Video: DJ Shiftee Routine on Kontrol Z2, Maschine, Traktor Scratch

After DJ Craze’s routine, we knew that Shiftee would be itching to take a stab at a routine on the Kontrol Z2 – and it’s finally here. With a brand new gold-topped Maschine MkII to match his golden Technics 1200s, Shiftee most certainly will account for a fair amount of holiday gear lust for DJs around the world.

Check out the full video below:

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  • Jag

    Guys the link to his MK2 mapping giveaway on his fanpage is dead. Does anyone have a download link to this MK2 mapping?

  • Jag

    The download link to his Maschine MK2 Mapping on his fanpage isnt working. Anyone have a link to the mapping?

  • lodiodrive

    thats intense

  • DJ TeeOh

    ONCE AGAIN, another video that showcases the DJs talent and not the gear. Shiftee can do the same thing without the Z2. And what is the point of having the Maschine mapped to the cues if the mixer does the same thing?? He’s basically using the mixer as a drum pad. Uh….how does that should the controls of the Z2? He barely touched the effects. So sad NI. I’d rather watch a 10 minute set of a DJ mixing and using all the mixers functions.

    • Anonymous

      I sort of agree. It is just DJ Shiftee and you have to take him for what he is and does.:) Yeah, the video doesn’t really showcase the Z2, but oh well. And I agree, a decent video on mixing with the Z2 would be cool too.


  • Anton_P

    Where is the music…?

  • Joey

    Maschine sitting on top of a maschine

    • scooterADAM

      ha! just saw that…

    • RockingClub

      Yes, but it has to be a Maschine without the knobs, right?!

    • DJ TeeOh

      it’s the wood kit for the Maschine not another Maschine. I have the same kit made by Jesse Dean Designs. Shiftee has a face cover on it to use it as a stand.

      • roro

        Shiftee ike his MK1 too much ? lmao

  • PanPan

    Where is the mapping for the maschine?

  • Chris

    New maschine software or new traktor software? Remix decks on maschine!

    • Chris Jennings

      I think it’s just the first row which is mid mappable. I haven’t analyzed the video frame by frame though.

    • DJ TeeOh

      He has different groups set to different slots of the remix decks, not only the 1st row