Loco Dice Interview | How I Play

While on the CNTRL tour, Ean was able to shoot today’s video with German DJ and producer Loco Dice. From onstage at the soundcheck before this Illinois show, Ean chats with Loco about his setup and checks out how he melds live looping and external delays to create incredible builds. Watch the full video inside! 

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    […] We don’t really see this unit as being that compelling for DJs and producers – more for keyboard/guitar looping musicians – but maybe one could use this looper in a similar way to how Loco Dice uses a looper in his setup. […]

  • O:nur

    can someone tell me where i can get some lighty usb cable? or maybe colored ??

  • Bobby Corre

    Does anybody know the name of the track playing at the beginning? 😉

  • Bogdan Almasan

    Does anybody know how how all these tools are connected? The Looper, the delay, the pedal and whats connected at his audio interface???

    • Bryan Sasek

      All connected at the xone92 mixer and the connections in the interface are for the original traktor scratch. The pedal is connect to the send/receive channels. The looper and dd7 are connected to those as well with the bass cut off on the effects since he uses them during a breakdown and they would sound terrible with the low end as well.

  • Leander

    isn’t the digital delay giving out mono sound? But somehow some PA hire companys think that most tracks are produced in mono… Yeah…

  • Mike Nedd

    FFS! Please do one for Photek!!

  • Nathan Patrick

    Thank you so very much for the comment you made on the Loco Disco video. Truly…

  • mnstr

    So… Hawtin is next ?????? 🙂 Great video btw ! Never thought DJTT would get more into the Techno scene but I’m glad they do now…

  • Anonymous

    cool stuff with those pedals 🙂

  • Natch


    I know it is kind of similiar to Locodice setup, but really would like to know more about PacoOsuna! go and get him! 🙂

    • Nicky

      Saw him in London a couple of weeks back. Gotta be one of the best dj’s I have seen. Blow me away with what he did.

  • This fake

    where can i get this pedal ? this idea is really nice

  • DJ Dario

    Loco Dice using all the tools to rock the crowd. Interesting on the usage of the pedal. Maybe adding some clips of him in action with a full crowd would be dope.

  • vladimir prieto

    i really appreciate all kind of suggestions or tips. the problem i find on these kind of micro-spaces is that always are electronic music.

    what about rock djs? or latin? or hip hop? or retro? these kind of DJs don’t use all that stuff to do the job but they do have their own tips…tips that i also want to hear.

    again…thanks anyway….

  • Manel Pincel

    he also uses a magic trackpad if you notice is so he can put his laptop to the side and still control the computer

  • JazZmutant

    This vid is great. Soo many good tips. Im already working out a better way to use my dd7 on my djm800 because of this. Obviously the xone would be better but you gotta work with what you got.

  • Jeroen Krieger

    What kind of footpedal is he using? I want to integrate a midi footpedal in my set like forever, but don’t know wich one…

    • JazZmutant

      pretty sure its a Bespeco VM14, any 2 channel volume pedal will do the same job. All the cables you need to hook it up will cost double that of the pedal (if you go stereo)

      • Boris Criseo

        Low or High Impedance? thanks

    • Forevernow

      The delay is a boss dd7 , accepts an external foot pedal.

      • Bryan Sasek

        The delay only accepts an expression pedal not a volume modulation pedal. Completely different

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    I’d like to know the specs on the Macbook air. I’ve been thinking about buying one ONLY for DJing but been afraid it wouldn’t be able to run 3 decks, a remix deck and effects.

    • Andrew+Deb O'Malley

      Been using a MB air (summer 2011 model) for mixing 4 decks in Traktor no problem.

    • Kevin Santos

      you would be surprised I’ve seen results that the airs are faster than the pros..I dont know about the most recent model

  • Sideboob

    One of the best DJ’s I’ve ever seen.

  • Roman Calamity

    Anyone got info on them 1200 legs?

  • LoopCat

    Nice! Loco is the man

  • Ronnie McBride

    I really don’t care what his hands were doing. I really don’t care how he does it. The point I do care about is his approach to manipulating sound. don’t think this was a video on how to spin like him but more so a demonstration of how you should think about experimenting with all the tools to produce your own unique way of playing. IT doesn’t have to be complicated it just has to make sense when you use it to communicate what your feeling during the sound. That is what people are connecting too.

  • Fabio Fobia Nicolosi

    What is the name of “Isolation Block”?I know the Isonoe, but what Loco Dice put under, the black small box.

  • Dillinger23

    So… on the one hand you have Guetta, Deadmau5, the AWFUL SHM… and then thank god on the other artists blazing a trail such as Loco Dice for great ‘old school vibe with new school toys’ God damned shake your f***in ass dance music’.

    • uno que pasaba

      Of course Loco dice is the epitome of the underground.


      • Dillinger23

        its not about underground or overground, its about decent f***ing beats and dancing your ass of all nights in s smokey club looking at other people on the dancefloor, not this rock stadium bullshit. Also, sorry, I’m from London mate. We invented the ‘underground’.

    • Nicky

      Cheaper on ebay

  • Intandem

    What’s the device to the right of his X1? He presses buttons on it but never talks about it, I think it’s some type of looper but I don’t know the name. I’ve seen other DJs use it… about 2:45-2:47 in the video he taps it…

  • Ricey

    i also very interested in the feet for his technics. as i also still use the 1200sl mk2s and get a lot of vibration from them.

  • Sweetlock

    Name of Company that makes the feet for the Technics?????

  • Francisco Moreira

    Interesting stuff, loved the video. BUT i wished they would have filmed dice’s hands when he was doing all the stuff and not the face! Maybe for the next video..

    • Spacecamp

      Agreed! Not our usual video team so they’re not quite used to our perspective : )

  • Koen Brinkerink

    Cool feature. I was wondering what feet he’s using, I’m guessing that these are from Isonoe? Looks pretty good, but they are 135 euro per turntable. Damn.

  • Futureglue Musik


    been meaning to intergrate that in my setup via midi. I’ll do it this week.

  • preset

    nice to see 1210s still alive

    • thedude

      Not sure if sarcastic or not.

      • Dillinger23

        pretty certain not.

      • LoopCat

        I think he means techno DJ’s still playing them.