Interview: Bass Kleph Shares His Maschine Secrets

Thanks to Bass Kleph for coming through DJTT and imparting some of his wisdom to the community – check out more about him in the links below:

More Info:

What DJs and producers do you want to share their live performance secrets with us in future videos? We’re always listening in the comments!

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  • Shy zamir

    What i still dont understand is how to swich between projects or tracks..? If every project is a diffrent track how do i swich it live in a way that the crowd won’t notice? And even if i have one track in every group after i play all the 8 i still need to swich to another project.. Hope somone can help 🙂

  • subandrio

    would have been lovely to have seen a more detailed breakdown visual description of how he had the side chain setup… thinking out loud =D

  • audiophlex

    awesome and to the point!!

  • Anonymous

    This should be the new STANDARD for dj sets!

  • vic

    this interview was real ‘dj’ ‘tech’ ‘tools’

  • Dariqwa

    Good job with a talented tasteful artist….he is so right about Maschine’s midi clock being jerky to say least while syncing with anything. NI should have fixed that ages ago…guess we have to wait for it like we did for time stretching. How about Maschine decks for Traktor 3.0 ? The holy trinity of traktor decks , remix decks and a scaled down Maschine deck with proper audio routing .

  • Kam

    damn he made that look easy. I’m so tempted to buy Maschine now. Very impressive!

  • Didi

    Please how do you do the quantisation so you are always in time while playing the pads live? What parameter do you use on maschine?

  • Attila Rawfare


  • ace

    You can see that he loves what he does and it comes through in his music.
    Absolutely great interview! Thanks DJTT

  • Justin

    2:39! Hungry for the power!!!

  • a.

    Bass Kleph? Is this guy serious? Bass Clef has been using that name for ages…

    • RBX

      So has Bass Kleph, the first track I heard from Bass Kleph was over 10 years ago!

  • RockingClub

    Awesome interview. Way to go!

    Two questions:

    So the nudge function is a regular Maschine as VST function?!

    What was the name of the song he performs at 0:16 and later on?

    • Mad Zach

      no he just has it mapped in midi mode to Ableton’s nudge

      • RockingClub

        Thanks a lot for your answer!
        So do I understand it correctly: He had to switch between Maschine’s Maschine mapping and Maschine’s Midi-Mapping quickly to have access to both Ableton’s nudge and the Maschine program in general, right?!

  • DJSP

    Super good interview!

  • GusOKeeffe

    BASS KLEPH!! Makes me proud to be an Aussie, his remix of Kid Sister and Green Velvet is killer!

  • I-squared

    I’ve got some more questions, maybe some of you can help me out:

    1. How do you actually integrate your live drumming into a DJ set. I would think that its really hard to switch from a normal song into a completely live drummed part.

    2. What Laptop is that? Looks like an MBP but slimmer?!

    3. Is there a reliable way of synching Maschine and TP on a windows laptop, or still only the way of using a (software) midi cable?

    • DJ TeeOh

      1. He uses samples to transition into and out of tracks. He makes some beats live and then mixes into the next track.
      2. It’s the Macbook Air
      3. Midi cable

    • DJ teeOh

      • I-squared

        Thanks, I need to get into that again.
        With the midi cable, i always find it hard to sync as the nudge function in maschine is very coarse. Also, I’ve heard that it often drifts out of sync over time

    • DJ TeeOh

      Here’s a video

      • DJ TeeOh

  • Traktor Tips

    Great Interview – thanks for sharing!

  • Kunal

    Awesome interview! Just wish that he had shared that build up effect with us :)!

    • Traktor Tips

      of course you did! lazy! Maybe you can make a better one! ;-p

  • Luke Macdonald

    bass kleph is awesome. great interview djtt!

  • DJ Elk

    First comment