How To Create Sample-Based Remixes With Maschine

Keep an eye out for two other videos in this series coming soon with Zach showing how he makes similar routines in Ableton Live and Traktor Remix Decks. If you’ve got questions, let us know in the comments!

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  • Nik

    My Maschine 2.2 software doesnt say disk? im really really curious how to put the parts of the songs onto the pads so i can play live but i dont know how to put a mp3 file into maschine 2.2 please help

  • Remix With Traktor Loop Recorder « The Bass

    […] week Mad Zach showed off how to build remix routines in Maschine, but with our Traktor users in mind, he made this new tutorial for a different style of remixing. […]

  • DJ Shiva

    That was really informative and inspiring! Thank you! I just got Maschine recently and haven’t quite figured out how my workflow will go with it. This gave me some awesome ideas!

  • Devin Merlini

    also this works best in ableton running as a vst/au that way you can beat warp your specific track and reload it into machine so that it is in better time with your bpm for recording purposes. i still do this in maschine from time to time when i want to use the keyboard playability on the samples but i find it to be pretty close to abletons “slice to midi function” so i’ve been doing that more often.

  • Djay sleprock

    Much easier using the Masch Remix app which allows you to use the Maschine just like the F1, you have 4 deck control plus effects.

  • Crackgamebillgates

    Yeah man this is exactly what I’ve been looking for… Basic creative ways to remix and also amazing for live performance

    • Crackgamebillgates

      Lol forgot to thank you for it! Cheers man

  • DJ TeeOh

    I been missing the useful stuff like this from DJTT. THANKS!!

  • Ronald Edwards

    This is one of the reasons I picked up a Maschine Mikro. Too many cool factors were pointing toward getting one. While it’s true the Mikro is less of an all-in-one kit, it appears every other feature on the Maschine is in the Mikro… which I have no problem with because I’m already using the computer, I have a keyboard controller with dials and sliders and pads (oh my) and I don’t have any illusions that the drum machine is hooked up to the computer at all times.

  • Rifkizzle

    good stuff my dudes! Maschine is really a great piece of kit with an awesome workflow

  • Sleeb

    Hey Zach! I love your tutorials and soundpacks. It would be nice if you did a tutorial on how you make the soundpacks in ableton. As it’s a great mystery to me how you set them up as an instrument (or what it’s called, still new to Ableton).

  • calkutta

    cool,but yo,this is notta’ ‘stand-alone controller like normal/ or ‘older’ drum machines ala’ MPC or Dr.Rhythm boxes?…can this be done all in just ‘maschine,with no computer?’-sorry if this is an off-topic question,but i am curious to purchase,thanks in advance.

    • DJ TeeOh

      Yes it can. The software will work fine in standalone. Problem is, finding the software since the software and Maschine come packaged. The Maschine operates just like any other drum machine but has a computer based software to help you expand what you do. Biggest difference I love is seeing the pattern markers as you create and have a big screen to work with. if you never tried one, hit a local shop and try it out.

  • DJ797

    Thanks Mad Zach, I gust got my Maschine last week and have been stumbling through it. This I will now try tonight.

  • Tin Void

    Great Article!!!, helps a lot really, although I’m waiting for the one about Traktor Remix Decks.

  • Megowan

    Oo, totally should apply looping more to my drum samples. Looking forward to your first release on chronologic! 🙂

  • JFlashE

    Is there a video where you show the same technique in Ableton? J

    • DJ TeeOh

      You mean sampling in Ableton? Ableton has tutorials built into the program under the help menu. It will walk you thru it. They also have a youtube video explaining how to.

  • gigglekey

    Best. Video. Yet.

  • Dandyrandy88

    that was sick! i want that remix. the little bit that you made in this vid is so sick! i want it! where can i get it?!

  • Matt Allen B

    I followed the instructions for looping with no luck… is there something I might need to do extra or am I stupid?

  • Cwes

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks Zach! Would you mind at sometime doing this with the Maschine Mikro? Thanks again, really helpful.

  • Akins DjZero Powder

    You should make a quick video on how to do all of that in Ableton with a Midi Fighter

    • Devin Merlini

      it’s basically the same concept and in my opinion works a little better because it’s beat warped. take your audio file, beat warp it to your bpm then right click it and select slice to new midi track. select the timing you want it sliced in and which device you want it dropped into (my preference is always the drum rack/default) and viola!!

  • robjac

    So so so helpful.. I have been dissecting your ableton sound packs for maschine for quite some time now. Mad Zach for the win

  • Guest

    Can i use my “Korg padKontrol” with Machines Software? Please let me know 🙂

  • Fbrand

    Is it this easy on the Mikro?

    • Sinfm

      yes, but some of the tweaking must be done with the mouse.

  • Lassi

    King Zach does it again. Thank you sir.

  • Mike Abb

    well done homey — well done

    • Mad Zach

      thanks Mike 🙂

  • Jeroen Krieger

    Is it possible to do this with the old Maschine controller?

    • Gokari

      Yeah! Really the only difference between MKI & MKII is the colored pads. (There’s also a different knob on the MKII, but that doesn’t stop you from doing any of the above.)

    • Mad Zach

      yes for sure

      • Jeroen Krieger

        Okay cool, i’m definitely gonna try this out 😀

  • monoaural

    and again… always very inspiring…
    thanks zach.!!

  • ViVa-Vanquish

    Can i Use My “Korg Kontrolpad” with the Maschine Software?
    please let me know ^.^ :D)

    • I-squared

      No, you can only midi-map very few features in Maschine, the pads not included.
      You can’t buy the software without the hardware anyway.

    • RockingClub

      Don’t think so… AfaIk it’s not possible to map any Maschine software function to any controller.

    • sumzero

      the beauty of maschine is the tight integration between the hardware and the software. there are very few points where you’ll need to touch a mouse or keyboard. pretty much everything can be done on the hardware.

      • ViVa-Vanquinsh

        Well then whats some Good Software for the Korg Padkontrol? or thats good with any Drum pad? im a newbie But im Learning haha Thank you Btw for the Response.

    • Devin Merlini

      you can do this same thing in ableton with your pad kontrol and have that pitch effect at your finger tips on the xy pad instead of taking up a pad slot for a pitched hit. take your audio file, beat warp it to your bpm
      then right click it and select slice to new midi track. select the
      timing you want it sliced in and which device you want it dropped into
      (my preference is always the drum rack/default) and viola!! it’s the same thing.

      • Devin Merlini

        you should check out my korg padkontrol scratch video demo on youtube under msngr415…the pad kontrol is a highly overlooked midi controller.

  • Supree

    Awesome! hope theres more video on maschine!

  • SKZ

    Can I do this on Maschine Mikro ?

    • MellonHead

      you may have to do more of it with the mouse, but they run the same software so yes!

  • Chris Jennings

    Nice touch having the 3D changing colors in the background. 🙂

    • DJ Obvi

      was thinking the same thing!

  • Eric Woning

    Hmz – I think it would have been as least as helpful to show what kind of sounds you should look for…. juicy bits is just a bit too generic. Maybe it could have been more helpful for some people to say something about having a good range of sounds (low / mid / high) and showing that with a number of songs?

    Also – if you take a sample from your harddisk it’s ALWAYS in Oneshot mode. The first thing you want to do is put it in ADSR mode (page 2 by head – I’m at work now 🙂 so when you hit the pad you don’t hear the whole song, just how long you hold down the pad (just put Sustain to 100% and the rest to 0%)

    • Guest

      you’re right about the oneshot mode but I skipped that step and decided to add it as a comment in the annotations instead, thanks for the reminder!

    • Mad Zach

      I went in and added annotations to clear up your questions and suggestions 🙂 hope that helps!

      • DJ JD

        you’re the f’n man zach!

  • Preset

    Thanks just what i needed help with , more pls

    • supree

      couldnt agree more!

  • Michielygil

    This is great! I basically do the same cutting up songs with start and end points, but especially those variation and modification tips come in handy to give it more character! I wonder if you could also do a good tutorial on how to prepare, import and grid loop samples for remix deck use. I prepare loops occasionally but I don’t always get good results gridding so I can use remixs decks in Sync mode. I normally import the loop in a track deck, grid it and save to the collection, but I feel this isn’t the right way of doing it. Any tips on that?

    • Mad Zach

      I’m putting together a similar tutorial on remix decks for next week 🙂

      • Rutger Willems

        Can’t wait! and loved this one (makes me want to have a mashine even more)