Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller for Serato DJ Announced

Today Pioneer introduced the very first controller designed for the new Serato DJ software, the DDJ-SX. As the background audio in the launch video not-so-subtly suggests, this controller is designed to give DJs “total control” over the Serato DJ interface, and with eight velocity-sensitive performance pads, a four channel standalone mixer, and two jog wheels that can switch into a mode that controls two decks concurrently, it’s a very serious new contender about to step into the market.

It’s clear the level of controllers that Pioneer is taking aim at with this unit – the large VCI-400-sized all-in-one controllers that have become the premium option for gear-lusting controllerists worldwide. It can be hard to introduce a new product into an already saturated market- but being the first controller to launch with Serato DJ integration could make the DDJ-SX an even more successful version of the popular Numark NS7 for ITCH.


From our perspective, there are two main features that set this unit apart from a lot of the other four-channel standalone controllers on the market. First up, the conductive touch jog wheels that, in addition to standard scratch and scrub functions, can be switched between three modes of control:

  • Dual Deck – The DDJ-SX enables two tracks to be controlled at the same time, allowing scratching or setting and recalling hot cues on both tracks as if they were performed on a single track.
  • Slip Mode – While activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a performance loop, scratch or hot cue and resumes audible playback when the loop, scratch, or hot cue operation is ended, creating smoother and more seamless transitions.
  • FX Mode – Provides access to two types of effect modes:
    Multi FX Mode – Allows multiple effects to be applied simultaneously
    Single FX Mode – Allows a single effect to be controlled with numerous parameters

The second feature of the hardware that we really think shines are the velocity sensitive pads sensibly located at the bottom of the unit – allowing for quick triggering of cues and samples. Not only are there eight of them, but they look relatively large – obviously the real test will be actually playing with them to see how they respond. Pioneer doesn’t have a lot of experience in making pads, so we’ll be very interested in comparing them to MPCs, Machine-style pads and Vestax-style pads.


The DDJ-SX controller will be in stores starting November 1st at a suggested retail price of $1,199, and comes bundled with Serato DJ. The first 10,000 SX controllers sold will also include a copy of Serato Video, which normally runs $150 to get started mixing videos.

More Info:

Do you think you’ll be checking out this controller and considering buying it? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • manish tuteja

    Should a newbie go ahead and buy this ?
    I have never bought any DJ controller or mixer, but i am just way too excited to start playing them.
    I know many of you would recommend DDJ-ERGO, but this really looks sick and I want to try this..

  • Rasmus Halleby Jensen

    Oh god why couldn’t this thing just have a send/return function! – it would be beyond perfect, but that will sadly be the deal breaker for me, the ideal setup isn’t a all-in-one yet, sadly … Wonder how much it would cost to get a customer specific controller?

  • The Crowdboy

    I would consider it buying it if you did a full review and if you sell it on your shop!! and if there was a traktor version, i would allready have bought it (even thought it doesn’t look like i’ts going to be a traktor version)

  • The Crowdboy

    as i said in their video….

    So you put a NI S4 in a bowl, you add the Novation Twich, and to give it flavour, you add the beautiful Numark NS6, you then take a pionieer electric mixer, and mix it untill you guet a substanciall, great looking peace of hardware, then you add the pioneer hi end technology and you have the Pioneer DDJ-SX!!
    Great job guys finally making controllers that don’t look like toys!!
    Now would be nice to see a Traktor edition of that one (but dont change the design like? numark did)

  • Pionner lover -djestilo

    Getting this beautiful controller for sure. Pionner please make a deal off for Christmas 🙂

  • Josh Pekar

    This controller looks amazing and is seriously making me think of moving on from my S4 (especially since it has XLR and booth outs), however its a deal breaker if it will never be mapped for Traktor. Ean: Do you have ANY inside scoop if Pioneer plans on releasing a mapping for TP2? Will it be a different hardware version (like what Pioneer did with the DDJ-S1/T1)? If Pioneer has no plans to make it Traktor-patible, do the wizards at DJTT have any intention of making an amazing mapping? I know I could always do the mapping myself, but it takes a long time to get it right and it’ll probably still never work as well as yours. Plus, I like how you guys always invent some new features.

  • B Cronin

    Who wasn’t paying attention when they decided to place that left side pitch fader? If you’re only concerned about DJs who don’t have much need for tempo control, that’s one thing. But for those who sometimes play older tracks (with tempo changes), that location – in the middle of the board and so close to the jogs and other controls – is a very poor choice.

    • andrew piano

      Yeah, I agree. I think maybe they are going for a kind of replica of CDJs where the decks would be the same on both sides. Would be nice though if the faders were on the outside like the NS6…

  • Richard Moogan

    Wow and double-Wow! I Have always said to a fellow DJ that if someone releases a controller with jog-wheels of a decent size and the ability to visually follow where they’re at without having to watch the laptop, I’m in! Just like my old beloved CDJ’s – Could this be the end for my fabulous Kontrol S4!!!??? Problem is… I love Traktor Scratch and have never used Serato…

  • Jim Beam

    Like it a lot. Think I will wait a while though as the price will probably come down a bit after a few months.

  • BMZ

    I hope they make a Traktor version

    • Richard Moogan

      Now that would sell me straight away! 😀 (fingers crossed)

    • Dillinger23

      please please please please PLEASE!!

    • The Crowdboy

      So you put a NI S4 in a bowl, you add the Novation Twich, and to give it flavour, you add the beautiful Numark NS6, you then take a pionieer electric mixer, and mix it untill you guet a substanciall, great looking peace of hardware, then you add the pioneer hi end technology and you have the Pioneer DDJ-SX!!
      Great job guys finally making controllers that don’t look like toys!!
      Now would be nice to see a Traktor edition of that one (but dont change the design like? numark did)


  • CrimsonHeads

    Anybody know what headphones those are in the vid?

  • groovemixer

    WOW!! looks good!

  • Arthur Nava

    If it can be remapped for Traktor this thing is gonna be mine, I wouldn’t mind playing around with Serato DJ for a lil bit, maybe even move all the way over to Serato again (I bought the SL-1 when it first came out and it never let me down) at some point, but right now I have total confidence in Traktor and it would take me a while to make sure that Serato DJ can be completely trusted in.

  • Metrostein

    What is crossfader curve?

      • metrostein

        what is that lol for? did someone put something messed up before? i guess the comments got erased thats what i assume

    • Linzmar

      It has the option of arching the crossfader.
      So you can have it curved like a happy face or a sad face depending on your mood… And i heard It makes you better at scratching 🙂

    • Arthur Nava

      nah dude but seriously, the crossfader curve is the cut off curve of a crossfader. Most Pioneer mixers come with three options linear/fast/sharp but others come with a knob that you turn and it gradually goes through those three settings. Basically what it mean is that it affects the amount of distance you have to move the crossfader in order for the channel to be completely bled in. In theory if you choose the linear mode, the channel bleeds in at 100% until the fader is in the middle, if you choose the fast curve the channel blends in a bit before the center, and if you choose the sharp mode the channel almost immediately cuts in after you move it from the side. The important thing to remember about this is that the curves are mirrored on each side, so for example if you choose the fast mode it’s fast to bring the track up, but slow to take the channel out as you have more space in which the two sides of the curve overlap. Just go look at a Pioneer’s crossfader section and you’re understand it better with the drawings, also some mixers let you choose the volume curve as well but those I like to be linear. Hope this sheds some light on this for you.

      • Arthur Nava

        Oh some mixers have a hamster switch too, that this just flips the crossfader from like lets say you have it a-b it’ll switch it to b-a instantly. On pioneers though you select which channel the crossfader affects under every volume fader.

      • metrostein

        ohh ok i see yeah its like 2 arrows crssing and stuff I’ve always wondered what those were for!! thanx dude for explaining!!

  • Colin Bigc Bassline Brine

    If this allows me to hook up my turntables with time-code and use them with the software as well…. I’m completely sold. I’ve been waiting for something in the Serato camp to be able to do this with, and this looks absolutely stunning. We shall see.

  • tr4gik

    Does it have a soundcard integrated?

    • Richard Moogan

      It does (see the spec sheet on the official page) and it’s also a standalone mixer too!

  • WH4LE

    This looks positively brilliant! The best of all controlling worlds and at a (recommended) price of $200 less than the t1 release price… If only I hadn’t bought a vci-400 two days ago…

    I reckon the only problem with this would be its size… No space for this in any dj booths; this would strictly have to stay at home or if you’re a headline performer…

    Awesome look, great features but just too damn big to be feasible for the mid-level club digital dj… :/

  • killa bees

    how do theese jog wheels compare with cdjs i cant find the size dimensions anyway same wit the pitch faders.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    $1,000 ish for this controller sounds pretty on par with any other manufacturers. Either Pioneer are getting real with their controller pricing or the competition is increasing their prices. I’m sure someone will write “Over a $1,000 for a controller…? that’s way too much!” But after looking at some real cheap tacky plastic offerings over the past couple of years, it really does pay to go that little extra and buy something that is a bit more robust, that has some good quality materials and potentially has the chance of not needing to be replaced for a few years. At this rate I could well start to have a little soft spot for Pioneer, this does look like it has some potential. Can’t wait to see a DJTT review on this.