Native Instruments Teases New Standalone Traktor Mixer


Obviously NI is intent on keeping most of the specifics around the unit still hidden, but just from this teaser there’s a number of things we can tell right away:

  • The Name: If you pause the video and take a good hard squint at the name, we’re pretty sure it reads Kontrol Z2 – this would make sense with Traktor’s naming traditions.
  • S4-style Mixing: There are five knobs above each channel – clearly seems to be gain, EQ, and a larger filter knob at the bottom.
  • Complete Loop + FX Control: It’s looking like the mixer will be easily capable of doing most of the grunt work in both the loop and FX departments for all decks – less like the S4/S2 in layout (horizontal) and more similar to vertical controls like the Pioneer T1 or many of the Rane mixers.
  • New Traktor Effects: some awesome new effects seem to be coming alongside this mixer’s announcement – in the video you can see both a “Laser Slice” and well as a “Bass-o-matic” being controlled with the mixer’s onboard controls
  • Integrated Soundcard: You can see “Master Out” along with some blurry additional outputs – most likely XLR out for masters, again with the seeming intent of putting this unit on the same level with similar Rane and Pioneer offerings
  • Potentially Scratch Certified: Traktor Scratch makes a heavy appearance throughout the video, with a turntable on the left side of the mixer and a CDJ on the right. As to if the audio I/O on the rear of the unit will have built-in Scratch Certified inputs is yet to be seen, but we’re hoping and guessing that this is the case.
  • Two Channels, But Four Decks of Control?: While the mixer is clearly set up for just controlling two channels at once on the main mixing section, NI seems to be including features that will make it easy to be controlling all four decks – like the buttons above the cue-point controls pictured on the right. We’re hoping the entire workflow allows very intuitive control of all four decks.

Obviously price hasn’t yet been announced on this unit – with an integrated soundcard and complete control over Traktor, we’re guessing that this will run in the $800 – $1200 range – based on the feature set, what would you pay for it?

One other interesting note – looks like there’s a complete Traktor software update coming as well – take a look at the below screenshot of “Flux Mode” active on one of the decks (screenshot by our forum mod Photojojo).

Overall, it’s great to see this unit finally make it to market – even immediately after the launch of the Kontrol S4 nearly two years ago there was a high demand for a jogwheel-free version of that unit, and it’s looking like this is it!

There’s plenty more to be freeze-framed and enhanced over the next few hours – so get to it and let us know in the comments! 

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  • DjOntko

    I put together a Midi mixer like this almost 4 years ago. DDM4000, AKIA LPD8 and Korg nanoPad, and it’s still great. I am excited to see NI Traktor Kontrol22,

  • Gypsy Joe

    It would make sense for them to create a standalone mixer w the standard traktor midi capabilities. This is Traktors answer to the Rane series, I am very happy:)

  • Dean

    Well , i jus hope it caters to turntablists as well ..!! Hope it comes with a good scratch magnetic cross fader like on the djm t1 .. or else its gonna leave alot of artists disappointed…

  • oneend

    Looks like a plastic Pioneer DJM-T1 with RGB lights……

  • JJ

    Thank the maker. I’ve been on the bench about buying a new controller without jogs. This looks like the ticket for me. A couple of Launchpads with this and I’m set.

  • Wookie

    I don’t really believe in NI’s quality. What I mean is that they’re good at controllers/softwere etc, but when it comes to the “dj-feel” I think companies like Rane, Pioneer etc have more to offer. So imo I would choose a DJM-T1/Rane TTM/Sixty-one..etc.
    – But if they did some improvements on post-fader effects, I would consider getting one 🙂

  • Dj Bemine

    damn this traktor standalone mixer its great advancement in technology and djin & producing is concerned thats taking it to whole new level! and with the pioneer techtools i aplaud you”ll great job in show-casing the latest technology! a message from the infamous dj :Dj Bemine and latest offering:Blaine and his all yours!

  • MaLazer

    What if next they will release traktor specific CDJs or something similar? I mean it would just seem so right for them to do so, right?

  • psy/OPs

    Well, I just hope these new Traktor effects and features are usable without buying the controller (unlike the F1, so far). I have zero interest in anything less than a 4 channel mixer, but i do have interest in new Traktor features that allow me to add colour and layers to my sets

  • iPhone5

    Here’s what NI says about it on their website: “TRAKTOR is changing the rules once again.
    Take a look at the world’s first 2+2 channel mixer and DJ controller in this brand new video. Very soon, DJs will mix tracks, blend beats, and work effects in a whole new way. Stay tuned.”
    Does anybody know what they mean by 2+2 channel mixer?

    • Igor Warzocha

      the S2 was 2+1. 2 full channels and one additional… with just a volume control. Probably means exactly the same

  • Jack Durango

    looks like the Native Instruments version of the Rane Sixty-two


    Yeah this is sick, I really think the ultimate setup for all DJs is to just bring your laptop and have CD like controllers attached to a mixer/hub. I love how serato is basically doing the same for DJs as a sound card is doing for tracktor but it’s popularity is in it’s direct use. You buy serato and know it will work unlike traktor and a 3rd party sound card. This mixer if it is good might become a standard, but they will have to give em away to clubs at a loss to make an impact!

  • Julian Egilsson

    it seems that this mixer has the only feature missing on the DJM-T1: 2 filter knobs!!!

  • Billy Badazz

    White people music!! Another Crappy NI Video with nothing but shit….Great work!!How bout some real skills for a change? Just a suggestion

  • Justin Ryan

    No wayyy many people would pay 800-1200 for that. The DJM-T1 is already too expensive, nobody is buying that. 400-500 is the only way I’d consider purchasing it.

  • Grant

    If those are midi buttons and two midi knobs, and the rest is analog, I’ll pay for it no matter what. That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for, and I don’t even use Traktor.

  • btxdj

    Looks remarkably similar to the DJM-T1 with a couple of extra knobs perhaps? Any ideas on how this would be better? (or worse?)

  • J

    S2 without Jogwheels?

  • Chris Jennings

    At first I wasn’t interested, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I use four channels, but two of them are remix or sample decks so I don’t need constant volume control over them. In fact I’ve combined them into one channel already. I think this estimated price is high though. And no one’s mentioned the flip switches at the top. What does that tell you about the mixer? 🙂

  • efrain

    there is absolutely no way this is a standalone mixer, unless it will be required to have 2XPioneer CDJ 2000’s connected, bringing the price of this mixer well over $4K… They show the traktor screenshots IN the video for christs sake

    • Gavin Varitech

      What do you mean “absolutely no way” it is a standalone mixer?

      It IS, there is absolutely no way it isn’t a standalone mixer. That is what it is. They aren’t even hiding the fact.

      • Dilby

        You’re being pedantic. He means work without Traktor software… eg have this with two CDJ’s plugged in and not connected to a laptop and it still work.

        • Gavin Varitech

          No, you are being stupid.

          First of all, efrain isn’t saying what you seem to think he is saying.

          Second of all, nothing that I say has anything to do with being pedantic. When someone says “there is absolutely no way this is a standalone mixer, unless it will be required to have 2XPioneer CDJ 2000’s connected, bringing the price of this mixer well over $4K” they are wrong on multiple fronts. This is a standalone mixer and no, 2 CDJ2000’s are not required to use it.

          • Dilby

            You have mentioned several times in the comments that you think it is a stand alone mixer because it technically meets that definition. What I was trying to clarify to you was that when most people say “stand alone mixer” they mean something like a DJM900, not a separate midi controller for mixing functions.

            Just a thought, it may serve you well to not be so rude just because you’re on your computer. I wasn’t trying to give you shit when I used the word pedantic, I meant you were taking the term standalone too literally and therefore missing the intention of what the poster(s) were meaning.


          • Gavin Varitech

            You are still missing the point, obviously confused to what efrain and I was saying.

          • efrain

            by stand alone mixer i meant, able to work produce sound without a USB plugged into a laptop running traktor… @facebook-1641747793:disqus I understand what you mean by stand alone mixer and perhaps I was using the wrong term. my appologies for that

            I guess i’m just frustrated as an S4 owner because I don’t really see the difference in this piece of equipment if you will still have to plug into a laptop running traktor to get sound out of it. If it is a “traktor scratch certified mixer” kind of deal like the DJM-900, that’s another story completely, but I really doubt that would be the case considering you can launch clips from the mixer itself, which would be pointless unless you had either the brand spanking new CDJ nexus 2000($2K), or had it connected to a laptop running traktor… which is what I waas trying to point out. Also, you can see the turntable with timecode… explain to me where the MP3 being controlled by that vinyl is supposed to be located, if not in a traktor program running on a computer somewhere attatched to the mixer??? am i missing something here? why would anybody in the world want to buy a 2-channel “Traktor scratch certified mixer” from NI that does not plug in via USB to traktor, when there are already many many many of those available on the market today?

          • Chris Jennings

            Obviously it will require one out of production TT and one CDJ2000 to work. I know this because that’s what’s in the video.

    • J

      Point taken, I haven’t seen many NI devices that can operate without a USB cable, and all their products are tailored to be used with their software.. however limited standalone mixer features (no effects) may be possible.

  • Rukkus

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just give 4 dedicated faders, at the very least, for deck control. Shifting between decks is a pain in the ass when you share EQs and Faders. I’ve always seen it as a clumsy way of doing things, no matter how easy you make it to switch between a/c and b/d.
    I hope a 4-channel version is released, might be interested then 😛

    • butter

      I’d guess that the thinking is that the missing faders are sitting on your F1’s…. apart from the extra sales they get, this might actually make a bit of sense – I think its really a vast minority of djs that use the other channels for actual tracks anyway (if they use them at all). So 3rd and 4th are remix deck channels (its the law) and an F1 is THE remix deck controller. Agreed it might be nice to have the option, but might not make sense from projected sales numbers perspective to manufacture a whole range…..
      hmmmm…. actually I’ve conflated the Xone:K2 and F1 in my mind a bit, so we are left without EQ, so maybe you are right…. maybe they are holding back on next weeks teaser?

      • Jay Volak

        Wrong…there are MANY DJ’s that use the 3rd and 4th decks for full tracks in the Tech, Minimal, and Deep House scene. So if this is for scratching, I completely understand it…but if this is meant to replace an S4, it isn’t going to work for a lot of genres of music as the shift and switch method is not suitable to 3 and 4 deck mixing simultaneously with physical faders.

    • Mr Obvious

      It’s a scratch mixer – how many 4 channel scratch mixers are available?

    • Anonymous

      When you look closely at 0:36 it seems that you can control the levels of Deck C and D with a separate poti above the loop controls. EQ’ing and filtering for this decks will need to be done somewhere else though.
      The best use case is the one presented in the video, using an F1 & remix decks…

    • chaz

      i second that…

  • Zimbo

    first product they’ve come out with which so far I have thought what! I don’t want that!

    • Gavin Varitech

      Aside from the X1 this is the first DJ gear I they have announced I have ever had any interest in (Maschine is studio gear to me so my statement doesn’t apply to that).

  • nestaselect

    How is it too expensive at $1,200? The SixtyTwo is $1,999. If the build quality is there, $1,200 might be on the low side. If the quality is there, I’m selling my SixtyTwo.

    • Gavin Varitech

      Just because the SixtyTwo is selling for that much right now (only due to low inventory at the moment) doesn’t mean this will be overpriced too.

      Rane has always been very expensive, and of the highest quality. People overpay for Rane just like they do for Pioneer. That is not the case for NI products, even though I bet the build quality (pots, faders, finish) on this will be the best piece of DJ kit they have ever made to this point, and they can’t charge premium pricing.

      If it is even $1,200 it will not sell well. Not based on what we have seen so far of it anyways. I am very interested in this right now, if it is $1,000 or more I will be out of the market for this. Would much rather spend a few hundred more for a DJM850 or something like that if I am going to pay that kind of money.

      I’m thinking $699-$799 retail tops.

      • nestaselect

        I really don’t think it will go for less than $1,200. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • PAnpan

    Traktor should make an open source fx, give the people a chance to develop new effects or chained effects to share with other traktor users.

    • centomila

      This is a brilliant idea, if it’s based on presets like massive. But absolutely not with VST or plugin imho.

  • DJYeshua

    Stand alone? Did I miss something? I didn’t see anything saying that it’s stand alone, and if the F1 or Maschine videos are any indication NI has taken to NOT filming the PC. I still think you will need a computer, and this product is a waste of shelf space. Looking forward to Traktor updates though 😀

    • Gavin Varitech

      Standalone doesn’t = no computer. It just means it is a stand alone mixer, not an all-in-one controller with attached control surfaces on the left and right of the mixer section.

  • lauti

    meh. If I had the money I would only trust company’s that have some years making mixers: rane, pioneer, etc.

    • Arsenio Fabay

      Pioneer were once new to making DJ mixers, as were Rane. Your argument is flawed.

    • zilchie

      native instruments have been doing pro studio gear, software instruments and software for a long time know, you’d be surprised of what they can do

  • mfm

    guessing on the price point here, it will be in the 199.00-249.00 range.

    • mfm

      through a DJTT promo of course!

  • mfm

    sweet my guess on yesterday’s thread was right on the money.

  • Christopher Crayon White

    I would rather see it be a midi controller with sound card than a Mixer by NI. The price would be kept in the Range of the S4 and would get alot of people wanting to purchase it. Then offering a Z4 verseion with 4 faders. I would end up using this over ableton if its possible to load a track or clips via the mix decks

  • gaston

    where the hell is the laptop in that setup?

    • Jonas

      He does not need one on the table, because of the awesome new CDJ integration. kch kch. Rly, a turntable and a CDJ? What kind of setup is that? o0

      • ConstL

        obviously its just a demonstration.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure this is my dream setup. CDJs are my definitely my preferred playback device and I love the idea of not having a computer.

    • cp43

      Shows that this is capable of running standalone, and still has effects and f1 control…very cool. Have to assume there is no laptop since you can see cdjs on both side.

  • nishyp

    I do like the idea of the built in soundcard. Honestly, that’s the first thing I was hoping for! But I am questioning the layout, what sort of build it will be (Cheap plasticy feel or Quality build) and that price estimate is outrageous imo unless of course it can be used as a normal 2 channel mixer as well (which is unlikely as this is titled the Kontrol Z2).

    After all the times I’ve used one and loved it, I’m still leaning towards a Pioneer DJM 900.

  • deeflash

    The New FX looks like they might be MultiFX Presets… I’m guessing that’s what the [M] next to the name means. So maybe with the next Traktor update we’ll be able to create our own presets of 3 FX together and just recall them by a specific name.

    • Colin Theall

      I Just assumed that he was using Maschine effects, or some other really cool feature of Traktor that I didn’t know about

    • efrain

      technically you can already do this with a midi controller… you just map it all onto one knob. I do this now already, such that when I turn knob X it automatically changes the FX present to 3 different ones, with the sensitivies/limits i want for each, etc… this is not a new function by any means, it just takes about 30 minutes to program it all in. it would be really nice to have that entire process streamlined, since it is my understanding that many people already can custom chain as many FX as they want together wtih a flip of a switch, you just have to get down and dirty with the programming. bong rips may prevent one from doing this, as it gets pretty confusing after a while

    • psy/OPs

      i thought maybe it meant [M]aster – as in it’s affecting the whole mix, rather than just an individual deck.

  • David Talon

    this is definitely not innovative.

  • DJ Abide

    Price point should be around $400-$500. I’d bet there will be no “stand-alone” support.

    • DJ Leaks

      RRP is £599 | €799 | $999

  • conor

    if that’s the price tag, i don’t see why people would just go with the djm-t1. it’s gotta be more in the $600 range…hopefully or NI will probably be losing a bunch of costumers to pioneer

    • Michael Wagner

      if you compare existing NI merchandise to its competitors (X1/F1 vs Xone K2, S4 vs VCI 400), it seems likely that it will be less expensive than its immediate competition, though maybe not by a huge amount.

  • jj cruz

    can i use serato with it? LOL

  • DJ Abide

    What ground is there to stand on with your suggested price? Why wouldn’t you get an S4 and have the additional faders/pots for that same money? I think the price point on this should be $400-$500.

      • DJ Abide

        You don’t know that this isn’t a MIDI controller. For all we know these pots are controlling internal mixing.

        • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

          educated guess, it would seem pretty pointless making this standard size otherwise, if this is midi only then no post fade fun ;(

          • Justin Ryan

            No way, a more educated guess would be that this is definitely midi. The DJM-T1 already exists. And the S4 is not just a midi controller, plenty of artists use it as their main mixer? With turntables, CDJs, or w/e.

          • Rock Well

            Mark from DJworx has been asked this same question and has confirmed that this is definitely a mixer… His info came straight from NI themselves.

          • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

            “plenty of artist use it as there main mixer”

            Yes indeed they do, the mixing is done internally by software which is controlled by th s4 WHICH IS A MIDI CONTRLLER !

            Without a computer and traktor the s4 cant do shit

          • psy/OPs

            midi controller with sound card built in. it routes audio through an analog to digital and digital to analog mixing path. it’s not _just_ a midi controller.

          • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

            (insert sarcastic tone) Reeeaaaallly, wow I “didn’t” know it had an actual soundcard built in. and whats this mystical A/D D/A “converters” you speak off!! Wow that must be how the audio gets in to the computer where it’s mixed and return signal comes back out, I mean I’m just filling the gaps here because I clearly no nothing.

            It’s still just a midi controller (but with a built in soundcard)

          • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

            I’m pretty sure you can use the s4 as a standalone mixer provided you have it plugged in via AC adapter. I lost my adapter so I can’t try this out to be sure.

          • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

            100% no mate, the only thing the s4 can do without a computer is act as a thru input for a turntable (thanks to phono pre amp) and/or a line input. But the audio can not be mixed without a computer.

        • Mr Obvious

          So what are the Line switches for near the top then?

        • PrimateCuts

          a mixer like in auido8+midi-controller-s4 – mixer or you-dont-need-your-laptop-at-all-no-where-near-your-turntables-like – mixer?

  • BobEDigital

    The biggest question I have would be is it purely midi or analog as well. Without analog capabilities I wouldn’t even be interested. You can integrate with Ecler products if you have a little patience and the audio quality they provide is (maybe) second only to Rane.

  • Lylax

    saw that one coming……cant wait to see it in person.

  • j-kut

    I´ll definetely look at it when it hits stores, though I really hope your price-guess is way of…
    Basically it´s a mixer shaped S4 with XLRs but w/out Jogs and less buttons, so imo it cant be more expensive than a S4, unless it has some crazy Dual-usb things going on like the Rane62.
    Also crossing fingers for proper faders and curve-control!

  • Julian Egilsson

    I already have a DJM-T1 and am quite happy with it, so no thanks…

    • ean

      hope you don’t like to scratch that t1 fader is crap!

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Where are the Traktor CDJs? maybe that’s the next key of the puzzle.

    • DJ Abide


  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    Could be exactly what I’ve been waiting for but I fear this thing will be cluttered with the same shite plastic pots thats on the rest of there gear. Thank god its 2 channel tho!

  • Nilesh


    • Hedgehog

      They are just guessing the price. You don’t even know what you get for the money as there are no specs given.

      • DJ Abide

        Are you able to edit/delete user comments? I remember posting something about your speculated price being too high but I don’t see it?

    • Guest

      They just estimated the price. Plus you don’t even know the specs of the unit.

  • Simone Pontiggia

    Two channel with sample deck without eq will be a very hot stuff for me! Better than the DJM T1! I think u can trigger a one column of the sample deck via HID. Or a row via MIDI. . .

  • Rory Ferguson

    the mixer looks too condensed and small, doesnt look good for clumsy hands.

  • AllisonGreyOfficial

    I really hope theres a full fledged four channel version released at the same time. I’ve been wanting them to release a four channel midi mixer since the kontrol s4 came out! But sadly NI doesn’t think like us EDM dj’s… Still can’t wait to see it when it comes out.

  • Jay Volak

    To not be able to control 4 decks at the same time (4 volume faders, etc) I have zero interest in this…even if by using some combo of shift/button work you can control 4 decks. If this was a true, 4 channel mixer I would dump my S4 in a second (especially if it was more like an s4 minus the useless jog wheels and removed remix deck control. Basically, a 4 channel true mixer 🙂

  • Igor Warzocha

    I love the way you analyze the product you’ve probably seen over half a year ago 🙂 I hope there will be a 4 channel edition eventually…

    • Hedgehog

      You overestimate the relationship between NI and DJTT.

      • Spencer Graham

        I can see how, Ean used to do a lot of NI videos

        • Guest

          Have you seen one in recent times?

          • 1000 Cutts

            Ever since that “hack the remix decks” article..ha ha

        • Spacecamp

          Ean didn’t write this : )

  • James M.

    Definitely a step up for Native in my opinion in regards to new design and software features! As long as the price is reasonable, i’ll pry pick it up. from the video, it looks absolutely awesome!