What’s a Kontrol S2 Look Like After a Week at Burning Man?

We couldn’t help but share this photo that DJTT friend Joe Andolina posted on our Facebook wall featuring a Kontrol S2 rocking our Chroma Caps. Burning Man will do crazy things to your DJ equipment – but Joe reports that it seems to be working fine after just a bit of cleaning!

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  • Jonas

    “It’s not stalking if you’re in love.” So funny! NOT -.-

    • Tim

      You’ve not been to the burn. That’s a sticker from the Stalker camp. People sign up to get stalked, and they assign you a stalker.

  • MarcusMCB

    Yikes! My old VCI-100SE took a beating during a Warrior Dash event out in the desert a few years back but nothing like this. Glad it’s mostly just cosmetic clean-up.

  • Joe Andolina

    I wound up taking the whole thing appart. Then soaking all the boards in alcohol. One of the play buttons needs to be pressed a little harder than it used to but other than that… good to go. My dust cover showed up when I got home 🙁

    • N1mbus

      Actually washing the electronics in hot water with a little dish detergent is fine.. as long as you dry it 100% before re assembly. Alcohol can damage many of the components. Use airbrush to blow the water residue out of the hidden nooks.

      • Ryan R.

        can someone post a couple pictures or video of the s4 completely dissassembled? would be very helpful! Mine drank too much and needs a good cleaning…

      • Gregarious

        As an electronics engineer, I recommend against soaking. Some compents have a protective sticker for washing at production time, and then those are removed. buzzers for example.

        Brush over with 99% isopropyl alcohol. for alkali BM dust, perhaps also pre-brush with mild vinegar solution.

  • 1KidDown

    Ha, My S4s Deck A Fader died after microscopic dust according to NI support… Got a warranty replacement though,,, But that one was broken out of the box! Wasn’t happy…That is one solid S2!!

  • Nat

    Duckpond! Joe was saying he was going to wash all of the plastics in the dish washer and use compressed air on the electronics. Not sure if that is all he did though.

  • chendooo

    that’s not sand, that’s alkali-silt, which loves to slowly eat soldered connections! better clean really carefully!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my….!!!! This hurts my eyes 😉

  • Anonymous

    Sand and dust, blehhhh.

  • Lee Grace

    i can see their right handed

  • James

    re: TLC– just a bit of compressed air, i would guess?

    • Spacecamp

      Most likely. I would imagine sand would really be inside your controller forever though until you open it up and clean it really well. Line and pitch faders + dust storms = a bad time