Video: Traktor and Pioneer’s HID Integration

Native Instruments dropped a video this morning showing off all of the new features of Pioneer CDJ and Mixer HID integration that were bundled in the 2.5.1 Traktor update. The integration is full-featured, allowing a DJ to walk into a club and plug into Pioneer’s CDJ 2000, 900, and 400 as well as the DJM-900 Nexus Mixer (our review).

The fact that Traktor remembers and reloads all of your preferences for any Pioneer setup it detects is pretty cool. The only issue we see is that because Pioneer neglected to put two USB ports on their gear, DJs will continue to have to do an awkward shuffle switch from one computer controlling the mixer to the next computer. Sure, you can very easily throw a CD or USB key in to mix between two DJs, but it’s just not quite the graceful solution you’d expect from multiple thousands of dollars worth of gear.

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  • chris

    Tried this the other night . But when the next dj used cds & he couldnt play it he ended up turning off the cdj & traktor crashed …how does one unlink the cdjs can you disconnect the usb behind the cdj & the music wont stop?

    • CHRIS


      • Kenneth Runge

        Have the exact same problem …could use some feedback aswell!

    • Frederik

      any info on this? or should we just connect an mp3 player on a different channel when we need to switch dj’s?

  • Darchik

    I have a promlem: sometimes when i push some button (for example sync combinations) on deck B – on deck A turn on loop on track. 🙂 or pause. Cannot undersand. Anyone can help me, please?
    CDJ 2000, v. 4.11

  • Kontrol

    This is awesome! So nice to see Traktor catching on to what Serato integrates very nicely. This will make life so much easier.

    For more about controllerism / turntablism check out @Get_in_kontrol and

  • Winston Reed

    This is excellent. HID works brilliantly with serato and its nice to see Traktor catching up. Very interested in trying this out.

  • Devlar

    Finally! HID has been terrible with my 2000s and Traktor, I have just end up using timecode for stability or just pen drives and skip the laptop entirely…only problem of using only pen drives is if the club has older equipment im right back to burning CDs for hours on end

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    Yeah I am very happy with this. Makes life so much easier. Though I have recently just started using a USB stick with RekordBox so it’s a little too late for me. I’m sold on the ease of bringing a pair of headphones and a USB stick.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool, would like to know more in depth how this works though. Maybe an idea for a DJTT tutorial?

  • Robert Wulfman

    so let me get this strait, all you have to do is plug in the usb cable (I don’t know where you get those either) and it will automatically work with traktor? Is there anything else I have to do like update the firmware? If the CDJs are connected by ProDJ Link will I have to to plug in more usbs or do I only need the one in the Mixer? Also, where do I get this settings utility from? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    This is so cool – Additionally I hope that they’ll add the still missing features (e.g. Reverse, Start/Stop Speed knobs, …) and proper CDJ 850 & 350 support soon!

  • Alex Vazquez

    Haha, Chris was just telling me about this yesterday while I was waiting for some details about my order. It actually seems really cool, even though I’ll be upgrading to an S4 and not CDJs

  • Tré Tuna

    So key! Can’t wait to play on a set of 2ks now!