Review: Native Instruments Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.5

Hey everybody, let’s get ready to blur the lines between DJing and live performance! Oh wait, you say Ableton Live users have been doing that for years? Fair enough. But no matter, because the Kontrol F1 and its accompanying update to Traktor Pro 2.5 give Traktor users admission to the VIP Room of the live remixing party. While Traktor Pro 2’s Sample Decks and other performance features already supplied an ample toolshed for live remixes and mashups, Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix Decks and their dedicated controller – the Kontrol F1 – take those previous abilities into uncharted waters. Continue on for the full review.

Manufacturer: Native Instruments
Price: $279 (MSRP), $249 (common retail price)
Communication: High-res Traktor NHL protocol, as well as MIDI over USB (USB powered)
Available: Purchase Now in the DJTT Webstore
Ships with: Traktor Pro 2.5, 1.4 GB Remix Set collection, USB 2.0 cable, Track Deck overlay
Weight: 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg)
Dimensions: 11.5 x 4.7 x 2 inches (29.4 x 12 x 5.2 cm)
System Requirements: Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32-bit/64-bit), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) / Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

The Good: Unlocks full controls over Traktor Pro 2.5’s mouth-watering Remix Decks. Includes Traktor Pro 2.5 software. Solid, compact construction, just like the Kontrol X1. A User Map and MIDI Mode let you use it for purposes other than the hardwired Remix Deck mapping. Lots of Remix Sets to get you started. New and edited Remix Sets are savable and shareable. The 16 assignable colors of the pad grid look really nice.

The Bad: Can only control one Remix Deck at a time. No transport controls included for the Remix Deck. MP3 playback from Sample Slots can be spotty, which ought to be addressed in an update.

The Bottom Line: This high-quality controller is – for now – the only one that will access all of the Sample Cells and features of Traktor’s new Remix Decks. Those decks give you up to 64 editable samples each, across four Sample Slots. Samples can be captured in real time from Track Decks or imported from a hard drive. An F1 complements a variety of DJ setups, from DVS systems to minimal setups. Combine it with a Kontrol X1 and a small sound card, and you can stash your entire laptop system into an average sized backpack.


The Traktor Kontrol F1

Native Instruments (NI) bills the Kontrol F1 as an “add-on” controller, a supplementary device that complements one or more main controllers, such as their S4, S2, or X1. While there is a User Mode that defaults to a set of Track Deck transport, loop, FX, and browsing controls, the main intention for the Kontrol F1 is dedicated control over one or more of Traktor Pro 2.5’s new Remix Decks.

The Remix Decks replace Traktor Pro 2’s Sample Decks, and older controllers such as the S4 and S2 will be remapped for their Sample Deck controls to handle the fancier Remix Decks. You can also program any third-party MIDI controller to work with the Remix Decks.

However, only the Kontrol F1 can have complete control over all 64 Sample Cells and other functions of the Remix Decks. NI says this is because the bi-directional communication, 16-color LED feedback, and various modes are too complicated to replicate with MIDI in the Traktor Controller Manager. Therefore, the default Remix Deck mapping of the F1 is hardwired (like the Kontrol S4). There is an editable User Mode that comes with a Track Deck overlay (more on that later), as well as a MIDI Mode for using the F1 with any other MIDI software.

Besides a few other features, the Remix Decks comprise the crux of the Traktor 2.5 update. So is it fair to require a $250 proprietary controller to access the full use of a software update? Decide for yourself. The full Traktor software now costs $89 instead of $229 two years ago, and you get the software with the purchase of any NI DJ hardware. That is definitely an awesome deal considering the crippled software that comes packaged with a lot of relatively expensive DJ controllers. And the 2.5 update is free for any registered Traktor Pro 2 users. You just have to decide if the Remix Decks are cool enough for you to warrant buying one or more F1s to use them (with a controller, rather than with a mouse).


Example of Remix Decks in the Small view (top) and Micro view (bottom).

Traktor Pro 2.5’s Remix Decks expand on the previous Sample Decks with a lot more programmability, control, and flexibility. Each Remix Deck includes four Sample Slots laid out in columns, and each Sample Slot includes 16 Sample Cells, for a total of 64 Sample Cells per Remix Deck.

Example of Remix Decks in the Advanced view (top) and Essential view (bottom).

The Remix Decks function like a Track Deck in that they each have their own tempo, timeline, transport controls, FX routing, and sync, and they can be set as the Master tempo or be scratched from DVS systems or jog wheels. Any deck in Traktor can be switched to a Remix Deck, and then set to a Deck Layout view of Micro, Small, Essential, Full, or Advanced in the Decks Layout Preferences.

While most of the nitty gritty functions of the Remix Deck are accessible from the software using a mouse, the F1 really unlocks their full potential.

You can look at the F1 as having four columns of controls for each of the four Sample Slots of a Remix Deck. Its top section includes dedicated Filter knobs and 45mm volume faders for each of the four Sample Slots. The Filter knobs are center detented, with the center indicating the break between the lowpass and highpass filters. They’re of solid construction, identical to the knobs on the Kontrol X1. The faders are equally solid, with removable caps to allow for the placement of the Track Deck overlay. Their action feels pretty firm – not as buttery smooth as high-end dedicated mixers – but very workable.

The F1’s bottom section includes a pad grid of 16 click pads – four for each Sample Slot – and a row of four Mute/Stop buttons for muting or stopping the playback of samples. The pads are not velocity-sensitive because they are mostly meant for triggering loops. So unlike most drum controller pads, they include a satisfying click action that lets you quickly get a feel for what it takes to trigger them. It only takes a little bit of pressure to activate them, and they are very responsive for rapid-fire triggering. Even without velocity sensitivity, you may very well be playing sets of one-shot percussive samples on these pads, and I was able to perform quick, two-finger rolls on a single pad with accurate response.

Each of the 16 grid pads has a multi-colored LED that you can set to one of 16 colors covering the rainbow of the visible spectrum, useful for color-coding samples to your own preference. And in the Traktor Preferences for the F1, you can set the percentage of brightness for the pads’ On state and Dim state. The default Dim setting of 20% is a little tough to see in bright daylight, but is more than enough for a bulb-lit room or a low-light setting like a club.

In the middle of the unit, eight mode buttons and a push-button rotary encoder with two-digit display comprise the Global control section. Here you can browse and load Remix Sets into the decks or load individual audio clips from your collection or from a Track Deck to create your own Remix Sets. A Shift key lends dual purpose to each of the mode buttons, which let you edit settings for the entire Remix Deck, as well as its individual samples.

The size and build quality of the F1 exactly mirrors that of the Kontrol X1. That includes a sturdy plastic construction with metal faceplate, four hard rubber feet on the bottom, and high-quality controls that feel prepared for a demanding future of road gigs.


The included USB 2.0 cable powers the F1, and after the standard installation process, Traktor Pro 2.5 recognizes the F1 and launches it into its Remix Deck control mode. Pressing Shift+Browse toggles back and forth from the User Map, which by default controls Track Decks A and B according the the included Track Deck overlay.

You can load audio clips from your hard drive of any format that Traktor recognizes and of any length, since they stream from the hard disk. However, NI recognizes that MP3 audio clips may playback with a small amount of silence at the beginning and ending. In my use, I noticed that effect on some of the MP3s I loaded, and while it wasn’t very noticeable, it was enough to disrupt smooth looping. NI recommends that you first load MP3 clips into a Track Deck and then capture them into a Remix Deck. Hopefully, that will only be a temporary workaround while NI fixes that problem in a future update.

Using the Capture button and encoder, you can select a Track Deck or the Loop Recorder to capture audio into a Sample Cell, and then choose the length of the sample from 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 beats. Capturing a sample from a live deck in that way worked without a hitch, and the sample was then immediately ready for looped playback from the Remix Decks.

Four Remix Decks filled to the brim.

With samples loaded, you use the pads to trigger samples, which will loop if they’re set to loop playback. You can have one sample per sample slot active at a time, or four active samples per Remix Deck. Active pads will glow at their full brightness; pads with inactive samples will remain dim; and blank pads will not glow.

When you trigger a new sample on a sample slot, that sample will play in sync with quantization setting. When the Quant button is lit, quantization is on, and you can set the quantization value by holding the button and choosing from the eight values with either the encoder or the illuminated pads. You’ll want the quantization off to perform rapid-fire triggering of single-hit sound samples, like in the included Drums and Beatbox Remix Set.

Each Remix Deck can have a Sample Grid of up to 64 samples, which are separated into four Pages of 16 Sample Cells. To scroll down to other Pages, simply use the rotary encoder, and the F1 display will show you if you’re on P1, P2, P3, or P4. When the bottom row of Mute/Stop buttons glow orange, you’ll hear the samples. Press the buttons to mute a Sample Slot, and the light and audio will turn off, but the sample will remain playing, so you can unmute it later. To turn off a Sample Slot’s playback entirely, press Shift+Mute/Stop.

Here a sample in Sample Slot B is ready to accept a color change.

Using the mode buttons, the encoder and the pads, you have control over each Sample Cell’s color, reverse playback (either permanent or temporary), pitch (± up to 12 half steps), speed, size, and sync on/off. The sync setting for individual samples determines if the sample will sync to the Remix Deck’s tempo, which in turn can act as the Traktor Master tempo or sync to the Master. You can also determine for each Sample Cell whether that sample will be a loop or a one-shot and whether that sample will be latched (meaning it will stay on until another pad is pressed) or gated (meaning it will stay on only as long as you hold down the pad).

Through the use of the F1 manual and the included Remix Deck Tutorial Remix Set, you can learn all these programming functions in about a half hour or less, and it’s time well spent. You’ll also learn how to copy/paste/delete samples, and to offset or nudge the starting point of a sample by 16th note or tiny incremental steps.

Best of all, these editing functions are available on the fly while you’re performing in Traktor.


There are four Sample Slot parameters that are accessible from the Shift button. These parameters – Keylock, FX, Monitor, and Punch – are labled alongside the pad buttons on the faceplate of the F1. When you press and hold Shift, the pad buttons glow orange to indicate if the parameters are activated for each of the Sample Slots.

When Keylock is on, the samples of that Sample Slot will not change pitch when the speed is changed. The FX function routes the Sample Slots through the FX deck that is assigned to the Remix Deck. Monitor toggles headphone monitoring independent of Sample Slot volume.

Finally, the Punch mode lets you switch between samples in a Slot while keeping the musical phrasing intact. For example, if the Sample Slot is full of 8-measure drum loops, with Punch engaged, you can switch between samples with the playback position maintained from one loop to the next. So you can “punch in” to a new loop without it having to playback from the beginning.


One of the most crucial advancements of the Remix Decks is the ability to name and save your own Remix Sets to your Track Collection. This is the feature we’ve been crying out for since Sample Decks were introduced with the Kontrol S4.

After you’ve painstakingly (or let’s be honest, half-assedly) created a killer Remix Deck full of choice samples and loops from your favorite tracks or stems and effects from your own original productions, you can name the Remix Set and drag it into the All Remix Sets folder under the Track Collection tree so you can recall it at any time. All of the samples and settings will be saved in a .trak file, which you can then move to another computer or share with other Traktor users.

NI has hinted at additional free Remix Sets to come for Traktor Pro 2.5, and you can be sure that the Traktor user community will bomb the interwebs with free, and most likely paid, Remix Sets as well. But being able to prepare your own signature sets on your own time to load up for gigs makes Remix Decks incredibly exciting.


The F1 in "deck select" mode.

A single F1 unit cannot control more than one Remix Deck simultaneously, but it can control all four Traktor Pro decks if they are all designated as Remix Decks. To toggle to different decks, simply press Shift and rotate the encoder. The display will read “dA,” “dB,” “dc,” or “dd,” and the pad buttons will glow green in one of four quadrants to show you which deck is selected.

Toggling between Remix Decks isn’t the most user friendly way to work, but it is a nice alternative to purchasing another F1 unit for each deck if that’s not in your budget. If you are that kind of player, you can certainly use multiple F1s at once. All those controllers will eat up your USB ports though, so NI notes that if you have to use a USB hub for your controllers, make sure to get a powered USB 2.0 hub. The hub must be able to power all the attached controllers and devices on its own. USB 3 hubs are not supported. Also, when using a hub, the NI controllers my not be hotpluggable like they are when connected directly to a computer.


As aforementioned, pressing Shift+Browse enters the F1 into MIDI Mode, or if Traktor isn’t launched the F1 will be in MIDI Mode by default.

If Traktor is launched, you can choose User Map or MIDI Mode to launch when pressing Shift+Browse. The default User Map is an alternate set of Track Deck controls that are laid out on the included Track Deck overlay. This set of controls roughly mimics the functionality of a Kontrol X1, giving you access to all eight hot-cues on two Track Decks, Loop and Move mode, FX units, and sync/master/keylock controls.

NI suggests that the F1’s Track Deck overly may be most liked by DJs using DVS systems who may appreciate the pads and faders of the F1 over the X1. However, anyone using the F1 can toggle over to the User Map at any time during a performance if they want to use those alternate controls, and then toggle right back to Remix Deck control. Also, the User Map is editable, but only with the MIDI functions available through the Traktor Controller Manager.

To create MIDI mappings for other software, NI suggests using its free Controller Editor software.


Having used the Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix Decks with the Kontrol F1, I don’t want to go back to Traktor without it. For at least some Traktor users, Remix Decks will entirely change the way they DJ, and will at least be a fun tool to mess about with for others. The ability to capture and save large collections of choice samples from tracks or to break down your own productions into remixable pad grids adds extraordinary appeal and endless potential to Traktor.

Sure, in a way the Remix Decks only approximate a fraction of what Ableton Live performers could already do, but that fraction of creative possibility will now be available to hordes of DJs who never had the desire, time, aptitude, or budget to adopt an Ableton Live set, and I see no reason to be snobby about that.

What I can protest a bit is the squiring away of key software features for only those who buy a costly piece of hardware. I don’t think that the F1 is overpriced at all, considering the price of other controllers and considering that it includes a Traktor Pro 2.5 license. And if other controllers truly can’t access the full Remix Decks due to their technical complexity, then what can we really do about it? But still, $250 just to access the full strength of an $89 program feels a tad like… deja vu.

NI had a similar process with the Kontrol S4, when for a while the only people who could access Traktor’s new Sample Decks were the S4 adopters. Eventually, all those S4 features trickled their way into other Traktor Pro users’ lives, and Native Instruments has confirmed that users will eventually be able to control the Remix Decks via MIDI in future versions. For now though, early adopters will have to shell out for an F1, which after all is an excellent bit of kit. And that is often the way of new technology: You want the latest and greatest, you have to pay to play.

The Traktor Kontrol F1 is available today in the DJ TechTools webstore

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  • DMVsDaNavigator

    How to connect DJ’s? easy. You will need Traktor Scratch Pro ( I had Traktor Scratch Duo, but it didn’t work) , and once you download it you want to connect the F1 to the usb of your laptop, and the “main out” of your Traktor audio to your mixer. The audio will play out of your main out.

  • Nathan

    I have a question, i just got the F-1 kontrol and i just went to test it out, but i can’t get any output whats playing in the sampledeck?

    I got a audio dj-2 soundcard.. do i need a bigger one to get output for track 3 and (4)/ Sampledeck

    Or is just possible to use: an x-1 kontrol, F-1 Kontroll, and audio DJ-2. all together with no problems.


  • dirty angel

    hi i would like to do x1 f1 setup with external mixer (pioneer). need help with components. using laptop need options for 2 channel and 4 channel mixer. cheers

  • Bosco

    What would be better, Maschine Mikro or F1?

  • Jordanreif1

    in traktor 2 if you mapped your controller to the sample decks and exported the mapping into 2.5, you will be able to use the sample decks. That’s only the top one though. As you see it says deck play – remix deck (in the controller manager). You can duplicate it and map the next slot to another button. Hope I helped.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been running into a problem with the new traktor software, where whenever I attempt to load a sample from deck B of my S4 into the remix decks it automatically grabs a sample from deck A. anyone experience this, or know how to get around it?

    • variable

      I have this same problem, i thought my device was broken

  • Andrew

    Thanks NI . My two arrived yesterday and what a blast. Maschine plus Kontrol S4 plus 2 F1’S. perfect integration so far except the sound driver needs tweaking.

    Ableton has some serious competition now.

    Make grooves in Maschine, drag and drop into remix decks and instant nirvana.


    • Info

      How ate you dragging and dropping from maschine I’m struggling with this

  • That Guy Named Nick 13

    does this ship with the FULL version of Traktor?? or just the limited version?

  • Erik Andersson

    My Traktor Pro has never crashed, but 5 minutes after installing the F1 it crashed for the very first time. 😉

    The worst thing is that Traktor seems to save settings at exit, causing all unsaved changes from being saved on a crash.

  • DJ OriginAl

    Wow, so you can’t use sample decks without buying a new controller?   Great… where do I sign up?

  • Arnie

    I have just purchased 2 of these and they are good, the delay at the beginning is also with wav files swell as mp3. I played out last night with my S4 for main hardware with maschine mapped for the effects and the 2 F1s for my remix decks. I run a macbook pro with 4gb and i had 3 devises plugged into a powered usb device. Now the big problem i had is it was creating very slow responses and it was making my deck A and B go nuts but having quite spots. When i used the effects on maschine this made it go even worse. Do you guys think this is because of the amount of stuff plugged into the macbook and if so how con i get round this.

  • Grant Reynolds

    all this needs is a 4 channel soundcard and it would be perfect.. less cables please! but then i suppose you will get all the cheap bastards requesting that it didnt have a soundcard cause they cant afford it.. 

  • Andrew

    Have 2 on order. should be here on tuesday 5th. So far software tractor 2 goes nicely with Kontrol S4 and Maschine. Love being able to drag and drop those files out of Maschine and straight into T 2.5. Great work NI .

  • Will Hart

    Great review! I’m probably going to go pick one of these up after work. 

  • Djayhooker

    So now I have a Midi Fighter 3D winging its way to me…hurry up and post it djtools im starting get worried ! I just got my Xone k2 and seriously thinking about getting this as I’m going to try Traktor out instead of Ableton for a change. I have a Maschine, that is a lot of buttons 😛 eat your heart out Dj Shadow!

    I know I can do all this and way more in Ableton, but I  miss a decent dj eq in live , and none of the ones ppl have made are for me, and also I think this is so integrated it will help me focus more, we shall see.

  • JuanSOLO

    DANG! SO are you saying I can plug a synth into the Loop Recorder, and when the loop is done recording, “scratch” that loop?

    Or I could wire my Ableton set into the Loop Recorder and then manipulate the loops via vinyl yes?

  • BaseRunner

    For $250 I’d rather have a Midi Fighter 3d

  • Marco Flores

    So has anyone tried an F1 + X1 + Mixer combo?

    • Peterbrizio

      found this video online showing them both in use briefly but also interested in an f1+ x1 + mixer combo

    • Phil

      I’m using a Korg Zero4 mixer and a X1, now i added the F1 to my setup. Works great (as expected). 🙂

    • Yunes Giovanni Infanti

      I prefer Allen&Heath’s K2 controller, has anyone tried 2*K2’s & the F1 together?

  • joe

    Hi guys great initial review:)
    Question: How do you set a specific sample as the master tempo of the remix deck on the F1? Many thanks in advance for the help!

    • Will Hart

       Just throw one of the samples on a track deck and make it the master?

      • joe

        thanks I mean once you are already playing samples in a deck, you add a new one and then want to set the new one as the master syncing then the other with the new sample tempo, thanks for any help!

  • Dustin Drase

    Super excited to get my hands on one (or maybe two) of these, but the fact that there’s only two USB ports on my MacBook Pro has me a bit concerned.  I’m currently rocking an S4 and an X1 and there’s no room for anything else!  Does anyone have advice on powered USB Hubs to accommodate all these fancy toys? 

    • Will Hart

      With that much NI stuff you’ll want a powered splitter. Check amazon and make sure you read the reviews. With my usual controllers + a mouse and whatever sondcard I’m sing I require 7 usb ports. I use 2 splitters, one is powered. You can have two midifighters and a vci-100 plugged into a non-powered 3 prong splitter before you’re really pushing it. But I would trust NI when they say you need powered splitters for their stuff. X1’s sometimes don’t light up when plugged into splitters without power (unless they’re the only thing plugged in). Audio 2 dj works fine in a power with no hub but Audio 10 cards don’t work so well. I’m not sure how relevant that is to you since your soundcard is built in, but I’m sure when you combine a soundcard with a controller you’re just double the likelyhood of needing any splitter you plug it into to be powered.

    • Will Hart

       The most important thing is reading the reviews. If you find some cool splitter on a website like “” that happens to have good reviews, don’t necessarily trust that is will fit your needs. Just because it’s shaped like Yoda’s head or requires a removable key to function doesn’t mean it’s well made. Even if a splitter has good reviews, you have to consider who the reviewers really are and whether or not their needs could be met even with an unpowered splitter made by some kid in a basement. Look for amazon reviews where the reviewer has identified him or herself as a producer or dj, then trust that the review is legit.

  • MaBonzo

    wouldn’t it be cool if they put out a new version of maschine that has RGB like the F1 and be able to control the remix? Thats something i would jump on 

  • Tash'i-nga Nyamuyaruka

    wouldn’t it be cool if they put out a new version of maschine that has RGB like the F1 and be able to control the remix? Thats something i would jump on

  • Sasha ua

    Guys who know where i can download nice hip-hop siren sample free – like in old-school hip-hop track or in partybreak – many guys use that sound, but where are they download it? please give me a link.

  • armyofme - Priscilla.J

    Thanks for posting the vid. Appreciate it. And kudos on an excellent review.

    • RockingClub

      Lol! I already assumed that video could be by you due to the typical style of shooting^^

      • armyofme - Priscilla.J


  • 520|S_Rig

    Great review as always DJTT, but am I the only one that sees Kontrol F1 as the best compact controller for Ableton?! Think of it combined with Allen & Heath DB4!

    • Anonymous

      I’m writing a “red box” remote script for it as we speak 🙂

  • djbriandamage

    So are these remix decks just glorified triggers or do they have transport controls?  Can I load Aah and Fresh into remix decks and scratch them?

    • BPSS


      • BPSS

        Yes you could actually switch between the aah & fresh mid scratch if i understand correctly how the punch mode works.

  • Jfd6812

    Very cool, no doubt, but if you DJ with the S4, space is already at an absolute premium. I think it would be tough to fit both an S4 and an F1 in a lot of DJ booths. 

  • DJ Segatto

    How about an arcade button hack kinda like the original vci-100 mod that kicked off this site? Graft the top part of a F1 on top of a MF3D and we’ll have the ultimate remixd deck controler combining super tight 2way integration with killer arcade buttons!!!!!!!!

  • Beerflavoredwater

    Wherecan i find the F1 manual?

  • Lylax

    I ended up getting the F1 this past weekend after some strings were pulled at my local guitar center. ( thank you DJ Treeman ) I am really impressed with the look and feel of the F1. Its solid, and the pads have a perfect feeling to them.

    I did like the remix packs….some were awesome (Superior Dialect is nasty), but im looking for more samples and such, and really get a “live remix” happening. I am thinking of using the F1 with A Capellas to really mix up some vocal verses and choruses.

    is there anyone else out there making their own packs yet? or got some ideas on using the remix decks in their own way. just looking to get creative and have some fun while moving away from the NI sample packs.

    –Steve A

    • Anonym

      Just get some sample-packs at loopmasters ;)!

    • Will Hart

      DJTT just posted an article on where you can get loops. It’s probably still on the home page, toward the bottom. I would recommend buying your sound packs. I torrented a huge pack of samples the other day and the majority of the pack was junk. 

  • Ward Slager

    NI should make a hybrid combination of the Maschine and ship it with traktor and maschine!!

    • ned

       Maschine RGB… that just sounds like pure sex

      • George Rosebush

        Funny that this actually ended up happening.

        • wardtf

          Will they give me a job now designed a product for them? 😛

    • Ginkgo

      I’d wager that when Maschine 2.0 drops, that’s what it will be. Thus pissing off everyone who already owns a Maschine or an F1.

  • M.P.

    Well… Still I prefer to buy your 3D miracle box than this 🙂

  • Truth

    nice review, glad to see it here first. one might even say that DJTT is the the only place you’ll ever need to come for anything related to DJ technology.


      DJWorx is a go-to site if you enjoy articles that are related to DJing and gear outside of the NI hype-machine. 

      DJTT is good but has a tendency to suck the NI nipple a little too hard, a little too often. 

  • Erik Andersson

    Man I suck… I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy any new hardware…but still ended up ordering a Kontrol F1. 😛

    • Michael_lawrence01

      lmfao…i am on the same boat….I haven’t ordered yet though…i said I would wait for th article to decide…and my finger is lingering over the “checkout button” lol

    • Robert Ticho

      I had to make a bet with another DJ as a safeguard against buying the f1 right away. The bet was that if I purchase it in the first two months it’s out, he gets to use it for the first 4 weeks.

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    Excellent read – thanks DJTT

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    Finally a viable way to combine and trigger all those horn blowing, “put your hands up in the air” and other wonderful DJ tools and accapellas 😀

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      I can finally transition between Drum & Bass Songs without having to mix! All I have to do is play a sample telling people to put ‘lightas in the air’, spinback the track and drop the next one: brilliant! 

      Nah but the remix decks look quite fun.

  • FDRK

    Just reserved one for tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Join our project to hack NI’s F1 HID protocol and make a driver that sits between Traktor and your MIDI device. It should make Traktor think it has an F1 installed and allows your MIDI device to spoof F1 messages to Traktor allowing full access to Traktor’s capabilities to MIDI devices:

    • Periklis

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Sending the keys is simple enough, converting MIDI events to a HID record where all keystates are sent as a single HID report. We want the full bidirectional LED feedback too…

    • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

      get hacking team that is all i can say i’m a hardware to your software make this work and beautiful for us all

  • Alex Markachev

    I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to tune traktor 2.5 settings to use remix decks with TouchOSC, result same as on my S4. I can’t control cells, only slots. That’s actually a bit sad news, and mp3 loops quality really poor as in article said.

    • MaLazer

      Wow, same here. Ran into a LOT of road bumps…

  • Str80180

    Looking forward to the software update! That said though, using your mouse to select squares from the remix decks for a controller to trigger in Traktor 2.5 is still far more intuitive than the sample decks were, I just wanna get back out of the laptop.

    Would far rather a MF3D mapped to this than the F1, but an awesome, complementary controller either way. I’d definitely use it if i had one, we’ll just see who folds first, my wallet, or NI with their mapping update.

  • GM

    Nice controller but still a bummer that we can’t map the remix deck to something like the Launchpad

  • Delaeasy