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We’ve done artist interviews in the past, but we’re today officially debuting a new series of videos called Artist Spotlights – interviews with DJs and producers asking them a few key questions to learn more about how they perform and produce. We sat down with Arty for this first interview to ask him what tools he finds invaluable in the studio and what advice he has for new producers – check out the full video after the jump.

In the video, Arty mentions his two favorite VSTs – check them out here:

The headphones he mentions using are Sennheiser HD25s ($199 on Amazon).

Purchase the track in the video and check out more of Arty’s music over on Beatport.

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry, just because this artist feature is an Artist Spotlight doesn’t mean the end of everyone’s favorites, How I Play and What’s In Your DJ Bag. This spotlight also runs a bit on the shorter side – but we’ve got some great longer interviews you’ll be seeing soon! 

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    Note: In 2015, The Russian DJ/producer released his first album called Glorious. Arty is more than a producer of trance. He produces various genres which is pretty cool cuz nowadays American radio has gone down the toilet because the same sounds are always playing but check this guy out. His discography is huge. He’s got passion in his music, passion on set, and passion in the studio. Don’t go hating on a prodigy who deserves to be playing on American radio. For Sure.


    5 years later, I’m a fan and I see people flipping hating on a mastermind in the studio, a real prodigy. What a disgrace to be hating on someone who was doing music at 16 years old just to afford going to school. Now look at him now, he’s played EDC more than once as well as Ultra.

  • Rent Boy

    Is that Spud from Trainspotting?

  • Demand

    Not sure I understand what the issue is with the interview. It seems some people like to complain about everything. It is short and the guy is young. However, he is actually out doing something, as opposed to talking about it, like most here. DJTT is out getting industry information out to people and still nothing but complaints. How about constructive criticism…better yet, do some interviews yourself or start making your own tracks to compete with the Cheap Trance Music and see where it tracks on BeatPort or anywhere else. I think you will find it is a little tougher than throwing some sound together

  • dumb question

    how old is this kid?

  • BTD10

    Jealousy anyone?

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    Another producer slaps DJ in front of his name….I thought this was DJ tech tools…..not producer/dj impostors. It’s far from hard to mix 20 songs of the same BPM, let alone if you made the music and it has no words on it. Screw it….let’s all pop some E, jump around for 8 hours, and drink til we pass out. I guess that’s what music has become. I used to enjoy reading DJTT but man this just make me lose faith.

    • ivan Raschilla

      same feeling here..

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    Another producer who decided to slap DJ in front of their name. I thought this was DJ Tech Tools not producer/dj impostors. It is far from hard to dj 10 tracks that are all 130 BPM…let alone if you made the music and it has no words on it. This just keeps showing the aspiring “DJs” they don’t need to actually learn how to dj…just grab some production software and go. This sort of stuff is cheapening the dj world. Screw it….everyone take E, jump around for 12 hours, and drink til you pass out. i guess that is what music has become. “All DJs Push Play”….bite me

    • Shuriken Tenshii

      I used to love getting on DJTT and reading the lastest and greatest….

  • Goro

    Lets see Darude for the next aritst-interview yeah or else…

  • Cray Lee

    Not a fan of Arty myself, but what is it with some of you and your constant need to piss on music you don’t like? It’s always the same old tired rant – turntables vs controllers, old house vs new house… as if different things can’t exist for different people. Hating on new school in order to prove your love for old school is so high school.

  • Ronald Edwards

    I’d love to see some in-depth, investigative reporting (the likes of National, Prime Time TV reporters). Almost every media reporter asks the easy questions the interviewee wants to answer, but the really good reporters dig deep and ask the heartfelt questions others can be afraid to ask while being genuinely sensitive to the person yet honest to the story… this is what makes an interview great and what makes it worthwhile… like an N.P.R. or 60 minutes interview.

    Some sites to help out with the awesomeness:

  • Jim

    All these guys that say they do all their recording on the road, do they do the mixdown and mastering as well in the hotel? I’m assuming the guys with label support send off their files to get the mixdowns and mastering done by someone else. Can you ask this in an upcoming interview?

    • Anonymous

      the best ideas come when on the road sometimes… you get ideas from your surroundings. i would assume most of them do their own mixdowns but get the mastering sent out

  • Dylan Syben

    It would be better to hear from someone actually pushing some boundaries in their career. Wether it’s as a DJ or producer of pioneer of a genre or gear etc. they need to be inspiring and at the very least interesting. This is just a pop EDM copycat and boring as hell!

    • Ronald Edwards

      You’re right. This video feels a little like a “filler song” on an album. This guy isn’t really breaking new ground and there wasn’t a lot of substance to the interview. This kinda’ feels like “Oh, we can interview this guy and he’s kinda’ famous… let’s just put him in front of a camera and hope he talks about interesting things.” It’s like the interviewer is star-struck and afraid to ask meaningful or probing questions. These artists need to recognize that the name DJTechTools is actually a respected name in the industry and these artists know it. When the artists provide fluff information all they are doing is turning DJTechTools into some advertising angle and that’s not doing service to the fans and actually hurting DJTechTools (the logic being: If they don’t dig deep in the interviews, how deep can they dig into the gear reviews?)

      • radley

        You want wisdom? He’s 23 and a huge pop phenomena. Of course his interview are going to sound simple. If you want a tech interview try Mat Zo. They work together and Zo might be able to speak more in depth on what they’re doing.

  • Lylax

    Datsik interview was alot better.

    • benada83

      Much rather hear an interview with my man right here

  • Banana

    Playing Cds is like Vinyl ? Bulls**t

    • Lpc Boss

      Exactly! i found out that ppl who only played or ever played cd’s will say that quote!

    • Dalton Thompson

      CDs and Vinyl are FAR closer than CDs & Ableton. Sure, it may not feel the same, but they created CDJs to emulate vinyl. With CDJs, you still have a circular platter, pitch, and a mixer. Ableton is an entirely different concept.

      • Ronald Edwards

        I think all media needs to be interpreted as a sample of a certain length (be it audio or video) and the format should not matter. Ultimately, a Vinyl track is really just one long (always curving) track, just like CDs and Audio files displayed on a computer (but without the curving part). Ableton displays in nearly the same way as any DJ program excepting for added pieces that the user places at a timed event. Ultimately, there are only symantec differences among the forms in which audio is presented… it all comes out of the speaker in the end.

    • Ronald Edwards

      Playing Vinyl is not like playing C.D.s. This man may be popular, but he is wrong. At first, people may think the two are alike because they’re both spinning media and they have separate tracks on them, but that’s where the similarities end. C.D.s are not tactile and if you touch them while they spin, they won’t slow down the playback, they will act like the stop button has been pressed and reset back to the beginning, they don’t slow playback. C.D.s do not rotate backwards when the C.D.J. jog wheel spins back, that sound is a digital emulation of what a backspin sounds like from the sampled audio file.

  • Ron Maran

    For all you guys trash talking Arty, have you actually listened to his production work, or is all trance “cheesy music for the masses” to you? It’s bloody amazing what he does in the studio. Might not be whatever you listen to whilst sitting on your high horse, but I wouldn’t mind being able to have production values like him.

    Back on-topic, the video was a little uninformative, but it’s not bad. Keep em coming, although preferably more of the longer ones 🙂

  • ivan Raschilla

    Please guys, if you care about the guys that, love music, respect you and have been coming here for a while now……don’t you ever…..ever..make a post with a video like this, with artist like this…just don’t……..Clear? ….Cool…

  • Guest

    Not cool

  • dsharps

    Sweet production on this video!

  • Tranceaddict

    Forget this guy. He bailed on a show here in California at the very last minute And left the promoter high and dry. :/

    • Spencer Graham

      Good story but you dont even tell us why.. maybe his mum died or something serious. you need to chill the fuck out

      • Ronald Edwards

        Regardless of reasons, he promised to show and didn’t. It’s true that he’s human and things happen, but if he leaves a promoter high and dry, he needs to feel the negative impact of that action. He is supposed to be a professional and professionals make good on their contracts.

  • Anonymous

    I can live with the fact that DJTT does interviews with producers that produce cheap trance music for the masses, because taste in the end is just a personal thing.
    Also, one should never be too old to learn. Meaning, I can also live with the fact that some of these artists are just kids that lack the background and experience to go beyond any advice besides generic stuff like “follow your dream”, lol.

    However, it’s this quick format I’m not sold on. It’s just too short and un-informative. In the end I’ve learned nothing more then that he uses FL studio and likes two plugins.
    To keep the quality high on this site I suggest for DJTT to either do proper in-depth interviews like the Chris Liebling one or to don’t do them at all.

    • Spacecamp

      Thanks for your feedback on the quick format not being informative enough. Not every artist has time to do a full Chris Liebing style interview, but you’re right in that that’s the ideal that we should be shooting for!

      We’ve got a number of interviews coming up in the next few weeks that are of a significant longer length, so look forward to those.

      • Spencer Graham

        I think your readers find value with the in-depth interviews as well as these brief “Meet the artist” videos. Keep it up!

      • LoopCat

        Matthew Dear would be a good one!

      • Anonymous

        Great to hear and very much looking forward to that! Although I have been a rather critical follower of this all since the day Moldover started this controllerism thingy, I really think you guys outperformed yourself with the Chris Liebling interview. That was just ace 🙂

    • RockingClub

      I feel where you’re coming from and I also found the Chris Liebing interview amazingly informative.
      I admit this really is the optimum what a DJTT interview should look like.
      On the other side, apart from having only a few minutes with the artist I can also imagine that some artists are more talkative than others meaning they unveil more or less of their own production and performance secrets.
      And it’s natural that young producers might have less experiences to share than people having been in the business for decades.

    • Mystery

      Cheap trance music for the masses? Anyone that’s had a look at the beatport top 100 anytime this year will tell you that the “masses” don’t listen to trance music. You just come off as an ass when the first sentence in your comment bashes someone far more successful than yourself.

      • alfredo otero

        agree with that guy, this is cheap trance music

        • radley

          I wish there was a way to teach some DJs to listen more. The more you know the better you get.

      • Anonymous

        this is cheap trance music… does not make it all that bad. i still like it:D

      • protocollie

        success != depth, everyone will agree arty is very successful, i think very few people who have been around the block will agree there is much substance to what he does.

        just because it’s cheap/formulaic trance doesn’t mean people can’t like it, or it isn’t good, but for those of us who have been here a while there’s nothing to be excited about in this guy’s discography.

        • radley

          I’ve been around the block long enough. He’s the real deal.

    • radley

      Master musicians make it look so easy, especially when they’re so young.

      • Lpc Boss

        Are you referring to Arty as a master musician?

          • Lpc Boss

            lol, that’s what i was thinking!

        • radley

          Of course I am. He’s 23 years old and is making / playing tracks for 50k+ audiences. What’s your contribution?

    • Anonymous

      you also learned he uses HD 25s and DJs with just the decks, no software 🙂
      thats twice the learning right there!

  • CultureShock

    Lol, who’s updating the blog at this ungodly hour?

    • Metrostein

      They always update it at this hour or they update it after midnight!

  • Metrostein

    It says that the video is not available!! :/

    • ogama8