Pianocade: Arcade Button Synthesizer

Spotted on Engadget and Twitter this morning was a new awesome piece of electronic music equipment with a full range of black and white arcade buttons – and we couldn’t resist resharing it here. The Pianocade is both a synth and MIDI controller made by Toronto’s Portmanteau Devices, complete with keyboard-arranged arcade buttons, an arcade joystick, and even coin-return buttons on the front as settings switches.

The Pianocade is available for $250/$350CAN – or you can get your own DIY electronics-only kit from Portmanteau for $100.  Now if only it had supercombos programmed in already… check out the Pianocade in action in the two videos below!

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  • jayceedee

    I just dont understand why u guys on djtt dont put a joystick on the midi fighter??? All we need is just one joystick to rule them all (alternative to the X/Y Pad). Simple

  • Tyler Smith

    Where can i but this??? its not in the dj tech store

  • Ewan Matheson

    Like a giant midifighter? for $100 Canadian I’ll give it a pop. (controllerism… the new champion of DIYpunk…)