CrossDJ 2.0: MixVibes Released

Mixvibes (the company behind Pioneer’s Rekordbox) has been building their own DJ software, CrossDJ, for well over two years – and today they’ve released the newest version. Teased earlier this summer, CrossDJ is a complete redesign and update of the original software, featuring a modular user interface, a 4-channel mixer, and an updated sampler.

The modular interface skin isn’t quite on the level of manuverability promised by the ever-forthcoming “The One” software, but it does allow the DJ to show and hide each element of the interface. Don’t want the sampler unit? Gone. Want to show parallel waveforms at the top of the skin? Click and it slides right in: quick, clean, and easy.

CrossDJ 2.0 also has a very adjustable BPM engine – with beat grid editing that looks more powerful than Traktor’s. The software even allows for granular adjustment of quantization (a la Ableton Live) that ranges from 1/16th of a beat to 16 beats – something that we expect might come in handy when you’re using the two new 8-slot samplers in the software.

Mixvibes has released an official launch video featuring Polocorp showing off some of the features of the new release – see below.

We’re hoping to have some time to test out the new software this week – but in general at DJTT we’re excited by the potential for the smaller players in the DJ software industry to create competition in the market and drive innovation.

This 2.0 release is free for all previous CrossDJ users, and €39.00 for new users. 

Learn more about CrossDJ 2.0:


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  • Ben

    Been using this for a while with their Control Pro controller. I was using Traktor 3 and a VCI 100 4 or 5 years ago but gave it up due to other comitments. I tried the Cross free (mouse only) software after rekindled interest recently and was very impressed so I bought CrossDJ 1.6 (all updates are free so I instantly updated to 2.0) bundled with their controller and parted with the VCI and seperate sound card which was still on firware version 1… It’s just so damn easy to use and has made my performances way more creative than they ever were with Traktor 3. The controller quality is not on par with the VCI but the layout is way more intuitive and well thought out, It’s way more portable too which was the deal closer for me. Of course the little controller doesn’t support all the features in Cross 2, but I new that when I bought it. The setup runs great on my netbook!! Rock solid no hangs whatsoever (it’ the latest and greatest).
    So while I wouldn’t say it’s better than Traktor, especially not the effects, (although Ableton wins hands down here) for people who just like to get on with it like myself this software is great. Also the price and the free updates!!!! Awesome. I haven’t tried the latest Traktor so can’t give a direct comparison but I tried demos of most of the latest interfaces including VDJ8 (which is actually very good), Deckadance (great sound, buggy as hell), Future decks pro, (still had a licence from my BCD2000 days), DJ decks etc. and this was a clear winner for me.

  • jprime

    Well done Mixvibes! Big congrats 😀

  • bhjdshjbds

    meh. looks like traktor but instead of a cool impressive routine, some lame ass dude activating effects

  • yourboyvic

    djs will not be what they used to be, controllers are taking over…can we just be called controllers