Video: Behringer CMD DC-1 Performance

We’re waiting to see if Behringer is finally announcing a launch date of its CMD modular controller series when the doors to NAMM 2013 open. While we’re waiting, we wanted to share this performance video of one of our own forum members (underwaterrobots) jamming out on one of the units, the CMD DC-1:

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  • boomer

    i don’t get. if NI supports only F1 to control remix decks, how that guy plays samples (house is on fire) using that controller. huh?

    • Beh-ginner

      Check out in YOUTUBE: DJVC’s channel for the hack 🙂
      It’s kinda been out there since the same month as the F1 launched.

    • DarkFox

      It looks to me, that the lower 2×4 are mapped to cue points on Normal decks A and B, while the top 2×4 controls Remix decks C and D.

  • dj Bloodhound

    this would have been a great product, if they didnt leave us hanging for over a year while their competition stole the design and made their own. if you put a teaser out on a product, you had better be ready to deliver it in less than a month, otherwise you waste all your hype, and everyone else buys the other company’s gear. sorry Behringer… you just took too damn long. its old news now.

    • Beh-ginner

      My sentiments exactly

  • consumer

    its a knockoff of ni’s x1 & f1. all my experience with the quality of behringer products is unhandsome. but its a lowbudget alternative to the ni-imperium.

  • DJ JD

    why does the video not show anything about the knobs or the other buttons on the top of the controller….those were the ones I was really wondering about. He just sat there and hit the pads the whole time….nothing that we haven’t already seen from the tons of MF and F1 videos that are out there. What makes this one unique over the MF or F1???? Really disappointing video here.

  • Anonymous

    seems pretty awesome,but what would be the benefit of this over the Midi fighter editions?.. besides the nobs of course.. i’m currently thinking real hard about getting a Midi Fighter spectre or 3D ,that’s why i am asking =)

  • Zyrphon

    Meh Skrillex is alright, I have no hate for him.

  • Gritt

    Not gunna lie, I was expecting a bit more.. Maybe skrillex ruined it, I don’t know. But with everything that been released it seems like this is almost a few steps back of everything current.

  • Dajak

    Sick performance !

  • Carmai

    Huuuuummm… ok…

    • Spacecamp

      We’ll chat with Behringer ASAP to see if there’s Remix Deck support. Here’s hoping?

  • TT

    were you using the remix decks?

  • florent


  • Stefano

    pew! pew pew pew pew!!