NAMM 2013: DJ Tech’s DIF-1S Mixer; Q-Bert’s Favorite?

We’re still decompressing from the NAMM show here at DJTT HQ, but that doesn’t mean the coverage has stopped. Sometimes, other people summarize a product better than we ever could. That’s the case with Q-Bert’s below video about the new DJ Tech mixer, the DIF-1S.

The first demos of the new mixer were on the floor at NAMM 2013, and while it’s not slated to come out until August, we’re convinced that it could be a great mixer to introduce onto the market.

The turntablist-friendly mixer is especially fascinating for two big reasons:

  1. It’s extremely affordable at ~$160.
  2. It has a Mini-Innofader (learn more about these here) as the crossfader

But sometimes having someone who really knows what they’re talking about is way more interesting and telling about a product than anything else – see here:

The DIF-1S can also have the crossfader swapped out – so if you want the regular Innofader in there, it’s easily done. Additionally, the mixer sports switchable Line/Photo inputs, meaning that it will integrate quite easily into a DVS system.

Only two drawbacks as far as we can see: the upfaders aren’t swappable, and there’s only RCA output on the mixer.

Fancy one of these simple mixers as a bedroom scratching workhorse? Let us know if you agree with Q-Bert in the comments below. 

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  • KBOT

    Where can I buy one online!?

  • Robert Chung

    DJTT: “The only two drawbacks: Faders aren’t swappable….”

    i.e., we can’t sell you more chorma caps

  • Studio Scratches

    Super interested in this mixer. I’m always getting asked what entry level scratch mixer is the best for beginners and since the Vestax 06 got discontinued, I’ve never been sure. Keen to put it to the test!

  • jayminho

    I got a pioneer djm 909 since 2006 I guess, very pleased with it, don’t change it for nothing. Okay that I’m no scratchhead and turntablist master, so I never had to worry about faders wearing down… still 909 still impresses me, and I’m talking about a product released almost a decade ago!!

  • Abraham

    Can I buy one already!! my pmc is giving out!

  • Rukks

    Now people can’t give the mixer+audio 4+kontrol x1 is not as good a deal as the z2….if my math is correct this combo would be $550 brand new or about $350/400 with used x1 and audio 4….I’m definately digging this, I think my idea for a new midi controller will accompany this perfect and it will be under 100 to make. To bad it will be developed by a company once I show what it can do, and I won’t get any of the cheddar from it 🙁

  • Mark Settle

    A couple of corrections for your article:

    1. All three faders can be swapped out for full sized Innofaders.
    2. It’s due in the shops in February for $149/€129/£99.

    • KBOT

      Where can we buy it its the end of FEB?

  • Alessio Foti

    Thanks for all your comment. DjTech is back to “basic” gear. I perfectly understand that Dj Tech was not so “famous” in the past. All my effort is to change radically our image and give better products (price right, good features and good products). I must be very honest: The way is so long… but All our team are working very hard! I hope that this mixer is only first step. Thanks for your support and comment that are very valuable for me. Thanks again. Alessio Foti

  • fingers

    Dopeness! Makes me wanna dust off the old 1200’s and practice a routine. Nice lil mixer.

  • Anonymous

    Puh, wish I had a couch like that….LOL!


  • Clay Ford

    Damn rights I’ll buy one for $100!! Consider it sold!

  • Anonymous

    Utilitarian and pared down to the bare bone necessities! Q-Bert knows what’s good when it comes to scratching, and this looks like a great piece of kit you can have for the price of a song!

  • killian

    also interested in those new inexpensive monitors they’re putting out!

  • rubixhelix

    djtech is a good company… i have been using the vtt for years as a turntable control surface… the thing fits in a laptop bag outer pouch next to my soundcard… dont let the pricepoint fool you, their stuff plays nice and is durable…

    • Anonymous

      While I agree they have found their game and are doing well, let us never forget: DJ Mouse

      • Michielygil

        haha, I knew that one was gonna come up. Will they ever survive that image-dent they’ve picked up in the past?

        • Anonymous

          If I were them I’d embrace the notoriety and point people back to the new offerings. “Lol, yup that was me! Teenagers, eh? But check this new stuff…”

      • AndrewKK

        Yes, true. Dj mouse! Dj mouse was a Djtech 1.0…Now I hope we are moving to 2.0! Is hard way…but we are putting all effort to change in better!

  • Anonymous

    News you can use! The latest mixers are amazing and do everything but this review of something basic, built solid with a no brain price that’s *good value*, reviewed by someone who doesn’t have a stake in selling it? That’s really interesting.
    We need more reviews and recommendations for “Good Value”, dependable gear.