Lazer Bay Performance and Remix Contest Winners

A few weeks ago we challenged our readers to roll up their sleeves and tear up their studios with a combination remix/live performance contest using a sound pack from Mad Zach. The deadline has come and gone, so it’s time for us to announce the winners of this contest and give out some great prizes to the top entries – check out some great videos and remixes by our own DJTT community inside!

A quick note before we begin – there were tons of awesome entries in this contest! We let the entire DJTT staff judge this one, with myself (Mad Zach) and Dan picking out the top six of both of the contests and letting everyone vote on their favorites. Dan and I listened to and watched every single entry – with well over 75 entires in total.


We chose the winners of this video-based contest based on “liveness”, originality, and arrangement – and it wasn’t easy, considering the amount of solid entries that we received. There were 27 entries, and you can watch them all here on YouTube – but here are the ones that we chose as the winners:

First Place: Y.O.U.

Why we chose them: These guys killed it. I thought they did a really nice job of balancing live finger drumming with DJ-style functionality. This type of balance often works really well with a crowd because it gives people something to latch onto while maintaining enough excitement to keep the crowd dancing even though they might have no idea what’s going on. It’s a form factor that is a perfect answer to the question, “is it worth it to assume the risk of playing live when there’s a lot at stake?” The world of night clubs can be a bit dodgy when it comes to live electronics and controllerism. If some promoter is paying you money to keep people having a good time, dancing, drinking, etc. its sometimes hard to justify a live performance that will indubitably be lost on 89% of the crowd.

With Y.O.U.’s style of performance, they can keep the dancers going while also satisfying the hipster wallflowers who stare intently and sneak peeks at they computer screen to make sure that you’re “doing something legit.” Its also worth noting that these guys clearly put a lot of effort into creating an awesome performance video and are having a great time too!

Runner Up: AndyCAPPS

Why we chose him: Andy impressed us with his technical talent and creation of a very enjoyable routine. I liked that he broke the mold and dared to do something a bit more mellow. There were definitely a lot of heavy sounds in that pack, but he clearly was not persuaded to go to “the dark side”, opting instead to stick to lightning-fast high hats and a unique melody. This performance seemed to be all about the music, something I feel is lost in a world of brutal bass. He also displayed some serious high hat speed, showing off his full dexterity. Thanks for doing something nice and original!

As always, there are some videos that were impressive but didn’t win the votes of all of the staff here at DJTT, but who absolutely deserve a special shout out. Check out the other two videos that were in our top picks below:

Honorable Mention #1: Jordan Reifkind

We’re always inspired by some of the younger folks who enter our contests – and Jordan is no exception to the rule. At 11 years old, he’s holding down a solid finger drumming routine and really making the most of the Novation Launchpad. Keep up the good work, Jordan and don’t stop practicing and making beats – we hope to see you in future contests!

Honorable Mention #2: Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen has a great quality video and performance here – and if we could have chosen more winners, Minh would be on the list for sure. The routine is tight and the video is clean – give it a watch and let him know what you think!

Watch all of the Side A video entries on this page on YouTube and leave some great feedback for your fellow community members.


Judging remixes is naturally a completely different world than live performances. As we noted in the original contest post, we judged these based on originality, composition, and mix. Here’s the winning productions:

First Place: Beau Damion

Why we chose them: I must admit after listening to 56 remixes and watching nearly 20 videos, my ears were physically exhausted to hear the same chord progression over and over. This song was a breath of fresh air – the mix is well done, not too quiet, and well balanced. The composition moves along nicely and feels like one cohesive movement – I can even picture this tune going well on a dancefloor. Congrats Beau Damion, I hope your new monitors inspire more great music!

Runner Up: GXVM

Why we chose this one: I loved this remix and would definitely play it in one of my own sets. I think the reason it didn’t take first place was that people around the office were looking for something a bit more original in terms of switching up the style from the original track. That being said, this remix was definitely super groovy and sported an impeccable mix.

Honorable Mention: TSTRN 

Why the honorable mention: It’s no secret that people here at the office are pretty pumped on bass music and this trap style that’s been going around for the past few months. We had to shout out to TRSTRN for delivering some future trill – way to stay on the crest of the wave. Keep it up and maybe you’ll get featured in A State of Trap.

Listen to all of the entries for the Side B remix contest in this Soundcloud group!


If you’re still interested in grabbing the original parts and mashing it out yourself, it’s not too late! You can download the full soundpack here. Also, check out the original track that the remixes and soundpack were based off of:

If you missed the contest but still want new soundpacks delivered to your inbox each week to play with, just sign up for our weekly newsletter. I make a new one each week and take suggestions (tweet @madzach1). Sign up to get involved, post a video, make a tune, and most of all – have fun!

It was awesome listening to and watching all the entries, and really was tough to pick winners. We’re always pumped to see the controllerist and producer community come alive in these contests – you guys are going to change the world! Keep it up.

Thoughts about what type of contest you’d like to see next time? Let us know in the comments or let us know on Twitter

Mad Zach is a maverick controllerist and producer, focused on bridging the gap between production and performance.

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  • seget

    Hey DjTechtools!! how i can get Lazer Bay sound pack????

  • Danny Sims

    I’m really glad Beau Damion got the win on the remix. His version sounds so different from all the rest, like the original post writer mentioned. His mastering skills are stellar as well.

  • G7no

    I Wonder if Y.O.U. would have won the contest if they didnt include a midifighter in the video just for the sake of it. man I remember when this site was less about sales and more about content…..victims of their own success.

  • Caris TheGypsy

    Great videos and remixes guys, love to see and hear what others are doing…. Thanks for posting the runner ups as well as the winners, shows how hard a choice it was. I would have loved to have submitted an entry but too busy to put something together right now, a little bit longer time-frame between the announcement and deadline might have helped. Hopefully I’ll have something to submit next time.

  • Dj Elk

    jordan should have won

  • Luchii

    You should do a synth patch remix contest

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to the disco ball photo contest months ago?
    I’ve never seen DJTT announce any Midi Fighter 3D winners for this and frankly, I’ve put quite some effort into this.

  • Nan Creationss

    Love them all. Congratulations to all participants and off course, the winners. I couldn’t find time to do my thing for the contest, but next one, I’ll be in for sure. Also, gotta say, I was sure I would be a winner… Now, I think I’ll be happy to make it to honorable mention. Lots of talent out there! Keep it up people!

  • Stephane V

    Congrats to the winners !! GXVM’s track is really funky dope 🙂 Many
    thanks to DJ TechTools for giving us a contest with a track you are
    happy to remix even if you don’t win ^^ Cheers to all producers & performers 😉 Stephane V

  • GXVM

    Thanks guys im more happy with being told I had an impeccable mix quality xD that sorta feedback lets me know im in my sound production course for all the right reasons 😛 cheers and @Mad Zach hit me up on soundcloud if you want more tracks to drop in your sets xD

  • Cronyn

    GXVM’s remix is amazing!

  • Ronald Edwards

    I think the time frame for the contest might have been a little tight. I know that a lot of people are also a LOT hesitant when it comes to submitting their projects for contests (seeing that there were only 75 entrants (27 of which were on video) and you know there are a lot more readers who actively play). I’m not sure how to get people more involved, but I don’t think this contest reflects what you wanted for participation.

  • Andrew Northern

    The TSTRN remix is super ill…i want a download of this I will play it…

  • EXPo

    both of the side A honorable mentions were better than the winners imo… but they were all dope.

  • Jean-Marie

    Congrats everyone! Personnal opinion : Beau Damion totally deserved to win the remix contest. His remix is so awesome, it makes me wanna quit making anything on Ableton Live… haha 🙂

  • Lylax

    tstrn…..def should have been the winner.

  • Lylax

    damn jordan!!

  • pmgo

    thanks alot for doing the contest. i did the last one as well. i’ll never win, but for me its about the challenge of putting something together that will be judged and seen by others. i get better everytime there’s a contest. please keep doing them when you can. thanks again. pmgo

    • pmgo

  • Chris Jennings

    Congrats to winners and special props to Jordan!

  • Brian S. Bunch

    You have got to be Sh@#$?*! me!!! Deaf people should not be allowed to judge contests.


    The winning track is garbage. He must work for DJ Tech Tools.

    • Spacecamp

      DJ TechTools employees aren’t allowed to win our contests.

    • Beau Damion

      Heard your track last night, it was a great track. Thanks for your comment.

    • Mad Zach

      sour grapes eh, thought your track was solid but an attitude like that won’t get you far

      • Justin Shaw

        haha! One of my co-workers who had been following the contest wrote that on my behalf!! So sorry!! The winner was pretty decent … But we thought there were a couple of much hotter mixes. PROPS TO ALL! #RESPECT I LOVE DJ TECH TOOLS! Got some awesome knobs for my S2 from DJTT! KEEP IT UP!

  • calkutta

    lil’ jordans set was the dopest…no matter what…..we thought anyway….but everybody really came through…props all around.

  • Randall Kludt

    man jordan Reifkind- good job dude, that was sweet.

  • alchemy

    jordan is killing it!
    way to go!

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    congratulations to the winners and runner-ups! and to everyone who entered as well 🙂

  • Travis Trax

    well shucks… didn’t win 🙁 but congrats to those who did

  • Psyche Fix

    Congratz to the winners!! There were some really great and interesting submissions to listen to. 🙂