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  • Ronny White

    Great article guys thank you! Once you have a logo created you may want to check out – they will convert it to 3D and animate in 200 styles for your live performances – then you just pick your favorites in HD and download. Ridiculously easy to get headliner-looking animations fast 🙂 Cheers everyone!

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  • VSD Studio

    Professional logo designer for DJs as well as companies. Several years of experience. Covering logo design, branding, business card design, flyers, and much much more.
    Client satisfaction is guaranteed. Each and every project is hand drawn with full client interaction and prompt updates until the project is completed.
    Full portfolio with all projects and all info:
    Some of my work can be seen down below.

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  • Kyle Baca

    Check out I hired them and they gave me a logo that was better than those dang cheap websites that no one cares for but comes in a horrible design that does not attract the crowd.

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  • kidneon

    his is mine

  • Aspirin pro

    Aspirin pro

  • Irvin Cee

    Am I the only one that, when first seeing the A-Trak logo, thought it was a 14 year old bedroom DJ that had made his own logo in Word with Word-Art?

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that, when first seeing the A-Track logo, thought it was a 14 year old bedroom DJ that had made his own logo in Word with Word-Art?

  • Manuel Daedelow

    I am DJing for 6 years. I never had a Logo. I think it’s really hard to find one. There are so many aspects which are so important for example color or form… but the most important thing is, that everybody remembers it, when they see it. So, my DJ Logo is as simple as it could be – but hopefully sombody remembers it one time.

  • Manuel Daedelow

    I am DJing since 6 years. A few weeks ago I got my DJ Logo. Why? It’s a hard way to choose the right one. It’s very important to think about colors, form – and the most important thing – everybody needs to remember it in the first second they see it. In the end, my DJ Logo is as simple as it could be, but it has a good look to remember… It’s – really – nothing special, it’s simple and straight, like myself.

  • Nozem

    NOZEM Illustrator & Designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Worked for Redbull amongst other Music Company’s go check our portfolio:

  • Kris Roc

    Is it necessary to trademark your logo?

  • Kris Roc

    I like all of these logos. But I do think the best logos are the black-white types that can be vectored.


    Im impressed with the disigns they a really awsome. esspacialy for a young Dj like me (15)

  • Chris Roxstar

    Hi everyone… I made this logo.. I learned the basics of Photoshop by watching YouTube videos..I would like to know what you guys think? Thanks for your support..

  • Erik

    This is an interesting post, I myself have a degree in Graphic Design and I would like to say a few things just from looking at it right away, the tiesto logo is simple, memorable, etc but to me its kind of boring and the circle around it to me looks like the bird is being targeted. The dj qbert logo, so many problems, right away I will say it does not work because it is not legible for someone who does not know this style and this breaks design rules of using something like this as a logo. The a-trak logo to me might work but it needs to be simplified, its important! Gradients are a big NO in a logo. Show these to any experienced Graphic Designer who actually went to school and they will tell you similar comments.

  • dave diasson

    when designing your logo

    1. make sure its vector
    2. make sure its legible/still makes sense in color and black white
    3. make sure its legible/still makes sense in all sizes down to a height of about 10mm (which is about the smallest it will be printed on anything)

  • Joel Palazuelos

    I have been a DJ for over 3 years and really enjoy it as a hobby. You guys should check out our company. We design many concepts but we have highly experienced, passionate, and creative branding/logo developers. You can check out our portfolio at: I hope you guys like our work! Thank you for reading this!

  • Kento

    These were designed by my friend Jimmy Hits for me. I really like them a lot and I love how I have my actual symbol built into the word so I can remove it, put that alone on a sticker, put it on a laptop, put it on the back or front of a t-shirt, hat, anything.

    The fact I can break it up makes it extra versatile for me.

  • Dj Jackmeoff

    You forgot an option. STEAL! Midi Fighter = Street Fighter. DJ Krisp = Krispy Kreme.

    • Kento

      there’s a giant difference between stealing and paying homage. Don’t be a jerk

  • Aldez

    I couldn’t be happier with my Macbook from StyleFlip. I tried to keep my design simple and straight to the point. Soundwaves have always been a favorite of mine. Love the article. I believe that we should all be memorable. Too many DJ’s out there creating these wacky aliases and names.

  • FF

    I got my skin and I love it. It is like a mini billboard to promote yourself. helps you Customize & Protect your gear.

  • Ryan At StyleFlip

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Like us on FaceBook at

    • Fow-T

      Reminds me of some autobot ^^

    • Kento

      NICE! love the Gundam theme.

    • Terranova

      What program did you use to make your logo ! ? It looks super cool

    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      We are looking for designers to work with! We checked out your Facebook page and are interested in talking with you.


    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      We want to collaborate with designers at You should contact me about this!

    • UltimateCoder

      Sorry about bad quality upload (the forum comments engine is bad at processing PNG formats)

      • UltimateCoder


        • Connor82

          wow man these are powerful, especially the rethink one. I love your work

    • DJ PALI

      I had my Logo/background done by VSD and the result was incredible!! I now have a personal branding design that I can put anywhere!

    • dj Ian

      Awesome work! I love the Evo one, it’s epic. I’ll need a logo soon, and I’ll be sure to give you a shot

  • nxtonic

    I found a really cool way to hand out mix ‘CDs’.
    I just put a link to a folder on dropbox, then I put that into a QR code which I printed onto a shirt at

    Anyone who wants to listen to anything I’ve done can just go there and download from that, it’s like a CD except it’s on the internet 😀

    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      You should throw that QR code on your gear too. We can always print one for you at StyleFlip!

    • Charlie

      There are a few problems with this though… many people don’t know what to do with a QR code and people who scan it successfully with their phone will have the mp3 on their phone but if it’s an iPhone for example, it won’t automatically go into their Music.

  • Sam Bell

    I’m a DJ and a graphic designer, and I can tell you first hand, be sure to get a vector logo, and be sure your logo looks goon in plain old black and white. It’s good have a strong one color logo. Another tip would be to stay away from icons, use your DJ name and make sure it’s legible, the idea is for people to know your name. Also if you can get a screen made up of your logo and your hands on some plastisol, you can pretty much put it on anything, see attached… I’m be happy to contribute to the DDTT community, I am a graphic designer, AMA…

  • fokaisnake

    Got mine done by a member on the DJTT forums. Nice guy and fun to work with.

    • Micah

      Thank you very much! It was hard at first to design something so close to me, as we tend to be veeeeerry pick about things like that, but it really helped me sit down and decide who I was as a DJ and what I wanted to represent.

  • Micah

    I designed my DJ branding campaign, including a press kit, Demo CD and custom headphones, and would definitely be wiling to do anybody else’s.

    • jprime

      Nice work man, that stuff looks fantastic 🙂

      • Micah

        Thanks a lot! I need to start working on some 3D renderings or motion graphics, or find somebody talented!

    • Dan

      You serious? This was unexpected. Very profesional and stylish, great job!

    • Kento

      Really smart doing the work out mix card. Put a tinyurl on that, leave it at a local gym and you’d be shocked how many people are downloading your mix and pay attention to you from them on.

  • tron

    I am a designer. If you are paying for a logo, you would want a vector .eps or .ai file. This way you can use the logo for anything you want. If you were to get a psd or tiff file and tried to enlarge it, you will lose image quality and the larger you go, the worse the image looks. You should ALWAYS try to get a vector logo.

  • kresnik

    I designed my own logo. Nothing fancy but that’s the way I like it.

  • Narrah

    I recently tattood mine on my forearm.

  • Tomislav Simi? Tos

    <— that's my DJ logo, representing a HDD but giving that "turntable" feel. Scales, color-independent, simple to re-create and witty.

    • Anonymous

      It also just looks like a normal turntable…

  • Sam A Muze

    Love this article – loads of great ideas! But the easiest way has to be a designer and any DJ who isnt friends with some designers probably needs to get out more. I have always had help off friends, students and fans when building logos etc, but then again… I dont have a very consistant design scheme and I cant DJ!

  • Andrew Northern

    here is my logo as it sits on my facebook banner.

  • DJ Invisiboy

    I would avoid going with 99 Designs. The results are almost universally mediocre. I would suggest finding a good local designer who’s prior work you like, and just hiring them. You’ll get fewer options, but the work will be of a much higher quality. I’d rather have three options from an experienced pro, than 99 options from kids in design school who will never actually have a career. Talented designers (rightfully) tend to see themselves as above participating in 99 designs, so the talent pool is really lacking.

  • Leslie Jones

    Nice article, only a small point of critique, the Twitter template.

    With the old twitter it was great, unfortunately nowadays it has a new layout, so you’d probably want a new one. 🙂

    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      We have a lot of Kontrol gear at StyleFlip. You should get those for real.

  • Fugi

    As a DJ and a professional designer I would advise to stay away from contest sites. You can find a professional designer for about the same amount of money (or less).

    When choosing a designer watch out for the guys using bootleg version of Photoshop. A professional designer will be using a vector based design program like Adobe Illustrator instead.Having your logo designed in vectors also prevents you from paying a promo/print company putting a vectorizing charge on you when you try to get your image on promo items.

    Great tips otherwise.

    • Spacecamp

      Good tips on vector design vs. Photoshop newbies.
      The only reason why I like the idea of contest sites is that they create a wide range of options for the contest holder – but I can see how a professional designer might really dislike that model.

    • Micah

      Let the records show that bootlegged photoshop works just as well as regular photoshop. Very true on the vector side, though.

      • Kento

        Yes but if your designer is caught using the bootleg photo shop and is busted for it, their credibility goes downhill. This is something I’ve seen before. It also shows that as a designer they’re clearly not invested in what they’re doing.

        You can’t rely on them to back up the files.

        • n3v

          Very true on the vector side? You guys realize you can design using vectors in photoshop right? I can design vector in photoshop or illustrator and have the same end result.

          • Kento

            replied to the wrong person…

          • Fugi

            You might have the same result using both programs but it would take twice as long in Photoshop than Illustrator. (or longer)

            You can use a screw driver to hammer a nail. It’s not designed for that though.

    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      Well stated.

      Check in with who you are working with! Study up.

    • César Sánchez

      (Did it myself, Illustrator is far easier than Live XD)

      • Kento

        your DJ looks off center and it looks like a drink label.

        • César Sánchez

          It’s centered as in “align center ” in illustrator; and as it is inspired by a drink of the same name, I say is a plus!

          • Kento

            I’m sure it is centered, but it’s not balanced. IT’s a visual trick. The grid doesn’t help either. The fact that the D is larger than the J, crosses the 50% line…

            I’m not trying to talk down about it, or bully or anything.. I just think that it’s really busy and could be far cleaner and more professional with a little work.

  • Ed Paris

    i really dig the logo´s a friend made for me

    • thedjally

      tee hee it looks like DP.

    • Ryan At StyleFlip

      We can help you design your gear with your sick logos. You should let me know if you’re interested!

      • djdynomite

        I’want this name font ???

    • Makinsan

      Would you happen to know how I may contact this friend of yours?

  • Hackysac

    Great Article!!! I designed and created my own but def some good pointers in there!

    • Spacecamp

      Nice, these are really cool, especially that Udachi design! Thanks for sharing.