Video: BrainDeaD Routine on Pioneer DDJ-SX

After getting the Pioneer DDJ-SX in the office and giving it our full review, we’ve been waiting to see a really great routine on this large and feature-packed unit. Looks like Santa was paying attention to our wishlist – check out this routine from Pioneer Israel featuring DJ BrainDeaD. The reason why this routine is cool is because it actually shows the versatility and full capabilities of the unit in controlling Serato DJ’s features – as opposed to some videos we’ve seen that just are more “standard” mixes on the unit.

Stick around to the very end of the video to see the dual-deck control used in a pretty awesome four-way drop:

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  • Shanu Varma-Turner

    can do this with 2 x CDJ2000s and any one of a number of dj packages, virtual dj, serrato, cubase, Ableton Live and nuendo come to mind,

  • Dj Robbie d BPT CT 203

    Dude seriously ripped this set… All these cornball ass djs on youtube hop off this dudes crotch. I watched a view videos, braindead kills it on tons of diff setups. STOP HATIN PEOPLE!!!

  • Joe Ezeh

    That was a ridiculous intricate routine! I’m totally sold on the DDJ-SX, gotta start savin lol. But damn that four way drop was huge!

  • Ez0lv

    *insert obligatory comment lampshading Pioneer Israel, the high cost of Pioneer gear, and the greedy jew stereotype*

  • Mr. Kick

    Dame Pioneer steeping it Big ya~

  • sam rai

    Jesus wept.If he had played at least one good tune this could have been called a good set.As it stands I saw a guy waste technique on the biggest bag of shite tunes.At least show some kind of individuality or sense of underground.Another shite dj.All technique and no tunes.

    • DJ Arctic

      Wow… you judged a DJ based on music instead of skill… how much lower could you get?

      • Graham

        I agree with him frankly. The greatest dj was probably Larry Levan – technically amongst the worst ever but phenomenal musically.

    • Dj Robbie d BPT CT 203

      Everyone rocks out to diff styles anyone can sit around and chop up the shit outa underground music. Thats the problem with all these “New Djs” Noone is in the game anymore for the love of turntablism. I wanna see half these dudes on youtube that call themselves djs blend somethin other than 128bpm or dubstep..

  • Muldo

    would i be able to buy serato dj and use it with my vci-400se?

  • Bas

    Pioneer should take the side of the ddj sx, and make that the perfect per deck cdj style midicontroller. I want a midi controller that functions like a cdj but with out the cd slot, soundcard, display etc. The side of this unit looks perfect for this. Why does no manufacturer make this? Cd’s wil become absolete anyway…

  • ian

    gosh darnit… I really wish this controller was for traktor.

    I have wanted an external mixer controller option forever with this kind of size, quality, and analogue mixer option… I cannot wait to give this baby a spin because it’s looking like the best controller on the market.

    May be giving Serato a try soon…

  • Ally Mac

    Best controller out there?…very very close!….build quality (5 stars) functionality (4/5) Ergonomics (5) Price (5) Sound Quality (5) Reliability (Its Pioneer!)(5) …. Traktor has a lot of catching up when they launch their updated S4!

  • Anton Erik Sjögren

    feels like im alone with having some negative opinions about the the routine… well, at least he performed it tight!..

    But seriously, when he played around with them effects, I was just like… ;OO and when he instantly swapped song to anyother key was also a bit… dissapointing…

    I would also have liked to seen him pitch controlls the acapella in sync to the wolgang track (just like some quick pitch up ‘n down to the beat stuff. makes a bit more easy to get into)… =P

    But that’s just my opinion.

    • Joe Ezeh

      I agree with some of the effects, sounded like they were just thrown in there. Especially some of the rolls. Put that’s just me being nitpicky about a solid routine.

  • DJ Dario

    He went in on this setup, salute

  • La triq

    Hen brainDead is one of the greatest talents the dj world has to offer 🙂 respect

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    This was a phenomenal set to be sure. Not sure this is anything that cannot be done in Traktor though. It’s just a matter of skill. I wonder when they’ll put some of these features into Serato.

  • lenny

    I hate that they did the red outlined button scheme for a bunch of stuff. It makes me think numark imix and not high end controller. and i love everything about this controller besides that so its really a bummer.

  • DJ PC3

    That was actually pretty tight… the track progression is similar to how I play in most clubs in Chicago.

  • DJ JD

    Serato just stepped their game up big time! Watch out Traktor! (coming from an avid Traktor fan and user)

  • Thomas Cambria

    Can this be used with traktor or is it just sera to?

    • Gulli Johansen

      it is also a verry capble controller for Traktor yes, I’ve used it at 4 gigs now and it’s amazing for Traktor. You need to make your own map or download the one on this site. I’t just the best controller for any DJ software out there.

      • ian

        Does it still run as an external mixer in traktor? Also does slip mode and duel deck work as well or is that a serato software addition? I was going to pick up a DJM t1 and a couple of cdjs after the price drop but this thing is just too sick…