Numark Orbit Controller | NAMM 2013 First Look

It’s media preview day at the Winter NAMM convention and Numark is rolling out a brand-new controller. About the size of a handheld video game controller, the wireless handheld Numark Orbit is entering the world of secondary controllers for DJs and producers. Read more and watch our exclusive first look video inside!

What It’s Got: 

  • $99 expected retail price
  • Low-latency wireless control
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours use)
  • Diverse selection of onboard controls

What It’s Not: 

  • Buttons are similar to Launchpad (Mad Zach says: “It’s not made for finger-drumming”)
  • Small profile isn’t ideal for non-handheld use
  • No software utility to control colors or adjust motion sensitivity


The unit is very similar feeling to a Sony PSP – and is clearly designed for handheld use and triggering mostly with your thumbs. When we first posted an image on our Instagram feed, our readers were quick to note that the unit absolutely has a familiar design feeling to a toy that many will remember from their childhood (see harmegeddo‘s clever image at right). 


The unit might have a toy feeling – but it could absolutely could have a place as a secondary controller for those looking for a very handheld unit to add to their setup. The controller has attachments that will allow it to be worn around the neck, a belt, or in other ways that make it easy to access.

The comparisons to a video game controller are the most apt in terms of controls as well – with trigger controls on either shoulder of the unit. The mappings on display at the Numark booth weren’t anything to write home about, but we found ourselves easily imagining some cool jogwheel based effects for the controller.

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  • Stefan West

    is it posible to scratch with this?

  • Guest

    Lovely test xD

  • The Boss Of Reason

    Opps…i meant ROYALTY…on comment below…;-)

  • The Boss Of Reason

    This Numark Orbit is a great idea for U$99 dollars…awesome…i can feel jealousy around here…LOL…and for those who say DJ’s ARE NOT ROCK STARS…guess what…even better, THEY ARE ROTALTY these days.

  • DJ 1der

    Would love to see a stand-alone FX program that’ll work with the popular DJ software (like Mix Emergency for video) that will utilize the mapping possibilites of this and other controllers.

  • Joe Maffei

    The wireless capability is interesting, and the wearable aspect of it is gimmicky. I see this being more useful as part of a modular setup — maybe two of them set up vertically beside a mixer, which could prove to be an inexpensive alternative (or addition) to the Traktor Kontrol series.

  • Mister A

    I’d rather not imagine how you’ll look on stage with this toy, there’s no better way to loose every single point of credibility…

  • Jupitor

    I love Simon, I’ve composed some of my best work on it..

  • Jupitor

    I love Simon, I’ve composed some of my best work on it..

  • LOLwhatajoke

    The question is… Can I also play COD:MF3 with this????

  • DJ Whogivesashit

    I hear the argument that it maybe useful while crowdsurfing… but how many of us really do that… we are DJ’s… if you have time to crowdsurf, your not a DJ in my opinion…

    • Antonio Cole

      WORD! How the hell am I supposed to do scratches and juggles while crowd surfing? Oh wait…I could always Steve Angello it while pretending to get my Q-Bert on!

    • Antonio Cole

      WORD! How the hell am I supposed to do scratches and juggles while crowd surfing? Oh wait…I could always Steve Angello it while pretending to get my Q-Bert on!

  • Leif Olson

    sigh, so close, but no cigar. If the jog wheel was bigger and touch
    sensitive, so that scratching was possible, with a built in crossfader,
    then they would have had something remarkable. Pads switching the sample
    whose playback is controlled by the jogwheel, would have completely
    revolutionized the scratch instrument controller market, which is so
    sadly lacking.

  • Hank Wempe

    I can’t hate, it has the same functionality as a mf3d (without hid) for 150 dollars cheaper? I think it’s pretty cool.

  • Lorne Hart

    toy feeling? Coming from the company that makes controllers with frickin’ arcade buttons. I have a Midi Fighter 3D and it indeed feels like a toy as well, but it cost 3x as much as this thing.

  • Guest

    call skrillex / steve aoki. now they can crowd surf like a boss.

  • centomila

    It’s more ergonomical than any other controller. If it sends standard midi message, i will absolutely buy one.

  • Brian Foster

    DJ Obi Wan says “This is not the controller you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.”

  • monoaural

    well, DJTT, it´s time to go a step further. midifighter 3D wii-fi version with a induction chargeable battery! I would be the first one to buy. Hey DJTT is the product dev team hiring 🙂

  • Roy.Bear

    Sweeet G – i need that!

    since the MFC released, “playing”-sounds where never so close together! 😀
    The Orbit may seem more as a gadget then usefull utility, but i’m sure you can control the most of parts of your DDS, or DAW, or Synth…

    And for the price of 99 Bucks, it looks like an awesome toy – hell, i’ve spend more money on crap than for this spectacular thing 😀

  • Jason R. Weaver

    16 buttons, 4 banks, a big knob with four banks, wireless, and it also has accelerometers? I want one of your MF3D’s but at $99 vs. $249, this is more in line with my meager budget. Poverty never sucks more than when NAMM rolls around…

  • Anonymous

    they are trying to Blur the lines between Video games and “Djing”: ..hmm nerds making Music?.. my curiosity is urking me lol

    • Jayvee

      And then they’d call themself Deadmau5

  • MFM

    it’s already flawed. no knobs to put chroma caps on. boohizzle!

  • TN

    that controller is ok but…. is that an NS7 with rgb pads and 4 channels behind him!?!?!?

    • Prof_Strangeman

      Yup. YouTube that shit: “Numark NS7 II Serato DJ Controller Talkthough”

      • dj bloodhound

        jesus christ…. why isn’t this on the main page?!?!? this is the sexiest controller i have ever seen!

    • wolfman

      yep looks like an ns7 with pads but look at the software its traktor pro 2.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a DJ version of a PSP… all thats missing is DJ hero and some young snob who thinks they can DeeJay lol. granted it still looks like a usefull little controller

  • Prof_Strangeman

    I am far more interested in the ability to crowd surf and still drop basic stuff in like X/Y effects.

    • synthet1c

      that’s a really bad idea… DJ’s ain’t rockstars, and when a singer jumps into the crowd they rarely carry anything that could interrupt the audio for a reason.. occasionally they have a mic but you will never see the guitarist jump in to the crowd

      • Prof_Strangeman

        Naw man. I’ve been to two shows where the guitarist had a wireless guitar and continued to play in the crowd.

        • eric

          well crowdsurfing djs are – in my imagination – only rockstar wannabe pricks – but i have to tell you, i’ve seen a chariot show, where the drummer was surfing the crowd with parts of his drum set and still playing… so everything is possible…

      • Anonymous

        Dj’s aren’t ROCKSTARS ? I guess you haven’t been to any modern massives with people like David Guetta, Skirllex, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5. The big dj / producers are bigger than rockstars these days dude.

        • owen

          As much as I’m sure it hurts you, you need to face up to the fact that the man behind the laptop is not the snake-hipped Serato Jagger you want him to be. He’s merely a man with a laptop and a T-shirt with the name of his record label on it. DJs are almost invariably men with studio tans and a borderline-autistic knowledge of deleted EBM 12-inches and nosebleed techno bass synth sounds. It’s what makes them who they are, and allows them to supplement their incomes ripping people off on Discogs. Sure, there are the odd few guys who’ve seen in enough dawns and made enough money to make themselves believe that they’re rock stars, but the only people in Europe who still listen to Justice are the French.

          Moodymann once said that “the talent is on the turntable”, and while that’s modest from such a great producer, he’s onto something. Because nobody wants DJs with Bono complexes. There’s a reason why the current crop of EDM superstars hide behind gimmicky masks and haircuts, and that reason is that they’re mostly just dull as fuck, so stop staring at the booth like you’re at church.

          Taken from a Vice article

          • Speezy Speez

            What a bunch of whining from some asshole who holds onto the patently false idea that vinyl is the Only way because it was what he was using when he stopped getting booked because actual musicians are in the game now not just clowns playing other people’s music.

            Also if you are doing the opposite of what the French are doing you are doing it right

        • Antonio Cole

          Dude, you named all producers that just happen to know how to operate DJ equipment. They may be good PRODUCERS, but they’re not jocking any disks. 😉

        • Antonio Cole

          Dude, you named all producers that just happen to know how to operate DJ equipment. They may be good PRODUCERS, but they’re not jocking any disks. 😉