DJ TechTools’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Week

As the holiday insanity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approach, we’re excited to announce that once again DJ Techtools has a killer line up of amazing deals for you. We’ve cooked up a tasty selection of DJ gear that you won’t see anywhere else, so take a look inside to find our what’s on special for the next few days. It’s not often the DJTT store drops prices, so if you’re saving pennies, take advantage of this rare opportunity.


As DJs, we’re not big fans of standing in line – we’d prefer to go to the front, nod at the bouncer who knows us from our weekly gig, and make our way inside. Shopping as a DJ should be no different, and as long as we’ve had a webstore at DJTT, we’ve been aware that people just want to get the best value on awesome DJ gear from a company that they like and support.

In that vein, instead of making you wait for a specific time or lining up outside of a storefront, we’re running our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale from the moment this article goes live until next Monday night- November 26th at 11:59PM. This is the only major storewide sale for DJTT all year, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Below are some of the best deals in the store over the next few days – these are just examples of the discounts that exist in our store, to see specials on our full catalogue of products check out this page as nearly our entire store is discounted! 


Click here to grab a VCI-400 EGE for $799.99 – regularly 1099.99


Click here to grab a Kontrol S4 for $764.99 – regularly $899.99


Score the versatile Midi Fighter 3D for $212.49 here – regularly $249.99


This jogwheel-free controller can be picked up now for $279.99 – regularly $399.99


The Chroma Caps snazz it up for only $1.39/pc – regularly $1.85/pc*
(*prices shown are for ordering at a 40+ volume, but it’s an equivalent discount at any amount!)  


Sometimes smaller is better, especially when it’s $424.99 – regularly $499.99


The best USB cables for DJs ever built are just $9.74 – regularly $14.99


This bag is perfect for S4 and VCI-400 users, especially at $123.49 – regularly$189.99


We’re not a major megastore like the usual cast of “e-tailers”, so if you’re wondering why you should purchase from us as opposed to {Guitar Musician’s ProAudio Squared}, here’s a quick 1-2-3 on why it’s worth it:

  • Every purchase you make fuels the free content, community services, and future DJ products on this site (last year’s sale helped pay for developing and bringing the Midi Fighter 3D and Chroma Caps to market)
  • Our customer service is legendary and priceless
  • Each product in our store has been tested and approved by the DJTT staff – we stand behind every product and only sell things that are “way cool”

That’s it for this interruption in regular blog content to tell you all about our sale this week – look forward in the coming days to some great reviews and some cool content that Ean put together while on the CNTRL tour – and to everyone celebrating this week, happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Guest

    Where’s the Maschine deal? It’s in the photo!!! You guys are a bunch of CTs!

  • Ryan Glassman

    In what world are these “great deals”?

    • Fader Pusher

      VCI-400 EGE for $799.99 – regularly 1099.99

      That’s a great deal on my planet.

    • Ray Heath

      Novation Twitch $247 plus I get a $100 Bag Free….Hmmmm did I just get screwed?!?……………NOT!

  • jprime

    Thanks djtt. Chroma caps ordered 🙂

  • Jovan Hernandez

    I mean…. Not to b rude but u guys only have ur selves to blame. How r u not aware of black Friday cyber Monday possible deals.

  • Antifmradio

    aww man! i feel so BONED!!! i just got my stuff and the next day the sale started. IF i ONLY had joined the newsletter sooner i would have known. GUYS…. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE NEWSLETTER hahahaahah

  • dev

    why do i get (
    We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
    wen i click on go to deal

    • Flashflooder

      try again it should work now!

      • wha-illed

        nope. something is still going wrong.

        • Antifmradio

          its working now. I had the same problem the other day. Its a database thing but its all cleared up

  • Dan D-Squared Derksen

    god dammit, I literally bought my MIDI Fighter 3D 10 days ago 🙁
    would’ve been nice to save the $30 and buy a MIDI Fighter t-shirt as well

    • whY

      Same here, I bought MF 3D week ago straight from their office. I’m from Finland though, so taxes would have been problem anyways,

    • Sonshine

      Same here…it also came defective right out of the box so now it’s ship it back, wait a few weeks, then get it back.

    • Andrew Northern

      i bought mine recently too…should have waited and got a shirt!

    • Ronald Edwards

      Send it back? Say you didn’t like the color? Then reorder new?

    • Q

      Why didn’t you all just wait until Black Friday? It’s not like it’s an unpredictable sale; it comes every year on the same relative day.

  • Weyland