NAMM 2013: Native Instruments Teases Upcoming Traktor DJ iPad App

As with most pre-NAMM leaks, details are slim at this point – but Native Instruments this morning teased us on their Facebook page with a image whose caption specifically announces that NI will soon be launching an iPad application. Here’s the image – and read below for a bit of speculation!

The Facebook caption reads:

Richie Hawtin […] gets first touch on the upcoming Native Instruments iPad app.

But as usual, we can make a few guesses as to what the application might be:

As always, we’re interested in your speculation in the comments below – what is Berlin cooking up?  What type of app would you like to see developed for Traktor? 

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  • Mr man

    Traktor DJ app is now on the AppStore !!!!! It’s a standalone DJ app (New Zealand AppStore)

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice to have track preparation, loop recording and a remix set builder on the IPad.

  • thefuture

    android version will be available 7 years from now with no support by a freshman in MIT that after the next traktor update wont be able to keep it upgraded working but it WILL work for 3 months if you have windows 10

  • mb

    an I-pad is just to weak. not enough juice for extas like efx and samples… has to work with an laptop.for that .but than again who wants to bring an I-pad and an laptop to gigs???
    like othersi wold ater see traktor spendoe more time akng their drivers more stable. its sad that third party hardware(controlers) works more stable with trakto than their own…..

  • Anonymous

    Any hope for an Android version?.. ipad sucks

  • Lorne Hart

    If it is track preparation software, It would stand to reason that they would have a media player to go with it maybe. Personally, I think Traktor itself is just fine for prep/analysis, and having another piece of software to do that and then have to transfer the files to another machine would just complicate your workflow.

  • Yoster

    Please be a stand alone traktor dj app 🙂 that would seriously rule all . Charge whatever just please make it so 🙂 djay and DJPlayer apps are close but a stand alone traktor dj app may be the ultimate iPad solution for me 🙂 that would be AWESOME!

  • DJArctic

    All I have to say – iTraktor. The first professional four deck DJ software for iPad. With Audiobus integration for live inputs, full remix decks, and integration with iMaschine, the iPad DJ game just got reinvented.

  • John Dorman

    Dear god I hope this allows for track preperation. I have been entertaining the idea of even trying to do it myself but without insider knowledge of Trakors code and how they encode certain information it would have made it very difficult. Nice to see them finally embracing this.

  • Guest

    It seems to hide the part of connector. it’s traktor controller ?

  • Carmai

    It’s Angry Traktor or Machine VS Zombies!

  • Slak Jaw

    Ideally it’s a stand alone version if Traktor Pro 2 running on iPad so you could DJ without a laptop. Virtual DJ is already promising this. Fingers crossed.

    • Michael Hayden

      i hope this is what they’re working toward!

  • Ant Hooper

    They should be looking at the integration of maschine into the kontrol s4 as a live input channel……

    • Sebastian 'SyT' Seitner

      It’s poosible now 😉

      2 Possibilities for this.

      1: Use JackRouter on windows and connect the Programs virtually

      2: Use e.g. the Traktor audio 2 and route the Output of maschine through the Soundcard end connect the Output to one Input of the S4 😉

  • Robert Wulfman

    what ever it is, I hope there’s an iphone/Android version too

  • Jay

    Photoshop… No way richie can hold up an iPad with one hand!

  • Jay

    Photoshop… No way richie can hold an iPad up with one hand.

    • John

      lol theres already an imaschine app from native instruments you must realize?

      • Andre Elijah

        It’s not optimized for the iPad… It’s just an iPhone app. Actually – I don’t even think its been updated for the iPhone 5.

  • tbriggs

    More maschine integration would be nice!

  • Brad LeClair

    why couldn’t it be a full on Traktor? After all what was it that he DJ’d with at “Enter.Salinas” this past summer in the ocean in Ibiza? It appeared to be an ipad inside a waterproof case. The photo doesnt say that it was taken recently, it could have been from this past summer:

  • Veteran Mapper

    Well he appears to be at some public place like a pier, all by himself so i don’t think he’s playing here, which takes out the first guess.

  • celzo

    I would prefer that the engineers at native stops what they are developing and insted, focus on making the traktor drivers stable, make a proper iTunes integration and fix beat analyse for tracks with running bpm…

    • Myborderland Murakami

      Alright, if you wanna throw Itunes on the stake, first Apple should stop rendering ITunes useless. I am a long time Traktor user and it never once felt as a needed feature. Beat analyse fix definitely.

      • celzo

        So a feature like auto updating smart-list in traktor to those in iTunes is not something that you could see usefull?

  • Sebastian 'SyT' Seitner

    On the go Track Preparation would be awesome.

    But then i would have to buy an iPad 😀

    It would also be awesome if Traktor gets capable of extending its browser view to an external Tablet or Smartphone (Both iOS and Android).

  • Chaga

    Oh jeah… For this app I wait a long time. I think its a preparation tool, but something to shot samples will be fantastic

  • badcat

    If there is an iPad app that runs as smooth as regular Traktor and can store your songs in your regular Traktor library, it will be amazing for mobile DJs and controllerists! i would definitely get an iPad to go with my Kontrol S2!

    • Nate

      Yes!! Badcat understands! I wanna run the s4 w/ Traktor. Will this be touch screen only?

  • Maximilian Heine

    remix deck controls would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    I personally would prefer option 2. The track preparation on the go would be amazing. Lemur and TouchOSC are already awesome, here’s hoping for something new!

    • Simone Pontiggia

      Lemur is great ! Preparation will be the killer feature!

  • June lopez

    Oooh wee wee, can’t wait :@)