in a private message to our youtube. Congrats!

  • David T

    Very generous to give away four! The winners really did a good job. I hope to see the Midi Fighter 3d used in more bagpipe gabber. Anybody know where I can hear more of that?!?

  • dax

    Monika is dope

  • Bass N1XX1N

    Thanks DJTT! This is bass n1xx1n, this contest was an amazing time and pushed our creativeness to the max. Using anything we could see in the room and trying to incorporate it into the clip. we have only been at it for 1 1/2 months so just making the list is huge for us. coming from a very limited musical background and making the list is amazing! Looking forward to the next one! CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD JOB TO THE WINNERS!!!!!!!

    • Mad Zach

      Hey guys, send us your full name and mailing address in a private message to our youtube. Congrats!

      • Bass nixxin

        Done, and thanks again!

  • James downes

    i cant stop watching Sound Observer ha u dudes are funny

    nice beatz

  • Joanne Lynn

    Congrats to the winners , kinda sad that i didn’t see anyone without a controller of some sort and just using the laptops keyboard…. sadly Ableton wasnt the most agreeable with my system or my lack of experience with the software and even with reading and watching into vids, i knew this was a big project and looked like a controller was the way to go , which being new to this way of djing and enjoying it and cant wait to get my first controller and rock out lol..

    While my partner kept asking why can you use the software you familer with like sony acid pro and pro tools or even your demo of tracktor i said cause the rules state we had to use Ableton and etc

    but again congrats -woot

  • Vlad Coman-Popescu

    Hey, this Bandesnaci! Thanks guys! After seeing Riccardo, all my hopes of winning had faded, but seeing this article today really made my day, my week and my month! I can’t wait to be contacted and get my MIDI Fighter 3D! How are you guys going to do that, by the way? Youtube messages?

    • Mad Zach

      hey Bandesnaci! Send a private message to our youtube channel with your full name and mailing address. Congrats 🙂

    • Mad Zach

      hey Bandesnaci! Send us a private message to the youtube channel with your full name and mailing address. Congrats!

  • Fakehop

    Are all european MC’s as bad as the irish potato? Cause shits whack.
    Oakland CA

    • DJ Captcha

      I’m not an MC i’m a DJ and i’m not Irish i’m English… read the video dexcription dickhead.

      • Fakehop

         I dont need to read shit – your whack as hell. you were spitting on tape… so which is it you piece of shit? you an MC or a poser making a brown nose video? either way… whack..

        • jprime

           Biggups on yer entry – When this dude balls up and links you to his video – then he can began to speak.
            Until then; you have something.   He has nothing.  It’s quite binary.

      • Lol

         I read the description, I wasn’t rude and I also think you blow. You gonna talk shit to me to?

  • pmgodrums

    got my video in the picture, but no mention.. hopes up, then

    congrats to winners , and awsome videos all around.. any chance of organizing all the entries into one playlist? 

  • Kdejaeger

    Such nice entries. All of them!

    • Maxwellbladel

       so awesome!

  • josh@firestorm

    good to see monika is still alive! nice job on the track btw

  • JuanSOLO

    Those are all fantastic.

  • LewisLace

    All of these entries feature some very talented individuals! Need more of this expressive nature and creativity pushed into the mainstream. Thanks DJ Tech Tools for giving musicians like these fine people a chance to showcase their art

  • Santiago Paramo

    Congratulations to the winner! Great arrangement and execution.

    I am sure the MIDI fighter 3D will give him a more comfortable surface to play with, as these tiny buttons does not seem to have the proper ergonomics for this type of approach.

    DJTT, I don’t think you’ve ever written about the MOJO by Moldover. Let’s see some of that. 

  • DJ Captcha

    Awesome! Cheers guys. I assume i’ll be getting a Youtube message about postage etc.? 

  • Sam

    I can’t believe that last one wasn’t a winner.

    • DJFT

       I can – very easily. thats 2 guys – doing about HALF what the winners are doing solo. 

      Plus- you know what the lame 20 person highschool daytime sunglasses party footage added to the performance?


  • James downes

    sound observer .. guys you are my favs 

  • DJelixeR

    “drum and base” da fuq?

  • lolwut

    Bandesnaci from Lol THATS AWESOME! 

  • pg

    Happy for the winners, but I must admit, I’m bummed.  Spent so much time coming up with my piece and rehearsing it to not even receive so much as an honorable mention?  That stings.

    • DJ Bloodhound

      link your vid here, and let people see it!

        • odin

          this is nice video pg, but winners are much better than you. simple as that. sry :/

          • pg

            BS. Compared to Riccardo Betti’s masterful first place piece, I totally agree. I don’t want detract from the others so I’ll leave it at that.

          • pg

            Also, how about some constructive criticism?

        • vicmang

           mate, that was killer. it may not have won but it’s up there for sure.

        • ohreally

          regardless of the result of the competition – you should be proud to have put together such a solid piece.  

      • pg

        Vid is posted below.

    • David Schroeter

      After the third time it gets easier.

    • pmgodrums

       spending alot of time on music, controllerism, etc..   thats a good thing. I spent some time as well  and for me that was my reward as i never expected to win a worldwide contest.   i was just happy no one bashed my video, but there’s still time…hahah