Video: Behind The Scenes of Flying Lotus’ “Layer 3” Visuals

We’re always fascinated by new concepts for onstage DJ and live performance booths, and after taking an office field trip last week to see Flying Lotus in Oakland, we were excited to see this new video crop up from Red Bull Music Academy.

The mini-documentary talks about the genesis and concept behind the visuals that are an integral part of Lotus’s “Until The Quiet Comes” tour, both masking and silhouetting the producer. It also features interviews with the two visual artists, Strangeloop and Timeboy, who work in tandem behind the scenes to control the projected images. Watch the full thing below:

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  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    I love Apple as much as the next guy, but what is the point of putting all that effort into the multi layered visual effects, and then have that annoying Apple light on his laptop ruin the entire piece?

    An absolutely amazing concept though, loved the idea of layers.

  • Plum McDuff

    Oh ok, so that explains……….nothing at all.