Serato Scratch Live, Video and ITCH Updated- FLAC, Library Speed + Mountain Lion

It’s Serato‘s turn to roll out a batch of new updates for their entire DJ software range (except for Intro), with the release of Scratch Live 2.4.3, ITCH 2.2.2, and Serato Video 1.1. For SSL and ITCH, there are just three major changes among a slew of minor bug fixes:

• Support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
• FLAC file format support.
• Library enhancements to improve load times and stability.

Additionally, Serato Video users are getting their very first upgrade since the announcement of the product at NAMM 2012. The feature addition list includes a number of items that Mix Emergency has been boasting over Serato Video. Features introduced today include Delay Compensation, Auto/Random Transitions, and a new Media Crate that loads in videos for any track without a predetermined video.

For a full list of features and to get the update, check out the links below.

More Info:

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    OMFG FLAC SUPPORT!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Northern

    While many of the serato users…myself included are frustrated by the slow pace of upgrades with their products (ITCH especially). Every indicator, including comments from “Staff” in the forum indicate that this is just an update to lay the groundwork for many requested features.

    I hope this is true! Come on bridge and ITCH!

  • DJ PC3

    I just tried to update to Serato 2.4.3 and it says my version is the latest (2.4.2)… anyone else seeing this? Or is it because I am running Lion (and not mountain lion)…?

    • Nate Chanvimol

      I’m sure you’ve already solved this but for the sake of making this an active community I’ll reply that the same thing happened to me. DL’d the new update anyway and it patched it without any problems. Not sure why my Serato didn’t detect the new version.