DJ Craze Routine With The Traktor Kontrol Z2 Mixer

When the Kontrol Z2 mixer first was announced, it was clear that one of the areas that Native Instruments was trying to focus the appeal of the product was as a turntablist centerpiece. As predicted a number of our readers, the Traktor team brought in 5x DMC Champion DJ Craze for a routine on the mixer, which happened to be released this morning.

The performance is solid, showing off how his workflow can compress down to using the cue points in a fashion not dissimilar to Dicers.

Check out the full video, slow motion and robots included:

The video also marks the official in-store launch of the Kontrol Z2 mixer  – so if you’re stoked on grabbing one, you can check it out in the links below:

More Info:

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  • Damien


  • gRxnch

    dammnnn what’s he drop at 1:28?


    i hear trap beat. go craze!

  • DJKyleHughes

    Finally a turntablism routine with some flow

  • lauti

    it was good, but not nearly as good as PREVIOUS craze/traktor video
    routines were. I hope shiftee’s video really brings something
    interesting with the z2.

    ps: fuck i was sleeping but woke up because its too damn hot down here in buenos aires

  • Dustin Drase

    As always Craze is amazing. I’m just going to out myself as being an idiot here and ask how he even changed tracks/samples. I watched this three times and I still can’t figure it out.

    • T

      1.24ish i guess he changes one atleast 😉

    • Dallas Crouse

      theres 2 buttons to toggle the 4 buttons between triggering hot cues on A or B or for launching samples in C + D