Introducing The Midi Fighter Spectra

When we discontinued the Midi Fighter Classic nearly two months ago, it was to prepare for the launch of a total update to this legendary controller. Today we’re proud to announce the release of the Midi Fighter Spectra, a redesign of the Classic model that includes brand new features like full-color ring lighting, configurable function buttons, and beautiful new top, side, and button color options.


The Mission: Keep the fun, DIY-ethos of the Midi Fighter Classic intact while updating the design to include full-color lighting and six side function buttons. In addition, our engineers were tasked with making the controller even more robust to withstand rough road use while simultaneously lowering the price our customers have to pay for a custom-built controller.  Read on to learn how we did it:


The Midi Fighter Classic (our first custom-built controller) allowed everyone to pick the color of each individual button in order to remember functionality. Of course, the problem that arises is that mappings and color preferences change over time. While color is a great label to remember things, it needs to be able to be changed over time.

So for the Midi Fighter Spectra we wanted to keep all the custom color options while introducing new flexibility in button colors. Each of the Spectra’s 16 buttons remembers two different colors (off and on states) in all four banks. Throw in complex animations controllable from the software, and you have a controller that can easily provide rich visual feedback for exactly what’s going on with your DJ or production software.


Borrowed from the design of the Midi Fighter 3D, we incorporated six function buttons built right into the silicon case (three visible in the photo above). These buttons are especially useful for simple bank changing or preset selection, keeping the top of the controller clean and clutter free. The functionality of each button is easily customizable in the Midi Fighter Utility (visible below), including many HID operations not possible through in traditional MIDI controllers.


Since every DJ and live performer has a unique visual style, we wanted to maintain customizability of the entire controller while adding a new range of amazing color options. All of the original Midi Fighter Classic colors are available for the top sheet, protective case, and buttons while adding several new materials including wood and mirror (shown above).

On the bottom of the controller, you can see each unit is still hand-assembled and numbered, with a brand new white circuit board that reflects four MIDI-controllable LEDS on the base of the unit which can be seen with clear tops and cases.

To learn more and order your own customized unit, visit the Midi Fighter Spectra product page on the DJTT Store.

The 3D has replaced the Spectra – available now in the DJTT web store

(Store Manager’s Update: We’ve fixed shipping to offer a limited launch set of flat rates for the first 7 days: Domestic in the US: $0 | International: $25) 

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  • wild00side

    I am still not buying a Fighter until the Spectra come back. I haven’t even thought of another MIDI pad since seeing this one a few years back. I am still waiting. ill always be waiting.

  • CrazyBulldog

    Do you ship to Malaysia?And is the currency used here Singapore Dollars or USD?Kinda confused here…

  • CrazyBulldog

    Do you ship to malaysia?

  • Colorstorm

    Do the Midi Fighter Classic mappings work with the Midi Fighter Spectra?

  • Jose Saez

    I bought mine a few weeks ago and I’m impressed by the quality.

  • djdickie

    Can I use the Spectra with VDJ and mc6000?

  • Guest

    So, how do you switch between the four banks? Is it like the MF classic where the top four buttons change the bank?

  • Ryan

    When are these gonna be back in stock? I’m definitely pumped to get one!

  • Aaron

    Make it more customizable by adding rows of knobs or faders!!!

  • Horsepants

    This looks amazing, but I hope there is a pro version coming. A couple of knobs and faders go a long way. Add that, and you’ve got me sold.

  • MayRant

    I’m ready for my Spectra to come in! Should be here tomorrow =)

    Wondering if the instant gratification mapping for the classic will work with the Spectra?

  • durtyenglish

    ahh that gold one is gonna sit sexy with my 4trak yuppppp

  • John McRae

    no more wood face plate option?

  • Noel Flava

    Awesome! I think this is the best MF yet! A MF spectra Pro would be killer as well as
    @wardtf:disqus suggested.

  • Andrea Epis

    Amazing, I love it, but why the wood one it’s not present in the configurator??

  • Andrea Epis

    Amazing, I love it, but why the wood one it’s not present in the configurator??

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey Andrea,

      Thanks! The walnut top sold out already, but we should have it back in stock late next week.

  • dsharps

    Whoa, this is some seriously cool gear

  • Naren

    Just copped one (Black matte top, black buttons, blue case). Can’t wait til it gets here!

  • Kasata Sound

    This looks like a great product, it seems the price has come into a great range that I feel is competitive and the editor looks really cool and easy to use. With this update I am closer than ever to having my first midi fighter.

  • Ivan Zilch

    ok now im tempted – this really looks good, before i go all out futurama and go “shut up and take my money” i wanted to ask about the side buttons, the mf3d has easier access to them side buttons coz of the raised feet, im just imagining when this is flat on the table it would be not so ergonomic to reach those side buttons to change banks, i think you guys should possibly have kept the 4 extra bank buttons at the top for ease of bank changing? just a thought

  • Jim

    Just to let you guys know, your checkout page is busted for anyone who doesn’t log in first. Tried it in both Firefox and IE. An order won’t complete unless you sign in.

  • sus

    Question, If im spinning on traktor 2 le with a traktor audio 2 soundcard would there be any way i could use the midi fighter spectra?

  • Bryce Demise

    So how do I get my midi fighter 3D all dolled up in these skins?!?!?!?! I want the matte clear ones.

  • Angelo Atreyu

    Ok, I asked a friend to buy one for me… I’m from southamerica and IDK when it will be arriving but I’m pretty excite ’cause I’m quite shure I’m the only one in this country that has owned two classics and now an Spectra.

  • junglemonkey

    Does this version not lose it’s bios if you don’t plug it in for a couple months? I’ve flashed my original MF twice because it keeps dying if you don’t plug it in often enough.

  • jake

    i was curiouse if you guys are gonna make a mapping for the spectra because i just bought one and they look amazing

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    could the redesigned body hold the old classic pcb & buttons as was after the old cover for the mfc before the recent cull ;D

  • mindbeet

    Love it! Please upload more pictures, especially showing the difference between glosse and matte colors… guess the buttons are gloss and the silicon case is matte? How about fingerprints?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey Mindbeet, Thanks! We will keep adding more pictures to the product page as we build them, the buttons are all gloss, and the silicon has a matte anti-static finish.

  • Douglas Wittman

    any plans on incorporating your traktor remix deck firmware with the unit?

    • Douglas Wittman

      nvm I just looked at the purchase page and got my answer. my bad

  • DeVill

    i think that the rings as rotors on the next midifighter would be an excellent addition.

  • Karl Breen

    I notice what look like 10 pin-outs just below the midi fighter logo. will these have the same functionality as on the midifighter classic?

  • farmerJAmes

    beautiful, gonna be ordering one of these 🙂

  • Nasha-el Hanson

    midi fighter spectra pro (beatmasher) = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!
    seriously any news on a midi fighter spectra “pro”?
    be nice if the pro was costumizable too..hint hint

  • Kashim

    So are these going to start being included in the kontrols4/s2 bundles?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey Kashim, We will be adding these into the bundles next week!

  • Frizzle Gagnon?

    Midi Fighter Pro Spectra I think YES to this idea oh my it would be perfect.

    But I don’t know I’m in love with my 3D

  • The_Rad

    4 buttons away from me getting this.

  • Jesse Roach

    Does the spectra have any expansion ports? I do see what looks like a spot for some headers near the crystal.

    • Essentials

      I’m curious as to this also

  • rafiq

    This is a great evolution of an already great product. The only thing I would love to see at this point is a nice case to carry these midi fighters around in. I recall seeing this mock up a long time ago and wondered whatever happened to it.

    The concept seems perfect and I was wondering if there was any word on producing this or something similar? Something along the lines of the X1/F1 cases…which are unfortunately not wide enough for the job. Would be a great way to take it on the go for when those random inspired itches to practice finger drumming pop up 🙂

  • ProckDaGod

    im a 12 year old dj in Santa Maria CA. im thinking about the new spectra but will it work with NI Komplete 7?

    • Ronald Edwards

      I can see no reason why it would not work with Komplete 7.

  • cp43

    Love the customizablility.

  • Ronald Edwards

    So… is are next steps:
    1) Will you make a MF that lights the button one color and the ring another?
    2) Are you planning to make MF overlays like the Maschine has?
    3) Are you also planning to make a “MF Ultra” (or whatever name you want to call it) with knobs and sliders (in addition to the MF buttons, like the MF Pro) to make use of your Chroma Caps?
    4) Will you ever release opaque white buttons that have more of the Rubberized texture (as per the Kontrol F1, MPD/MPC and Maschine)?

    Food for thought at least right?

  • Jim

    Has DJTT looked into the newer style “low noise” arcade buttons or even putting some sound damping material in the case of the MF. I would love to have a quieter MF when using at home. At a club you don’t notice it, but at home even with the speakers cranked you can hear the clicking. Great controller BTW and I love mine, but would love to see this as an improvement.

    • Ronald Edwards

      Well, you can buy felt rings at the hardware store and cut them to size… if you’re good with a soldering pencil.

  • DJ Odawa

    The specs state that the MFS can “control up to four TRAKTOR Remix Decks”. Does that mean that all 16 cells in each bank of each Remix Deck can be triggered? Or does that mean that only the top four cells of each Remix Deck can be triggered like most other midi controllers that aren’t the Kontrol F1?

    • Ean Golden

      Great Question! That is the key advantage of the Midi Fighter 3D and Spectra. Both can be used to control all 16 slots of one remix deck. You can change remix decks by hitting a button and selecting a different target deck.

      • DJ Odawa

        That is absolutely fantastic news! I definitely appreciate the work put in by the DJTT Staff on these products. I’m sold.

        • Ean Golden

          Killer – glad you like the work. we listen.

  • jdlt


  • antifmradio

    i have only ONE question. Currently there is an issue connecting TWO midi fighters at the same time in Traktor Pro 2.6. or rather there is a problem when connection two midi devices that control REMIX DECK ( for example a F1 and a Midi Fighter 3D with remix deck firmware enabled)
    I would love to get one of these this weekend or even TONIGHT as long as i know that we can use Traktor Pro 2.6 with MF3D + MF SPectra.
    So whats the story?

    • Michael Mitchell

      To solve this for your second MF3D hold arcade button 2 while connecting the USB. You only need to do this once and after this Traktor will see them as different units, BUT the Midi Fighter Spectra supports multiple simultaneous units by default, no need for the above work around.

    • Cliff Whitney

      The issue is due to the fact that you haven’t allocated each Kontrol F1 in the controller editor to their own assignment….. I run 2 Kontrol F1’s along with my Kontrol S4 and when I first plugged them in found the same issue….. Until I opened controller editor and called the 2 kontrol F1’s “F1-1” & “F1-2” then there is no issue at all…. I also use them in Propellorheads Reason to control Kong Drum Machine….

    • Cliff Whitney

      The issue is due to the fact that you haven’t allocated each Kontrol F1 in the controller editor to their own assignment….. I run 2 Kontrol F1’s along with my Kontrol S4 and when I first plugged them in found the same issue….. Until I opened controller editor and called the 2 kontrol F1’s “F1-1” & “F1-2” then there is no issue at all…. I also use them in Propellorheads Reason to control Kong Drum Machine….

  • iiPLD

    Guys, for you, what is better : a Maschine MkII, or a Maschine Mikro MkII + a Midi Fighter Spectra ?

    Otherwise, i’m glad to see the new Midi Fighter !

    • Ronald Edwards

      This all depends on what you want to do because there’s no way we can know what you think is better. Certainly, you will have more buttons with the Maschine Mikro Mk2 and the MIDI Fighter Spectra, but the Maschine Mk2 has the row of knobs for direct fine-tune control over aspects of Maschine. It’s important to note that the Maschine (despite being a Native Instruments product) cannot control a full Remix Deck (at the time I am writing this response), just the top row (of 4) and you have to manually map them to do so. There are rumors that Maschine *may* work with Traktor in this way (soon), but we don’t know yet.

      • iiPLD

        I know that my question is a bit vague^^
        But, anyway, really, thank you.
        I read DJTT’s articles since 1 year and now, I want to put myself in the art controllerism, that’s why I hesitate for those two set, which are, in fact, really different.
        As I understood, Maschine MK2 is more for studio use and Maschine Mikro MK2 + Midi Fighter Spectra would be more for live perfomance, isn’t it ?
        And, three final stupid questions : Does it possible to plug a Midi Fighter Spectra in the software Maschine ? Does it workable to plug an another hardware that could control effect in Maschine ? And, can you select a portion of a song directly on the Maschine Mikro Mk2 (i mean, can you do like with the Maschine MK2, that is to say you have a song and you want to select for example the kick, then you do it with the knobs which are on the Maschine MK2 ( P.S. : with Maschine as the software) , does the same manipulation is possible directly on MM MK2 ?) ?
        Well, I expect that my question will be filled, and for the compatibility between Maschine and Traktor, will see that at the NAMM ! 😉

        P.S. : By the way, sorry for my bad english 🙁

  • Florida

    I am a midifighter owner and i have never received a email with any sound pack this kinda pisses me off

  • sinjintek

    hopefully these don’t show up with little plastic bits bouncing around inside like my MFPro …and if it does, watch out, because you’ll get the third degree simply for asking to have it replaced. then when they agree, you don’t get a return label or a response to your questions why …easy returns. whatever.

    crappy customer service aside, these are decent controllers despite the cheap Chinese Q/A ethic.

  • Anonymous

    If only I wasn’t a 16 year old kid making minimum wage…

  • Noonan Daniel

    Great job … it’s been sweet watching the midi fighter evolution.

  • inclore

    Why was the shipping for the Classic Midi Fighter $10-20 worldwide but not the Midi Fighter Spectra?

    • Michael Mitchell

      We are offering a $30 flat rate international shipping for the next week

    • Ean Golden

      Good Question – We had a Shipping cost bug for international customers. There should now be a $25 flat rate option for everyone to keep the shipping cost as low as possible.

  • Michiel

    I realy want to buy this controller but I’ll wait for the pro! Shipping to the Netherlands is expensive!

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Michiel – we are offering $30 flat rate international shipping for the next week

    • Nisoundni

      <3 Netherlands^^
      Go Checkout The Website of The Musicstore, they are allready selling the MidiFighter3D, I guess, that they are gonne sell this actual Controller as well. The shipping-Coast Should be Lower 😉

    • Spacecamp

      As noted elsewhere in this thread, we’ve now started a flat rate for international shipping, just $25!

  • Chris Alter

    This is a low blow! ^^ I’m so glad for this! ^^

  • Newvice


  • scooterADAM

    looks great and all that but I really really wanted dedicated bank buttons on top, can’t have it all I guess… :/ the side buttons can work for that I guess but in the heat of the moment button mashing its way more intuitive to have them up top!

    • dfuc

      step 1) rotate the midi fighter so the buttons are on top
      step 2) remap the buttons in the editor so that the commands are in the same relative positions as they were before
      step 3) have fun

  • Anonymous

    Could you make a midi fighter “wide” model which are as wide as a standard mixer (like Pioneer DJM-800) and eight buttons wide and two button deep? That would be very cool!

    • wardtf

      Good idea!! Maybe just like the Electrix Tweaker something to put it on turntable height

      • wardtf

        I mean, 2×8 is better playable (as ableton dj).. 4×4 is more for overdubbing or hotcues.. (traktor ..)

    • Rutger Willems

      why do you need 8 x 2???

      • Anonymous

        Since the Midi Fighter are 4 x 4, if you should have the same number of buttons (16) and a wider body, and not that deep, I thought 8 x 2 would be perfect! My idea was a piece of kit that you put in front of the mixer.

        • Rutger Willems

          but i mean what would you use it for?

          • Guest

            Exactly the same as you use the midifighter for today! Fingertriggering, sample/remix decks and effects-mashing etc. As you have eight buttons in each row, you could have a full octave of full notes for playing with the sample as well! Maybe it would it be space for a fx fader?. As the Midi Fighter is midi assigneable you could use it with any program, I personally use Serato and Traktor today.

  • Ivan Zilch

    does it have multi color LED feedback?
    eg. in traktor midi mapping we can send different midi led state

    example: play/pause midi out led i want to set to a different color, but when i hold shift (using modifiers + midi out) i want the same button to show different color when key lock is on or not – is this possible?

    so one button – multi led feedback ?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Yes – You can set the on and off color state for each button using the utility, or as you ask you can control the color from your mapping with MIDI

  • Snooze

    Getting this once the international shipping is fixed, anyone know why the shipping is so expensive?

    • Michael Mitchell

      We are offering a $30 flat rate international shipping for the next week!

    • Ean Golden

      there is now a $25 international shipping option for everyone – sorry for the temp problem with our store.

  • supremediscounts

    OMG the lights on that thing make it look so pretty 🙂


    Have you guys thought about making cases for the midi fighters? That would be really nice

  • NIKK-C


  • wardtf

    Nice one DJTT, especially the lower price… Please make a Midi Fighter Spectra Pro and put the bank select buttons on top of the unit just like the MF3D!

    • Ean Golden

      Thanks! We will REALLY take all community input into consideration for the next midi fighter. Reply to this comment thread with pictures of your ideas!

      • wardtf

        Don’t forget the 2×8 one!! 🙂

        • Alisan Cavdarli

          imo 2×8 would be too much.. 2x6maybe but 2×8 would be really too long but that’s my opinion

        • Bryce Demise

          I love the idea of a 2×8 midi fighter!!

      • Misunderstood Destroyer

        I personally have loved the Novation Launchpad, but have found that it’s difficult to do complex routines with the quality of the buttons. I would pay a lot for a DJTT dedicated ableton controller with high quality arcade buttons.

        • Bryce Demise

          Ever since I saw the arcade launchpad on etsy I’ve been dying for a DJ Techtools to pop one out.

      • IonDynamics

        I would love to see one with faders and knobs like the midi fighter pro.

      • jerville

        Could u put a joystick on it instead of fader so it’ll look like an arcade pad. That’d be awesome 🙂

      • TheThirdSun

        Was just wondering on this, when could this pop out of production? I am absolutely keen on getting a Spectra, but I would much rather it having the 4 bank buttons like wardtf said. If one could be released before April, would be outstanding! (got a big gig coming up early April, hehe)

        would appreciate feedback! thanks DJTT c:

        • Ean Golden

          The spectra is the last ” midi fighter” we will make for a while. It has 4 bank buttons on the side, and with the classic design it will be around for a long time..

  • Samm

    This will get me back into DJing once I get the money

  • L3R

    i’ll buy just for the reason of playing Klangkarussell on the promo video. Nice work.

  • Angelo Atreyu

    330 buckS for a south america shipping? WTF!

    • Michael Mitchell

      we are working on the international shipping quote issue

      • Michael Mitchell

        also we are offering $30 flat rate international shipping for the next week

        • Angelo Atreyu

          I’ll try to buy mine next week, thanks for the answer I was quite mad about the 300 bucks shipping.

  • le_phreaK

    has a mapping been created to be able to use this midifighter with the remix decks?

    • Beau Bryte

      custom firmware is available to provide remix deck support out of the box.

    • Ean Golden

      it works out of the box – you just need to load the remix deck firmware and then the controller will work just like the F1 including unlocking lots of unavailable HID functions.

      • Richard

        Very cool.
        Is there more info on “work just like the F1” please?
        Looks like an amazing alternative but I’d like to know exactly what I’d lose/gain.
        (Probably worth mentioning I’d mainly be using it alongside an S2.)

        • Ean Golden

          The Spectra will work exactly like the F1 (with all 16 buttons controlling the remix decks and displaying their color) You can also program the side buttons to control any of the special remix deck functions. The only thing you lose are the volume and filter controls.

      • le_phreaK

        can you use this firmware with the MF pro?

          • randomfantard

            Remember the old old oooooooollllld DM2 Mixman, and how it had that big “Xbox” / “PS2” style analog stick at the top that was used to manipulate the phaser? (or at least, that’s what I had it set for in Traktor, way back in 2004 when I still had one). Perhaps that could be incorporated into a Midi Fighter? Or, how about a touch pad similar to what is on most laptops? That way you could have that linked to the phaser and do -instant- jumps around in phasing, as opposed to rotating the device itself in the air to manipulate phasing.

  • TechnoIzzy

    Everytime i try to submit order it just refreshes?

      • TechnoIzzy


          • TechnoIzzy

            Google Chrome

  • Will Rimmer

    What are the differences between this and the MF3D? Seems you get everything except the top 4 bottons for %50, as well as kick ass color/material options. How is the 3D better?

    • Stadt

      no motion sensing in this i believe

      • Chris Gonzales

        Correct, That and no bank buttons.

        HID support for remix deck, on both.

  • Anonymous

    welp take my money

  • Stadt

    was about to buy one but shipping to Australia is more than the base price for a unit… i really hope thats a mistake or will be changed because this thing looks brilliant

  • Brian

    It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

  • Stadt

    GAHHHHHH i want it. it’s so pretty

  • DJ SB

    Nice video guys!

  • Stewe

    Wood looks nice. Is there a mapping video up?