Featured Video: Nick Ngo’s Midi Fighter 3D Routine

Nick from The Bangerz and The Jabbawockeez sent over this awesome video that he produced of his routine on the 3D – watch the full video inside. He’s also shared his full effects settings and Ableton rack exclusively with us, so you can get started practicing a similar routine on the Midi Fighter 3D.

We asked Nick exactly how he has his Midi Fighter 3D set up in Ableton, and he was happy to share his effects settings with us:

  • Artillery: MF3D Buttons
  • Stutter Edit (purchase here): MF3D Buttons
  • Auto Filter: Tilt towards you and it will engage the auto filter, sweeping the LPF from 20k down to 650hz
  • Camel Phat: Tilt forward and it will distort the audio
  • Effectrix: Tilt right affects the global wet, making a “transforming” sound

Here’s the complete Ableton Rack for free to download– obviously you’ll need the above plugins and a Midi Fighter 3D (available in our webstore) to make it work.

Like Nick’s style? Follow him on Twitter – @NickNgoBangerz

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  • cliffmatics

    Ngobility of the Bangerz is a well known DJ from the Bay Area and his roots are definitely in turntablism, why he made this video I don’t know. He is currently one of jabbawockeez DJs. This guy was scratching with turntables along with the bangerz (formerly fingerbangerz) more than 15 years ago entering ITF and DMC battles well before many of you even know what turntablism is all about. So you need to study some history of hip hop before you start knocking on this guy.

  • Eric Levine

    Forget his effects settings. I wanna know how to make those faces!

  • Fantom

     awesom routine, awesome video, screw those haters down there!

  • Trollolo

    Wow, the Midi Fighter 3D really seems to be intuitiv to use. Even the monkey in the red shirt in this video was able to use it!

  • Calvin Brooks

    controllerism??looked like a winning combo on street fighter.funny watching what the future of music manipulation that moldover,ean,tim xavier and others started be bought back in time by posers who think machine gun efx still sound cool after playing with them for more than 5 minutes.

  • Martin Wilson

    Guess it was ok, but man I want a Red Bull  now, bad. 

  • RockingClub

    Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why there are so many negative comments in here.
    I quite enjoyed that performance, also much more than all the other routines where people try to scratch, hit buttons and mash up several tracks at once but do not manage to be in time and key (e.g. also famous ones like DJ Shiftee’s F1 routine).
    Skills or not, nice tunes or not; I like it. Maybe people dislike dubstep, maybe they’re just envious. Anyway!

  • Santiago Paramo

    I am sorry, but this video is just terrible, to the point that I thought that maybe it was just a joke about how lame some DJs are. Terrible music too. Definitely not a good promotional video for the product in my opinion. : ( 

  • DJ Xpress

    Not sure what button mashing has to do with skills?  He looks like he might be pretty good at Nintendo Track & Field though…

  • HEFF

    my brain hurts from all the stutter effects….someone tell that dude to calm down on the red bull and let the music flow

  • Futureglue Musik

    God! didn’t think I could stand another “pose”. Your just too cool 4 me. 

    So rad

  • asdfghjkl


  • Bloodhound

    it was pretty cool. it shows some cool ways to really use the controller. obviously this would be horrible to do a whole song like this, or use it extensively in a set, but for small time usage, or transitions, or just to jam out, this is a good example. 

    people are saying they dont like the sound he put out with it, well NO SHIT! nobody would really want to listen to a mash like that for an extended thing, but to do like a Rock Band “ean golden” solo one night, this would be ideal. 
    for those who –>
    its good for what it is intended to be used for. it is bad to do whole sets like this. 

    • mellonhead

      ^^^ that’s the idea! besides, what are all of the non-controllerists doing when they jump around turning knobs?

  • Jasonmd2020

    Love to put two of them in the same case with a mixer controller in the middle and mount the whole thing on something like these: 

    That would be sick.

  • Lg2873

    What’s his settings on stutter edits? Thx

  • Tragik11

    jeez let the song play a little … i don’t know to many effects imo.  unlikes*

  • Jim

    Not sure I get some of this controllerism. I could pencil in those edits in Ableton in 5 minutes, why is hitting the buttons suppose to be impressive or even worth building a whole device for?

    It’s like people are doing this just for the sake of doing it, it doesn’t add anything to the music or give you any more creativity. Plus, it’s fake impromptu anyway, they all do a bunch of prep. I suppose to someone at a club who has no idea how software works would be impressed, but anyone who uses music software everyday would not be impressed by any of this.

    • RBX

       As much as I didn’t like the music being played and I agree with what you’re saying but at the end of the day it is all about showmanship.  Everyone  visiting DJTT would agree that doing something more difficult and more improvised  is much more respectful but the masses do not.  All the average punter sees is someone jumping around doing loads of ‘stuff’ while he’s loving the music which rubs off on the crowd.
      I faced that reality some time ago when I finally switched from vinyl to DVS.  Very few people realize how hard some things are to do manually and so you’re faced with a choice:  would you prefer to play to a packed out crowd of people which do not no what you’re doing but love the sound OR would you prefer to play to 5 wall-hanging, chin-scratching guys who appreciate what you to do its full extent.

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    like many others, i find the skills pretty cool, but man, that is some fucking horrible tripe of a song….
    hurray for controllerism
    fuck brostep

  • Jofus101

    tough crowd.  the public will eat this up.

  • Rolfski

    Horrible music performed in a mediocre routine, presented in an overly flashy format containing cheesy, “look at me, doing like MTV” mimics and gestures.

  • Alvin Capalad

    I hate to break it down to those haters. but, controllerism is the future, either move-on or be left-out. Our children no longer knows what a record or a tape is, some are even clueless what CDs are. When their time comes, there won’t be CDJs or Vinyl anymore. While history is important, change is just as equally important. No matter what equipment or medium you are using, what’s important is the culture and the music. That’s what DJing is all about.

    • Beaner

      noone is saying controllerism is bad. Its just this is a fantastically lame example of it. A 4 year old could do what he just did

      • mh

        exactly. i have much respect to the few controllerists with ability. but i have inverse respect for ones like this who prioritize image/attitude over actually being skillful/expressive.

        and for people to comment on how awesome something like this is shows that ignorant gullible masses far outweigh those who are aware of how music is performed.

        to the dude in the video, props for ambition and effort, but build your skills and keep grinding…you got some ways to go but have potential.

    • Emry

      I was waiting for “this guy” to leave “this comment”.. We know bro, It’s DJTT, we all use controllers. Plus the Turntable guys don’t have computers, so how would they even see this article, or the crap video for that matter?

  • jprime

      Stopped after 35 seconds.   Decided to re-watch all the way thorugh for good measure.

      While I appreciate the technical merit, his ability to hit the buttons good and quick, and on time, I just found the overall song being played was not to my liking.

      Good job on the video, good production.   lol…just read a post below me “terrible music, great skills”    Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • Brafael650

    That routine blows, sorry but i’ve my 2 yr old niece can rock that song harder on my twitch.

  • Goozle

    i dont quite get whats so special about triggering a bunch of fx in stutter edit.

    • RockingClub

      Don’t hesitate to show us a better routine! We’re curious.
      But please: No webcam-video, no lacks in timing or key 😉

      • Spencer Graham

        We dont need fancy editing to show us a routine. In fact if anything it takes away from the video so CUT IT OUT DJTT. WE DONT WANT FANCY EDITING

  • mh

    terrible music, no skills, but lots of facial expressions.

    sad to think that this is what is replacing turntablism.

    • mh

      actually it’s even more sad that plenty of people think this is good. it just leads one to think that nothing matters anymore…

      • Tragik11

         totally with you, this wasn’t good at all.  MF3D is an awesome controller but an awful routine imo. Throwing a bunch of effects like cray’ into a song is not good performance.

    • guest

      Nope, sorry – you’re wrong.

    • Homeboi

      dont talk about something that you dont understand
      that is not an turntablism .
      i hope you know what real turntablism is ( this is with acoustic panels )

  • Santielenaiscool

    terrible music, great skills

  • Stewe

    Great routine! Want one of those 3D’s.

  • i think im a guest

    Man. Any way you guys can get a rundown/ how you play from Joe Hahn? He’s never really talked about his setup. And he had a Midi Fighter 3D at the Billboard Music Awards the other day!!!

  • kilbot

    its a cool video to be sure. 
    however, when he is using the accelerometer controls, its like he has to do it slow, deliberate. it doesn’t doesn’t seem as easy as throwing faders and knobs around while moving about with high energy. 
    just an observation.

    • Stewe

      Accelerator’s sensitivity can be manually adduced for everyone’s needs.

  • Depasquale82

    I love that video Out of this wrold

  • DJ Peter Lo

    The new 21st century sponsored digital performer. 

  • Anonymous

    This is fantastic. Awesome routine.