DJ Craze Leaks First Full Photo Of Traktor Z2 Mixer

Clearly ecstatic as any of us about brand new gear, three time DMC Champion DJ Craze has posted on Instagram the first complete photo of Native Instruments’ brand new standalone mixer that was teased last week – which we now can confirm is called the Traktor Kontrol Z2.

While the photo (pictured at left) doesn’t necessarily show off anything new or unique about the mixer, it does give a great sense as to the size and spacing of the controls on the face of the unit, which is arguably one of the most important aspects of a well-designed mixer. You also can see even more clearly that the design really matches the reflective/matte dichotomy found on the Kontrol S4 – with the mixing section sporting the more reflective part and the sides looking more of a matte metallic finish.

Here’s the text of Craze’s tweet:

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  • Michal Pardus

    And I just bought new mixer… Still. Ecler Nuo4 – Rock solid buy. I have X1 and Audio 4 so I am not crazy about it. For all new to gear. This might be good choice. Shiny plastic plate on the front = really bad idea. I have seen heavily used S4 after a year. Looked like raped. I am sure people will quickly use full plate stickers on it.

  • Buffalo Stu

    even the most basic mixers are made of metal- the plastic used in this does not inspire much confidence… and mixers are arguably the piece of gear that takes the biggest beating. guess we will have to wait and see.

  • whymez

    Look’s nearly identical to my pioneer djm-t1

    • Lpc Boss

      I said the same thing when i saw this and looked at my djm-t1

  • calkutta

    cool to finally see….wider than a vestax 06 with 2 X1’s….hopefully does more than a custom mapped X1 with a tried and true skratch mixer….curious either way….thanks for posting fella’s.

  • Dave Ruff

    The only upside would be if it had the key knob as it does in the traktor software.
    Other than that im a 4 channel guy so this will not do.

  • campark43

    Next up Modular jog wheel with hid to tp2. So we can bring our jogs. Hook up to the club. And your good. I’d say native went backwards on this. First up should have been the modular jogs. Clubs already have high end mixers unlikely to switch for a native instruments mixer IMO. Native is nice but clubs tend to have better.

  • J.J. Cruz

    eh not too excited about it. why would you trust a company thats so well in midi controllers and expect them to nail it the first time in the standalone game?

    • Brock Lambert

      Great reasoning! They make exceptional software, soundcards and controllers… so their attempt at a mixer will probably suck. LOL

      • javier Ascencio

        LOL u da man brock

  • Wookie

    DJM T1 looks a lot better!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me. Or is the Z2 really big? Or is Kraze just a small guy?


    • Anonymous

      your brain is small.

    • calkutta

      ‘best comment hands down…brilliant’.

  • SnrJrdn

    Yeah it looks like a 4band but i think it’s 3band eQ. the big knob at the bottom is a low pass/high pass filter.

  • killmedj

    still can’t figure out why they needed to make this?

    • n1mbus

      I already have a VOXOA M70 mixer… just the same concept.. its FRAKKING BRILLIANT! The Z2 has less controls for midi, but will have that german design feeling 😉 NICE!

  • djdirtyd

    Bitch bitch bitch bitch, try it b4 you knock it.

    • Anonymous

      seriously, people talk out of their a$$.. they know that no matter how sick something may be , they will suck at using it.

  • Shishdisma

    Why is this a discrete mixer and not a controller with I/O? I seriously can’t comprehend that.

    • Brock Lambert

      It’s both… can be used as a controller and / or a mixer.

      • Shishdisma

        Obviously, but why waste all the resources involved with building in discrete mixing circuitry?

        • Steve

          isnt it obvious? NI wants this mixer and hopefully a future 4 channel big brother variant (pleaseeeeeee make it happen) to be the standard. That way the club that owns this mixer and a pair of cdjs is still covered under club insurance. Now laptop dj’s just need to plug and play, no lugging around an s4 or s2. Just a laptop. They want to sell units and they want digital dj’s to have less barriers to entry to clubs and bars etc. By having the flexibility of being a discrete mixer and a controller only adds to its value.

          • Shishdisma

            Uhh… thats already been in place for a very long time. Plus, the Nexus already allows for “laptop only” with high end hardware installs, not to mention that the current club standard is “no laptop,” yeahhh… They seem to be trying to take a bite out of Rane, which is absolutely insane really.

          • Buffalo Stu

            i agree, clubs will not be going out of their way for laptop djs any time soon

          • Rob Henry

            none of these comments are relevant. who says laptops arent club or indestry standard…and who cares if it is or isnt anyway. what it really seems like here is that there will ALWAYS be HATERS .

  • zorro el torro


  • Brock Lambert

    Also, the “lip” is actually falling away towards the bottom of the mixer, as opposed to the top which is raised. No scraped knuckles.

  • Brock Lambert

    No 4 band EQ – you have gain, hi, mid, low and filter.

    Headphone volume and cue/mix knob is in the middle of the mixer, Main & booth are top right, and Mic controls are top left.

    • dtna

      there are 5 knobs, 4 eq sized knobs, and a bigger knob which would be the filter most likely if this models after the middle section of an S2. So what is the top most knob of the 5?

      • Brock Lambert


      • Klepto22

        4th knob that looks like eq is most likely a gain knob, just like they have on the s2/s4

        • Brock Lambert

          Except it’s a regular knob instead of an endless rotary like the S4/S2. But it is a gain knob.

  • Guest

    looks like 4 band eq to mee ?

  • Sciangula

    Looks a lot like the djm-t1

  • Bryant Bitrate

    Deep Dish Mixer? whats up with the botton lip? knuckles will get served more then the set. ouch.

  • pxlbrk

    where’s the main audio and headphone volume controls??