Mixify – Turntable.FM for Live DJ Streaming

When Turntable.FM launched last year, online media outlets (ourselves included) hailed it a new online club experience, allowing individuals to chose their favorite tracks and play them for an audience. In the DJ community, we all were waiting for the day when we could actually DJ online in this context. Almost exactly a year later, Mixify is on the scene with a very similar service to Turntable with one big change: the ability to live stream actual DJ sets. Read on for our thoughts on their beta and exclusive details from Mixify themselves!

Site: Mixify.com (Public Beta) 
In A Nutshell: The streaming simplicty of Mixlr combined with the fun of Turntable.FM’s interface
Cost: Free! No charge to stream or to listen.
Best Feature: Simple, fun context in which to stream live or recorded mixes
What It’s Missing: Track detection, multiple DJ-events, more audience participation

As a company, the team behind Mixify has been building online music experiences for a few years – starting with Breakout Band – a website targeted towards aspiring music producers who don’t have real tools yet. The core idea of Mixify came out of that platform – with the major increase of interest in EDM and DJing, Breakout Band’s web-based DJ app (think Flash-based turntables) got significant use and attention. Mixify started with “Clubs” – selected DJs playing one-off events using the company’s DJ application. The primary feedback from those DJs was that they wanted to use their own equipment and livestream any audio they wanted in the same context, whenever they wanted. This formed the basis for Mixify’s events feature, which was officially launched into a public beta about two months ago.


As a listener, the structure and aesthetic of live events on Mixify feels very similar to Turntable.FM’s social listening parties. But while similar in design, the base function couldn’t be more different – instead of democratizing the listening and song selection process, Mixify events are centered around allowing DJs to stream whatever they want to their fans and potential fans.

Unlike many traditional streaming services, Mixify encourages you to set up events ahead of time, asking you when you create an event to provide a specific date and time, write a short description, and make an image for your event to show up on the Mixify site. Speaking of scheduling events, the service currently doesn’t seem to always have a live stream happening, so it’s not over-saturated with hundreds of folks trying to share their livestreams. This is one of the key advantages at the moment, since the streaming ability is specifically targeted for DJs and not crowd-sourced selectors like on Turntable or any type of broadcast like on Ustream, it makes it more likely that random visitors will click into your event and check out your mix.

From a technical perspective, you’ll have to make sure you have your master audio running back into an input on your soundcard or computer – Mixify allows you to choose any input that your computer detects as the sound source. In our test streams, we had no problems getting this set up quickly, with all of our listeners reporting clear and decent quality audio.


Mixify’s streaming DJ experience is a step above a lot of the other streaming services for DJs (see our article on getting started streaming from two weeks ago) simply because it’s designed to be a fun community experience focused on DJs. Setting up an event and starting the actual stream was a snap, and we didn’t experience any major quality drops (aside from our own internet cutting out for a minute during the stream).

The aesthetic of streaming on the site is just plain fun – when you start a stream, it counts down from 10, and slowly turns up the sounds of a crowd cheering and an air raid siren. During an event, DJs and fans can click a “HYPE IT!” button – flashing the entire virtual club with wild colors and lasers – and adding a point to the number next to the button – designed to give the DJ some sense of how well they’re doign. When you end an event, fanfare and cheering fades up, and a sign above the DJ booth prominently declares “You just heard (DJ Name)!”, along with a nice call to action that encourages the folks who are still in the room to add you on Facebook or Twitter. The social media integration is on point – with plenty of opportunities for users to fan / follow / favorite / like the DJ playing in a room.


We got a chance to chat with Mike Vosters, the product manager for Mixify, to share some of the upcoming features for the site and some of the intents and future focuses of the project. The specific items in the immediate pipeline that he mentioned were:

  • Mobile support: Allowing listeners to be on their mobile devices listening to the same stream.
  • Recording mixes: Enabling DJs to record their entire livestreamed event and save it for future playback.
  • DJ Analytics: Giving feedback for DJs as to how well their mixes and livestreams go-  how many listeners, what sections of stream had the most presses of the “hype” button, who the people are that are attending the events and for how long.
Mike was also explicit in letting us know that they see their intent as to build one of the best marketing platforms for professional DJs, and as a result, they’re prepared to listen to feedback from communities like ours:

“We’re looking at Mixfy as a way [for DJs] to build fanbases, and we’re letting DJs build the roadmap.” – Mike Vosters, Mixify Product Manager

Additionally, Mixify features different communities and genre-based events on their site. For instance, they’ve got a few curated weeks coming up in August, including a Drum and Bass week and a few partnership weeks with blogs and music labels.


During our test livestreams last week, we had a chance to chat with a number of you all to see what feedback you all had. The service is obviously still a work in progress (it’s still in Beta!), but only in terms of features and functionality: the site itself was very solid and free of any apparent bug, even when we tested the load with >50 listeners.

First on our feedback list, we all felt that aside from chatting, there’s a bit of a disconnect between the DJ and their audience. Especially with a live stream without any video- it’s not always clear if a DJ is playing live and what they’re doing. This is a clear area in which a video streaming service like Ustream wins out. A great example of this disconnect was the number of times we got the same questions in our streams:

What equipment are you using? Who is playing? Is this really live?

Some of these questions could be easily solved with just a in-window updatable description from the DJ. We found that listeners always wanted to find out what the playing track was – a simple connection to Richie Hawtin’s Twitter.DJ would solve this without DJs having to type in every song manually, as is currently the case. This disconnect goes both ways – as a DJ, without monitoring the chat, it’s hard to tell how the crowd is feeling during a mix – one of the most important indicators that DJ has to determine their next action. Allowing the audience to express their enjoyment is crucial – some form of live feedback would be great.

Another major piece of feedback from us is to fix the lack of support for multi-DJ events. Being able to switch off to the next DJ in a single event would allow events to keep the same crowd without making a new event, and would have the ability to feature multiple DJs – effectively allowing for communities like ours to build up a constant live stream of DJs in a “channel” format.

One closing observation: the aesthetic of Mixify does comes off as a little cartoonish and cheesy, which not everyone will find endearing. Mad Zach especially noted that he didn’t like how strange the avatars looked – I’m guessing it was the broccoli avatar wearing sunglasses that weirded him out. A few additional and more customizable avatars and venues might go a long way in making the experience seem less toy-ish.


Finally, hot off the presses, Mixify is launching a resident DJ program. This could be a great opportunity for some of the budding stars in our readership looking for a regular online gig. This could be a pretty great chance to get some exposure, especially if Mixify takes off in the coming months. You’ll host a weekly or monthly gig, and the requirements are pretty simple:

  • Mix and produce electronic music
  • Available to host weekly or monthly events on Mixify
  • Upload all your mixes to Mixify

In return, they’re promising to promote their resident DJs heavily across the site. For more information and to apply, visit this page and fill out the application.

Learn more about Mixify and use it for yourself here– and let us know what you would change to make it a way cool service. 

Special thanks to Mixify’s product manager, Mike Vosters, for chatting with us and adding perspective to this article.  Additionally, thanks to everyone who joined us in our livestreams in all forms last week – yes, we’re planning on doing more. Watch our Twitter account to stay apprised! 

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  • YouBeWrong

    So this is like Turntable.fm okay ill try it

  • Bobby Roosco

    I like to throw a lot of parties and I need a different DJ for each one. Some of my parties are college parties while others are business. It’s hard to have a college DJ do a company party because they are different. Business parties do a lot more talking and take control of the party. http://www.crystalsound.mb.ca/music_services.html

  • Jon Joffe

    Hey @facebook-1274244918:disqus – wanted to give you a heads up that we just launched an integration with Icecast so that users from all operating systems can broadcast directly from Traktor – or other mixing programs as well if the DJ is familiar with how to get started with Icecast.
    Email support@mixify.com for early access. We’ll be rolling it out to the public next week.

  • Mike Vosters

    DJTT Community,

    In response to your feedback, we just rolled out a direct integration with Icecast that we know you’ll love. With this integration, DJs can broadcast directly from Traktor on any operating system with no additional downloads or cords. And we have all of you to thank as it was y’all that prompted us to get it done.

    How it works: http://bit.ly/S9f9aH

    – Automatically displays track metadata to fans in real-time
    – Stereo broadcast
    – Keeps your headphone mix separate
    – All internal: No cables, No downloads
    – Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux

    Once again, we can’t thank the DJTT community enough for your feedback. This integration is the first of its kind (as far as we know) and will make the streaming experience easier for DJs and more enjoyable for fans.

    As always, email support@mixify.com with any questions.

    Mike Vosters
    Product Manager | Mixify

  • Morne' Welgemoed

    Ok, I am gonna try and not RAGE too much …

    I have been trying for the last 8 hrs to set up a “quick” live stream/channel for djing!
    My girlfriend is currently away on holiday and I wanted to do a surprise live mix for her and her friends and party with them live via the great interwebs.

    Great idea, did it happen no! Over the last 8 hrs I have tried : Livestream, Ustream, Mixlr, Listen to my radio and finally Mixify and not one of these gave me the result I was looking for…

    I would of gladly paid someone if there was a decent detailed step by step set up and connection video on any of these sites relevant to my needs and set up. Sure a quick we can do all this and it’s great vid they all have getting it to do that smoothly is another story – FRUSTRATING.

    Here is my 2 cents and experience and questions.

    Let me first say I like Mixify and your interface and DJ scene idea is cool the rest of your platform is very cool too and it has much promise.

    Some additions like live video would be cool as others have mentioned. Most important the option to stream live from software like Traktor etc for PC users as soundflower is not a option for us.

    Other than that tech issues aside I think you are onto a winner and I cannot wait for the bugs to be worked out and to get my set up going properly to mix some MONSTAR live stream sessions.

    My current set is : Laptop win 7, Traktor 2 Pro , Hercules DJ controller mx 4

    I have routed my dj controllers main audio output with a rca with rca splitter and ran it into my laptop mic input as advised. Sound is okish. Best sound was on ustream … and video for that matter.

    Main issue this far is this why can I not get a clean signal out and a earphone que option that does not send everything crazy… ? I’m a oldschool DJ must have earphones!

    When I cue the sound doubles or plays over main audio out even when channel/fader is closed.

    Wtf? Is this sound card related how do you stop this ? The controller I’m using has got a external sound card. HELP. Can’t mix like this … Is there i ternal traktor options on routing that I have over looked?

    I will also be buying the vestax VCI- 400 Ean Goldman edition soon will I have this to deal with issue then too? How do I get a clear audio out and a clear que signal that does not effect it when used? Ean make a video – plz.

    Can someone please make a video with all connectivity options in detail – plug this in there like this, add to this setting here like this, this is how you get clear signal and que. Here is what you gotto watch out for etc.

    Live streaming is going to continue blowing up more and it sucks balls when you cant get ur shit to work properly.

    Also tried below … no luck either as application did not detect the changes.


    • Jon Joffe

      Hey Morne’ – Let’s get you setup so you can stream asap. Can you shoot us an email to support@mixify.com and we’ll help troubleshoot?

      If possible, please include photos of how you have your hardware routing configured. Thank you!

  • mike b.

    too much of a pain the butt to use with traktor. especially on a pc. messed around for about an hour. i give up. it would be nice if i i could just upload the broadcast using the broadcast geature in traktor and type in the url of where to send the stream.

    • Jon Joffe

      Hey Mike b. – I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties getting set up. We’re looking into ways to to streamline this process, so definitely stay tuned. Feel free to email us at support@mixify.com and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

    • Jon Joffe

      @6ce0f22b99edaa85731b1637d23796aa:disqus – Wanted to give you a heads up that we did exactly as you suggested. We’ve integrated Icecast so that users from all operating systems can broadcast directly from Traktor – or other mixing programs as well if the DJ is familiar with how to get started with Icecast.
      Email support@mixify.com for early access. We’ll be rolling it out to the public next week.

  • Redskyy

    I just messed around with this its pretty fun and pretty simple set up. I tried to sign up for the resident program but its a blank page

    • Jon Joffe

      Hey Redskyy – Glad your enjoying! Unfortunately we closed submissions for the residency program last week – but email us as we’d love to check out your stuff and keep in touch. support@mixify.com

      • Redskyy

        ahh im so glad i just came across this. I will send you an email with in the hour!

  • Julia Orchidea

    Hi there,

    I see the comments are a few days old but I hope the Mixify guys are still keeping an eye open on this thread.

    I registered yesterday and started playing with Mixify and I enjoyed it!

    From the comments and the article I see that many things about the avatars and the interactivity have been fixed already. I haven’t seen any broccoli in the audience so I guess that was fixed already 🙂 Tho I like very much the banana avatar!

    The interaction with audience is good, I like the “hype” system, I have a box where I can put the name of the track I’m spinning, I can chat with the audience, there is a tag that indicates when a DJ is live and so on. Apart a live video stream I don’t think that much can be added here.

    The weakness of the system is that when you play your music with your computer (traktor/serato/mixxx…) you need to switch back and forth between the dj software and the browser on mixify to interact with the audience, unless you have two monitors/two computers or you spinvinyl/cd without software. A nice to have feature would be some sort of application a la growl where you can see notifications in a corner of your screen when somebody in the audience interacts, so you would change to the browser only when you need. My audience was very small, no big deal, but with an audience of 10 people or more it can be demanding for the DJ. A big part of the fun in mixify is socializing with your audience and while mixing live you do not have a lot of time left after chosing the next track, mixing, beatmatching etc. so the interaction must be easy and quickly doable by the DJ during the free time in the middle of the playing track.

    I see people complaining that mixify is focused on EDM, nothing wrong with that, it’s a design choice and it’s clearly reflected in the whole graphic, style and contents of the site.
    But on the long run to make the business sustainable, mixify as any other web/social site needs a big (very big, possibly enormous!) user base. Too much focus on EDM in future might marginalize mixify and make it a niche product. Just think about it for the long term.
    By choosing carefully the featured DJs, events, and articles mixify can expand beyond the EDM and increase its customer base. Not a top urgent priority though, at the moment it’s better to focus on EDM and avoid to scatter and disperse the users between too many genres, djs and so on. Just something to keep in mind for the future when mixify will be out of its infancy.

    My “complaint” goes a bit further: the problem I see is not the focus on EDM, but the focus on a subset of EDM. At the moment my impression is that mixify is dominated by electro, and to a lesser extent by dubstep and dnb. Again, mixify should try to push a bit more the other types of EDM (house and techno in all their flavours) to widen its audience. Also, a highly energetic type of music like electro and dubstep draws the entire attention of the audience, so somebody who wants to listen in the background without being in front of the computer would probably head to elsewhere. Having a wider choice of EDM with a more relaxed pace (deep house for instance) can attract also the users that are in the mood for listening only instead of being 100% focused on the music and interaction.

    As I mentioned already, the whole styling of the site reflects this energetic EDM mood, so far so good but on the long run if mixify wants to broaden its audience it might probably need a graphic style less techno/robot/nerd 🙂 Another point is that the whole style looks very masculine and techie to me…think also of the “other half of the sky” for the next reviews of the interface 😉

    Something that could be improved easily and right now is the choice of background images for the club. There are only two available and that can become boring very quickly.

    Sorry for writing too much…I guess that here I went into “marketing professional” mode instead of DJ mode.

    I look forward to have more fun mixing on line at Mixify, and I’ll probably apply as resident DJ to spin regulary some deep house, techno and mimimal.


    • David Moricca

      Hi Julia – we are absolutely still looking at all feedback coming through. Thanks for the comments.

      That is a great idea re: growl notifications. We already have it for when you get a hype, so we will look at that for chat. Have to see how taxing that is performance-wise. But totally makes sense.

      Agree completely on focus and then how to broaden. Totally agree with your points on pushing more EDM sub-genres – we will do that.

      As for gender balance, it is a great point. We will continue to add more club themes and avatars to speak to both genders. Your feedback is really awesome!

      Please apply for the resident DJ program. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Monkey Foks

    Is it possible to make a video to explain how to use jack audio on win 7 with S4 and traktor to be able to create events on mixify? please

    • Jon Joffe

      Unfortunately we do not officially support Jack Audio as it seems to be giving DJs issues at this point. There is a piece of software called Virtual Audio Cable ($25-50) that should allow you to route everything internally – and you can try their free trial version to make sure it is what you need before making a purchase.

      Alternatively, you can run the output to an audio interface and back into the mic input of your computer for live streaming.

      Hope this helps dude!

  • Eric Day

    How about a way for DJ’s to sell copies of their mixes. The DJ gets a cut, the artists get a cut, and Mixify gets a cut. Like an iTunes for custom non-stop mix compilations.

    If the DJ has original tracks in the mix too, they also get an appropriate artists cut as well.

    Also, being able to place a link on Facebook so people could hear the live mixes on the FB band pages would be key as well. Similar to the way Youtube videos can be seen directly on the FB page, or Youtube itself.

  • Eric Day

    How about a way for DJ’s to sell copies of their mixes. The DJ gets a cut, the artists get a cut, and Mixify gets a cut. Like an iTunes for custom non-stop mix compilations.

    If the DJ has original tracks in the mix too, they also get an appropriate artists cut as well.

    Also, being able to place a link on Facebook so people could hear the live mixes on the FB band pages would be key as well. Similar to the way Youtube videos can be seen directly on the FB page, or Youtube itself.

  • filitico

    I like the setup. but seriously, its kind of candyraver-esque. fix the avatars and add some options for background and this will be a hit for sure!

    • David Moricca

      Thanks for the feedback @a546bff8152b28ba0e52f51a6eda91a5:disqus . New avatars that are less candyraver-esque (great term!) coming in next week. As for backgrounds, yes we will definitely add options.

  • filitico

    I like the setup. but seriously, its kind of candyraver-esque. fix the avatars and add some options for background and this will be a hit for sure!

  • renton

    hi Mike,
    I just couldnt make it work.I am a windows 7 user,using traktor and usb audio card m-audio connectiv,tried it with jack audio software and your input test tool did not show the jack audio as a sound card ? really need help on this and the tutorial on mixify did not help it needs to be more specific to show how we configure jack audio and traktor. Any help and advise will be apriciated.

    • Jon Joffe

      Hi Mike-

      Sorry I’m catching you on this so late. We are currently working on a solution that would eliminate the need for Jack Audio and allow you to stream directly from your software. With this feature, setting up w/ Traktor will be quick and easy. More to come on this over the next week or two…

      Thanks for reaching out.


    • Mike Vosters

      Renton, we just launched an integration with Icecast so that users from all operating systems can broadcast directly from Traktor – or other mixing programs as well if the DJ is familiar with how to get started with Icecast.

      Email support@mixify.com for early access. We’ll be rolling it out to the public next week.

  • Fernando Romero

    Just did a live stream. Everything worked really well but it seems to use a lot of resources. Made my serato respond a little slow.

  • kebzer

    Nice new site and all, a bit confusing though with the uploads path. Nevermind that, I would prefer the overall layout to be more in the middle of genres. I’m coming from the scratch/turntablist/hiphop part of this world and the layout was not that “in line” with how I want to be presented in general.

    Maybe a layout option/second page would be nice.

    • Jon Joffe

      Thanks @542ac61c9d5052a092267c1ff6eb96d7:disqus … We definitely want DJs from all corners of the space to feel at home on the platform – going to look at ways we can make that happen, like new club designs/skins. Also, keep your eyes open for new avatar options coming soon.

  • Ronald Maran

    Hey All,

    Trying to test this one out, but need to figure out a way to get ITCH master output into the software. Was thinking output from Novation Twitch -> Another audio Interface?

    • Jon Joffe

      Hey @facebook-558538614:disqus – You can totally run out to an audio interface and then into the mic input on your computer to get a stream going. Alternatively, you can use Soundflower to route it internally to Mixify.

      • Ronald Maran

        Thanks for the suggestion John. I probably will use the audio interface approach for now, since I’m on windows.

  • Inzolectric

    This needs AudioJack implemented. Right now that program doesnt make any sense for me, and doesnt work properly. Im not a tech guru that has any know-how of these things, so that just stops this awesome site right there and then… Such a damn shame you have no idea how much I was looking forward to it 🙁 Oh windows7 64bit btw, incase that matters.
    Hope this gets changed, I loooove the idea!

    • Jon Joffe

      Hey @af03e59236a409b214c8aa8db398701f:disqus – To route your software internally to Mixify, you’ll need to download and run Jack Audio on your computer. Gimme a sense of your hardware/software setup and we’ll help get things running for you.

      • sean

        am having this same problem….. using windows 7 64bit…. using traktor and vci 400 ege…. managed to get everything set up its just the routing :S all i can get is music coming out my laptop speakers 🙁

        • Jon Joffe

          Hi Sean,

          We’ve actually stopped officially supporting Jack Audio as a way to route internally on Windows – too many issues. If you absolutely have to route internally, you can try http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm .

          That is a premium software (about $25-50), but will enable you to route your signal internally. There is a free trial version offered as well, so you can test to be sure it will work with your configuration.

          Let me know if it works out!

          Best wishes,

          • sean

            managed to get jack set up but now you dont support it arghhh away go insane … just tried that virtual cable thing just as confusing

          • Jon Joffe

            Hey Sean, it’s not that the technology doesn’t support it anymore, it’s that Jack Audio has been problematic for many of the DJs trying to use it on Mixify. So we removed it from our support/informational pages. Have a look at the Virtual Audio Cable website (http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm) to get a good understanding of how that software works. Once installed, it’s a matter of selecting your I/O within VAC and then choosing VAC as your input on Mixify.

  • David Moricca

    Hi DJ Tech Tool Community. This is David from Mixify. We very much appreciate all the feedback you guys are providing. Many of your points were already in our near-term roadmap, and some points have completely catapulted to the top of our list as a result of this forum. We plan to be very responsive to the DJ community, so keep the feedback coming. We will not stop refining and improving until we have nailed Mixify 100% for you guys.

    • Eli

      What do you think are the best hours (in what time zone too) to be playing?

      • David Moricca

        Hi @adf669d662e52d16935ec9217543e989:disqus. I think it is a littler early to say. But I think early evening is great. We are already very international in audience, so should always be some fans in every timezone.

        • Kasey Straightface Thompson

          Hello, My name is Mr. Straightface. I would like to know if Traktor is usable for this site with any actual DJing device? Also when will be able to use the mixify turntables live?

  • Danny Jefford

    Just had a little blast (1hr 49mins) and was actually impressed. gave no notice on the event and didnt bother to share on facebook (gives a true audience without friends and fans being involved). Being in NZ it was a random time for europe and the states but i had plenty of listeners and the stream quality was actually quite good. I was lucky to be able to have 2 screens going so the chat screen and track listing wasnt too much of a problem but running one screen would have been a killer. For a beta service it shows lots of promise. im thinking about signing up as a resident.

    • David Moricca

      @facebook-684280341:disqus We glad you enjoyed your first ride on Mixify. Please do apply for the resident program – we’d love to hear from you.

  • durtyjerzy609

    i gave this a try last night doing a live feed, and to be honest, i found gettin your show started a bit clunky, as i put in all my details about the show and it sat there, it wasnt until i went back to the menu and entered my own show that i could start playing. and i too found the avatars a bit “childish”. it also put a hell strain on my system as it i got continual usb drop outs and had problems using my whole setup, which is always 100% spot on. i did get alot of comments about the fact i was the only one at the time playing hiphop/ghetto funk/ and doing some cuttin, but there were 7 electro house rooms going on

    • David Moricca

      Hi @durtyjerzy609:disqus Another Mixify team member will connect with you on the technical issues you had. As for the avatars, yep – we have heard and are working to refine avatars, age them up, make them a little more chill, etc, while at the same time keeping the fun aspect. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Muldo

    how long before the adverts are popping up all over the place? and will it be free forever prob not!!

  • nusanz

    I cannot find any ways of changing the quality of the mix to match the internet speed. Unfortunately, i don’t have a connection with good speed and my live streams sucked with lots of dropouts in between. It would be great if anyone know of any ways around it. I quite like the interface and procedure and for a new dj like me, I would like to start streaming regularly.

    • David Moricca

      Hi @1a2d290ec89c300fd8edec42a7de4ac8:disqus A mixify team member will connect with you on this. We’ll help you troubleshoot.

      • Heisnam Shantanu

        Thanks @facebook-1330900961:disqus
        I somehow pulled up a set yesterday and i will say, it went quite well, the dropouts were controlled to some extent by tweaking the soundcard and the MIC input vol. (i am nusanz)

        • David Moricca

          Very glad to hear @facebook-539848854:disqus

  • Charlie Whiskey

    I tried to get it up and running with Jack yesterday afternoon, but couldn’t. That may have been user error, but the Jack Audio device never showed up as selectable. So last night I did a straight audio feed from my S2 back into the laptop and it worked great, but really put a strain on my CPU. At one point when I was changing effects, the audio glitched out. The take away I got was that a less busy interface for the DJ would be great. Show us how many people are there, give us a chat window and a hype meter.

    I’m also a big fan of DJTT’s multiple DJ suggestion. I frequent a turntable room with a bunch of other DJs and producers and we’ve been talking about wanting to be able to mix a 30min/1hr set, and then hand-off like you would in a real booth. If you have to do one thing, do that.

    • David Moricca

      Hey @twitter-605677506:disqus Thanks for the feedback. One of the other Mixify team members will connect with you on any technical/CPU issues you experienced. As for the interface for DJs, we will definitely keep that on the roadmap. The festival format is definitely on the near-term list – highly requested. Thanks dude.

  • djevensteven

    So far I like it. Don’t really have any critiques on it, but is there an option to view the audience from the DJ booth, facing out?

    • David Moricca

      @djevensteven:disqus We actually experimented with that idea back in the day. Not sure how we would pull it off in the current live stream model, but let us keep this in the backlog of ideas. It would be totally sick.

  • Freaky Fizzle

    Jumped around a few shows last night and I enjoyed myself. Will post some more feedback after I do my first event this Saturday.

  • Ryan Supak

    Think the site might be crashed this second…

  • Funkall

    When I first saw this article saying that there was finally a streaming website specialy created for dj’s, I thought “They will finally have integrated an easy support for the traktor broadcasting system!” But no… Of course ,there is other ways to make it work with traktor or whatever piece of equipment your using (classics ways in fact, plug in the output of the mixer in the sound card…) but it would have been easier to just have to press the broadcast button of traktor to start streaming…

  • Brodyism

    I was skimming the terms of service, can you only mix/upload songs that you completely created? Can you mix anyone’s music?

  • Ryan Supak

    I played with it for awhile. Great for a v1.0.

    Is there FMLE support or support for higher bitrates planned?


    • David Moricca

      @google-bb7dd80078064230f144a2b7e5e83f22:disqus Hey Ryan again. Yes, we have talked about having a higher bitrate supported software download.
      As for the current bitrate, direct stream events are 128 while pre-recorded mix events match the quality of the uploaded mp3.

  • Chris Jennings

    I played with it for about an hour last night. Overall it was good, but I’ll echo the interface comments. We at least need a simple interface option that’s not all flashy. The typing in the song tracks and comments was real laggy for me on an 09 MBP. I accidently clicked on something that took me to another page and that killed my event. A pop up that asked if we really wanted to do that would be nice.

    • David Moricca

      Thanks, Chris. Yep, Twitter.dj integration has moved high onto the list now in terms of track listings. As for interface, we are making some avatar and visual refinements that should make it less pastel and yet keep the fun.

  • DJ Nyce

    love the idea. you do need to implement some key features to stand out from the crowd. video feed is a must, twitter.fm integration would be a simple solution to allow tracks id’s, and better crowd integration. also we need re-curring events.

    and for all of you that wanted some non-edm, tune in Friday July 27 @ 7pm est for the farewell episode of 67 The City’s The Metromix.


    • David Moricca

      @twitter-13484362:disqus Totally agreed on all your point. Your 3 feedback points are all int e roadmap. Thanks for the feedback.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I know Shoutcast and Icecast have been perfectly functional streaming solutions for years now and both send the ID3 tags as part of the stream. The Online club idea isn’t new either, Second Life (the 3D World Community) made an excellent platform for listening to music in a virtual club environment. Maybe people should look to see if something else exists before trying to (re-)invent the wheel?

    • Joe Stein

      you might want to take your own advice and read what this product does before saying there is a already a product in existence that does the same.

  • Corey Cordobes

    did my first live stream last night with mixify and i have to say it went well … in a quick half hour set i aquired five hypes… as far as im concerned thats five people that that listened to and liked my mix. i am a beginner dj and i need all the publicity i can get. i see this as a key to getting my music out there, and as i get better i see myself benefiting huge from online streaming.

  • Coldfuzion

    I’ve seen a to of the replies saying clean up the way it looks, to be honest, I don’t mind the way it looks at all. I love the idea, and the way it works. The only thing i’d recommend is allow the streaming of video as well (just like uStream). Also the other issue is the genre, this way you’re just limiting your own client base. And as an emerging company I feel that’s the last thing you need (to segregate your customer base).

    Can’t wait to see what this turns into & where it goes!

    • David Moricca

      Hi Coldfuzion. Yes, video stream is definitely a service we are planning to add in the not too distant future. As for the genre point, we encourage all DJs to use the platform to grow and engage fans. Our roots are in the electronic space, but we have love for all DJs.

  • Lauti

    This could work.My tips:
    1) Address the design/aesthetics issue AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. You want to gain momentum and for that, you can’t look that bad. Really, it’s a big turn off how cheesy it looks…and the second thing in this world has too many of, is designers (the first is djs, of course) so there’s NO EXCUSES to have a bad design/aesthetic. Either you hire something good, or you make some sort of contest to design it, with good prizes.

    2) Don’t go cheap regarding features (such as download original file, duration limit, audience limit) THere’s a ton of alternatives for streaming, you need to stand out.

    • David Moricca

      Hi @6bd3ab30797be4e63a0fb56cbb4aa667:disqus Thanks for the feedback. Avatars are the primary issue in our opinion. Overall, we are pleased with the interface. As we refine the avatars to make them less pastel/cheesy and a few other tweaks we plan to do, I think some of the issues you see will be addressed. We still want to stay fun and social, as that is the way to stand out in our opinion. Appreciate your comments!

  • tr4gik

    Excelent idea, I think the avatars give the same turntable feel … I will definitely try this out (live stream dj w traktor 2.5.1 wooohooo update) as soon as i get home.

  • Anonymous

    ftw… i can have this running in the bg while i do my sets on stage 😀 this way all my poor friends can see the show

    • David Moricca

      Totally @calgarc:disqus. Take Mixify on tour with you. You can stream from anywhere and a live club makes for a pretty sweet experience. We have done a few of these already.

    • Mike Vosters

      Hans, Mixify is available worldwide.

  • Anonymous

    just tested this cute toy out 😀 very promising

  • Ryan Supak

    > smart-alecky comment here about how the site has an analysis algorithm that bans a user for playing non-electronic music
    > lengthy, exasperated response from someone who took my joke-comment as serious

    …kidding aside, this is a wonderful idea. I’m going to set up an account right this instant. I’ve got an audiophile setup and am eager to find out how the sound translates.

    rs (non-electronic music DJ)

  • Ewan Matheson

    I came in during the first DJTT set – was relatively impressed, once the Richie Hawtin’s Twitter.DJ (or similar) integration happens that’ll be quite cool.

    Video feed I think is a must at some point, specifically multiple camera support, although I suspect that might be bandwidth prohibitive for many… although if users could select video feeds THAT would be awesome – or leave them on a pre-determined switching loop

    @facebook-676911089:disqus Couldn’t agree more with point number 1 – I got carried away as the broccoli and tried to get everyone else to change to broccoli so it looked like a party forest… I may have just been back from the club… But the novelty soon wore off – a cleaner, more professional interface would be good

    Does anyone know what bitrate they are broadcasting at? 128?

    • Mike Vosters

      Ewan, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoy the platform, and know that we’ll keep improving along the way. If you have any specific requests regarding design, definitely send them over.

    • Mike Vosters

      As for bitrate, direct stream events are 128 while pre-recorded mix events match the quality of the uploaded mp3.

    • David Moricca

      @facebook-782115386:disqus Video feed definitely on the roadmap, and love the idea of video loops. We have played with that as well and coule be a really interesting, cool option. As for avatars, yes – we are responding directly to the feedback to kinda “chill” them out a bit while still maintaining the fun, laid back quality.

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    I love the idea of this website. But I really dislike three things.

    1: Avatars and fluff. Why? Clean up the design and aim the design style for… I don’t know, people OVER 8 years?

    2: Why only EDM? That sounds incredibly limiting and cuts out a lot of DJs.

    3: Add video feed! I want to experience the DJ set and see what’s going on, what’s being used.

    • John Smith

      It’s not like you can’t use it if you don’t play “EDM”

    • Mike Vosters

      Emil, thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely start working to age up the avatars. If you have any further specific feedback on design, definitely send it our way.

      Regarding genres, see my response to LTParis.

      As for video, it’s definitely something we’re considering for the future.

  • LTParis

    I’m a little disappointed that the “resident DJ” side, and the site as a whole is for electronic music. What about the love for us hip-hop/r&b/soul/funk DJs? 🙂

    • Mike Vosters

      LTParis, we definitely have love for DJs outside of EDM and hope that DJs of all genres will use it to build their fanbase. As for the Resident DJ program, our roots are in electronic so we wanted to keep our focus there for the inaugural class.