Traktor Partners With Artists For Purchasable Remix Sets

In a new video from Native Instruments, we got a first look at new complete song packages in the form of purchasable Remix Decks. The idea is a no-brainer: partner with artists and get all of the elements of their new track sliced out into a fun, easily playable Remix Set. NI’s website puts it succulently:

“These all-in-one packs give you complete tracks by renowned artists and DJs, set up for immediate use with TRAKTOR’s Remix Decks. Perform live edits, layer individual parts, or work individual song elements into your DJ sets with total freedom.”

The video mentions that new releases of these packs will be coming out “most weeks” – with new artists and tracks to look forward to. Watch the video below to see the full announcement by this week’s artist duo, M.A.N.D.Y – who are releasing their new single “Twisted Sister” in Remix Set format on Beatport:

More Info:

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  • zach

    Super stoked on this concept.

    Is there really only three Remix sets available on Beatport atm?

    Interested in some sick techno but when doing a search for Traktor remix set I only see three… and they aren’t sick techno:(


    Great……but try and make a Remix set for a Skrillex track….Good luck with that 😉

  • DJ TeeOh

    So they made it even easier to be a “dj/producer”…..great

  • Mike Stannard

    Are all the parts individually mastered?

    • Mike Stannard

      To expand on that, if the set is multitracked, how do you go about mastering the bits individually? Mastering is usually done to the overall mix, I wonder how this changes how a mastering engineer works.

  • djcl.ear

    What Labels, artists and music distribution couldn’t agree into… finally comes out from software creators:
    We were waiting looong for this to happen.
    Great times r coming

  • Neil Oughton

    This needed to happen in order to fully support the F1. I was quick to buy one and use it mainly to trigger samples and vocals. I’ve also got some syncopated scratch patterns and spin backs to emulate playing vinly. What will be interesting will be taking several of these kits and mashing them together to make on the fly remixes, Mixed in Key can handle it’s business to make everything sound in tune… Great to see this.

  • RockingClub

    Simply OMG 😀

  • Anonymous

    This seems like a logical conclusion, I’m interested to see what artists sign up to do these.

    • Justin Turner

      It’s really easy for an artist to do this, and the remix sets can also lead to lots more track remixes, as the samples and loops can easily be loaded in to ableton. Way more convenient than stems.

  • Weyland

    Shit just got real.jpg