Pioneer’s Rekordbox Launched On iOS and Android

With Pioneer’s latest controller having wireless support for smart devices, today’s announcement of the launch of rekordbox on iOS and Android platforms is both expected and a sign of a smart development cycle.

Rekordbox allows DJs to manage their collections on the go, allowing them to transfer files to the app to do normal track preparation like setting cue markers, aligning beat grids, and even compiling playlists. These preparation steps then can sync back to the main rekordbox library . This could be especially useful for DJs with a lot of travel downtime – whether it’s a daily commute or a weekly flight – and something that other DJ application developers should probably consider developing! While Virtual DJ has already made advances into the iOS sphere, it would be awesome to see preparation be something that’s mobile for all softwares, especially Serato and Traktor.

The application also takes advantage of Pioneer’s new wireless technology, allowing iPhone-stored files to be played back on the XDJ-AERO (and we’re speculating this is indicative that there will be future wireless versions of other Pioneer products).

Here’s the official feature list from the Pioneer press release:

  • Transferring music files from rekordbox on your Mac/PC to this App via Wi-Fi.
  • Setting memory cues/loops, hot cues/loops, and beat grids. (Please note that features such as memory cues/loops and hot cues/loops are not included in XDJ-AERO.)
  • Editing comments and rating tracks.
  • Creating and editing playlists.
  • Playing music files in rekordbox with Pioneer DJ products that support Wi-Fi.
  • Importing existing music files from your iPhone.

More Info: 

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  • Rashid 'Lebz' Atweh

    what I REALLLY want to know is, can you plug an ipad into a linked pair of CDJs and then load the tracks & info stored on the ipad ??

  • DJMJChicago

    Serato!!! Where you at??? At the rate new music comes in, I would enjoy remotely accessing tracks in my SSL library for cues, playlists, even crate organization from my iPad. Downtime at work, at the mall with the wife, sitting at the park under a tree, etc…..all free-time that can be used efficiently without having to break out the laptop and external. Definitely puts Rekordbox ahead of the curve but I’m too invested in SSL to consider other options.

  • J

    Let’s go NI…..Traktor needs this!!!! Step it up!!!

  • Fearghal

    Oh I’d love to beatgrid on the go for Traktor.

  • Darchik

    My iPhone cannot see recordbox in same network 🙁

  • Blablabla

    Same as below; would love to prep my tracks for traktor on the go…

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    We all want to see this for all of our favorite DAWs and DJ platforms. What I would like to see is a standardized format that can be exported to any of these platforms. Then we can use our iDevices for all the ways to DJ.

  • Neil Oughton

    I am desperate for Native Instruments to do something similar!

  • b

    I dont use rekordbox, but love that pioneer made it for android, something that more developpers should do!

  • Spacecamp

    Sadly, no. We’d LOVE to see this on Traktor/Ableton/Serato/VirtualDJ

  • John SherpaPsy Grasett

    How well is this going to work in Android given the terrible audio latency experienced to date?

    I am curious of there is a PC/Mac version, not tied to any hardware. I would love to have a portable copy of my music library, well an index really so when I hear tracks say at work (where my iTunes/Traktor listing is not available) I can check if I have the track or not).

    • Daniel Lawson

      I can confirm it works well on android HTC dual core sensation. The only minor issue i had on 1st load was that the waveform zoomed view did not appear, after zooming in it appeared. I was quite impressed but yes i want an android version of traktor prep similar to this! or if not maybe traktor could add functionality for rekordbox as well as the itunes implementation that i personally rarely use, this would open rekordbox up to a much wider audience.

    • jean luc protocollie

      it’s not clear at all what you’re asking for?

      rekordbox isn’t tied to any hardware. you can download and use it for beatgridding and whatever else your heart desires free of charge even if you don’t have pioneer equipment, it’s just not terribly useful unless you own it.

      also, i don’t think this is a cloud-based solution that pings back to your computer, i think you have to manually sync tracks to it at your pc and then you’ll have them available to you for beatgridding on the go.

  • David Smereski

    do they make something like this for tracktor yet?