Tokimonsta | Artist Spotlight Interview

Today we’ve got another brand new interview with Tokimonsta, a fantastic LA-based producer and member of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder crew. We chatted with her about what production tools she uses, and got the inside perspective on her remixing, performing, and songwriting processes. See the full video after the jump!

We’re excited to see what Tokimonsta produces as she continues to rise in notoriety – and our congratulations to her on getting signed on Ultra Records! If you want to learn more about Tokimonsta and support her by buying some of her music, you can check out the tracks that were featured in this video on Beatport:

You can also keep up with Toki on her website or Twitter:

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  • Rowin Grunder

    max 30 people attending a show of tokimonsta? (see 3m00s) come on?

  • Steve

    This is how all your interviews should be conducted. Well done.

  • Speezy Speez

    cool interview although i call shenanigans on her / anyone being able to tell what DAW a beat was made on by ear.

    • r_afa_el

      DAW´s sound different ! it´s impossible to know what DAW the music was made, because in the mastering process it goes thru some hardware that gives their own sound, but when working in different DAW with same loops and plugin´s you can hear their differences.

      P;S High-End gear needed for this, ( and most obvious trained ears, lot´s of hours)

      • shibloonz

        well in an A/B between ableton and reaper with the same samples when i inverted the polarity of one and then mixed them together the result was complete silence so i guess agree to disagree.

    • Mitch Wade Cole

      I dunno man, there are some factory samples or synths that are a dead giveaway. I hear Reason factory presets on adverts all the time. It’s unreal haha

  • Dude

    Great Interview. I met her a few years ago when she was performing in the club I was bartending at. She is the only “Prime-time” DJ that i know that ever came up to the bar and talked to the bartenders. Nice person and real down-to-earth.

  • Razzlesnaz

    I know nothing of her but you can tell she approaches production with grace and intellect and style. I love her plug on be yourself.

  • tony

    yawn,its getting so boring over here,come on guys

  • Ryan Glassman

    YES! Tokimonsta is the shit. So glad you guys did this.

  • Eoghain

    Great interview! I suggested you interview tokimonsta a long time ago on a previous interview you featured. Glad to see her great live and comes across as being really down to earth, just wish she would come to Europe more often!

    • Anonymous

      When’s your show?

  • Joshawott

    Jennifer! =D

  • 1000 Cutts

    Great little interview, she seems sound..Loving her tracks though, will be checking her out on Neatport and SoundCloud for sure. Pity her festival tent only had a few people in it…I liked the point about NI Absynth being warm…will be checking that out as I likes a bit of warmth….

  • Daryl Fritz

    This was great. She seems very down-to-earth and open about her process. That’s awesome.

  • LoopCat

    Cool little interview.