Serato DJ Revealed: New Interface Screenshots

Serato has just released screenshots of their never-before-seen Serato DJ software, due to launch on November 1st to replace the aging Serato ITCH application. The screenshots show almost every aspect and view of the software’s new loop, including the new loop and cue point arrangement, the deck layouts, the new FX grid, and more. Check inside for all the pictures and Serato’s official press release!

Serato has completely redesigned the entire visual aspects of the visual interface when launching the new Serato DJ software – including the additional cue points, expanded loop sections and new track information-laden deck layouts, as seen above. They’ve also added the brand new Izotope effects, which we’re getting an exclusive first look at here in the below screenshot:

The effects units have deck assignment, and spread across the entire screen – with rotary controls and dropdowns that change specific to each individual effect – and while these screenshots only show off reverb and distortion, we’re already impressed at the amount of control it seems like each effect will have – definitely a big improvement over ITCH, as is most of the interface in our opinion!

The SP-6 sample player is largely the same, but is now switchable between the full controls and a simple mode with a large play button, gain control, loop/sync controls.

We’ve got screenshots of all of the different views of Serato DJ exclusively in this Facebook photo gallery – check it out now!


While we’re still waiting to see what the new MIDI mapping interface is like, so far this new interface seems to be significantly more complex than any other Serato software we’ve seen so far – a point that will perhaps be a detractor for more traditional Serato users who love the simplicity of the layouts, but one that will make a Traktor, Virtual DJ, or Torq user feel more like there is quick access to a comparable feature set.

We’re really interested to hear from Serato ITCH users as to their feedback on the direction that the new design of DJ offers – and interested to hear thoughts on the speculation by some of our peers that Serato is on the roadmap to combine all of their software (including Scratch Live) into one master program.

Serato DJ is set to launch on November 1st in conjunction with their first Serato DJ Certified controller, the Pioneer DDJ-SX. It will be a free upgrade for current ITCH users with a supported controller, or a $199 one-time upgrade for users with a Serato DJ Intro controller.  


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  • Gabi Vegas

    I’m excited, I could not sleep at night

  • djd

    Please tell me it has a “delay freeze”…

  • Gre3nergy

    BULL SHIT that the software has no support for the Xone:DX…..

  • dannybyrne29

    Serato are going backwards and traktor are racing ahead… this will be the death of SSL especially if the new TSP 2.6 is stable

  • djyoungkidd

    oh gosh thers a sync button

  • Jack

    Where are the views that allows the decks to be stacked? On Scratch Live and Itch there’s an option to stack two or four decks and it’s the best layout I’ve ever seen. Where is it?

    • Jack

      SSL and Itch have two extra view options that stack the decks and make the white circles much smaller while opening up space for everything else. Can’t find those two views on Serato DJ.

  • Jack

    Where’s the view that lets you see all your cover art in a nice matrix like in Scratch Live and Itch?

  • ohmy

    Should have left it how it was. It’s perfect at the moment. Why try and fix something that isn’t broke? Honestly that last screenshot looks way way way too busy, ludicrous. Leave Serato alone!

  • Guido

    if that is midi compatible, means that i can use with other soundcards? like traktor, can be used with SL soundcards

  • DJ Arnie

    I use tractor but im really liking the new pioneer controller. If i have all my tracks gridded and coded in tractor will be be simple to extract it and add it to sera to with all the grids still in place, or will i have to do everything again?

  • Dillinger23

    Ugly as sin.

  • guiltysounds

    Honestly it straight up looks like winamp from like 98.

  • Donny NLT

    Is it just me or does this resemble Torq 2?

  • Jean Marc Lavoie

    Before this came out I was about 90% certain I would be switching over to Traktor because of feature set and device options without the need to drop a cool $3000 on CDJs and a mixer. I was only waiting to see what new Traktor compatible gear would be released at NAMM.

    However, now seeing the new Pioneer DDJ and Serato DJ interface, that certainty has dropped to about 70% but may even drop as low as 50/50 when details on the mapping and the update is released, thereby allowing Itch users to get their hands on Serato DJ with their existing hardware.

    As for sexy? Bottom line is that it has to do what you need and want so your performance can “wow” the public, they aren’t looking at your screen anyway. As for VDJ similarities? I have a VDJ Pro license I can’t sell and I’m out $300. They’re software just doesn’t run as smoothly as I would personally like.

  • Linzmar

    I own an NS6 but predominantly use SSL and I got to say I’m not so much excited about this release but super excited for the (hopeful) future merge of SSL into Serato DJ.
    Can’t happen soon enough!

  • jprime

    Looks great to me. So long as the new software still retains its bulletproof stability that the other systems dream about I’ll be happy.
    And dear god, please implement SSL as a plugin or something down the road. Must integrate. DVS.

  • Lylax

    UI looks horrible. I hope that when you adj. the pitch fader the BPM will visually change in the UI.

    • Lylax

      everything is all jumbled together. it looks like touch OSC vs serato. its time for a huge UI uplift…..or some skins or something.

  • DJ Harry Darnell

    Interested to see the differences in system requirements

  • djbloo

    as a numark ns6 + itch user, i can’t wait until this is available! i’m even considering replacing my ns6 w/ the pioneer ddj-sx because i think it’ll be paired perfect with serato dj (layout wise, workflow, ergonomics, etc.)

    VCI-380 and VCI-400 users should be excited as well. the 8 drumpads on it will suit the new cue + loop features. i wouldn’t be suprised if vestax is working on a successor to the vestax vfx-1 as an offering to those who don’t want a hardware change but a simple hardware piece to maximize the new cue/loops/effects featured on serato dj.

    it also won’t be surprising if scratch live gets phased out eventually after itch. it already seemed like serato was on a plan to merge both scratch and itch when itch 2.0 was released and visually, it looked like scratch.

    oh, and serato video. well, i also think that it well only improve as well. progression and the future. it’s inevitable. they will go hand in hand. video to the audio. did anyone notice “MEDIA” under “All Audio” and “All Video”? I suppose serato will now be allowing other video formats to be played. not just mp4’s.

    i encourage where all of this is moving toward for serato!

  • Jordan

    I’m pretty excited about it. I love Serato through and through, but having DJ’d with Traktor, I know how easy it gets to simply tune out the elements of the interface you’re not using. Serato’s maintained a pretty clean look–people complain about it looking dated, but I kinda love that about it, that it doesn’t look all 3D or have complex color schemes outside of the spectrum waveforms–and I think I’ll have no problem learning to focus in on the parts of the interface I need any any given moment. In the meantime, they’ve figured out how to do all of this and still work in the new FX and the SP-6 in a clean way, especially in the “simple mode” for the latter. All in all, the best digital DJ program looks to have gotten even better. (Though I’ll need to wait until “Spring 2013”, apparently, to really find out.)

  • C.J. Crawford

    Serato should hook me up with a copy of this before it’s launch in Spring 2013 for Twitch users. I DJ at least 3 nights a week and could put this through it’s paces. The new features sound great and the new effects sound promising. The Ping Pong Delay and Combo HPF/LPF sound like a nice addition. I do hope they keep the repeater effect. As for the look of the interface, it’s very similar to Scratch Live so I don’t know what people are complaining about. I’m assuming the SP-6 section will be midi mappable and I look forward to throwing one shots in there for sure.

  • KIO

    Since my NS6 was designed for ITCH 2 I’m not quite sure if I’ll go to Serato DJ when spring comes. I’m not the most creative of DJ’s and don’t use the effects or SP6 anyway, so for me I feel like I’d be loosing a lot of screen real estate for features I don’t use. I guess that I will run a copy of DJ next to ITCH in spring, but probably I’ll stick with ITCH 2.2 since it does all that I want.

  • Andrei Matei

    They did away with the double decimal point BPMs? Also, I hope there is a view where the horizontal waveforms stretch across the screen a bit more. Overall, I’m not sure I’m pleased with the design; its evolutionary rather than revolutionary and not that elegantly designed. :/

      • Andrei matei

        Thanks Spacecamp…that answers the horizontal waveforms question.

    • funbuns

      double decimal point BPMs being removed is a step backwards. Very dis-appointed v7 user who enjoyed the extra sensitivity.

      • Andrei Matei

        I use V7s too. 🙁 I hope they re-add it in a future update.

  • Anonymous

    Looks very busy to me. Hopefully they offer lay-outs that will let you hide functions you’re not using.

    • Lylax

      VDJ copycating? you need a history lesson in DVS.

  • chill2kill

    Kinda Ableton-y

    • Speezy Speez

      have you ever opened ableton before? methinks not.

  • Ian V Jones

    The graphics dept kinda phoned it in didn’t they?

    • Karl Murphy

      you read my mind. designed by coders – not designers.

    • Anonymous

      I was also going to say, the UI is not sexy at all.


    • Burkham Bignet

      Yeah, info overflow.

    • Quine

      I don’t think the graphic design dept was even involved. this ui is a mess of engineers throwing buttons into layout containers and calling it a day.

  • J.J. Gonzales

    How do I use the VCI-400SE Ean Golden Edition with Serato DJ? Will there be a firmware to go to Vestax v2.0 firmware, then flash back to SE addition?

    • reggie

      U need to buy a vci380 😉

      • J.J. Gonzales

        I have a 380 and love it. But the VCI-400 (DJ Intro) will be a paid $199 upgrade to 4 Deck Slicer loving Serato DJ. Still need an answer TECH TOOLS?????

        • tl987

          i would also like to know more about this

  • sergio lopez

    I love this! I was honestly getting a little bored with the old interface. This can give me a littlw more challenge since i only have a year spinning.

    • Memuself

      So you define your challenge as a DJ by how much you have to fight against the UI? 😉