Bitwig Studio Update: VST Support + Crash Protection

Remember Bitwig Studio, the new DAW teased way back in January? While Bitwig has been keeping the private beta of their software very selective, they’ve finally released a new video showing off a few great new features of their software and the level of thought they’re putting into building a new software from the ground up.

We’re especially excited by the second half of the video below – showing off the crash protection that’s built into the entire plugin engine. It’s a call back to when multi-processing first showed up in computer application systems – that the crashing of one app wouldn’t freeze the entire computer. Especially when you have very VST-intensive sessions, it’s a serious possibility that you could have a plugin die on you – which is one of the reasons a lot of producers who play live bounce their tracks to audio before playing a show.

If the crash protection works as advertised, we could see way more producers manipulating their tracks in a new live fashion without fear for their entire set to come crashing down. That’s the kind of progress we like to see!

There’s still no official announcement of when the software will move out of beta and move towards a release, but we’re expecting as the end of the year gets closer we’ll have a much better idea.

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  • polyp2000

    As a Linux user this is what i need to finally ditch windows good and proper. I hope the release is simultaneous across platforms from day 1. Id hand over the cash now if there was something to go on!

  • John SherpaPsy Grasett

    I’m thinking they would want very much to have it out before Live 9 is released – to put that question into peoples mind – update to 9 or try this new DAW?

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know what Bitwig is going to cost and a round-about release schedule. I am looking to buying a DAW soon and Ableton is on my radar. Bitwig seems to also be an alternative, but the important factors “price and availability” are totally missing from the equation and thus I can’t make an educated guess on whether to wait for Bitwig or buy Ableton. If Bitwig waits too long, they’ll possibly lose me as a customer. I wonder how many others are in the same boat as I am.


  • Devin Holling

    can’t wait for a live 9 vs bitwig article in the future

  • Kent Sandvik

    Very good feature when DJ:ing and if a plug-in crashes…