Video of DMC Champion DJ Izoh’s Winning Set

In a seriously flashback style set filled with scratching, body tricks, and beat juggling, DJ Izoh has been crowned the winner of the 2012 DMC DJ Championship. Let’s just cut right to the chase with this one – here’s the video of his win!

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  • Shuriken Tenshii

    “All i gotta do is get drunk and wasted…peace”

    Are you kidding me?!

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    THANK GOD!!! I thought I was the only one who thought this was crap. He has skill for sure. But all the dubstep and speed scratches are annoying and not musical in the least. I guess Vajra, Fly, Shortkut, Netik, and the rest decided to call it quits. Not taking anything away from this kat….but come on DMC

  • Giulio Pecorella

    I can’t say that I loved this. Vajra was way better. No shitting on this but.. Not at the same level of years ago.

    • BobEDigital

      Agreed… So much pre-production and he even has his tempo faders all the way down so the TT speed is as low as possible. Can anybody say crutch?

  • Jj Mac

    1:00 to like 1:10 WTF was that shi*t

  • Mel 'Ravin Mad' Gibson

    If you dont watch the video and just listen to the mix it sounds dreadfull, like working in a metal reclamination yard in croydon…

  • Scott

    There’s a lot of cool stuff in there (I couldn’t do ANY of it,) but for me if your routine includes beat juggling and you’re not keeping it in time you haven’t succeeded. Beat juggling in time is really hard, but it really shouldn’t be optional at the “world championship” level.

  • Jose

    I thought this was as rough as a badger arse and wasnt pushing any boundries at all…..

  • Meoff

    Sloppy, sorry it was… where is the continuity, groove?

    • fuxxwiddit

      its there. its just dub step doh.

  • cp43

    What happened to musicality and timing. I know DMC is all about turntablism, I think there should b another DJ contest to set a real standard of what makes a pro DJ.

  • Jase

    Loved it! Felt more like some of the old sets from the early 2000s. Some of the more recent stuff was too much scratching over music and not manipulating the music to make something new.

  • MaBonzo

    dude threw down a number of impressive tricks, but I don’t think i was feeling this homie’s set.

  • abgon

    Skillz! But what an awful lot of noise… my head hurts now

  • djromanj

    dang making a new track with changing the pitch and turntable speed is creative! props

    • Jj Mac

      Try that in a set live like a build up situation to a good house song like Lights It really amps the crowd its pushes the tempo out of there norm and sets u up for a awesome transition

  • James Brian Thomaston

    i think qbert ,craze, or klever, would destroy him.. when did they start letting them use serato? seems like its cheating to have the samples all in a row on the same record like that…

    • BusyB

      They’ve always had “the samples all in a row” – they just had their own vinyl cut. It’s really no different with Serato. I didn’t see him trigger any cues or anything. Cheating? I think not. You try that shit. Not so easy.

      • Jj Mac

        I think his timing should be a lot better if he is going to make all that noise

  • ERB

    had to shove a couple advil liquigels down the gullet about 3 minutes in

  • jprime

    So much win in these turntablist sets 😀 Thanks for posting!

  • lazy soul

    i’m defenitly missing Vajra … :/

  • alchemy

    im not that into turntablilism but this is sick

  • Paul R.

    They get crazier every year !