Leaked: Photo of the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus

This morning we’ve spotted the first photos of the brand new Pioneer player that was teased last week (see the full teaser video below with carefully blurred out products). While not finally confirmed from Pioneer (the video promised a launch date of September 6th), the photos cropped up on our Facebook news-feed, seemingly sourced from a Korean product page for the new units. Click here to expand the photo, so you can see the shot in its full, mediocre resolution.

The Korean product page even names the unit as the CDJ-2000NXS – an expected alignment of Pioneer’s product line to bring the DJM-900 Nexus a set of players – but any non-physical details will likely not emerge until Thursday. Immediate differences on the unit itself that our team has spotted include:

  • Five source buttons instead of the normal four – this likely will be Pioneer’s new wireless Rekordbox loading system
  • Two silver buttons above of the pitch slider – we’ve heard in the past unsubstantiated rumors of Pioneer developing Sync – could this be it?

Concurrently with our own tip off, our forum members also spotted the picture and made a few observations of their own. In addition to HedgeHog confirming the legitimacy of the photo, check out forum user wampaone‘s astute analysis:

Another forum user, DSP, did some Google sleuthing and found another product page (this one from Italy) with this feature list for the new CDJ-2000 Nexus units:

This Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS/Pioneer CDJ-2000 MK2 has got some new features such as:
– BEATSYNC Feature (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
– Loop Chopping/Slicing via ‘LOOP MODE’
– Zoomable waveforms
– SLIP Mode
– An even better Rekordbox integration
– Advanced hot-cue’s
– Renewed, better quantize function (in combination with the beatsync)
– Rekordbox mobile app integration (as seen on Pioneer XDJ-Aero)
– Multicolored waveform display

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  • DJ TeeOh

    This is the kinda bullshit that pisses me off.

    1. $2500 CDJs with AUTO SYNC locked (all 4 synced)

    2. 4 samples of the same BPM

    3. Guy produced the samples

    4. Gets paid out the ass as a DJ…twisting knobs

    5. People claim he’s one of the BEST DJs in HISTORY

    I hope Pioneer rots. The dj world is already watered down enough, but let’s add more crap to make it easier.

    • DJ TeeOh

      And anyone who wants to comment….go take 4 samples and throw them on in a loop and TELL ME THAT CRAP ISN’T EASY.

  • miljaardedjuu

    I am getting bored with pioneer changing every one and a half year *upgrading* their equipment. As a rental company we are now forced to sell ‘older’ stuff and buy new just even before we got some profit of it. i tought with the 2000 every upgrade would be in software? the only upgrades that were usefull was to get the bugs out of the equipment .
    if we have to rent extra 2000’s we have to spend a lot of time to check if every 2000 has the same firmware and off course we have to upgrade them. . and even then it doesn’t work properly. We had shit this weekend again with the network connections. it looks like we have to hire IT specialists instead of sound engineers to set up a proper dj booth. now there is another model of cd player and all trouble will start again…

  • Burning Retina Lighting

    Sync button…… LULZ

  • Say it ain't so

    – BEATSYNC Feature – Sorry but that’s pretty lame…

    • vic


    • ddt88

      Don’t you mean bought?

    • protocollie

      that’s not anything, it’s only got a photo of the old deck on it and no useful information.

  • deecodameeko

    c ya in two days

  • pammer

    please stop adding sync buttons to such great equipment ! either one should be able to dj including beatmatching or leaf it for real djs

    • Hedgehog

      You can still use it without sync 🙂

      • Vic

        Exactly!!! All these “sync sucks” people are getting really annoying. Why don’t they stop following the bash on sync trend, and start a who gives a F**K one.

    • Mrmister

      Even though I beatmatch manually, this whole “leave it to the real” DJs is getting tired. Beatmatching is about it simple as a skill gets.

      • DJ TeeOh

        Yet, some djs still can’t do it.

    • Gavin Varitech

      I’m a real DJ and I don’t use Sync (it is actually a pain in the ass) but get over yourself. Putting a Sync button on there isn’t going to hurt you.

      • DJ TeeOh

        So when you have 200 DJs trying to get the same spot but you are the only one who doesn’t use SYNC… do you think you deserve the spot because you actually have more skill? What about turntables vs CDJs or Ableton? These kind of tools only make it easier and easier for the next wannabe to think he/she is a great dj. Strip away all the DJ ASSISTANCE tools and they would fall on their face.

        • Tim

          If you’re fighting against 200 DJs to get a spot, I’d say that you’re going to be judged on your music over your mixes.

    • Dave

      only have one good hand that works right and love to mix music? leaf it to the real dj please
      can’t wait to get a set and will send you my mix

    • Tim

      The sync button does so much more, like provide better synchronisation for fx which would allow smoother transitions between genres of different tempos. It can also be used creatively, but of course you wouldn’t understand that as you think djing is nothing more than beatmatching.

      • DJ TeeOh

        So you are saying sync works the effects quantization too? How can effects be out of sync anyway? You set the parameters and it responds to the audio output. Does that also apply to the auto BPM function as well?

        • Tim

          Sync does work control the effects quantization, yes. It does work with auto bpm, however it will work best with the tempo set manually in the master clock.

    • Antonio Torres

      You’re and your technophobe friends are annoying. Run back to your cave.

  • Andrew Peek

    also notice a slip mode button below the in/out loop also some extra text possibly a button above that as well… and more text above the info switch, and near the standby (top right)

  • Matt Karoshi Lord

    I wonder if they will run this along side the CDJ900 or will it be a third deck option. sounds like they may drop the 2000 with this ‘mk2’ nexus

  • Richard

    I’m still hoping they’ll produce a single deck (no cd slot) scratch controller for Traktor that has buttons for loop and hot cues but leaves us with our own choice of mixer.

    • MrPopinjay

      You mean the Eks Otus? 😉

      • The CrowdBoy

        Like a reloop contour interface edition but in pioneer edition…