Perfecting Traktor Beatgrids: Ean’s Method

In today’s advanced Traktor Tips video, Ean shows off his favorite method of making sure that the beatgrids on his tracks are perfect, every single time. Learn how to use traditional DJ beatmatching techniques and a few select secrets that Traktor users often overlook! 

Need a quick review of the steps to beatgrid success outlined in the video? We’ve got your back, here’s a summary of the major points:

Using the metronome with MASTER clock mode

Instead of setting your beatgrids against other beatgridded tracks or attempting to visually perfect your grids, use your metronome to match your beatgrids by ear. You need to make sure that AUTO is off, and MASTER is on, and enable TICK so that you can hear the tick of the metronome!

Set Audio To Come Out Traktor’s Monitor

You’re not going to be able to take full advantage of the metronome’s ticking audio unless you’ve got your audio output set to Traktor’s monitor output, so make sure it’s set there. Don’t forget to change this back before you get to your gigs.

Using Traktor’s Beat Sync Mode

Beat Sync and Tempo Sync are built for different types of syncronization control – and in order to make sure you can manually grid these beats as Ean shows in this video, make sure you’re in Beat Sync. For more details on how the different Sync options in Traktor Pro 2 work, read this older article by Ean from late last year!

Adjusting Beat Grids

Using the beatgrid movement buttons, make your adjustments until they are in phase with the metronome. Use your ears – this is a time-honored exercise that in the days of yore all-vinyl DJs all once had to learn, and it’s the best way to ensure that your beatgrids are locked and loaded.

Beatgridding isn’t glamorous, but it’s one of the many elements that makes our sets tight and crisp. What other advanced Traktor topics would you like to see us cover in the future? 

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  • imposter07

    Random Question: Using Ean’s Track Prep Keyboard Mapping. I want to add a shortcut, e.g. “4” that would simply set a grid marker without simultaneously setting a hotcue.
    I inserted a new line to do that but it keeps ALSO setting a hotcue even though there is nothing in the parameters I can see that would be triggering that action.
    I’m at a loss. I’ve tried deleting the trigger and re-creating it to no avail.
    There are no other mappings to the ‘4’ key. What gives?

  • Trique

    Hi ! Do you if we can change the sound of the “tick” please ? Thx !

  • Henrique

    how can i fix the grid in the remix deck?

  • djsikndahed

    It’s important to remember that Traktor is really made for electronic music.

  • Searchingforsolution

    what id really like to know is how do you midi map the beatgrid move buttons to a midi controller i cant seem to find the option in the controller manager??

  • Eric C Montgomery

    weak… TRAKTOR IS A TOOL not shit like u said….. F SYNC AND USE IT……

  • Bjoern Bender

    You Can Grid with TempSync too, i like this a little bit more as to BeatSync, because, you can see in the Phasemeter, its the Track rev or forw. out of Sync!

    1 First you Sync the Track then Pitch Bend to the Right Neutral Tick of Traktor, then move the Gridlines! Voila, it`s Done!

    With a good Keyboard Shortcut, you can Grid a Track in 5-10 Seconds! With the First Loadmarker on the Beat!

  • Anthologic Jacobs

    I’d like to know why my beat grids often appear to move slightly even after they have been “Locked”… I spend a TON of hours beat griding, keying (by ear and a piano) and tagging my tracks to OCD perfection, so if the track appears in my play list as “locked” I KNOW that I’ve beat gridded it and tagged it properly. It should be good to go… however too too often I’ll load up previously finished “locked” track only to find the beat marker has shifted out where I know it should be. Beyond obviously unlocking and moving the beat grid manually, what could cause a locked beat grid to move on it’s own? A re-analyzation? I’m on a macbookpro 2.8ghz running 10.6.8 and Traktor 2.6.0. and all of my music is EDM 130 -140 variety. Thanks for any help.

  • Simon Garrett

    I wish you guys would either use the correct terminology or at least consistently – a ‘click’ can’t be out-of-phase – only out of sync. A simple click doesn’t have any kind of accent – (ie, if each of the counts is exactly the same and doesn’t accent the 1 for example) then it can only be out of sync not out of phase..

    This might seem pedantic to some but it would make explaining things much clearer – for example Tempo Sync and Beat Sync are not well described.. Tempo makes sense but Beat Sync really should be named Phase Sync if that’s what it does, but there’s no consistent terminology even from Traktor/NI

    also, you say at the end of the video to Beatgrid from the Snare instead of the Kick but don’t say why or how that could also completely ruin the phase of your tracks at a later date if you’ve previously beatgridding them from the Kick.

    Also, as a guy that grew-up playing vinyl I wish someone would’ve made it clear from the off that if you’re spinning music played by humans then all of the fun things that Traktor can do are going to require a lot of tedious file-management and preparation before you will ever be able to use them and even then it’s going to drive you nuts.

  • stu fisher

    i have come to the conclusion that traktor sucks ass for beatgridding anything produced before the late 90s….i guess i will have to dj in ableton which i don’t want to do, but i am playing an older set and don’t see many options here to deal with songs that don’t robotically hold a tempo…sigh…

  • Kerin McEwing

    Anyone know how to mix music with half BPMs? Example, mix dubstep (70bpm) into electro house (140bpm) or drumstep (87bpm) with drum n bass (174bpm). Serato Itch understands this perfectly but i can’t get this to work in Traktor.

  • djticano

    is there a way to set a marker for example an outro point?

  • garth fader

    is there a tutorial i can watch to try to beatgrid nonquantised tracks, what i mean is when the base lines float or the tempo changes ever so slightly throughout the track. i can set a beatgrid, but it drifts after 16 counts and im not sure how to tweek it thanks here my email

  • Luiz Zen

    Some comments on Traktor beat grid…

    1) It seems that in the latest versions of Traktor the grid which is auto created when Traktor analyzes the song is getting better, almost in the right place. It is always, at least for me, somewhere slightly to the left or right.

    2) MANY MAAANY people overlook what the different SYNC types do (Tempo and Beat sync). I also was one of them, because in older versions of Traktor either I didn’t need to switch to Beat Sync in order to do the correct beat grid, or this was already set as default and I didn’t even know. 🙂 This makes a huge difference.

    3) … and MOST IMPORTANT and ANNOYING for me when preparing my tracks (beatgridding, setting cue points, etc): every time a lot of configurations must be changed for preparing songs.
    a) Changing audio output to Monitors, in order to hear the metronome Tick);
    b) Change tempo type to Beat Sync, in order for Traktor to align the beats with the grid
    right after you move the grid to the left or right.

    c) Show preparation controls (Advance Mode). This is made easier if you have a
    dedicated ‘Preparation’ decks layout.

    The question is: WHY, o Lord, why doesn’t Native Instruments create a switch button (or something like this) for us to switch between PREPARATION MODE and PLAYING MODE??

    Or even better, they could make it possible for us to create different and customized configuration profiles. Then, for each configuration profile, we could choose the values of each of the Traktor configuration options (audio ports, mappings, sync type, tick on/off, sync source, deck layout, deck type, etc).

    This would make our live much easier, don’t you think? 🙂

  • Rob Henry

    all these questions guys come on!!!. u cant wait forever on a replay from a busy guy like Ean…or watch lame-o youtube vids all day….I bought a book. YES A BOOK called TRAKTOR 2 Bible check it out! tells u EVERYTHING U MAY NEED TO KNOW and u gt FREE online updates to TRAKTOR PRO 2….a blessing!

  • mat

    should you beatgrid every single track? and how do you know if you actually need to manually beatgrid a track or not

  • Tim

    Is sync mode still an option under the transport menu? Ive looked all over for this option and Im not seeing it? Am I blind?

  • Tim

    Is sync mode still an option under the transport menu? Ive looked all over for this option and Im not seeing it? Am I blind?

  • Jeremy Gill

    I have just started doing this and one thing I have used to help is having the mixer pannel up so I can adjust between hearing the tick and track more clearly. Just like using the mix control when I cue up a record. Also, for people just learning or that aren’t great at beatmatching, you can slow the track way down (which slows the “tick”) to more easily determine if you need to move the grid left or right.

  • Jahitty

    ?s it possible to beatgrid non electronic tracks that may have floating tempos, maybe intro and outro breakdowns etc…

  • Mish

    Traktor Beatgrids were the single most frustrating element of being a new user…until a friend showed me some of the basics…. I still find them a bit fiddly and much more complex than I think they need to be… …  I agree with pooavenger (I didn’t see you in the movie btw – were you hiding in the Hulk’s bum crease) some tutorials on basic mapping would be great… I would like to adjust the sensitivity of my filters and mid treble bass. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice. This is how I beat grid all my songs. Though I am pretty sure you can use tempo sync and still hear the tick lining up with the beat in real time. I’ve never really used beat sync because there will always be songs that need some manual TLC, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t switched between the two modes. Still, I have been able to grid songs using solely the metronome. Anyone has more information regarding this?

  • Djuhfone

    very nice now i can join abelton with this little trick

  • Justiy

    I’m telling you guys, whoever comes up with an ableton warp marker to traktor beatgrid tool will be a rich man

    • Lars Redering

      you could time warp in ableton play the song and record it and then take it to traktor i think
      im new to all of this but after u warp it and play it back the beat is on the money, so if i rerecord it on that stage all the beat drifting is gone and it should fix the problem in traktor. im not experianced enough to try but it should work

  • Daniel Torres

      hi guys i fallow the steps you show on this tutorial whit this song
    “Como Baila-Fausto messina” i match the grid but farther the song get
    messy again whit the tick, can you tell me what i am doing wrong. and it

    happens whit other songs, thanks you gays i appreciate your comments, i
    play whit technics 1210mk2 and i use traktor scratch pro 2 and i am
    learning played harmonic set so this tool is so useful

  • Daniel Torres

     hi guys i fallow the steps you show on this tutorial whit this song
    “Como Baila-Fausto messina” i match the grid but farther the song get
    messy again whit the tick, can you tell me what i am doing wrong. and it
    happens whit other songs, thanks you gays i appreciate your comments, i play whit technics 1210mk2 and i use traktor scratch pro 2 and i am learning played harmonic set so this tool is so useful

    • Ron Grandia

      It could very well be that the beat of this song is not consistent, and so when overlaid with a mathematically perfect grid, it comes apart eventually.

  • Daniel Torres

     hi guys i fallow the steps you show on this tutorial whit this song “Como Baila-Fausto messina” i match the grid but farther the song get messy again whit the tick, can you tell me what i am doing wrong. and it happens whit other songs, thanks you gays i appreciate your comments

  • Boarderbas

    “What other advanced Traktor topics
    would you like to see us cover in the future? ”

    How about a systematic breakdown of the effects used in traktor. What do they do, how do they work, when to use them, maybe some audio material of how they are used in a mix (preferably a mix NOT from the DJTT shed, maybe even a “famous” or “classic” example of use.

    I suppose many readers of this blog find themselves staring at lists of effects with differing parameters, doing random stuff trying to sound like they hear other people mix. A good push in the right direction does what you were set out to do; make things accessible.

    A reverse approach could be done too. Take a “classic” effects mix that everybody recognises (maybe cheesy low level stuff isn’t that bad at all for starters) and explain how to do them in such a way that it’s understood to a level that even beginners can experiment to make their own sound. You could organise them well on your site like you did with the map stuff.

    • Kelvin Wallace

      I totally agree w/ this post. A breakdown of each effect and the adjustment knobs and buttons would be another jewel to add to treasure chest of knowledge about Traktor. Thanks Ian!

  • Info

    Making a tutorial about how to deal with songs with shifting bpms would be awesome!

  • Buddrj

    Help:  Can this tune be beatgridded. Zod – Rise before Zod (Original Mix). I have tried but can only get the first 2/3rd or the last 3rd? Is it my poor skills or just not possible??

  • Jmastio

    Nice Job Ean and thank you a lot for all your help
    However I would like to ask you a question guy which is more personal than technical : I’m currently using the tick metronome and the phase meter when I have to sync my tracks together.
    Do you think it’s cheating and would it be better to train my hears by avoiding using these two tools ?
    Let me know what you think and what you do.
    Thanks a lot

  • GrumpyOB1

    Great tut however Beat Gridding is my biggest beef with Traktor. 
    Although Traktor allows us old dudes to still play with vinyl, gridding older tunes is less forgiving. Old 80s Electro and Hip Hop is my poison so bad edits and drifting BPMs through less than accurate gear, master tape stretching, ripping from vinyl is not recognised here. I’ve been on the forums and the cock-sure sneer about being able to beat match; been there done that, I can beat match ’til the cows come home. I want the software to take care of that so I can play with the effects, the extra decks and all of the other features this premium software brings me. However, there’s no grid warping, anchor points or whatever you want to call it so that lets the software down considerably in my opinion. I also have Torq, which is a fraction of the cost of Traktor, and has tempo anchors so why can’t NI pull this off? Torq is OK, but not on par with Traktor for vinyl manipulation. Put the track through Ableton Live I hear you cry … really? Have you spent all of that cash on Ableton just to warp tracks … or have you acquired it through other means!? 
    Rant Over … have a nice day 🙂

    • Jmastio

      I agree with you for beatgridding old tunes.
      I have some 80’s funk music and it’s also hard to beatgrid them : I have the feeling that the tempo is changing all along the music.
      I get crazy since this morning I’m trying to beatgrid And The Beat Goes On.
      I think I will try to have a nice beatgrid at the beginning and the end of the music just in order to mix it in and out, unless you might have an other tip ?
      Have a nice day

      • GrumpyOB1

        Unfortunately, I have not found a suitable solution for the problem you are experiencing, it’s exactly what I’m talking about.
        If you have access to a DAW such as Ableton Live or Logic Studio, you can straighten the track out in either of those, but this can be a long winded process if you have a lot of tracks to ‘fix’.
        I wish NI would just add some type of elastic audio manipulation … I’m guessing there’s not enough demand?
        Good Luck!

    • Nosferatu

       “I can beat match ’til the cows come home”
      I hear ya… sync is a Godsend for those of us that have been in the beat matching game for so long.

  • DJ Bloodhound

    this is a good vid, i like seeing these pop up on the blog. its useful to alot of people.   ignore those that are out to prove they know better, there’s a million ways to do this, and this one is just as good as any!

  • Aleksandar Todorovic

    How about a tutorial about optimizing Traktor? I have a pretty decent CPU and while I’m working I have only 18 processes running, but I’m still experiencing problems.

  • LewisLace

    I thought you could just do this by knowing cues and being familiar with your library?

  • Rusty

    Kudos to techtools and these great videos. But is it only me who doesn’t bother with beatgridding at all? I use an S4 and it pretty much gets near perfect each time you import a new track, all you need is a slight pitch bend to get things lined up. 

    I also think if you end up beatgridding things too perfectly, it also takes something away from the mix. I love traktor because these minor impefections make the mix sound more real rather than a manufactured, over produced sound. It’s one of the reasons why I moved from Ableton to Traktor – plus I find it way more fun !! 

    • Will Tonna

      I second that. There’s definitely something to pushing or pulling the pitch to give that satisfying feeling of manually matching your decks.

      Traktor seems to do a pretty good job of keeping things tempo-synced after the initial import stage. As long as they don’t drift out of phase over time, that’s all I really need the software to have my back on.

  • Rename

    Something really important when setting your grid point; in the settings go to decks, in decks select “Beats” so it shows up where your tune info goes. Similar to warping in Ableton, its right to set your first grid point on 1.1.1 which the “Beats” function will show you. From there, if you know where your tunes start, cause some of them can be tricky, you can be sure that your tunes are gridded right and the beat markers are also on the right beat of the track. 

  • Dmendoza626

    You mention something about batch processing songs… does that mean beatgriding multiple songs at once? If so, can you please elaborate on that process.

    • Kelvin Wallace

      Yes! Please tell us mor about batch processing songs and how to set up hotkeys as described in the video. Thx! 🙂

  • David Clark

    So here’s a good question… lets say a song is set to 127.3 bpm and the other is set to 126.4. Realistically i could sync these songs no problem (the tempo increase wouldn’t really cause a huge noticeable change in sound). However, watching this and the beat grid video showed me I needed to sync my songs to a master clock? 

    Is this just done so that we can have a metronome playing and as a result have a perfect comparison so when you unsync your songs from the master clock the beat grid will be maintained in the correct location. Also… is it preferable to increase the tempo and decrease the tempo in order to alter the beat grid or is it more common practice to move the entire beatgrid and not mess with song tempos (regardless of their being only slight variations). Thanks for any input everyone!

    • Turtleboy

      This is the area that confuses me as well. Should I just trust that the already analyzed BPM is correct and just beatgrid the track to that or is there a specific BPM that has to be used?

  • George

    mate I looked in ‘Transport’ for ‘Sync Mode’ and its not there! i’ve got the traktor s4 with traktor pro

  • DJ1855

    For Itch users, we could easily load an mp3 of a click track onto deck A and do the same, no?

  • Djcbravo

    Good post; do the leg work at home so your job at the club will be much easier.

    DJ Bravo

  • Orvelin

    I work for Roland. How do I get DJ Techtools to review new software?

  • Blaine aka Blaino de Maino


    • Ol

       I have a feeling alot of caveman could crush you on the decks.

  • Noelflava

    Yes, Beatgrids are a helpful tool for those who dare to dive into the realm. It is one of those things that go along with djing in traktor and preparing your sets. Every traktor DJ should have this skill/technique. nice article. 🙂 

  • Lauti

    MY method:

    1)  I have mapped my keyboard keys 1-8 as select/set-store Hotcue (for deck A) and a-i (for deck B).

    2) Ctrl + (some cuepoint key) is to delete it

    3) shift + (1-5 for Deck A; a-i for Deck B) CHANGE de TYPE of hotcue.
    With this I can easily, on the fly, set my markers or my GRID POINTS

    4) keys 9 and o, are set as TAP to set the tempo of track A or B respectively.

    – – –

    This way I can set the tempo, grid points, or markers, of my tracks, on the fly, and pretty fast I must say.

    • Lasks

      OH I FORGOT something important:  I have set on my midicontroller TWO knobs as ZOOM IN/OUT the waveform for each deck. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT TOO to fix stuff on the fly!

  • Firebird

    Traktor is right 95% of the time for me but when it’s not this is how I do it: 

    1. Delete that first point that Traktor forms the rest of the grid from. 
    2. Place it on the first beat at the start of a phrase.
    3. Turn off sync for the track.
    4. Tap out BPM while track is playing. Traktor usually finds it within 4-8 taps if you’re accurate. Sometimes when I’m lazy go to Beatport and check really quick.
    5. Lock the track as mentioned by other posters to prevent Traktor from resetting the grid. 

    That’s just how I do it and there may be something wrong with that way cause I’m no pro but I can fix grids in around 10 seconds using my method. 

  • k_sea

    is there a faster way to move the beat grid? How do you move it large spans at a time? If there is one thing I love about Torq over all, top 1 item is speed of moving beat grids. Is their a faster means?

    • Djgstefan

      Hold down ctrl key on the mac.

    • proben

      click the BPM value and move your mouse up or down to move in quantities of .1 instead of .01 (with control key) or .001 (without).

  • Deecodameeko

    cool..that’s exactly how I beatgrid my tracks….

  • Vielledent

    a beatgriding IOS App pleaaaaaaaseeeeee!!!!!!

  • Raphael Pungin

    Why would you want to use the master clock metronome to sync the beat grid of a song if you can just click the headphone icon in the Grid advanced pane and hear the metronome tick at the BPM value of the song. You can just adjust the beat grid based on that metronome instead of the master clock metronome.


      @facebook-501376301:disqus mmmmmmm that would be the best choice if the track is not set up to a value with fractions, or syncopation.

      With nowadays Electronic Music, most tracks are made and set up at bpm values with no fractions, like 128.00bpm, any option is as good as any other…

      A good ear makes all the difference on how much time you spend at gridding….

      • Raphael Pungin

        Sorry AENSLAED, what does anything that I said have to do with BPM fractional values? The metronome will tick at the exact BPM value (fractional or not) be it the master clock metronome or the song beatgrid metronome.

    • Anonymous

      The only reason is so you can hear the metronome tick over the speakers and beatgrid without having to wear your cans. If you prefer to wear your cans, then you can use the beatgrid metronome.


      • Raphael Pungin

        Scamo, the metronome tick can only be heard in headphones regardless if it’s coming from master clock or the headphone icon in the beatgrid advanced deck section. To be able to hear the tick over the speakers, you have to change your output audio routing as Ean is showing at around 2:25 in the video. 

      • Raphael Pungin

        Scamo, the metronome tick comes through the monitor (headphone) channel regardless if its the tick of the master clock  or the headphone button. To be able to hear the tick over the speakers, you have to change the output routing as Ean is showing at around 2:25 in the video.

    • Mad Zach

      That is a good question. The reason is because you need to adjust the position of the song to match the metronome. With the Master you can make grid adjustments and hear how that affects phase. I am pretty sure this is not the case with the grid tick. 

  • Djunbound

    Ean, do you switch back to tempo sync after you’ve tuned your tracks?

  • Vladimir Dubos

    this is how i do first i make a 4/4 loop by ears counting and with the help of the buttons in and out for the loop so i got a visual reference (the loop) and then i adjust visualy the beatgrid to it , usualy i then make the loop longuer and reajust my beat grid and so on , some acapellas can need several beatgrids …

  • Ronald Edwards

    … my last resort is to use the TAP button under the “Grid” Advanced tab. If that can’t sync it nothing can… (at which case I take the file into Ableton Live and Warp the track).

  • Jmillynn1

    Great stuff! Anyone got any tips on adjusting the beat grids on old school hip hop tracks, i’ve had a go moving the grid but it always goes out towards the end or mid way. Alternatively, if I analyse my music with software like mixed in key and then import it to tractor, will that help create better beat grids? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Jmillynn1

      And yes I meant ‘Traktor’ auto correct gets me every time

  • Jpamix

    hello, i would like to see a post of for ex: i sync first and second deck and press play, when i sync deck C the pitch band moves a litlle can you tell me why please ? thanks

  • DJ WaX

    There are many approaches. Ean got a good one. Mine is to work in Tempo Sync all decks synced as slave to MASTER MIDI CLOCK, pitch bend the first against the “tick” and pitch bend the following trax against the previous or again against the “tick” on the fly. Then you notice a difference in the phase while the track sounds good in sync. Simply move the beat grid to the “zero / sync” postion and press sync again. This is my on the fly method. Needs no preperation and is easy to be done.



    • Dj Rahzeeh

      could you please post a video on this DJ wax?

  • Martin Wilson

    If drop your beatgrid on a snar, not a kick on the 1, won’t it think that the downbeat (the 1) is always off? Specifically, the traktor will think the snar is the 1, and not the real 1, which is normally a kick. 

    • proben

      yes. I think this was bad advice; it will only work if you beatgrid ALL your tracks this way, and you still won’t be able to trust your beatcounter unless you’re constantly subtracting a beat in your head.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter. You are setting a beat/ grid marker, not a cue point. Only when the snare is not on the downbeat, is when you should avoid using it to grid on.


      • proben

        but the beat count is based on the gridmarker, so it would throw everything else off, no?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think so. Not sure what you mean with the beat count to be honest. The grid markers have nothing to do with counting beats, as far as I know. They only signify a transient, which should represent the start of a beat. Traktor’s analysis system attempts to find the right transients and adds a beat grid accordingly (without any markers). You are only doing your own analysis by setting beat grid markers and the tempo. Or, if Traktor already did the analysis and it was off for some reason, you are correcting the beat grid by placing beat grid markers in the track.


        • Riddmkidd

          it shouldn’t, traktor focuses on beats, not measures. which are groups of beats. 

  • lingvomir

    Don’t forget to click the little padlock icon in in the Grid section of the track to lock the changed grid. Otherwise you might get a nasty surprise if Traktor decides to re-analyze your tracks in the future (e.g. upgrade).

    • Per Jakobsen

      correct advice, also shows you what you already have beatgridded. Should be revised in ver 2.5 tho

  • djcaz

    I am having issues with acapella tracks not giving me tempo or beat grids also I can’t use tap tempo with these tracks either.  Any ideas of how to fix this?

    • RockingClub

      I don’t use the metronome but a pure kick loop which I use as reference and then I adjust the tempo and grid of the kick loop until it lines up with the acapella. Then I know the tempo and beatgrid of the acapella.
      Additionally it’s often quite a good idea to have a look at the original song from which the acapella is taken. Often acapella and original song are in the same tempo!

    • dreadmaul

      get the original track, load it on track a, the acapella on b. now give the acapella the same bpm as the original and sync it with deck a. then align your grid on the acapella to fit the original 🙂

    • Alex Ground

      in options change your minimum beat range to extremely ow, sometimes the tap temp wont pivk up if you are slower than it

  • C Lab

    Good stuff Ean! Keep it coming!

  • Pooavenger

    Can you guys do a tutorial on mapping. like perhaps showing how to do basic jog wheel maps or perhaps how to edit the DJTT S4 mapping?

    • DJZ

      i love this idea I know so much about Traktor but not much about mapping which is a skill that I will need!

    • Anonymous

      I could have sworn I posted the same request. Where did my post go?:-p

      But anyway, yes, please do some more advanced mapping tutorials, like working with modifiers.:-)


  • Meshna

    Does anyone else feel like Traktor 2.0 and above are significantly worse at automatically detecting beat grids in comparison to the older versions?

    • Civ142000

      That’s why you do It yourself

    • RockingClub

      Never rely on the auto-modes…

    • Martin Wilson

      I have no hard evidence, but I feel T2.0 normally misses the phase by just a little bit, not so much the BPM. it kind of bugs me. 

    • Anonymous

       Traktor 2.0 and above is worst at detecting beat grid of old school house and electro-funk.  This issue will be hopefully being resolved in Traktor 2.5.  I did a survey for Traktor and I gave them a long list of beat grid complaints