Artist Spotlight: Paper Diamond

Last month, DJ TechTools had a chance at SXSW to shoot a quick interview with Paper Diamond, one of the rising producer stars on the Pretty Lights Music label. We caught him amidst all the Austin madness to ask him about how he plays live, what his dream performance tech might be, and what tips he has for budding producers. Check it out!

Special thanks to Paper Diamond, Elm and Oak, and our Austin friend Jacquelyn for connecting us with Paper Diamond! 

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  • Boyardeez

    yeah he looks ridiculous jumping around on the ipad

  • JtStudios

    iheard pretty lights about 2 months ago, got the discography and can not get over how amazing all the tracks are!!

  • jnetics

    he really isnt much of a dj. wheres hid headphones

  • Ben Cryder

    PD is amazing, good looking out for doing an Artist Spotlight on him!

  • guhguhguhguhgarbage

    i thought the video was okay really short. and yea if i went to a show and it was just some dude standing with some milk crates with a laptop on it and an ipad i would be pissed.

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    for me this is how not to perform I am a DJ first a producer second and i have 1 problem with ableton as a live platform it requires no control a simple set up software out of bounds insane, what i mean is people see a guitarist they know what they get but as a DJ first to a producer second you will not get me jumping around like a fool to my own music why cus i made it…  as a dj you bounce to other music to entertain this is Y i have the problem with the live electronic performance thing I try to bridge the gap but with soul and style but as to paper diamond and the polish ambassador it seems all to staged an no improve they play their set tracks and go seem a little to much of the superstar DJ diva of the 90’s in the uk to me… 

      • Tragik11

         yeah .. i got lost in this part ” as to paper diamond and
        the polish ambassador it seems all to staged an no improve they play
        their set tracks and go seem a little to much of the superstar DJ diva
        of the 90’s in the uk to me… ”

        I think he says that paper diamond is a poser, and instead he should be trying to improve his set…. or something.

    • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

      That’s exactly right. Paper Diamond isn’t a DJ. He is an artist, producer and performer. And if you’re not dancing the music you made… You’re doing it wrong!

  • Tony

    this looks really shit

  • holtron

    TouchOSC is dope! Best iPad controller app for DVS.

  • Sam

    Paper Diamond is Rough i caught his set at ultra. pretty dope

  • Yarik Sab

    iPad – yes, but dancing…………lookings not good, my opinion

  • Twig

    While messing around with his iPad he really looks like a douche.

  • Brett

    Before he was Paper Diamond he was Alex B making tracks w/a more soulful feel (bit like Madlib/Dilla/Flying Lotus) and before that he was the bass player for Pnuma Trio (

    While his current incarnation is my least favorite musically I appreciate his work ethic and will continue to watch this artist EVOLVE.

    • jake

      Couldn’t agree more! I personally like the dude, but really wish he kept with the Alex B and Pnuma bits, pnuma is one of the best shows i’ve ever seen!

  • uestG

    From the way he was using that ipad, it looked like he was playing with a midi fighter 3d

    • Spacecamp

      That’s what we were noticing during the performance as well. Needless to say, we think he should try a MF3D.

      • Tragik11

        He would b Missing the wireless thing though

        • bloodhound

          DJTT, EXTRA LONG USB CABLES PLEASE!  10FT? i would totally buy that!

          i dont trust wireless

          • Misterfaust

            Suggesting a wire doesn’t solve the wireless issue.

  • Jonathan Masin

    regardless of the music being played, I think the message he gave to everyone wanting to do what he does was practical and inspiring

  • Shit

    lol. im sure paper diamond wasent dropping that garbage electro at the end. 

    get it right. play some fucking paper diamond in a fucking paper diamond video. 

      • Dumbshit


      • Shit

        what fucking garbage!

        • RBX


        • JuanSOLO

          Kids love the garbage

        • Tragik11

          Troll … and stupid. Lol

    • ScareyKIdd

       garbage electro? Your a fucking idiot, soon everyone will be playing electro. What are you just going to do, just stop listening to EDM at this point? uneducated ignorant human being right here lol