@DJsComplaining Twitter Account Catalogues Excessive DJ Woes

As some of you might have spotted yesterday on Reddit’s Electronic Music subreddit, the hilarious Twitter account @DJsComplaining has gained a massive amount of attention in the last 24 hours. The account exists purely to retweet famous DJs gripes, which when removed from any context starts to make their complaints seem like an absurd catalogue of moaning.

The account has rocketed up to 15,000 followers from the low thousands in the last day, and is updated fairly infrequently for Twitter – but we see DJs complaining all the time, so we’re hoping this new influx of followers spurs the mystery operator to seek out more.

Here’s some of our favorites the account has shared so far:



More Info:

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    • Hedgehog

      I haven’t heard any sets from Mr. Osawa recently but I guess he’s in love with the effects on the unit or the frequency crossfader. While the former could be replicated by an EFX-unit the latter is pretty unique. A professional like him should be able to do fine with other mixers as well but he feels better with his choice.

      While I’m not nearly in a position as Mr. Osawa I also rejoice when I find out a club I’m playing in has a DJM-2000 (which is rare though).