Teaser: NI’s Traktor Team Announcing Something “A Little Different”

We’re not even halfway into September and the DJ world is already awash in new product announcements – not ones to be left out, Native Instruments teased a brand new Traktor-based device today with a single blurry photo on Traktor’s Facebook page, with more details forthcoming tomorrow. Have a look at the photo here:

The most interesting angle we’ve got so far is that Traktor is claiming that the unit is “a little different” when comparing it to the rest of the Traktor hardware – meaning that it most likely won’t have the form factor or functionality of the two lines of product – the Kontrol F1/X1 and the Kontrol S2/S4.

Looking closer at the photo, you’ll notice that there’s probably a Kontrol F1 in the background – or perhaps that’s part of the unit itself? Closer than that, there’s a series of colored buttons with a tempo shift or deck select above them – perhaps these are cue points. In the foreground, you can see a standard two-channel mixing section, complete with VU meters crossfader and upfaders.

Stay tuned, we’ll have full details as soon as the product announcement launches.

What do you think Traktor’s new toy is? The question on our Twitter feed seems to be if this is a mixer or a controller – or something else entirely? Let us know your best speculation in the comments below. 

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  • Jester

    Finally, the Coffee Maschine

  • MIke

    I don’t see any computer over here.. And if you notice, the overlay graphic views of Traktor (I mean the software) are slightly different.. I also saw an effect called something like “laser slice”..

    • Mike

      and also that “bass-o-matic”.. New update coming in addition to the new controller?

  • Yoeri Wysselinck

    I presume when they said ‘tomorrow’ yesterday, they totally forgot that this meant TODAY !!!! It’s a German company for god sake. It’s already nearly 16hrs ‘tomorrow’ in most of Europe !

  • 20sang

    Does “tomorrow” mean Thursday 13 September ?

  • paolo

    if you watch the image on the left you can notice a wire. I think it is some kind of stick you set between your mixer and your F1 that might control your decks.

  • willisnz

    Looks like it will be NI’s version of the Pioneer DJM-T1 mixer for Traktor or the Rane TTM 57SL. A two channel mixer with built in midi functionality for Traktor.

  • Dejayhan

    I reckon an iPad integrated controller, similiar to the recently announced Numark iDJ Pro

    • Dan Schmidt

      noooooo NI wouldn’t soil their good name with an iPad controller

  • Sebdotdj

    I think they continue on the modular concept they once started with the X1. Like Behringer also presented (but still not launched). When they also continue the namesetting they probably call this baby the M2 and will the M4 follow soon…
    Just the mixer part with the integrated sound, and yeah a USB hub would make some sense. Besides that I still hope they also start making a x1 version with a jogwheel.
    So we can end up with a setup with one M4 + F1 + X1 + X1jog + X1jog or something!!

    Hope they create a good backup solution in this mixer!

    • avick

      ^ was just thinking the exact same thing. probably a mixer/soundcard with daisy chaining capabilities

  • DJ JD

    i imagine it is a larger 2-pad version of an F1, with a built in mixer section. You can see the 4-lit up buttons closest to the screen with a deck A/B select on the top. The 4 buttons i imagine correspond to the 4 page of remix slots available (you can faintly make out numbers). I expect it to be right around the size of the S2, with the 4×4 HID pads instead of jogwheels. Giving you controller over mixing the remix decks as well as better control over effects. Sound like a possibility??? Since the F1 was not the success NI intended it to be, i suspect this is their next move and it is being released early due to limited sales of the F1

    • DJ JD

      meh, looks like I was wrong. Nice to whoever called the dedicated mixer. I wonder what the price is gonna be???

  • David Talon

    probably a mixer with a built in USB hub
    even though Pioneer ddj-T1 has essentially an x1 in it

  • BatKING

    A mixer with a lot of USB slot (hub) where you can plugged all your NI stuff (audio2, S2, F1, Maschine, …) and everything works perfectly

  • lazyellow

    OMG I can see it. It’s a slimline controller designed to fit alongside your mixer. 4 cues, you can switch decks with the two cue buttons, basically an NI version of the dicer. The mixer isn’t by NI as the knobs, markings and leds do not resemble the S4/S2 ones which would break away from their ‘identity’ they wouldnt throw out a mixer on their own atleast as thats not what they know/good at. Controllers however are a specialty of theirs though. I can see the edge of a knob as well, my guess it’s the X2, a slimline compacted X1.

    • Gavin Varitech

      The “markings” look EXACTLY like other NI gear. I’m looking at an Kontrol F1 right now and they are exactly the same. Plus you can (kind of) see the Traktor logo and the word Traktor underneath the VU meters.

      While there may be a slimline controller next to the mixer in this picture, the mixer is all Native Instruments from the looks of it.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    Also, would love to see a NI S$ type controller with USB ports for flash drive (2) so I could plug in there.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    I hope it has a louder headphone out. Am I going deaf or is the s4 headphone out suuuuper quiet.

    • KC

      Yep, quiet…

  • @D213_

    Hope it’s the start of something modular 🙂


    Its gona be NI’s version of the Novation Twitch, 2 channel but with the F1’s capabilities built in.

  • zeuus

    Love it when they tease, can’t wait, maybe a full midi mixer to use traktor and ableton? Oh my!

  • sum.zero

    either a ni mixer or a remix deck version of the s2/4.

  • Cesar Vasquez

    Looks like a Rane Sixty-XX Rival by NI w/ 4 Hot Cues or One Shot Sampler

  • Deep Blue

    I need a good USB control surface mixer in the studio so I hope that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    My guess: a control-surface-only mixer. USB-audio internally, hopefully with dual USB inputs (fat chance) shuffling all the work off to Traktor to mix and provide visual feedback.

  • Brad LeClair

    You can see the F1 on the side is separate from the mixer by fine tuning your eyes to the edge of the units and you can see that the mixer sits slightly higher than the F1. Therefore it’s a new mixer. Considering the S4 has been on sale id surmise that it is a replacement for that.

    • DJ JD

      good call

  • Alt Ctrl

    what ever it is, hope they have some NI Tracktor App … so we can prep tracklists on the go then sync back to Tracktor. Hurry up NI – keeping it all Native. 🙂

      • mfm

        wifi/bluetooth/usb etc…

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      I was just saying the same thing to my buddy. @facebook-570927411:disqus, I’m not sure the nuts and bolts of how it would work but Pioneer just launched a version of Record Box like that.

  • michielygil

    My god, they just launched the f1. I’m getting numb from all these new toys getting thrown into the market. It’s about how you play, not with what. Get creative people, not consumer-robots…

    • 20sang

      I agree with you!

  • Guest

    I think it’s a Traktor Scratch controller with a remix decks thingy and colorful leds or something

  • Matt Scharbach

    I love NI hardware products but at the rate that they’re coming out with new ones, it makes it hard to know when to buy. It reminds me of the early 90’s when computers were upgrading at rates faster than consumers could buy them.

  • Anonymous

    This controller looks like it may be specifically designed for the remix decks and playing Traktor like someone with Serato/Ableton bridge would… It could be anything really…

  • zilchie

    i think its a traktor scratch ready mixer with built in sample deck players, so lets say you plug in 2 turnies or 2 cdjs, you also have access to sample dex on each deck as well, plus built in fx controls?

    • DK

      that actually makes a lot of sense

    • JustinBailey

      One can only hope……..

    • nukage

      It probably is this, but also designed to be used with 2x X1’s or F1’s instead of jog wheels

    • the crowdBoy

      something like a rane sixty-two?

  • DK

    i swear if i get an s4 and a new one comes out someones gonna get hurt >_>

    • Jay Volak

      Why would you not think their massive sales and blow outs on the S4 NI have had this past couple of months meant anything else?

      • DK

        i was suspicious when i saw the price but i was like hey… i can finally get one

        • Jay Volak

          Understandable…and makes sense!

  • mfm

    gotta be a low/end mixer/controller most likely with monitor/booth out, headphones, minus the jog wheels. The S2/S4 jog wheels are simply there for effects purposes at this point and aren’t necessarily required at this level. just a guess!

  • Jack Durango

    I bet it’s like an S4, only no jog wheels, just multi-color soft rubber buttons

    • DJolé

      S4 has 4 channels, this one only has 2. More like the S2

      • Scenic

        I don’t think it’s “like” either of them, considering they told us quote, “this one’s a little ‘different’ to the rest of the family…”

  • Oakich

    I think it might be something like Pioneer’s XDJ Aero – a standalone unit which can play without a computer…… That would be veery interesting to see.

    • mfm

      That would defeat Traktor’s overall purpose of c(K)ontrolling it’s software.

  • Guest

    Something must be oriented effects, Style Rmx1000.

  • Troy Cobb

    Looks like a MIDI Fighter Pro-type controller… 😮

  • Steve

    For the love of the english language, its sneak PEEK. not peak. A peak is the top of something, like a mountain, or a wave.

    • Ryan Glassman

      They’re from Germany. Give ’em a break. That whole status update of theirs was bad English.

      • german

        shut up and die… hurry up!

  • Jake Hale

    i was :this: close to buying an F1, I hope that my procrastination will pay off.