New DJ Gear: Pioneer XDJ-AERO – WiFi Standalone DJ Controller

Forget CDs, forget records, and forget controlling tracks playing on your computer. Instead, imagine a piece of DJ kit that’s loading your tracks straight from your wireless capable devices – your cellphone in your pocket or the iPad in your DJ bag. That’s what recently announced new DJing device, the Pioneer XDJ-AERO, aims to do.

With a similar built-in workflow system as a connected pair of Pioneer CDJs and mixer, the full-system model of the XDJ-AERO is reminiscent of Stanton’s all-in-one kit, the SCS.4DJ system announced at BPM 2011. In addition to wirelessly loading songs from your smart devices via a Pioneer-built app, the unit features a standalone two channel mixer, a direct-to-USB drive .WAV file mix recording feature, two “automatic mixing functions”, and onboard effects:

Jog Drum – Launch, scratch and manipulate samples by simply turning or tapping the jog platter.
Sample Launch – Includes four built-in sounds: Scratch, Horn, Siren and Laser.
Beat Effect – Four additional effects including Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll can be added to currently playing music.
Sound Color Filter – Each channel of the mixer includes Pioneer’s popular Sound Color Filter which can be added to the music at any time.

Naturally, the unit is also capable of also accessing tracks via Pioneer’s Rekordbox track preparation system off of a laptop nearby, and all of this is over a local 802.11b/g/n wireless network or an ad hoc hotspot that it creates itself. Of note, the only file formats supported via Wi-Fi are MP3 and AAC – not sure if this is an app limitation or just a bandwidth concern – but it can also accept more formats over a USB drive or connection to computer.

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO will be available “late August” with a MSRP of $1,399.

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  • Pierre Marquis

    Got thing it’s priced this way, will keep all you non serious wanna-be dj’s away

  • Beijer

    I will receive one in 2 weeks, will come with feedback after that. Perhaps i’ll post a yutubevideo.
    It’s possible to use the wireless function but you dont have to, u could just plug in a USB stick and load each deck directly from it, like their cd players. So with that knowledge its in my opinion nice and probably worth the money, its said that your also able to view/scroll through tracks with your ipad/iphone from ur usb stick aswell. If build quality is OK then this product definately will have a market. price in stores 999 euro.

  • Ronald Edwards

    I can’t imagine why Pioneer would think this controller would be something that people would want over something much less expensive with more control. They claim that the interface is an all-in-one solution, but the fact is the interface is sub-par. The push is for Rekordbox and wireless instead of workflow and interoperability with software… like the new Denon system. I think everyone has come to expect more from Pioneer and we’re at least mildly embarrassed for them that this is what they offer us.

  • J

    Awesome. Would like the display to show waveforms a bit in detail though. Traktor should follow suit with the wi-fi thing. let’s get rid of the laptop.

  • Shandon Dyksterhouse

    will this work with scratch live or just with traktor if you wanna run a laptop?

    • Mark Settle

      The exact mapping is as yet unknown, but you’ll still need the relevant audio interface. It will in time with with Serato DJ Intro.

  • up2late

    I hope NI will release a similar controller that way when you’re djing with it you can look like you have an old school set-up with no computer. Plus, it would be great to have one less gear to set-up.

  • newmansoon

    DOS attack the DJ ftw!!!

  • Roc

    Good idea! I’d use wifi in non critical situations like when rehearsing and plug it in USB when I wanted a more reliable link. I hope other manufacturers follow suit.

  • DJ PC3

    The wifi-connectivity should’ve been a neat add-on, not the unit flagship feature.

    Do they reall think ppl would spend the almost same price as a DJM-850, for a device that isnt DVS or midi/hid compatible?

    Honestly they should have updated the DDJ series, added this feature & call it the mark II version of the DDJ series while keep all the old functionality & and adding a few cool things like DVS functionality & merging the T1/S1 to one unit that can play on both softwares (idealistic I know )

    Come on pioneer…

    • Gavin

      That’s only MSRP, actually retail price will be lower.

    • scott blizzard

      100% agree

  • BuRdTuRd

    $1400 for a 2 channel controller? I’ll be passing, I hope everyone else does as well…

    • Gavin

      That’s MSRP. Store price is always lower.

  • Dj Sonhador

    Nice product from Pioneer. I love the features but the price not combine with product, its too high. But being an All-in-One solution for djs with wireless connection, MIDI for Traktor and HID for Virtuaj DJ support and a standalone mixer its better than having a DDJ-T1 or S1. I think next cdjs will have wireless too.

  • Wookie

    It looks like a toy – as ddj-t1 & s1. You press one button and you hear the “plastic noise” from every single part on the unit. But the wifi thing is cool!

  • anon

    do they really think people will pay $1,399 for this?

  • Nomak

    Looks nice and has a “look at all my features” feel about it. However, wireless presents too much latency and chance for failure. It is not a serious option IMHO.

    Even so, it’s gonna present itself with an amazing appeal to the masses :).

  • Casper

    The “Horn” effect says it all…

    • Wookiee

      For all Reggeaton & Dancehall djs out there haha

  • Jean-François Amadei

    The look’n’feel seems quite cheap to me but I love the idea not having to use a computer anymore (or burn CDs)

  • Leslie Jones

    Here we go! 🙂

  • Christian Morgan

    The fact that it is also a stand alone mixer with built in phono pre amps is a big bonus over the scs4,looks interesting.

  • Hopeful

    Can it connect to Traktor, Serato, ect. via wireless midi? or can you only connect things to it thru the onboard ad hoc network?

    • JSKNTK

      i believe it is Traktor only. it connects to traktor via an HID cable, i did not read anything anywhere in multiple sites that states it can also control Traktor via wifi, but why would anyone want to buy this to control traktor if the focus was on giving the user back the control and functionality of a CDJ 2000 system, free from laptops. first there was tape, then there was vinyl and cassete, cd, digital mp3, usb… now mp3 via wifi. no more need for a laptop, it is the perfect ideal piece of gear for the average dj on a budget looking for a more economic pair of pioneer 2000’s. the only reason i would see for using this for traktor would be for a more complex setup that involved other things like maschine. i am unsure if it would support 4 deck control for traktor if you plug in a set of turntables. im pretty sure that would be for mixer standalone, or maybe i missed that part.

    • Gavin

      It is a MIDI device so you can map to any software. Serato Scratch will, of course, require the SL box.