How To Make A Great DJ Video: Contest Winners

Almost a month ago, Ean challenged our community to use his guide for making incredible DJ routine videos in a contest. We’ve gotten tons of videos to watch, and were excited at how many of you were willing to step out of your comfort zones and go for it! Recording yourself and presenting it to the entire internet for criticism is not an easy thing, so kudos and congratulations all around. Onwards to the winners!


For this contest, we judged each video based on the core concepts that Ean outlined in his original video:

  • Musical Arrangement
  • Audio Quality
  • Performance Engagement
  • Video Quality
  • Simple Clean Editing

We’d also like to note that we paid very little attention to the YouTube ratings, as we’ve noticed when we’ve been running video contests, we see a number of people unfairly get disliked simply because they’re the competition. We watched every single video, regardless of rating!


DJ Fry Ups’ 4AM Live Performance
What We Liked: With a very well-constructed musical arrangement, and a performance that had us watching each button press to see his actions, Fry Ups’ combination of Traktor and Ableton in one remix routine is a clear winner. The screen capture cleanly matches each new element that’s introduced, focusing in an allowing the viewer to see what the performer is doing, even going so far as to label everything that’s happening with a helpful “Left Hand” “Right Hand” description bar at the bottom.

Fry Ups also gets bonus points for including live performance on top of traditional DJing, using Ableton as a base and layering additional elements from Traktor, Maschine, and Massive. Showing viewers something they haven’t seen before or don’t see very often is a quick way to the top.

Constructive Criticism: This video could have used a touch more editing: cutting into a single shot or a different style of split screen can really break up a video, as viewers don’t always want to have to be scanning the entire screen to figure out what to focus on.


Spencer Baird’s Levels In Paris
What We Liked: With one of the most-watched videos in the contest, Spencer put together a well-rehearsed routine of a solid mashup, layering original effects (everyone really liked the Beatmasher 2 + Transpose effect) to create a live mashup routine on the Traktor S4.  His videos shows off all the necessary angles and is complemented by screen capture that reveals the important stuff – especially key to understand what effects combinations are in use.

Constructive Criticism: We’d liked to have seen a bit more variety in the routine itself- once into the second half of the video, the viewer has seen almost every performance element. This could be applied to the track selection as well – since these tracks are extremely well known, the video could be fresher with deep cuts.


Underwaterrobots’ Lady Gaga vs. Skrillex Mashup
What We Liked: The routine here takes two very known tracks and mashes them up – but with multiple sections of performance, it’s deserving of one of two honorable mention places. Watch the video and note how there are sections of buildup, cue juggling, effects, which allowed him to show off his skill at each individually.

Underwaterrobots wasn’t afraid to have fun in his video – dropping in an Anchorman clip and slicing in his video doppleganger to yell “OMG!” at the first drop. It breaks up the video well and makes you want to keep watching! The video also featured some of the cleanest video editing we’ve seen, cuts were well timed, with a smart amount of screen capture being shown at appropriate times, and a strong main shot with great lighting.

Constructive Criticism: We’re pretty sure this video could have been shorter and just as good – cutting down the overall length of a video to leave the viewer wanting more is a great way to build return fans. Also, we’d again like to see more track variety (this was a reoccurring theme throughout the videos – we know you all have secret tracks you love, show them off!).


Ghztomash’s Arcade Warrior
What We Liked:
With a unique shooting location and a unique controller, ghztomash made a video that had us watching closely the entire time. He’s using a controller built out from a Midi Fighter to control a combination of Mad Zach’s sample packs and his own samples in Ableton.

The routine is compelling, with him playing the beat live the entire time, as well as some great effect builds using the analogue-style controls on his controller.

Constructive Criticism: We want to see exactly what’s happening! This would have been a great video for screen capture, and more use of the second angle (even consider going fullscreen with it) would have made this a knockout video.


As we mentioned, we watched every single video entered. You all are extremely talented folks, don’t stop making mixes and videos! Here are a few of the more unique videos entered in the contest that we wanted to make sure everyone saw as well – some great stuff in here!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted their videos, and stay tuned for the next DJTT contest that we’ll be starting within a week! If you’re one of the winners, we’ll be contacting you shortly on YouTube – check your messages.

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  • Projector hire melbourne

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    purpose. I appreciated it.

  • Anon

    Hater here,

    Please don’t call this a “DJ” anything.  Maybe I’m just an old bitter scratch “DJ” but this miss use of the term “DJ” has got to stop.  I will admit the first routine didn’t make me want to call in an airstrike but it was only 2 minutes of fairly simple drum padding and keyboards over a pre arranged ableton set.  Great Job!  You can play a simple drum break on pads and hit 4 notes on a synth.  You win the prize.  All the other routines were mindbogglingly mediocre.  Lady Gaga?! For real son? Are you DJn on a cruse ship?  Coldplay?  Who’s judging this, over weight office women who’s high point of the week is cake on Friday. GTFO.  I would have been more impressed if someone dropped an ICP track.  At least that takes balls.  All you anti hater out there need to stop claiming you are getting hated on every time someone calls your shit out as wack.  Since when is being honest and reality checking toy ass wanna be “DJs” such a bad thing.  All these internet dick riders start catching feelings the second someone says something mean to them.  You all need to step your game up.

    • Anon2

      “Maybe I’m just an old bitter scratch DJ…”

      lololol stopped reading right there

    • DoubleJRemi

      It would seem that you haven’t noticed that “true” Disc Jockeys have effectively died out. Though I myself use a set of Technics, we must understand that times have changed and the term DJ no longer lives only to represent one who spins on tables, but it describes any person who, lets say, puts their own “spin” on the music. In terms of music choice; I have no idea how you can hate. To each their own. The sooner you learn any of this, the less of an ignorant asshole you might be. Besides, if you don’t like what you see on the majority of this site, then don’t look.

  • Laxplayer

    You posted the wrong video fro honorable mention…

  • Rachael Elise

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  • Anonymous

    I hate the GEMA. I can’t watch half of the videos. Congrats to the winners though.


  • The DJ Remi

    I think there are quite a few reasons why each one of us as DJs keep our “secret” track secret.

  • karm

    The Niggas in Paris v Levels is terrible…

  • Sara Simms

    I really enjoyed watching DJ Fry Up’s 4 AM performance, it’s a great remix and an original video concept.  I liked how he included the shots of Massive, his plug-ins and his Ableton Live set.  Impressive!

  • Milo Van

    pretty average videos if I’m being perfectly honest… I guess it makes you appreciate how good the DJTT videos are…

  • Alon Elmaliah

    No Turntablist made it to the finals.Hell, Only 4 DVS systems entered the contest; including 1 system thats just 4 show.So it’s true what they say? That Turntablism has become a Dying Art-form?
    Or is it just the nature of this contest?That do you guys (n’ gals) think?

  • Underwater Robots

    A few comments on criticisms from the comments:

    1. Haters gonna hate.

    2. But seriously, what’s not to like about young Jordan’s video? What he’s doing at 11 is amazing, and he certainly has got more cajones and taken more effort to put himself out there than most bedroom DJs with thousands of dollars of equipment but nothing to show for it. More importantly, he genuinely looks like he’s having a blast doing what he’s doing, and that will take him much farther than any expensive equipment or knowledge of obscure “good music.”

    Can I just reiterate that he’s only 11? Lay off on the kid. He can DJ, midi-map, play guitar, and play drums better than 99% of people twice his age, plus I heard he’s dating a supermodel. I’m getting off-topic.

    3. As many have pointed out, this was a VIDEO contest, musical arrangement being only one of five categories judged. If, instead, it was a “Show Off Your Most Awesomest DJ Routine Ever, Including Your Impeccable Taste in Music,” then I’m sure the winners would have been different. Given the contest rules, I saw some GREAT video productions that unfortunately did not get featured on this page.

    4. Speaking of musical taste and arrangement, I think some critics might be expecting too much from the entrants? After all, DJTT is a website for budding digital DJs to learn, explore, and share their improving skills. None of us are professionals. Let’s cut everyone some slack, and focus on giving constructive feedback instead of putting people down and complaining that so-and-so has bad taste in music and is not pushing the boundaries of digital DJing enough.

    I have always thought of these contests as showcases for what the average amateur DJ can learn from DJTT. If you want features on up-and-coming artists who are revolutionizing the world of DJing, this website certainly has some of that, but there are better blogs for that elsewhere. In my mind, DJTT has always been about fostering a new community of new DJs who have come from all sorts of (or no) musical backgrounds. If you don’t like someone’s music, then don’t listen to it. Better yet, make your own mix, post it, and hopefully others will discover it and create similar styles that suit your tastes.

    5. Skrillex is teh suX0rz lolz.

    • Tomash Ghzegovsky

      nicely said man!

  • Djdraco

    Nice hat!

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone. I couldn’t believe it when I read this article and found out that I had won! Im really buzzing. Thanks to DJTT for inspiring me to make a video, I will definitely be making more. 🙂

  • Djteeoh

    The Arcade Warrior? Should have said Shite instead. WTF was that. Really? A guy putting water on the machine during the video? One little camera angle that showed for a few seconds? And he wasn’t playing the beat the whole time, it was cue points. Really, how hard is that….it’s not. The fact that his video made it to this scene shows that the other entries must have been worse. The 11 year old should have ATLEAST been above that video.

  • Lauti

    I really wasn’t expecting this selection of winners…most of the
    entries featured the same kind of crappy music, but there were AT LEAST
    some well filmed/edited videos that I thought could win given these contest rules…but really, the lady gaga mashup dude? that sounded completely disonant and annoying. like, really, there were more worthy mentions than this guy.

  • Djteeoh

    Here is an idea DJTT. Instead of the same songs, mix it up. Mixing 130 into 130 is beyond simple. 

    How about you do a comp of obscure songs that DJTT picks (not the mainstream stuff everyone already knows) and releases on 24hrs before the deadline. 10 songs and the competitors have to us atleast 2. Throw some dub, hiphop, reggae, house, DnB….alittle of everything. 

    Now that’s a competition. That’s where real creativity comes out. Little time, fresh tracks, big prize.And this was a video editing comp, not a dj comp.That 11 year old probably didn’t edit this himself. But his routine was dope. Much props since he is rocking it at such a young age.

    • JordanReifkind

      Thank you for the compliment on my routine. I actually did edit this in screenflow.

  • Bass N1xx1N

    Thanks for the contest! was fun getting back into video editing, now we will be better for the next contest. Hope everyone likes our 2 original tracks! Cant wait till the next challenge! Congratulations to the winners!!

    • Emery

      Dope mint controller!

  • Underwater Robots

    Wow, I am truly..uhh.. honored to be one of the honorable mentions! I literally bought my MF Pro and Launchpad six weeks ago and only started “DJing” then. (I have been playing guitar and piano for many years though). It is definitely a change of pace, great fun, and something I will continue to pursue.

    Also, I totally hear all of you on the mainstream song selection. However, it was definitely a conscious decision, as I wanted to make a mix not only for this contest, but for a general audience to enjoy. Choosing popular songs brings these videos to a wider audience and hopefully inspires more folks to get into DJing/controllerism who might not have encountered it otherwise.

    Once again, thank you to DJTT and the community for watching!

    • Djteeoh

      good work. Advice, add alittle flair to your routine. Don’t be scared to try new stuff. I’ve been doing it for 11 years and believe me, i’ve fail miserably before. You got skill so keep it up. Only way you can go, is up.

  • Jauhn-schneck

    I think yes the lack of music might be a bit play the (F) out . but you have to really think the contest was NOT ABOUT THE MUSIC that people were playing but the way they SHOT THE VIDEO … damn some people here can be flipping cruel asshats ! how about you get the Funk off your shitty Horse and just watch the video … and you PRODUCERS sit back and stop trying to troll people , you are not a billion $ maker ! who gives a shit if the Vocals and Synths are on the same key split 1:64 of a beat off .. really REALLY … you crammy ass trolls are what and why people are scared to even continue doing real work and help evolve the EDM ( YES ELECTRIC DANCE MUSIC — not House , trance , DnB , Dubstep , Moomba , i am talking ALL OF THEM AND SOME ) Damn DJTT Community you guys can really be a bunch of fucking DICKs !!! 

    • Djteeoh

      I like you. lol. I said the same thing. This was a video editing contest and should have been named as such. 

  • Foos

    clocks vs satisfaction, rhythmically, is fine, but the keys are totally clashing.

  • Tomash Ghzegovsky

    Amazing and fun contest! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for having two honorable mentions! I enjoyed watching all of the other videos 🙂 specially that of Jordan Reifkind!

    Also a little clarification that my controller is not a modded MF, but built from “scratch” with the teensy controller.

    • Jessehensels

      hey tomash.. I have a question for you about that controller. I have actually been thinking about building this controller for the last week at work minus one know but had no idea how I would wire that joystick.. any chance you’d be willing to give me a hand with a quick rundown of what teensy brain you chose and how you wired this up. building the casing is not an issue at all. shoot me an email if you dont mind.., ps not trying to s your d but you shouldhave won this contest or at least taken runner up.  cheers

      • Tomash Ghzegovsky

        Thank you for the kind words! Sure, absolutely no problem! I will send you a bit later an email with more details about the wiring and update my website for everybody as well. 

  • St. Villanus

    I’m a bit confused at the placement of the runner-up and the first honorable mention.  I think the ranking of the two should be reversed.
    The Underwater Robots video excelled at musical arrangement. Yeah, he went off on a bit of a jam session towards the end, but that jam was still good musically. The editing of the shots and added personalities made the whole thing enjoyable. On the other hand, the video of Spencer Baird was hard to watch. The musical arrangement of his set lacked a lot. The phrasing was off (i.e. playing a vocal over a conflicting lead), and there was little tension and release. As for the editing, not many visual elements changed throughout the video.
    The contest as a whole is great. Every video posted deserves a place on the round-up.

    • Djteeoh


  • berrys

    This totally crossed my mind after seeing who were the winners but imagine if this was the dj x-factor show….

  • willy wonka

    i think i might participate in the next contest

  • DJ ForcedHand

    Really? No one else even challenged DJ FRY UP? While Fry Up has some serious cash sunk into his studio, he hits grooves, and keys up every change right there in plain view. Apparently, he’s the only one who took the rules of this contest seriously.

    Good Job… Fry Up. You smoked your competition.

  • Romfest

    Jordan Reifkind, you have amazing ear for what mixes well, cool choice of music too, commercial yeah but it would work at any nightspot I know.  The rest of the videos sound outputs would send most crowds to sleep. Bit rough here and there but excellent for a live performance. Got a guitar on your shirt, r u a musician? The new digital A-Trak?
    Keep going kid, you rock!

    • JordanReifkind

      Yes in fact i am, i have been playing guitar and drums MUCH longer than i have been djing for. I have played since i was two. I plan on posting some videos of me playing music too on my channel. Check it out if you want.

  • Djf0tif0

    The Winner has excellent Routine
    Not the fan of the rest!!!

  • berrys

    madeon and ricardo videos have something in common, its just good fucking music. no editing trickery and what not. The ean golden vid was good but the fact that nativeinstrument promoted it has as much to do with it getting all its views. At the end of the day, its about good music, not editing tricks. Congrats to the winners though.

  • Stewe

    Congrats to all winners, good job. Its good to see two honorable mention places after all. I haven’t expected to win since my video was simple and other guys are good at editing but I wanted to enter it anyway just to participate. Fortunately didn’t get many dislikes 🙂

  • Dylanmccann


    How do they get all the different camera angles and close up of the software?

    • Djteeoh

      use Screen Capture to get the software videos. Multiple camera handle the rest. If you don’t have multiple, ask a friend to help. 2 cameras is really all you need and the friend can move one around to catch different angles that you can edit together. Trick is, make sure to cut to different angles when he/she walks in front of the main camera.

  • Idlaviv

    When’s the next contest?

  • Idlaviv

    When is the next contest?

  • Feroxz

    I like this contest. Props to DJTT for handing out tips and incentives (prices) for DJ self development. Although the contest is about video and the audio quality of this video’s, and although some routines are very slick, I must agree with some of the comments stating that the music used is not the best. I’d rather hear some cool underground tracks rather than the chewed out top40 stuff and the semi-lame remixes of them. Bring that originality!

  • BFLY

    Does anyone at DJTT have any good taste in music whatsoever??? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all these controller routines sound awful. Cheesy, tasteless music that just encourages shite. 

    • Jon-Michael DeShazer

      Not that I’m would eliminate based on musical taste solely, but the less Skrillex and Lady Gaga the better.

    • Odarwin

      Wow Really??? Did you see all the videos? For the curve of talent, these guys are the ones I felt would beat my video, and what do you know?(I knew the 11 year old lil man would get an honorable mention, if he didn’t I would have helped him get a midifighter myself). As much energy as it takes you to be negative you should turn it into someting constructive. H8ers get no where. Just recognize the 11 is a better performer than you and take a lesson from him, could save your life. Live by h8 die by h8….

      • BFLY

         Thats exactly the problem, the 11 year old is playing terrible music probably influenced by the amount of chart rubbish and rubbish that these routines are mainly made of.  Controllers and these routines are turning DJing into a computer game. may as well buy DJ Hero

        • Michael Mitchell

          Mate you are starting to sound like a broken record, this is the third time today I’ve seen you bitching about this. No one expects you to enjoy Skrillex, as stated we are all sick of it as well, but using an 11 year old’s commendable effort which exceeded the efforts of many older than himself as an example of what you think is wrong with EDM and DJTT is beyond fail.

          Try doing something commendable yourself, you will probably find you don’t spend all day getting but hurt that some kid on you tube likes music you don’t…

          • Djteeoh

            That was harsh. I agree with both sides. Do something positive. But on the other hand, the future is influenced by the djs of yesterday. The kids set was dope and at that age, he puts alot of djs to shame twice his age. But I can also see what he is saying about the musical quality. Mainstream 130bpm to 130bpm isn’t hard. If it was a 30 year old man, then we would probably all be like that was decent. But him being 11 is definitely commendable.

    • RockingClub

       No problem man, I’ll put on some Modern Talking for you.
      Seriously, music is continously in progress. Some new styles are created and some others become outdated. It’s absolutely useless to debate about taste.

    • Spacecamp

      We’ve never liked adding rules to contests that limit their entrants’ creativity – thus why adding a rule against certain genres or popular tracks hasn’t been something we’ve considered. After this contest, we’re reconsidering that. We agree with you insofar that the routines are being held back by the lack of musical diversity within them. 

      In regards to music taste, we actually do have an extremely wide range of unique tastes here at DJTT.  Ean’s always been a big fan of metal. I enjoy deep, deep tech house. Zach Staxx loves trap music right now, Mike is a huge drum and bass fan, and Mad Zach is into and produces psychedelic bass music, Mitch loves old funk, rock, and soul, while Chris has an awesome collection of obscure indie electronica. 

      • Djteeoh

        Here is an idea DJTT. Instead of the same songs, mix it up. Mixing 130 into 130 is beyond simple. 
        How about you do a comp of obscure songs that DJTT picks (not the mainstream stuff everyone already knows) and releases on 24hrs before the deadline. 10 songs and the competitors have to us atleast 2. Throw some dub, hiphop, reggae, house, DnB….alittle of everything. Hell maybe even a couple mainstream tracks and some exclusive DJTT acapellas, why not. It’s not limiting them it’s forcing them to be creative. If you have a 100 tracks to dj with, thats an easy 80 min set. But try cramming 100 songs into 20 mins or stretching 5 songs over 20 mins.
        Now that’s a competition. That’s where real creativity comes out. Little time, fresh tracks, big prize. And this was a video editing comp, not a dj comp.Not knocking him in anyway: that 11 year old probably didn’t edit this himself. But his routine was dope. Much props since he is rocking it at such a young age. If he did edit it, someone give him my number. lol

    • Essentials

      Can you post a link to your performance video?????

    • Kilown

      YOU SIR , PRICK …. enough said!

    • Simon Cowell

      Well why dont you show us something better rather than being so rude and critical of other djs tastes and routines…. Lets see how good you are …. welll errr no reply i guess …. all i ve got to say to you is Jesus still looves you but everyone else thinks youre a troll.

      • Djteeoh

        lol, nice. Dope name too.

    • Djteeoh

      I agree. This was a video editing contest, not a dj contest. Mashup together 2,3,4….10 songs of the same 125-130 BPM is not djing. Especially when using preset cues and buttons. All you have to do is push it at the right time. And with sync, even THAT is easier. These comps all feature the same music. I want to see someone do sets with hiphop or reggae and really wow the crowd. I play dub and everything else too, but seriously??? EDM music is not hard to mix. Putting BUMPBUMPBUMP with BUMPBUMPBUMP, doesn’t take anyone special to do it. I give props to the 11 year old who rocked it. Simply because he is doing more than the rest of the people twice his age. How about a real competition….real djing. No premade cues, no preset effects, no playlist.

      • Rasmus Källqvist

         Hehe. So the great house and techno DJs weren’t doing anything great?

        • Djteeoh

          lol, not unless they are making the music live. But most just blend it. Very easy when its consistently the same thing and same BPMs.

    • Lauti

       BFLY, YOU SAID IT GURL! I’m with you 100%

    • BelgianJungleSound

      I thought first place was pretty good. Second place was horrible

      • iamspencerbaird

        haters gonna hate haha

        • Emery

          HAHAHAH this made me laugh^ Spencer, good job man. Solid mix, good use of effects. That song would deff rock a party. However If I hear levels played one more time!!!! 😉

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      BFLY you sound like the type of person who asks the DJ at a party to put some better music on when the dance floor is packed. It’s very likely that what you consider good is not what people frequenting here find good. EDM is not for everyone and neither is Dubstep. I just want to highlight little Jordan’s routine. Let’s be direct here. A good few of his cuts and mixes would not go down well in a  club, the music selection on the other hand, is right on mark with what a lot of people want to here in UK clubs right now. However, Dubstep is still not mainstream but give it a couple of years and it will be topping in the charts throughout the globe. If that’s not your thing, that’s you and your tastes which just like Heavy Metal fans have to accept, is just no longer in sync with the majority. What this young lad showed was raw potential but which ever way you want to cut it, Renegade Master couldn’t get any further away from tasteless and cheesy. So in conclusion to your beliefs…. It’s not us, it’s you….

      • Rasmus Källqvist

         Except not a single dubstep tune was played in the videos but allright.

        Theres a massive difference between wanting your preferred genre being played in all the routines featured on this blog, and wanting to hear other genres than simple radio-bangers and top-40 pop.

        There’s a time and place for that stuff as well, but seeing as DJing should be as much about delivering music as getting other people to get a taste of something they’ve never heard before, you’d recon we as DJ community would meet new and interesting music all the time, not in the least in community competitions.

        Especially since I think one of the great perks of controllerism and the use of laptops is the ability to greater extend that CDjs or Vinyl,  take music from many different sources and present them in a new fresh context.

        I’d like to see more boundary pushing DJing with controllers, not just playing two popular songs and running some filters. Its cool, I guess, but I want to see more than just that.

        • Anthony Woodruffe

          Rasmus, I think you’ll find Nero – ‘Act like you know’ is a classic Dubstep defined song.

          This about a person who said that there was no good music played in these videos.

          But as someone else has mentioned in this thread, This was a video contest but with other factors thrown in. Maybe BFLY is moaning but didn’t even submit video. Maybe they did submit a video and is sour that it was not seen good enough by the DJTT team.

          The bottom line is why should DJTT dictate what genre of music should be used for this type of contest? Just to please the minority?
          That’s not to say a specific genre based competition can’t be done or a mashup up contest couldn’t be done.

          As you put, so I am agreeing with you
          Time and place.

    • Emery

      I agree in that ‘Levels’ needs to be ban for a few months, besides that I would also love to see your routine because have been bashing the scene hard the past few days. Please show us how to mix “good” music.

  • Joe Hayes

    Even though I didnt win anything, this article and contest inspired me to release a DJ video!  It makes me realize how much I have been missing by not DJ’ing.  I plan to keep improving and enter future DJTT Contests!!!  Oh and replace my DJ Hero controller with a midi fighter! -Joe Hayes

  • weirdtimes

    how is the winning one even a DJ – as in disc jockey – video? lol

    • Odarwin

      Interesting you ask. Go to my blog “the CP Cave” linked @ http://www.kpgdjz/ and read up about how it is confusing at the moment but you are right. He is not a DJ and niether are most controlerist. The DJ title is just the most excepted term out there for what we do,but we are more Controller/Producers(CP) than anything 


      Hi weirdtimes, what do you mean how is the winning one even a dj?? confused by your comment? How about some constructive comments. For example, I thought that the winning video was really good because it was a well-constructed musical arrangement, and showed a good combination of Traktor and Ableton. His use of Ableton as a base and layering additional elements from Traktor, Maschine, and Massive was a great. Also I thought Sweep in the video played a key role in winning it…. will Sooty be in the next video ?? 

  • Spacecamp

    Just a bit of commentary from the DJTT HQ staff: We’re probably going to ban using Skrillex songs in the next contest. We like Sonny a lot, but it seems like every other video in our contests has one of his tracks in it – spice it up! 

    • Owen

      Better yet just ban the Brostep in general, spare us all the tinnitus 

    • Kaïou

       Avicii too please!

    • Anonymous

      Please, yes. please please do it.

    • Odarwin

      How about a “use your own sounds” contest and we’ll all get to see how next level creative we all can be. Oh Oh Oh brain storm!!! I just thought of this contest held in the 80’s by MTV- WHOS THE BEST ROCKSTAR? People sent in pictures of themselves dressed to impress the likes of KISS. We could showcase our controller skills as well as bring that flare someone was asking about in an earlier blog. I’m talkin holloween showmanship with attitude!!!

    • DJ ForcedHand

       Why not just state that if you use a Skrillex song, you’ll be graded down… If someone wants to use the Skrillex song anyway, they know they’re running that risk.

    • dafe

      I’d love to see a sample size budget on a competition, max 64 bars or something like that. See if entrants can create something nuanced and musical, and push their controllers a little further

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    Jordan still gets my vote. hope he gets a MF3D for X-mas.

    • JordanReifkind

      thank you! 🙂

  • RockingClub

    Sad enough that more than half the videos can not be watched in Germany due to the GEMA protection, at least not without illegal tools…
    Congratulations to the winner who’s definitely rocking the routine!

    • Kilian Kerner

      get yourself proxtube, that will fix it for you!

  • DJ Froto

    Nice job everyone! Think the community generated 20+ videos in three weeks!

    • Spacecamp

      Closer to 60+, actually! Froto – thanks for commenting on so many entries! I’m sure the entrants all really appreciate it : ) 

  • Shrapnel

    first lol