Video: Behind the Scenes of Kaskade’s Marquee Residency

The New York Times ran an article at the beginning of this summer about how dance music and big name DJs have become Las Vegas’ stars, with major monthly residencies booked at a level comparable with Ibiza’s legendary parties. With so much money flying around, it’s no surprise that Kaskade (who recently placed eighth in Forbes’ top 10 list of DJ salaries) has put together a high-production visual live show at his residency at the Marquee nightclub.

Check out the video below to see some brief behind-the-scenes action, including the VJ talking about how he takes his iPad down into the audience to control lighting while in the middle of the crowd.

Over the top? Absolutely- that’s Vegas for you.

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  • Anonymous

    Bling-bling dj’s. An inevitable but dubious trend as high cash/high show places like Las Vegas are increasing the stakes into clubbing culture.
    I don’t mind good visuals as long as good music and good DJ-ing are the basis. With someone like Kaskade that is highly debatable though:Way too unoriginal and commercial for my taste.

  • Matt G

    I saw Kaskade in Australia at the end of last year, and to be honest he was very disappointing. From the look of it, he seemed to be more concerned about his personal appearance (he literally had like 4 layers of clothes on which he kept adjusting his sweatshirt, shirt, tshirt etc.) and talking on the mic every 2 mins.
    And over his hour long set he probably managed to play 7-8 songs max, just playing out every song to the last 8 bars and then spending half the time just fiddling with the mixer like he’s actually doing something.

    Personally I think when your a big DJ, you should do your job properly. To see a DJ just stare into the crowd and shout crap into the mic rather then actually focusing on their mixing seems silly. If you were in a real band you wouldn’t play guitar for 1min then spend the next five doing virtually nothing. So why is this the case for DJ’ing?

    I mean it’s cool that they put all this effort into the show but I think especially for these huge DJ’s that they focus on the actual reason they are there for, to mix, not to have all these over the top lighting, visual, performer stuff.

    I know a few Australian DJ’s who have moved from Aus to the US in the last couple of years, and they don’t actually play the music they like anymore. They solely go there to get paid more then they do here.
    If you compare their tunes from a couple of years ago to the ones they are producing currently the level of production was much higher and now they just make generic commercial house tracks that sound exactly like every over Swedish House Mafia/Avicii stuff.