Video: A-Trak’s Short Cuts – Ghosts N’ Stuff

World-renowned hotel reviewer A-Trak put up a new routine in what’s becoming a regular video series for him, entitled Short Cuts. It’s pretty clear that he’s making the move completely over to Traktor Scratch in these videos, as he’s rocking the Audio 10 and Kontrol X1.

Check out his multi-costumed performance in the full video below:

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  • Joe Hayes

    The first costume looked like Ean! haha!

  • Ryan Glassman

    Hah! We have a convert! No more Serato for A-Trak!

  • tr4gik

    lol so funny ! when the girl was playing with the x-fad.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    And I’m sure that when Joel sees this video he will say something like “If I wanted a Fk’d up beat juggle effect on my track I would of arranged it that way.”

    • tr4gik

      f*ck joel Z. that big d-bag.

    • OLDsKOOL

      how are YOU so sure? Prob cause your one of the newbies that never learned how? Thats like saying NO ONE has a right to alter ANYONE elses original…QUIT HATING!

  • Segatto

    Why use the Audio 10 with a DJM 900?

    • st.villanus

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Neil Oughton

        I would argue that the Audio 10 has better sound quality – I own an Allen and Heath DB4 and had to buy the Audio 10 when the Mountain Lion update basically stopped the DB4 sound card from being recognised – it felt punchier and gave a better overal sound / volume…