How To Build A DIY MIDI Controller – By Moldover

There’s no doubt that when listing off the most impressive DIY controller builds, Moldover and his MOJO controller are up there on the list. Earlier this week, Moldover not only announced that he was open sourcing the design of the controller and giving it away for free, but he also made today’s featured video. It’s a great informative guide on how to design and build your very own MIDI controller – click through to watch! 

Some of the steps that Moldover goes over in the video are really telling of the intricate steps that any professional controller design requires. Note he takes the time to test all of the buttons and switches he considers to be possible for his controller, and even prints out a diagram of the layout so that he can physically imagine what the ergonomic workflow of his controller is like. Pretty solid stuff!

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Learn more about the open sourcing of the design of the MOJO here:

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  • Doug Beney

    Great Information. I’m starting a website dedicated to helping others get into the hobby of building midi controllers. If you are interested please check it out:)

  • Micke Schwartz

    I may be a bit slow here, but – Say if I wanted to take 2 touch strips, put one vetically and one horizontally and use one as a crossfader between 2 decks or just as a volume controll for one deck and use the other as a sort of fast forward/rewind controll, so I can do the same DJs do when they scratch but on 2 touch strips instead, would that work?

  • Corey Hollywood

    Awesome man. I been trying to figure out what kind of controler interface to get for an insterment that will have a pitch like key boards. Have any idea’s

  • Jiloiu

    very good man!

  • Isawitfirst...

    So maybe some saw it a few weeks ago. I didnt. And would not have since I never go to that site.
    Good video good info. thanx for posting here too.

    As for those with the Iphone mentality. Now everyone has an Iphone even if you gpt it first. Its old news sorry.
    Oh and the cover that looks unique and square and so cool. old news. do you get what I am saying.

    Now lets see how many of us can actually build one of these or even come close. then say all of this is old news. Blah!

  • Farhan Tahir

    i watched that video , like a week ago or something

  • Anonymous

    I notice in the Amen Break demo at the end that the arcade buttons are quite noisy: their clicks are very loud. Do people who use controllers with these buttons don’t get annoyed by it?

    • MikeMoraney

      I take it you have never played a show live, at home in the bed room they may be loud but you won’t hear a peep when you are playing a live club dude haha

  • Agnellisante

    from Czech Republic…. You are crazy 🙂 GOOD WORK .)

  • NotSoSiniSter

    how appropriate just as I bought a broken Hercules RMX for $40 bucks. 😛 

  • pederwindle

    Awesome – stunningly awesome

  • EK

    Damn djworx had this video .. a good month ago, I guess were just recycling now?

    • gust

      Well, it was only uploaded a week and a half ago…

      • Boxcar

        DJWorx are clearly time travellers. 

    • P-DJS

      LOL! I know right. This is old. Short blurb, old video, keep it moving. DJTT, sup, you’re slipping…

    • Yousuck

      nice try troll

    • Remote

      Good to know months are only 10day long now. 

    • joe

      just shut the hell up