Video: Christmas Routine + Free Acapellas From Bass Kleph

Look who has thrown on a Santa hat and chopped up “Have Yourself A Merry Litte Christmas”! It’s Bass Kleph, the man about town who broke down his Maschine performance tactics for DJTT earlier this year. He’s rocking an RMX-1000 and Chroma Caps as well, pretty sweet little setup!

Watch now:

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  • antifm

    really cool of you guys. Thanks very much.

  • Georgie

    Haha that was such a great performance. Killed it and it sounded so good.

  • F4

    there’s no download button for the vacation pack :S or am i missing something

  • Michael J Zavison II

    Thanks man! Just got a maschine yesterday and can’t wait to load it up! great performance

  • RockingClub

    Cool guy! The acapella set is a great christmas gift!

  • DJ JD

    like alvaro said, love the simplicity of the performance, but sounds so good, and so clean still. I think to many people overcomplicate and clutter their sets nowadays. While they can be cool, they can also be a bit much.

  • Alvaro Sandoval

    how do we download the acapellas on the new soundcloud??

    • Anonymous

      The play list below the track has all the single acapellas. Click on the title of one of them to go to that acapella and there you can download it.


  • Alvaro Sandoval

    I like Bass Kleph for the way he simplifies every performance for himself. He sets up samples in a way that’s easy for him, but requires a lot of brain work to prepare. Working smart, not hard is what we geeks relate to most!